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Apple fix provides essential security features for iPhone and iPod users
19 June, 2009
The latest operating system for Apple mobile systems contains fixes for more than 40 security vulnerabilities
Short URL sites targeted by hackers
17 June, 2009
Cligs URL shortening site hack redirects millions to Twitter blog serving as warning to users of URL shortening services
Video site malware host targets Mac users
12 June, 2009
Apple Mac users can no longer feel immune to malware as Jahlav Trojan discovered as an active threat on video hosting site
Hackers hit British Communist Party web site
08 June, 2009
Malware deposit on Communist Party site delivers drive-by infection to site visitors
21st year of unbroken growth for Sophos
04 June, 2009
Continued growth for Sophos reflects expanded portfolio and increased demand for IT protection technology
Sophos moves into endpoint security with single endpoint, e-mail and web protection
03 June, 2009
Utimaco acquisition earlier this year enables Sophos to now offer product which addresses organisational needs for endpoint protection, web and e-mail scanning as well as malware and spam protection
Facebook phish embarrasses Tory MP
02 June, 2009
After falling victim to a phishing e-mail, Conservative MP faces compromised personal Facebook page
Deleted Twitter posts can be found with search tools
20 May, 2009
Sophos is warning Twitter users to be wary of search tools on the Web 2.0 application which can retrieve deleted postings
Ford Fusion discount e-mail a hoax
19 May, 2009
Bogus e-mail claiming large discounts on the Ford Fusion could clogg bandwidth as readers pass on to their friends warns Sophos
NY Times hack exposes twitter users to spam
15 May, 2009
The Twitter account of the New York Times has been hacked with a consequent spam risk for up to half a million people
Careless revelations of pets names leads to increase in password cracking
14 May, 2009
Sophos is warning Twitter users not to wantonly bandy around the names of their pets after discovering the use of this information by crackers to answer e-mail password secret questions.
Gartner recognition for Sophos
07 May, 2009
Sophos gains leadership position in Gartner programme for its endpoint protection products
Twitter hacker shakes up social networking site admin
04 May, 2009
A hacker has gained access to an admin account on the Twitter social networking site after guessing secret question on Yahoo web mail
UK drops out of top 12 spam relay countries
30 April, 2009
As the UK falls from the Ãâ˜dirty dozen', Brazil leaps into second place behind the USA in the spam league of shame
Advice on reducing corporate social networking risks
29 April, 2009
Sophos examines the risks to businesses of social networking and provides advise on how to use the technology as a business tool whilst minimising the risks associated with it
Celebrity e-mail hack prompts password security warning
28 April, 2009
Sophos is warning e-mail users to take care in securing their password information including secret questions after another famous person has fallen foul to mischievous hackers
Worm creator picks up lucrative employment
20 April, 2009
Sophos questions the ethics of providing hacker with employment as web application developer
Conficker vulnerability still high with many users not applying patches
15 April, 2009
Sophos is warning PC users to ensure they patch against Conficker after discovering that high levels of vulnerability still exist
Guy Degrenne chooses Sophos solution to protect against viruses
03 April, 2009
After suffering a Conficker outbreak, French manufacturer Guy Degrenne chose Sophos Endpoint Security and Control to clean up its systems and protect against further outbreaks
Trojan horse contained in fake DHL e-mail
31 March, 2009
Spam designed to appear to come from DHL contains message attempting to get readers to execute zipped trojan
More web hosted malicious code for Macs discovered
31 March, 2009
Apple Mac users should beware of websites hosting trojan code that can be downloaded by OSX users
Natasha Richardson's death sparks hackers into action
19 March, 2009
Sophos is warning computer users keen to get the latest news on Natasha Richardson's death to be careful about which news story they read.
Social spammers use Dirty Bomb newstest report to infect PCs
17 March, 2009
Sophos is warning computer users around the world to be on their guard against a widespread, malicious spam campaign that poses as breaking news stories about a bomb blast in your city.
Comic Relief success for Sophos
16 March, 2009
High profile IT security company raises significant sum for charity as part of the UK's annual Comic Relief appeal
Sophos warns against one-for-all passwords
11 March, 2009
With only 19% of users protecting their identities with unique passwords, Sophos warns users to adopt a different approach to preventing identity theft
Twitter spam contain ad site redirects
10 March, 2009
Sophos warns of messages concerning free web-cams being distributed on Twitter containing links to adult advertising web sites
Photo site hack demonstrates need for unique passwords
06 March, 2009
Password thieves have struck an online photography website illustrating the need to create unique passwords for different websites and applications rather than a one-fits-all approach
New Facebook rogue application discovered
03 March, 2009
Social networking site Facebook continues to be the target of attacks by writers of malicious code with yet another viral third party application having been discovered on the site
Conficker disruption predicted for March
03 March, 2009
Sophos predicts further disruption from the conficker worm with distributed denial of service attacks aimed at Southwest Airlines
Scapegoat claims as UK hacker moves closer to extradition
02 March, 2009
The NASA hacker facing extradition to the US has been refused a UK trial amidst fears he may be used by the US as a scapegoat
Google instant messaging targeted by phishers
26 February, 2009
Sophos warns Google users of phishing campaign propagated through GoogleMail instant messaging service with the distribution of messages inviting users to click on a URL which takes passwords
UK politician e-mail compromised
25 February, 2009
Sophos warns of the dangers of using passwords that are likely to be hacked for web based e-mail services after UK Justice Secretary suffers from compromised mail box
Protection from rogue applications on Facebook
24 February, 2009
Sophos is warning users of Facebook against using rogue applications that generate problems and bogus messages
Continued Twitter hacks demand improved password strength
18 February, 2009
Latest celebrity Twitter page hack the result of poor password enforcement with many users still forming passwords that are too easy to break
Microsoft puts bounty on Conficker creator
16 February, 2009
A quarter of a million dollars put up by Microsoft for the capture and conviction of the person responsible for the creation of the Conficker worm
Sophos network protection for NHS trust
13 February, 2009
UK health service group takes network access control product from Sophos to help prevent unknown computers from gaining access to its networks and sensitive data
DonÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Ât be a valentine to a virus
12 February, 2009
Cyber Criminals make use of valentine's day to spread malware using electronic greeting cards warns Sophos
US security breach serves as warning to Twitter users
10 February, 2009
Sophos warns of dangers of being too flippant with information revelations on sites such as Twitter after serious US government security blunder
Online sex offender charged after Facebook blackmail
09 February, 2009
A Wisconsin man has been charged with serious sexual offences after posing as a female on social networking site to entice other users into providing him with pornographic material
Protection advice against Twitter spam generators
30 January, 2009
Twitter spitters or users that stalk social network site users to bombard them with spam can be avoided by following a few tips from Sophos
Malware plant at Fannie Mae serves as corporate warning
30 January, 2009
Sophos is warning companies to be alert for malicious code planted by disgruntled former employees after ex-Fannie Mae employee indicted on charges of planting malicious code on his former company's servers
Hackers compromise career web sites
27 January, 2009
Monster and USAJobs targeted by hackers who have succeeded in compromising both user names and passwords putting user data at risk
USA remains way ahead of any other country as spam source
23 January, 2009
Spam trend report from Sophos shows America to be the source of more than double the spam as the next highest country with Asia being the leaders in spam relaying activity
Poor patch management opens path for Conficker worm
22 January, 2009
Slack IT administration and tardiness in installing latest Microsoft patches blamed for destructive outbreak of Conficker worm
Anger follows mobile spam from American Idol
19 January, 2009
Sophos is warning companies against spamming mobile phone users as a means of promoting their products after anger from subscribers after American Idol spam
Airline spam contains zipped Trojan
16 January, 2009
Travellers advised not to open attachment on bogus emails which appear to come from Northwest Airlines
Burglar arrested in first Facebook-arrest
14 January, 2009
New Zealand police make successful arrest of burglar after releasing surveillance image on crime-fighting Facebook site
UK prosecution could prevent extradition
13 January, 2009
NASA hacker could avoid US extradition if he pleads guilty under the Computer Misuse Act in the United Kingdom
Disgruntled worker convicted of hacking employer
12 January, 2009
Database developer convicted of planting spyware on former employer's computer systems
Ukrainian hacker faces Turkish jail term
09 January, 2009
30 year custodial sentence given to Ukrainian hacker after successful Turkish investigation into credit card detail theft
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