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SYN Attack
A denial of service attack in which botnets send streams of invalid connections to a computer that can’t be fulfilled, connection queues on the target computer are filled and blocked, denying legitimate usage.
Tag Clouds
Tag clouds refers to a visualisation technique for clustering search terms or links in terms of their usage frequency. The presentation can vary depending on how the clouds are coded but could, for example, be presented with larger font sizes for higher frequencies. It is a technique in common use in web 2.
Teardrop Attack
A denial of service attack whereby fragmented data packets are sent to the target computer which can’t be correctly re-assembled forcing them to be overlaid on each other and thus creating a blockage and preventing legitimate service.
TLS Encryption
This is an internet communication protection protocol similar to SSL (TLS is Transport Layer Security, SSL is Secure Socket Layer). TLS provides a higher level of security due to some enhancements such as splitting the transmitted material into two halves and using a different algorithm on each half thus protecting against different algorithm exposures.
The Transportation Worker Identification Credential is a maritime port security program to ensure unaccompanied access to American ports is granted only to those who have been vetted and issued with a card. The card itself is based on biometric parameters including fingerprint and face recognition.
Apart from their obvious military use, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are being increasingly used in such civilian applications as reconnaissance, fire fighting and police observation. UAVs in various forms have been around for a long time and their sophistication ranges from short range and low altitude radio controlled drones to highly sophisticated systems capable of long range, long flight times and complete control from the ground.
The United Kingdom Accreditation Service assesses the assessors and provides certification to bodies who provide assessment or accreditation services against international standards.
The UK Council for Child Internet Safety was set up by the UK Government’s department for children, schools and families in 2008. The council comprises an alliance of public and private sector organisations working with the government to improve on-line safety for children. The function of the council is to raise awareness levels, take action against unsafe sites and practices, promote responsible on-line advertising and generate a code of practice.
Video Based Detection System is a term that can be used to describe a number of functions whereby camera surveillance systems are used with analytical capabilities to trigger an alert or some other function such as signalling or alarm activation.
Video Analytics
Video surveillance systems capture activities that require analysis and with the mass proliferation of cameras, there is a corresponding increase in demands on manpower to monitor and analyse images. Video Analytics provides a means using software algorithms to take away an element of manpower and human errors. The software can either reside on a server which receives the images for analysis or on the camera itself. Camera based systems can be linked to decision algorithms which can determine whether to stream video content to a control room or recorder based on the events under analysis.
Video over IP
Video over IP is the transmission and storage of CCTV images over IP networks. Similarly to voice over IP, the demands on the network are typically much higher than computer networks due to quality of service requirements, bandwidths and the negative affects of time delays and packet losses. With the correct levels of network engineering, Video over IP systems can run on common infrastructures.
In IT, system resources, including both software and hardware components, can often be unnecessarily complex for the user base and virtualisation is a term used for the presentation of resources to users in a more simplified manner. An example may be the multiple servers appear as a single resource or remote disks appear simply as a drive on the desktop.
Voice Phishing is the term used for obtaining personal information for criminal purposes using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. One method is to use auto-diallers with recorded messages asking victims to dial another number of a bogus agency requesting credit card or other details.
VOSA is the Vehicle Operator Services Agency of the UK, operating under the Department of Transport and being involved in all aspects of licensing, testing and enforcement activities to ensure safer motoring through improved vehicle roadworthiness.
Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is an extension of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model of software delivery in the computing industry. Instead of investing in expensive server hardware and software licences as well as installation, set-up and maintenance costs, users of VSaaS pay a monthly or annual service and licence cost for the software to be held and managed by a host company. VSaaS is cloud-based with advantages of access, remote monitoring and ease of deployment to new users with the help of standard browsers. For surveillance systems, it is usually the Video Management Software (VMS) which is hosted but can also involve camera-attached hardware.
The Vehicle Systems Installation Board ensures high standards of installation of vehicle security systems in the UK in an attempt to ensure that consumers of vehicle security systems receive a high quality of service from its members.
A Virtual Tape Library represents an array of disk drives which are used in the same way as tape storage was used in the past for backing up a company’s computer data. Now, instead of using real tape, information is backed up to virtual tapes (or disk storage). With high speed communication links for transferring large quantities of data at high speed, it is possible to have disk arrays off-site thus fulfilling the disaster recovery criteria of having duplicate data storage at a distance from the primary storage. However, many companies also prefer to have a secondary back-up to tape for disaster recovery purposes.
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of web usage rather than any change in the technical specification of the internet. Web 2.0 is more of a social phenomenon than a technical one. These changes are reflected in two main areas: the delivery and use of application software entirely through the web browser and the use of social networking sites.
Zero Day Attack
Malicious software code that exploits a software vulnerability which hasn't yet been repaired by the manufacturer or recognised by anti-virus software is called a zero day attack. This kind of attack is particularly dangerous because until it has been detected, end users can become victims of the malicious code even whilst running anti-virus software and having the latest patches. The worlds most often attacked software manufacturer, Microsoft, releases security updates to all its products once a month on what has become known as Patch Tuesday.
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