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Password guesser breaks Twitter admin account
08 January, 2009
Simple Administrator password on social networking site leads to hacked accounts
Twitter security continues to show porosity
06 January, 2009
With more celebrity embarrassments on Twitter, Sophos believes the networking site needs to re-examine its security protocol
Password stealing spam hits Twitter
05 January, 2009
Twitter account holders warned not to click links on unsolicited messages after discovery that these links phish for password and username details
Spammers change tack to cash in on Christmas cheer
23 December, 2008
Sophos warns of seasonal trimmings added to spam e-mails at this time of year designed to lure more readers into buying their products
Hong Kong resident pleads guilty to stock spam
19 December, 2008
One more spammer hits the dust after admitting to influencing Chinese stock prices through spam campaign and now faces custodial term
New year resolutions for UK Web Masters
17 December, 2008
With increased malware presence on UK web sites, Sophos suggests some resolutions to be taken up by webmasters for 2009
Sophos cybercrime trend predictions for 2009
10 December, 2008
Sophos predicts continuing American dominance in the generation and distribution of malicious code during 2009
Fake airline offer emails contain Trojan
05 December, 2008
Holiday season exploit uses popular airline names to trick e-mail recipients into opening ZIP file containing trojan
Sophos advises on sensible Mac defences
03 December, 2008
Latest threats to Apple Mac users have ready made defence with anti-virus software
Zip file attachment on spoof e-mails contains Trojan
01 December, 2008
Sophos warns against opening e-mail attachments from seemingly trusted sources with latest spam campaign contains Trojan concealed in Zip file attachment
Closing the perception gap between IT and Finance departments
27 November, 2008
With IT and Finance departments often failing to agree on the most important IT security issues, Sophos recommends greater levels of internal collaboration to ensure future success
Facebook prosecution success against Canadian spammer
26 November, 2008
Canadian spam distributor successfully sued by Facebook for gaining access to passwords on the social networking site and using profiles to send out campaign of spam
Tax cut scam follows budget announcement
25 November, 2008
Family maintenance e-mails designed to exploit recent budget announcements to persuade victims to release personal information
Anti-money laundering site hit by denial of service attack
18 November, 2008
Site designed to provide information on anti-money laundering and internet fraud brought down by DDoS attack
Nigerian scam reaches facebook
11 November, 2008
Sophos warns of increasing use of facebook by Nigerian Ãâ˜419' style scammers posing as friends requesting financial assistance
Election win spam swamps inboxes
07 November, 2008
Spam containing fake news link to election news item directs readers to Trojan downloader
Election scandal take bad taste a step further
07 November, 2008
Shock headlines regarding US presidential candidates hide advertising spam promoting Canadian chemist
Bank flash drive loss puts customer data at risk
06 November, 2008
Sophos calls for stronger control over data encryption after Bank of Ireland employee loses flash memory containing unencrypted customer details
Facebook geographic network warning
30 October, 2008
Sophos warns of security configuration over-ride on Facebook for users joining geographic location networks on the social networking site
High rise in attachments containing malicious code
28 October, 2008
Sophos threat report reveals continued increase in threats with emerging markets showing trend towards increasing presence as relayers of spam
Freeware and beta software blocking for VMware
22 October, 2008
Endpoint Security and Control from Sophos now features ability to block application downloads in virtual environments
Hackers gain access to French PresidentÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs bank account
21 October, 2008
Nicolas Sarkozy falls victim to hackers who have compromised his passwords for access to banking system
Video blogging advice site hosting malware
20 October, 2008
Legitimate website hosting malicious code that spreads SQL injection type of attack
Microsoft to make advanced security information available to Sophos
16 October, 2008
Sophos joins Microsoft Active Protection Program to enable faster response to emerging threats
Fake patch Tuesday spam contains attached virus
15 October, 2008
Latest spam campaign claims to be from Microsoft with malicious code embedded in attachment disguised as file containing patch updates
Hoax Marks and Spencers e-mails flooding in-boxes
14 October, 2008
Spammers target bargain hunters with spam chain letter claiming to offer gift vouchers from leading UK retail chain
Extradited phisher pleads guilty in US court
13 October, 2008
Romanian citizen admits to large scale theft using information retrieved through PayPal and Citibank spam
NHS trust controls patient data with Sophos products
03 October, 2008
Sophos Enterprise Security and Control to be used at Basildon and Thurrock NHS trust to prevent loss of sensitive data relating to patients
Sophos notification service on web-site infections
26 September, 2008
WebAlert subscribers can receive immediate notification from Sophos in the event of their web-site being compromised
Fake adverts for free Norton software contain malicious code
24 September, 2008
Hackers have produced fake Symantec advert claiming link to free software in attempt to lure browsers into downloading Trojan horse
IPhone game bait contains Trojan
19 September, 2008
E-mail spam inviting recipients to try virtual iphone games contains attachment with windows Trojan warns Sophos
SQL injection attack strikes BusinessWeek website
16 September, 2008
Hackers infect news magazine web site in order to use it as a delivery mechanism to infect readers' computers with malicious code
Social engineering tricks users into opening infected zip file
15 September, 2008
Preying on the fear of internet users that they may lose their connection through illegal activities, hackers have embedded malicious code in e-mail attachment which unsuspecting users are likely to open
Fictional disaster used to lure victims into downloading Trojan
12 September, 2008
Spammed claims of nuclear catastrophe in Canada used in the latest spam campaign to attract readers into downloading malicious code warns Sophos
Obama sex link leads to Trojan horse
11 September, 2008
Followking link to compromising video of presidential candidate Barack Obama will result in malware infection
US broker hacker team leader receives jail term
10 September, 2008
US court orders custodial sentence for Indian man for his part in international fraud to steal money from American brokers in pump and dump campaign
Selling old domain names can lead to high risk levels
04 September, 2008
The discovery that the old National Hi-Tech Crime Unit that has been absorbed by SOCA has sold its domain name leads to concern that control of such domains could fall into criminal hands
North Korea implicated in political spyware attack
03 September, 2008
Specific targeting of South Korean documents using e-mail delivered spyware causes political allegation of electronic espionage
Ipswich NHS trust protects its IT assets with Sophos Enterprise Security and Control
02 September, 2008
Network assets at hospital trust in the UK protected against web based and e-mail borne security threats with Enterprise Security and Control from Sophos
Human rights court approves extradition of hacker
29 August, 2008
The NASA hacker will face trial in the US after the European Court of Human Rights turns down application for protection against extradition
Baby kidnap spam infects PCs with Trojan horse
27 August, 2008
Hackers exploit child safety campaigns by claiming baby kidnap attempt in order to gain access to the victim's computers
Brazilian held on Botnet charges
25 August, 2008
Botnet controller from Brazil arrested and charged on conspiracy for damaging computers throughout the world
DLP white paper from Sophos
22 August, 2008
Sophos presents a white paper describing techniques for preventing the accidental loss of corporate data
Spammed Madonna video contains link to malware
22 August, 2008
Sophos is warning users not to be tempted into clicking e-mail links to video of Madonna which contains Trojan
Princeton Review data blunder discovered and reported by competitor
19 August, 2008
As thousands of private records of US students go public, the company behind the blunder now faces a reputation crisis as its competitor goes public with the facts behind the scandal
CNN spam contains links to Malware
14 August, 2008
Sophos reveals malicious software is contained in the links of the latest wave of spam to reach millions of inboxes containing headlines which say they come from the CNN news service
Executable code danger in Facebook user walls
08 August, 2008
Posts on user walls on Facebook could contain links to sites containing malware in the form of executable code warns Sophos
Olympic tourists warned to keep their mobile computing devices from infection
08 August, 2008
With China hosting nearly a third of all malicious software, travellers to Beijing are being advised to use their laptops on local networks with caution and ensure they are equipped with the latest protection software
Webcam voyeur given custodial term
06 August, 2008
Cyprus hacker goes to jail for spying using hacked webcam and attempting to blackmail his victim into posing naked
Application blocker ensures adherence to company application policy
05 August, 2008
By adding browser blocking to Endpoint Security and Control, Sophos has enabled companies to enforce their policy concerning preferred applications and prevent the unauthorised use of other browsers along with IM, games and other applications
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