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Bitdefender provides IT security products globally with installations in both the home and business environments. Continuous product development has ensured that the company has stayed ahead of the changing internet threat environment with the introduction of such technologies as combined anti-virus and firewall software and behaviour related blocking technology. Bitdefender’s multi-level security products are available across a number of software platforms.

Confirmation requests added to familiar spam messages
07 October, 2008
BitDefender advises against opt-outs, confirmations and other mechanisms that validate e-mail addresses to spammers
High protection levels without performance impact from Total Security 2009
24 September, 2008
Comprehensive security protection software from BitDefender gains improvements in performance and new features in 2009 version
Web based threats dominate August malware
09 September, 2008
Fake codec downloader occupies three positions in BitDefender's top ten threats for August
Fake e-mail delivery messages contain Trojan
28 August, 2008
Spam uses well known trade market to feign authenticity to con readers into downloading malware onto their computers
Virus protection for Gamers
13 August, 2008
After gaining popularity amongst the US gaming community, GameSafe is now launched in the UK to provide virus protection for PC gamers
Celebrity lure directs browsers to malware sites
29 July, 2008
Britney Spears and Obama e-mails contain links to malicious web sites where browsers are likely to fall victim to malware infections warns BitDefender
Angelina Jolie used as malware bait
17 July, 2008
Headlines concerning high profile actress exploit her popularity to lure readers into unwittingly downloading Trojan malware
Malicious code preys on fear of war
10 July, 2008
Spam claiming the start of hostilities in the Middle East feeds on fear of further conflict and installs malicious code on the user's computer
Text based spam re-emerges to eclipse image spam
01 July, 2008
Spam trends in 2008 showed significant change away from pump and dump scams and image based scam towards standard text based e-mails
UK technical support manager recruited at BitDefender
24 June, 2008
Expansion in support offering to both business and domestic users of BitDefender products drives additional UK appointment
BitDefender malware league table for May
05 June, 2008
Trojan downloaders predominate in BitDefender's list of top 10 malicious software threats for May
Rootkit detection test success running on MS platforms
27 May, 2008
BitDefender scores highly in detection tests run against the latest rootkits for both Windows XP and Vista
BitDefender closes vulnerability in IE 7
22 May, 2008
Print vulnerability in latest Internet Explorer versions detected and closed out by BitDefender
BitDefender report puts malware packers at top of threat list
12 May, 2008
Repackaged malware emerges as the threat being chosen by cyber criminals in an attempt to avoid detection, according to BitDefender report for April
Beta testers wanted for 2009 version of BitDefender
08 May, 2008
Total Security 2009 from BitDefender is now available for Beta testing and has a range of productivity enhancements including online backup facilities
Education and military domains targeted as spam relays
01 May, 2008
Video files on .edu and .mil domains contain prompt for Media Player download that contains Trojan.
Internet security from BitDefender to hit the UK high street.
24 April, 2008
Distribution agreement with Focus Multimedia brings BitDefender technology within range of the domestic consumer.
419 scams hit social network sites.
18 April, 2008
The old Nigerian 419 scam inviting e-mail recipients to take part in money-laundering activities has now migrated onto the LinkedIn social networking site.
Alliance delivers online backup and recovery.
10 April, 2008
SOS Online Backup and BitDefender combine resources to provide protection against data loss with online backup and recovery.
Full business software for protection.
01 April, 2008
Business Security Suite from BitDefender provides both internet protection and pro-active e-mail protection for corporations.
February malicious software risk analysis.
29 February, 2008
BitDefender highlights the combination factors evident in February's highest IT security threats.
Virus Bulletin endorsement for BitDefender.
22 February, 2008
100% detection of wild list viruses using Windows server protection software from BitDefender leads to certification of product by Virus Bulletin.
Spyware recognition included in on line anti-malware tool.
12 February, 2008
BitDefender enhances scanner to include ability to trap spyware in order to improve product functionality of free on-line security software.
BitDefender predicts an increase in mobile targets for cyber-criminals.
21 December, 2007
2008 will be a year in which mobile devices are targeted according to BitDefender with WAP pushing and SMS spam on the increase.
BotNets top the chart as the yearÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs most significant threats.
18 December, 2007
BitDefender's round up of 2007 sees BotNets and Trojan downloaders as the most prevalent threats of the year and predict an increase in political spam during 2008.
Google ad hijacker identified.
18 December, 2007
BitDefender has discovered a Google advert hijacking Trojan that directs advert clicks to sites containing malicious code.
100% virus detection success for BitDefender.
13 December, 2007
Anitvirus 2008 from BitDefender succeeds in detecting all known viruses on the Virus Bulletin Wild List to receive VB certification.
Storm worm identified as most prevalent in 2007
11 December, 2007
BitDefender confirms botnets as the largest distributor of IT security threats of 2007 with the Storm Worm malware outnumbering other by approximately 10%.
Capital injection for anti-malware company.
06 December, 2007
BitDefender receives capital to enable it to go global with its suite of anti virus and data security products.
Trojan downloaders at top of BitDefender malware list.
30 November, 2007
BitDefender analysis of IT threats in November sees increase in low-profile malware with NSAnti packer downloaders at the top of the chart.
BitDefender beta tester wins laptop.
28 November, 2007
ABE IT Manager gains laptop after registering for beta testing of BitDefender's Security for Exchange.
Linux approval for BitDefender security products.
12 November, 2007
Security for Mail Servers and Samba now qualified for use with Linux platforms from Red Hat and Novell.
BitDefender reports on top IT threats for October.
01 November, 2007
Trojan downloaders which hide themselves from anti-virus engines occupy the top spots in October's top threat report from BitDefender.
Hidden code Trojans in top malware positions for October.
31 October, 2007
Generic Trojans make a comeback with obfuscation techniques which slip past many anti-virus programmes emphasising the need for users to take extra care.
US Presidential campaign spam
29 October, 2007
Bitdefender discovers spam designed to influence the outcome of the US Presidential elections with indicators showing this isn't part of official campaigning material
Pick and mix internet security from BitDefender.
16 October, 2007
New marketing concept developed with Tribeka allows BitDefender purchasers to configure their software requirements at the point of sale.
Bitdefender receives high rating in magazine trial.
01 October, 2007
Total Security from BitDefender undergoes series of trials to come out with high rating for features, value and ease of use.
BitDefenderÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs top 10 threats for August
06 September, 2007
Storm worm tops the chart as the most prolific computer malware threat for August comprising almost a quarter of all known threats
99.5% of malware detected by BitDefender
29 August, 2007
Advanced detection engine leads to high BitDefender score in malware detection tests
BitDefender products offer protection across wide range of uses
23 August, 2007
Proactive anti-malware software packaged to meet the needs of individual users or corporate SMB clients.
Stock exchange scams top the spam list for 2007
14 August, 2007
Bitdefender publishes findings of 2007 spam research with pump and dump scams coming first followed by a variety of image spam.
Surge in spam accounts registered on Hotmail and Gmail.
09 August, 2007
Yahoo succeeds in blocking spammers from using its accounts but Hotmail and Gmail continue to host vast quantities of spam accounts.
Mass mailers remain biggest threat.
01 August, 2007
Bitdefender comments on latest malware trends in report on 2007 year to date.
New Trojan uses Hotmail and Yahoo for distribution.
09 July, 2007
Trojan makes use of accounts created by successfully by-passing automatic account generation prevention systems in Yahoo and Hotmail.
Trojan uses web based e-mail as bot-net
06 July, 2007
The HotLan A Trojan is currently using automatic Yahoo and Hotmail accounts to distribute large quantities of spam
June top 10 threats amount to 40% of total malware.
02 July, 2007
Wide scope of active malware emphasises the need to have comprehensive protection that is kept up to date according to BitDefender.
Bitdefender expands mail protection product range.
27 June, 2007
Information security products from BitDefender for SMEs now includes mail server platform and UNIX security.
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