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Twitter Spam Campaign Spotlights Follow Of Single Password Access
14 December, 2010
Sophos warns social media users to avoid using the same password for everything following breach involving user passwords
Facebook Upgrade Provides More Opportunity To Reveal Private Information
08 December, 2010
Sophos is warning users of the Facebook social networking site that the recent upgrade to help users share more information provides a risk of providing too much identity related information that could be of use to criminals
Hidden Pool Of IT Security Talent Discovered In Cyber Security Challenge
06 December, 2010
Sophos comments on the 25 round one winners of the Cyber Security Challenge UK with the discovery of hidden talent exposed during the contest
Guide To Keeping Secure On Facebook E-mail Service
17 November, 2010
Sophos advises additional levels of vigilance levels for Facebook users who sign up for the social networking site's e-mail services
Sophos Provides Virus Protection To Schools In North-East England
10 November, 2010
11,000 schools in Yorkshire and Humberside will receive protection for their IT resources against viruses and other malware from Sophos
RN Website Down After Successful Hack
09 November, 2010
Mischief behind successful hack attempt on Royal Navy website with little malicious damage caused but serving as a warning to sites which are high risk and vulnerable
Free Anti-Virus Software For Mac Home Users
03 November, 2010
Responding to increased threats against Mac users, Sophos has released Anti-Virus Home Edition which is available free of charge
Free Jubilee IT Security For 25 Charities
26 October, 2010
Sophos is celebrating a quarter of a century of operations by giving away IT security licences to selected charities and non-profit organisations
UK Cyber Threat A Reality Deserving Additional Budgetary Input
19 October, 2010
Sophos comments on the UK Government's pledge to increase spending on mitigating the threat of cyber-terrorism in the country
Sophos Comments On One-Time Password Option From Facebook
14 October, 2010
IT Security company warns users against complacency when using insecure computers for accessing Facebook regardless of the latest improved security features offered by the social networking site
Twitter Hack Reminds Users Of Security Requirements
07 September, 2010
Sophos is warning users of Twitter to be vigilant about passwords on the social networking site to avoid being hacked
Music Social Networking Site Deluged With Fraudulent Messages
06 September, 2010
Sophos is warning users of Apple's Ping networking site for iTunes lovers to be on their guard against fraud as the site has been attracting large quantities of fraudulent mail
Fraudulent McDonalds Survey Invitation Warning
03 September, 2010
Sophos has given a ÃâÅ"fillet-o-phish" warning, advising computer users to beware of a hoax customer satisfaction survey which has been made to appear as if it has come from McDonalds and offering cash incentives
Hacked Website Contains Fake Anti-Virus Software
27 August, 2010
Sophos reminds e-mail users to beware of opening unknown file attachments as fake anti-virus spam campaign directs users to infected web site
Sophos Comments On Zurich Insurance Data Loss Fine
25 August, 2010
The UK's FSA has levied a heavy fine on Zurich Insurance for sensitive data loss acting as a timely reminder to UK businesses of the potential costs of allowing sensitive information to be leaked
Sophos Warns Of Facebook FriendÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Wall Scams
25 August, 2010
Liking an application or article on Facebook doesn't make it safe warns Sophos as social networking site users continue to fall for basic scamming tricks
Free Concert Ticket Fraud Circulating on Facebook
20 August, 2010
Latest Facebook fraud dupes users into signing up to premium rate mobile phone service with the lure of free concert tickets
Survey Fraud Strikes Facebook Users
17 August, 2010
Fake ÃâÅ"Dislike" button messages on Facebook entice users to invoke application requiring personal information to be entered on a survey form
Automatic Profile Updating Facebook Scam Spreading Virally
11 August, 2010
Sophos is warning Facebook users of yet another scam doing the rounds on the social networking site involving a survey which automatically posts messages and wall posts
Virus Hoax Spreading Rapidly Through Facebook Community
09 August, 2010
Sophos is warning facebook users against spreading a virus warning which is a hoax and is spreading through the community like chain mail
Sophos Issues Mid Year Security Threat Report
04 August, 2010
Cyberwarfare attitudes examined in latest threat report from Sophos with surprising statistics including wide acceptability of inter-country cyber espionage
Full-Disk Encryption Product Available For Mac
03 August, 2010
With increased usages of Mac equipment on corporate networks, Sophos has extended its full disk encryption product for the protection of confidential information on the system
Free Tool Available For Protection Against Unpatched Security Flaw
27 July, 2010
Sophos has released a free tool available for download which protects Windows users against the latest zero day vulnerability which exploits shortcuts
Sophos Comments On Critical Infrastructure Zero-Day Vulnerability
22 July, 2010
A variation of the Stuxnet malicious code is now in the wild and focussed on attacking SCADA based infrastructure systems
New Facebook Survey Scam Gathers Personal Information
22 July, 2010
Sophos is warning of yet another viral scam doing the rounds on Facebook designed to cream off personal information from people filling out survey forms
UK companiestest Believe Data Protection Laws Need Toughening
20 July, 2010
Majority of companies surveyed by Sophos in favour of forced disclosure of data breaches in effort to tighten control of legislation on data protection in the UK
Automatic USB Malware Discovered
19 July, 2010
A zero-day vulnerability exists for USB devices even with Autorun disabled presenting a considerable threat to unprotected users
Sophos Warns Of Coca Cola Facebook Scam
16 July, 2010
Viral Video link suggesting horrific video of consequences of drinking Coca-Cola links to scam poll which collects personal information from the user
UK Climbs Back Into Top Ten Spam Relay Rankings
15 July, 2010
Europe rises in significance for relaying spam according to the latest dirty dozen report from Sophos on the most prevalent countries for passing on spam
JavaScript Vulnerability Advice For Adobe
02 July, 2010
Sophos is recommending JavaScripts to be disabled as a default in Adobe Acrobat and Reader to close a vulnerability in the product
Protection Now On Mac OS X Against Pinhead-B Trojan
21 June, 2010
Sophos reports on the discovery of secret update to Mac operating system to include malware protection against the Pinhead-B Trojan
Cloud Architecture Enables Delivery Of Live Pro-active Protection Against Zero-Day Exploits
10 June, 2010
Sophos has updated its Endpoint Security and Data Protection product with real time protection and updates using the advantages of cloud architecture to deliver the latest threat protection as vulnerabilities are closed
Clickjacking Attack Hits Facebook Users
02 June, 2010
Social networking site users have again come under attack with hackers enticing them to click on links with invisible button to spread worm
Twitter Password Security Essential For Hacking Prevention
31 May, 2010
Sophos reminds users of Twitter to adopt strong passwords and good password management practices after it has been revealed that BP's Twitter account has been hacked for sending malicious tweets
Majority of Facebook Users Would Prefer to use Opt-In Protocols In Order to Share
28 May, 2010
Privacy setting simplification at Facebook doesn't go far enough according to poll results at Sophos with over 90% of users preferring maximum security as the default with sharing as an opt-in setting
Implanted RFID Virus Branded By Sophos As Scaremongering
27 May, 2010
Recent headline news of a Reading scientist claiming computer virus infections could cause problems with implanted RFID chips has been disclaimed as nonsense by Sophos
Proactive Malware Protection For Optenet Customers
26 May, 2010
Software-as-a-Service supplier chooses Sophos to provide proactive protection to its web and e-mail security solution customers
Second Weekend Of Facebook Video Attacks
25 May, 2010
Social Networking site users were once again targeted at the weekend with fake videos leading users to install adware onto their computers
Users Opting Out of Facebook Over Privacy Concerns
20 May, 2010
Facebook proposed changes to privacy settings rocks confidence of users with many threatening to pull out of the social networking site due to data protection concerns
Facebook Users Fall Victim to Social Engineering Attack
18 May, 2010
Enticing video posted to Facebook users contained link to bogus player software which downloads adware
Friend Suggestion Hoax Causes Panic On Facebook
17 May, 2010
New friend notification system on social networking site generates virus scare as hoax messages warning of viruses floods Facebook
Private Equity Group To Take Majority Holding in Sophos
05 May, 2010
Sophos has agreed to a ã830 million sale of its assets to Apax Partners with existing management team to remain in place to operate the company
China Missing From Top 12 Spam Relaying Nations
30 April, 2010
First quarter report from Sophos on spam shows Asia's domination in spam but China drops off top 12 list of spam relaying nations
McAfee False Alarm Drives Surge In Scareware
23 April, 2010
Hackers are exploiting McAfee Antivirus product error with webpages designed to attract McAfee users and deploy malware on their systems through fake clean-up tools
Internet Protection For Local Education Authority
22 April, 2010
Sophos is providing web security for nursery schools as well as primary and secondary schools in the Slough Borough Council District in England
Proposed Facebook Privacy Changes Bad For User Security
08 April, 2010
Already suffering from a poor track record for security and obscure privacy settings, social networking site Facebook is now upsetting its user-base by planning to pass personal information to partner sites
Hacker Receives Long Custodial Sentence For Computer Crime
29 March, 2010
Sophos has commented on the length of sentence handed out to Albert Gonzalez for credit and debit card thefts carried out using hacking techniques
Oscars Precipitate Flood of Scareware
09 March, 2010
Sophos is warning of optimised search results leading to malware attacks and scareware sites as hackers take advantage of the popularity of the oscar ceremonies
Sea World Tragedy Exploited by Hackers
01 March, 2010
Hackers are exploiting public interest in whale trainer death to direct searchers to sites containing exploits
IT Security Top Priority for Nearly Half of Surveyed companiestest
23 February, 2010
With three-quarters of companies suffering cyber attacks and losing money as a result, Sophos survey reveals increased tendency to invest in robust security measures to protect data and IT systems
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