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Imperva Comments On Malware Decline In February
07 March, 2011
IT security specialist examines underlying causes of malware decrease and suggests a rise in evasion techniques skewing the statistics
A Fifth Of Commercial IT Attacks Come From Insiders
11 February, 2011
CyberSecurity Survey reveals that over 20% of attacks on organisation's IT systems originate from people who have some form of authorised access, whether as employees or contractors
The User Role In Social Network Site Security
09 February, 2011
Amichi Shulman of Imperva comments on Social Networking security issues as part of Safer Internet Day
Partnership Alliance Brings Best of Breed Approach To Data Security
26 January, 2011
The PartnerSphere Technology Alliance from Imperva brings co-operative solution provision from companies involved in the supply of data security solutions based on Imperva's platform
Imperva Criticises Lush On Insecure E-Commerce Site And Poor Auditing
25 January, 2011
Multiple vulnerabilities and poor auditing of transactions indicating non-compliance to PCI data security standards blamed for cosmetic company customer card data leakage
Oracle Vulnerabilities Need Patching With Latest Release
20 January, 2011
Imperva is advising Oracle database users to install the latest security patch to eliminate vulnerabilities
Patching Alone Insufficient To Close All Vulnerabilities
12 January, 2011
Microsoft’s first patch release for 2011 doesn’t include fix for known vulnerability demonstrating that patching in isolation doesn’t close out all system problems
US Government Hunts Down Disgruntled Employee Threats
10 January, 2011
Imperva comments on reports of increased US government activity on combating insider threats in the wake of the recent Wikileaks scandal
Legal Expert Joins Imperva Board
08 December, 2010
Imperva has recruited a new Chief Financial Officer to head the company's financial, legal, IT, facilities management and Human Resources functions
Incapsula Services Bring Enhanced Data Security To The Cloud
07 December, 2010
Spin off company from data security experts, Imperva provides protection to companies from both external and internal threats in cloud computing and service oriented environments
NHS Response To Facebook Tracking Concerns Inappropriate
03 December, 2010
Tracking Facebook users who go to the NHS Choices website regarded as the Facebook users' responsibility by the NHS sparking outrage from Imperva
Ignoring The Insider Threat Can Lead To Incidents Such as The Wikileak Saga
30 November, 2010
Imperva explains the benefits of tackling the insider threat and actively managing access to data to prevent embarrassing public leaks
Imperva Predicts 2011 IT Security Threat Trends
16 November, 2010
International Cyber-Warfare and Insider Threats top the list of trends to watch for as 2011 sets to take cyber-crime developments of the current year and deliver them in a much more effective format
Bank Clients Demand High IT Security
08 November, 2010
Imperva comments on the growing trend for banking customers to change banks if they don't feel security is being taken seriously enough
Version 2.0 of PCI DSS Released
01 November, 2010
Imperva CTO provides background and comments on the latest release of the Payment Card Industry security standard
Computer Users Set To Be Fighting Off Zombies This Halloween
29 October, 2010
Noa Bar Yosef of Imperva warns computer users of a specific Halloween Zombie danger which is far more real than traditional zombie horrors
Imperva Looks Further Into Botnet Rental Implications
27 October, 2010
IT Security company Imperva delves deeper into the Iranian Cyber Army botnet rental intention and answers key questions on what this means in reality
Hackers Get Smarter With ZeuS Exploits
26 October, 2010
Imperva reports on the trends being taken by cyber criminals to diversify their methods and make the best use of the most successful hacking and phishing tools currently available
How the $3 Million Zeus Scan May Have Taken Place
04 October, 2010
Imperva's Noa Bar-Yosef provides his view of the Zeus hacking scan, providing some insight into how it may have happened
French Mobile Phone Hack Due To Insider Fraud
30 September, 2010
Consequences of failing to protect critical data from being abused by insiders illustrated in mobile phone hack discovered in France involving illegal online sales of SIM card unlock codes
Data Storage Management Challenges
28 September, 2010
Imperva examines data storage requirements to enable correct levels of access without unnecessary duplication and without compromising security requirements
Web Application Firewalls Rank Highly In Data Protection Tables
16 September, 2010
Survey by Imperva and Securosis finds that a mixture of traditional approaches and modern data security technology provides the right environment for preventing data breaches
Football Fan Passport Data Sale Scandal
13 September, 2010
Football's governing body is under investigation from the ICO due to allegations of the sale of passport data from football fans to ticket sales agents
Imperva Survey Demonstrates Extent Of Insider Threat
25 August, 2010
Stealing company data when leaving an organisation is a significant threat for industry originating from employees with almost a quarter of those surveyed willing to walk out with sensitive information
Intel Purchase of McAfee Changes Role of Security In Business
23 August, 2010
Imperva comments on the acquisition of McAfee by Intel and focuses on the effects it will have on the merging of business management and IT security
Failed Electronic Payroll Heist Demonstrates Value Of Information Credentials
12 August, 2010
Imperva uses the recent hacking incident at Regeneron to illustrate the potential value of captured information to cyber criminals
Partnership Brings Combination of Active Database Monitoring and Data Masking
09 August, 2010
Combining the two skills of Imperva and ActiveBase delivers strong security for sensitive data held in databases
Hacker Intelligence Initiative To Study Anatomy Of Major Cyber Attacks
27 July, 2010
Imperva will be using hack-back techniques as well as traffic monitoring and forum research to gain deeper insight into the operations of hacking networks
Phishing Army Scam Dupes Hackers
26 July, 2010
A phishing kit made available on a hacker's forum is designed to use an army of partially successful phishing campaigns to gather large amounts of data centrally
Mainframe Database Activity Monitoring
22 July, 2010
Partnership between Imperva and Neon results in DB2 activity monitoring, forensics and autditing capability on z/OS mainframe operating system
Activity Monitoring And User Rights Management Products Mitigate Insider Threat
13 July, 2010
The Data Security Suite from Imperva now includes file systems within its scope, enabling organisations to combat insider threats through strong management and audit trails of file ownership, access rights and user activities
Trustwave Enters Web Application Security Market
25 June, 2010
Imperva comments on the acquisition of Breach Security bringing Web Application Firewall skills to Trustwave
McAfee Executive Joins Board at Imperva
23 June, 2010
New board member to bring financial expertise to the role of Chairman of the Audit Committee at Imperva
Advanced Persistent Threats and Industrialised Hacking Explained
14 June, 2010
Amichai Shulman of Imperva explains the difference between two common hacking methods, Advanced Persistent Threats and Industrial Hacking and the way IT professionals should differentiate their response to each kind of threat
Voluntary Code of Conduct For Australian ISP companiestest Seen As Positive Step
10 June, 2010
Imperva is backing encouragement from the Australian Internet Industry Association for ISPs in the country to help fight the spread of spam and malware by applying temporary suspension to subscribers who are being used as zombies
SharePoint Vulnerability Waits Nearly Two Months For A Patch
08 June, 2010
Imperva comments on the Microsoft patch release cycle and the open vulnerabilities it leaves businesses with
Privacy Overhaul Required On Facebook
02 June, 2010
Amichai Shulman and Rob Rachwald of Imperva provide a vision of privacy management that they believe is the correct model for Facebook to follow to enable users to have full control over privacy management on the social networking site
Imperva Comments On Secerno Acquisition
24 May, 2010
Oracle's acquisition of Sercerno is seen by Imperva is evidence of the growing requirement of Digital Asset Management
Virtual Web Application Firewall
19 May, 2010
SecureSphere from Imperva represents a virtual appliance for the protection of application firewalls in enterprise environments
Imperva Comments On Facebook Privacy Flaw
07 May, 2010
CTO at Imperva believes that the inherent nature of social networking sites like Facebook lends themselves to privacy issues and therefore reminds users to restrict content to information that they feel comfortable with sharing
Phishing Protection Alliance Formed Between Imperva and Cyveillance
06 April, 2010
SecureSphere Web Application Firewall from Imperva strengthened with the inclusion of Cyveillance's Anti-Phishing Data Feed to provide enhanced protection against phishing attacks
Threat Remains Persistent Despite Heavy Sentencing On US Hacker
29 March, 2010
Imperva CTO comments on hacker sentencing and highlights the persistent risk that remains with database breaches remaining the highest threat
Mandating Secure Social Networking Passwords Viewed As Essential Means of Improving Security
19 March, 2010
With weak passwords continuing to be seen as the main security failure on social networking sites, Imperva is advising service providers to mandate strong password protocols in return for free services
DHS Site Defacement Unearths Vulnerability in the Organisation
11 March, 2010
The Department of Homeland Security has fallen victim to hackers who defaced the government organisation's Iowa website in embarrassing incident of security failure for the high profile department
Qualys and Imperva Cooperate on Web Application Protection for Enterprises
03 March, 2010
SecureSphere Web Application Firewall from Imperva has been integrated with QualysGuard application scanning software to produce a powerfull application delivering comprehensive enterprise data security
Application Firewall Add-on Defends Against Large Scale Cyber-Attacks
02 March, 2010
ThreatRadar from Imperva provides additional security to Web Application Firewalls to block traffic from malicious sources even as the source of the threat is shifted
Hackers Become Organised in Cyber Crime Industrial Revolution
02 March, 2010
ÃâÅ"The Industrialisation of Hacking" report from Imperva details the seriousness of the threat being faced as a result of the way hackers are organizing their activities for maximum effect
Imperva Explains How Hackers Can Exploit the Love-Lorn
12 February, 2010
With Saint Valentine's Day approaching, the chances of being love-struck by a fraud are higher than ever with such tools as Facebook at the hacker's disposal
Internet usability drives rate card variance for stolen credentials
04 February, 2010
Research from Imperva throws light on the pricing variation seen for stolen data depending on the services accessible on the internet that are available as a result of that data
Password analysis study reveals extent of vulnerability
22 January, 2010
Computer users are often making themselves susceptible to attack through the use of trivial or easy-to-crack passwords according to a recent study and analysis from Imperva
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