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Bitdefender provides IT security products globally with installations in both the home and business environments. Continuous product development has ensured that the company has stayed ahead of the changing internet threat environment with the introduction of such technologies as combined anti-virus and firewall software and behaviour related blocking technology. Bitdefender’s multi-level security products are available across a number of software platforms.

Android users warned of covert user profiling
04 April, 2013
BitDefender warns Android users of a new breed of advertisers who harvest location and personal data for uploading to servers
Aggressive mobile adware threatens user privacy
02 April, 2013
Adware and malware designed for mobile phone operating systems are posing an increasing threat to the privacy of smartphone users
Beta testers sought for latest BitDefender software
06 March, 2013
New technologies including adaptive scanning added to the latest BitDefender antivirus software which will soon undergo beta testing
Valentine's day sees spike in online fraud
13 February, 2013
Bitdefender is warning that the approach of Valentine's day has already brought a wave of online scams designed to defraud the unwary
Virus repair accolade for BitDefender
31 January, 2013
AV-Test has given the best repair award to BitDefender for abilities in recovering from malware infections
AV Comparison places BitDefender at the top
15 January, 2013
BitDefender's antivirus product has continued to impress AV-Comparatives testers resulting in top rated product of the year award
Military at risk through poor definition of cyber warfare
14 January, 2013
BitDefender comments on military cyber risk in the UK and the need for better informed policy making based on the definitions of cyber warfare
Cyber criminals focus on lucrative malware for 2013
07 January, 2013
BitDefender predicts the 2013 cyber threat landscape with more focus on lucrative strains of banking trojans and other related malware
Free high speed virus scanning tool
10 December, 2012
The 60-second scanner is a free tool from BitDefender for high speed desktop virus scanning
Anti-Virus software built for Windows 8
21 November, 2012
Dedicated anti-malware protection designed to provide Windows 8 operating system users with protection against viruses and other malware
Rogue Google Chrome app targets Facebook users
19 November, 2012
Authentication cookies compromised by Google Chrome app which deludes users into thinking it can change Facebook colours
Windows 8 Certification for internet security systems
07 November, 2012
Safepay and Autopilot for mobile security from BitDefender have been certified for secure operation with Microsoft Windows 8
Free removal tool restores hijacked browsers
24 October, 2012
Bitdefender has issues a free tool to address malicious adware which hijacks the browser and directs it to a vietnamese website
Parents More Likely To Monitor Facebook Activity For Boys
12 October, 2012
A survey has shown a distinct gender swing in parental monitoring activity with more parents concerned about what boys are doing on the internet than girls
Remote Android Wipe Attacks Stopped With Wipe Stopper
04 October, 2012
A free tool has been made available from Bitdefender to prevent data being wiped maliciously from Android and other smartphones
Free Remote Wipe Protection For Android Users
01 October, 2012
BitDefender is offering Android smartphone users a free tool to protect them from the remote wipe vulnerability
Monthly Increase In Fake Bank Sites of 3% in UK
28 September, 2012
BitDefender offers advice to online bankers as bank scam techniques increase both in number and the professionalism of their execution
Free Android Apps Highly Risky For Adware
25 September, 2012
BitDefender reports that three quarters of free apps available for Android smartphones could contain aggressive adware
Android Malware Examined in Threat Report
14 September, 2012
Bitdefender's threat analysis report covers the top ten malware threats that are affecting the Android smart phone platform
Data Hack Takes Place on UK Police Websites
03 September, 2012
BitDefender comments on compromised police data taken from three of the organisation's websites
Internet Safety Advice For Parents From BitDefender
17 August, 2012
With more online activity expected during the school holidays, BitDefender examines the top threats to school children and offers advice on protecting them
Advance Fee Fraud Hits US and UK
16 August, 2012
Bitdefender is warning of a new wave of an old fraud campaign in which victims are duped into sending cash or revealing sensitive personal information
Removal Tool Available For Gauss Malware
14 August, 2012
Bitdefender is making a tool available for identifying and removing traces of the new Gauss malware that threatens financial systems
Unique Device ID Tracking Performed By Some Apple Apps
13 August, 2012
BitDefender provides details of ios apps which can cause vulnerabilities through broadcasting unencrypted data or tracking UDIDs
Apple App Store Removes iPhone Safeguard App
20 July, 2012
Bitdefender is puzzled over the decision by Apple to remove the company's app security examiniation app, Clueful from the App Store
Data Gathering Apps Uncovered on iPhones
19 July, 2012
Bitdefender research uncovers iPhone apps that access data and contact information without reason or explicit knowledge from users
Free Tool Prevents Connection Loss Due To DNSChanger
10 July, 2012
BitDefender is making a free tool available that will enable users to avoid connection loss due to the DNSChanger malware
Spam Becomes Less But More Malicious
18 May, 2012
A study from BitDefender has shown that the reducing levels of spam hides a trend for messages to be more malicious in their nature
More than a Tenth of Infections Result From Autorun
03 May, 2012
Bitdefender provides insight into the autorun threat which still persists years after exclusion of autorun from operating systems
High Detection Rate Success For Bitdefender Quickscan
16 April, 2012
Bitdefender's free malware detection scanner achieves high levels of infection detection during first quarter
Flashback Trojan Protection For Mac Users
11 April, 2012
Java run-time based malicious code exploits Mac OS X systems gaining access from compromised websites
Single Click Cloud Storage System
12 March, 2012
Safebox enables Android and PC users to securely store and share files in the cloud with a single click
VMware virtual environment security
27 February, 2012
Security for Virtualised Environments from BitDefender integrated with vShield 5 Endpoint from VMware
DLL File Infection Bypasses Startup On Windows
23 February, 2012
BitDefender explains the function of a new trojan which remains hidden in a DLL file to outsmart Windows startup and remain active
High Speed Virus Scanning With Quickscan
16 February, 2012
Online anti-virus tool from BitDefender provides fast scanning of computers for malware using a browser add-on
Trust Implications From VeriSign Breach
07 February, 2012
BitDefender researcher comments on the repeated hacking of VeriSign and what this means in terms of enterprise trust
Single Licence Provides Protection For All Devices In A Household
01 February, 2012
Bitdefender Sphere enables households to have unlimited protection for all devices in the household on a single licence
Hybrid Malware Creates New Threats
25 January, 2012
BitDefender comments on unpredictable malware created from hybrid of existing viruses
Mobile Security For the Android Market
01 December, 2011
BitDefender's cloud based mobile security solution is now offering protection to users of the popular Android platform
Centrally Managed Cloud Security Systems For Endpoint Protection
04 November, 2011
BitDefender has released its endpoint protection service using cloud computing obviating the need for on-premises resources
Duqu The Latest Short-Lived Star of Malware
25 October, 2011
Bitdefender places the Duqu rootkit in historic perspective comparing it to other stars of the malware theatre
Second VB 100 Award For BitDefender
12 September, 2011
100% virus capture performance brings virus bulletin award for BitDefender Security
Beware of Charity Spam During 9/11 Commemorations
09 September, 2011
September 11th marks the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and BitDefender is warning of increased likelihood of spam and other cyber attacks relating to the commemorations
VMware Based Protection For Virtualised Computing Environments
01 September, 2011
Latest product from BitDefender designed specifically for providing protection to virtualised environments running VMware
Change of Settings Overcomes Privacy Issues For LinkedIn Users
15 August, 2011
BitDefender comments on the recent privacy changes on the LinkedIn site that connects advertising content to user content which can be removed with a simple change to privacy settings
Social Network Protection Included In Total Security 2012
01 August, 2011
Total Security 2012 has been released by BitDefender with comprehensive protection against hacking, identity theft and other threats including social networking protection
New Trojan Takes Social Engineering Techniques to New Levels
28 July, 2011
Trojan.FakeEV.LVT tricks Facebook users into downloading malware while watching YouTube video
Android Malware Propogates Using SMS or E-Mail
14 July, 2011
Video share link on Android phones spreads new trojan to contacts through SMS or E-mail with link to malicious app
Online Storage and Backup Company Enters Anti-Virus OEM Partnership
12 July, 2011
BitDefender will be providing anti-virus and malware detection to millions of online storage and backup users under new OEM agreement with MediaFire
Top 100 Malware Threat Removal Tool Available
08 July, 2011
BitDefender is providing monthly updates of its free download top 100 threat removal tool
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