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Beware of Bogus Browser Choices During Microsoft Alternative Browser Message Campaign
22 February, 2010
Microsoft overcomes anti-competition regulations by offering alternative browser choices whilst providing opportunities for cyber criminals to re-direct to fake applications
The USA, China and Russia host over half of all the planetÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs malware
04 February, 2010
Sophos reveals the top 10 countries of the world hosting malware with America still topping the list with over 37% of all malware hosted in the nation
Macabre spam holds Trojan infection danger
26 January, 2010
False celebrity death claims feed on hunger for news, directing the curious to web-sites that contain drive-by malware
Recommendations from French and German governments on switching away from IE
19 January, 2010
Swapping browsers to avoid the recent unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer may cause other problems to arise through using an unfamiliar browser, according to Sophos
Chinese surf engine brought down by Hackers
13 January, 2010
The same hackers that attacked Twitter in December have succeeded in defacing, China's primary search engine that exceeds Google's popularity in the country
Facebook privacy recommendations could expose users
11 December, 2009
Default settings on Facebook's updated privacy parameters should be altered to suit individual requirements and not just blindly followed warns Sophos
Growth ambitions should be balanced with good policies
11 December, 2009
Sophos comments on the boost to the UK Innovation Investment Fund, advising that sustainable growth should be linked to policy and regulation development
Nearly half of Facebook users still accept unknown friends
08 December, 2009
A second Facebook friend-trawling experiment by Sophos in Australia demonstrates lack of care in revealing personal information on social networking sites to complete strangers
Enfield Council ensures data protection compliance with Sophos
03 December, 2009
3000 laptops owned by the London Borough of Enfield protected by Sophos SafeGuards encryption to ensure CoCo compliance
Proactive protection agreement between Sophos and
02 December, 2009
Sophos is assisting URL shortening company to provide protection to its users by detecting the attempted shortening of site URLs which contain malware
Dangerous spam lures gamers into downloading Trojan
30 November, 2009
File attachment with explicit images contains Trojan in video file to steal password information from the online gaming community
Sophos criticises Mogeneration for hiring virus writer
27 November, 2009
The author of the Rickrolling worm which wrote pictures of Rick Astley to jailbroken iPhones in Australia has been hired by iPhone software developer to the dismay of Sophos
Anti-spam technology integrated into secure service gateways
25 November, 2009
Sophos and Juniper Networks have collaborated to bring an integrated solution to the market involving powerful anti-spam technology with high performance network gateways
iPhone users should change the default password to avoid attack
24 November, 2009
A new virus for the iPhone represents a more serious threat, one which is easily avoided by changing the default password on the device
Manchester malware authors arrested in Manchester
20 November, 2009
The e-Crime Unit has arrested two suspects in relation to malware authors responsible for infecting computers and harvesting banking details
Pharmacy affiliates profit from flu scare with dangerous mail order products
17 November, 2009
Affiliate groups operating from Russia are making large profits from selling counterfeit Tamirflu over the internet
Iphone Hack ÃÂÃâ€ÂÃ…"AcceptableÃÂÃâ€Âàto most poll respondents
11 November, 2009
Pollsters divided on acceptability of hack attacks with some believing it raises awareness levels of security flaws
Iphone virus spreads across Australia
10 November, 2009
Australian iPhone users who have tampered with the device to run unapproved applications are being stung by the ÃâÅ"ikee" virus which changes the screen-saver to an image of Rick Astley
Small business IT security for multiple platforms
05 November, 2009
Security Suite Small Business Edition Version 4.0 from Sophos includes SafeGuard encryption and supports Windows 7 and Snow Leopard
Sophos issues Halloween warning to clean up computers
30 October, 2009
The Sophos ÃâÅ"kill-a-zombie-day" aims to educate users in preventing their computers from becoming part of a botnet
Gadget blog visitors at risk from scareware
27 October, 2009
Internet users who've visited Gizmodo during the past week are at risk from malware delivered through fake Suzuki advert
Malicious web pages exploit death rumours
22 October, 2009
Sophos is warning internet users to beware of landing on sites which download malicious code after rumours of Kanye West death stimulate malware writers
Corporate Strategy VP hired at Sophos
21 October, 2009
Former analyst at Gartner recruited by Sophos to assist the company in developing its long term strategy
People in the UK take too little care on identity theft
20 October, 2009
Sophos experiment reveals a carefree attitude within the UK towards the protection of private identity data
Abduction hoax spreading through social network sites
16 October, 2009
Nuisance fake alert regarding US child abduction generating floods of messages across the Facebook and Twitter communities
Low cost DLP available from Sophos
15 October, 2009
Sophos integrates data loss prevention into its Endpoint Security product with no additional licensing expenditure bringing affordable DLP to smaller companies
Misguided NASA hacker could face up to 60 years jail if extradited
12 October, 2009
Tension is high in the IT community as NASA hacker loses fight against extradition to face serious charges for a misguided hack in search of aliens
Hotmail breach compromises user password details
07 October, 2009
Sophos is warning Microsoft on-line mail services to change passwords after a security breach disclosed user credentials of many users
Beware of fake virus messages on pages carrying newstest of actorÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs death
16 September, 2009
Hackers are exploiting the death of a famous actor to trap searchers for news with fake virus warnings soliciting them to download malicious software disguised as anti-virus tools
Web hosters warned of pop up scareware ads
15 September, 2009
After the New York Times website infection with malicious pop up adverts, Sophos is warning companies to beware of inadvertently hosting infectious ads for fake anti-virus products
Rumours of fake Facebook application cause users to hit malware host sites
09 September, 2009
Social networking spam warns of spoof Fan Check Virus and directs users to web-sites containing malware warns Sophos
Snow Leopard automatically downgrades Flash to insecure version
04 September, 2009
Sophos is warning Mac users to immediately upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash version with security fixes after installing Snow Leopard which auto-installs a dow level version without the security enhancements
Built-in Mac anti-virus tool has limited functionality
31 August, 2009
Sophos warns users of the latest Mac operating system that the built-in malware protection tool provides limited functionality and should be supported by additional anti-malware software
New Internet legislation could unfairly hit businesses
26 August, 2009
The proposal to disconnect internet services to those suspected of illegal file sharing has the potential to cut business connectivity in the event of either piggybacking or undetected employee abuse
Twitter spam embedded in images
21 August, 2009
A new wave of spam is hitting Twitter users with ÃâÅ"followers" embedding sales messages in images to prevent detection from the social networking site's spam detection technology
New virus uses Delphi code to propagate
20 August, 2009
In house developers or software houses could be providing infected code without realising it as new virus uses developers language to propagate
Ashley Greene leaked pictures being used as malware trap
17 August, 2009
Sophos is warning internet users against being lured into the trap of viewing recently leaked illicit picture of film star Ashley Greene as they invariably lead to problems with malware
Encryption deployment simplified by Sophos
11 August, 2009
At release 5.40, SafeGuard Enterprise from Sophos provides a simplified method of managing endpoint encryption throughout the organisation for the prevention of data leakage
Controversial extradition not supported by IT professionals
03 August, 2009
The extradition of UK NASA hacker to the USA which has been cleared by the high courts is not thought to be a good idea by over 70% of polled IT professionals
MI5 hack warning from Sophos
31 July, 2009
Good risk assessment can prevent web sites from being compromised in a similar way to the recent MI5 breach warns Sophos
Voyeur video leads to malware infection
23 July, 2009
Sophos issues warning not to be tempted into investigating illicit video footage of US sports reporter as links lead to sites which will result in infected computers
Half yearly web threat report details from Sophos
22 July, 2009
Scareware and the continuing security holes in Web 2.0 applications were specific trends identified in the Sophos threat report for the first half of 2009
One in six spam messages originate from the USA
21 July, 2009
According to the latest nuisance e-mail trend report from Sophos, America continues to flood the world with spam
GB Solutions provides centralised IT protection from Sophos
03 July, 2009
UK building company with multiple facilities chooses corporate network defence solution from Sophos to protect its data from IT security threats
Mass mailing worm exploits singerÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs death
02 July, 2009
ZIP file of Michael Jackson songs and pictures contains mass mailing worm which is also being spread through USB attached devices
TwitPic vulnerability leads to bad taste Twitter hack
30 June, 2009
Hackers post message in poor taste on celebrity Twitter account through TwitPic vulnerability which has since been closed
Spammers capitalise on untimely death of pop superstar
29 June, 2009
Sophos is warning e-mail users to be wary of e-mails containing news of the recent death of Michael Jackson as they contain fake information designed to harvest e-mail addresses for further spam campaigns
High profile Twitter account hacked for distributing malware
25 June, 2009
Malware hosted on X-rated video link infects both Mac and Windows users who are tempted by the invitation from Guy Kawasaki Twitter account
Facebook hidden information flaw a potential identity theft source
24 June, 2009
Sophos warns against revealing personal information on the internet after further discoveries of social networking site security flaws
Chat invitations being used to lure financial crime victims
23 June, 2009
Sophos is warning of the latest trend in phishing designed to lure spam recipients into chat sessions ultimately ending in redirect to phishing site
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