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Spam campaign targets Pinterest site
05 April, 2012
Social networking site becomes flooded with spam posts linking to suspicious external web site
Employer Requests For Facebook Logins Undermine Privacy
28 March, 2012
Sophos comments on reports that US emergency services personnel are being asked for Facebook login parameters, a move seen as undermining privacy expectations
Important Patch Update For Windows Users
19 March, 2012
Remote desktop protocol flaw needs patching due to activity discovery of malware development in China
Easy Encryption for the cloud
29 February, 2012
SafeGuard Enterpise provides cloud encryption for the protection of critical data
Sophos Comments On House Of Commons Cyber Security Report
03 February, 2012
Awareness and education campaign highlighted in House of Commons report on Cyber Security seen as a key element in fighting cyber crime according to Sophos
Stalker Concerns Over New Facebook Format
30 January, 2012
Sophos comments on the forthcoming Timeline format of Facebook providing more personal details and life experiences thereby disclosing more information for scammers and stalkers
Commercial Cyber Crime Tool Availability Increases Threat Level During 2011
26 January, 2012
Sophos reveals the results of its threat survey and report for 2012 with increases in cybercrime over the last year in evidence and 61% of people seeing user error as the greatest threat
DDoS Attack Launch At the Click of a Link
23 January, 2012
Twitter is being used as the vehicle for Anonymous links which encourage participation in DDoS attacks in protest against file-sharing site closure
Virtual Secure Web Gateway Protection
13 January, 2012
Sophos virtual appliance provides web malware protection and internet filtering
Sophos Eases Mobile Consumerisation With Improved Management Platform
21 December, 2011
Companies where employees are using their mobile devices in the workplace now have enriched mobile device management capabilities for reducing security concerns using management platform from Sophos
UK Cyber Security Strategy A Welcome Move
28 November, 2011
Sophos comments on the release of the cyber security strategy by the UK Government but warns of difficult times ahead
Eavesdropping Trojan Could Have Originated From German Government
11 October, 2011
Sophos comments on the discovery of a trojan which can record Skype and Instant Message conversations in Germany
Spammers Exploit Paid-For Twitter hashtags
26 September, 2011
Twitter to step up their fight against spam according to Sophos after hashtags hijacked to distribute spam and malware
Fake Skype Call Warning
21 September, 2011
Sophos has identitified an attack that is being made through Skype in the form of an automatic call encouraging receivers to repair computers using software from a fake web site
Conficker Blighted College Takes Sophos Solution
15 September, 2011
Sophos has supplied endpoint protection to Brooklands College after the education centre had suffered from the Conficker worm
Climate Reality Campaign Strikes a Social Media Security Nerve
14 September, 2011
Sophos is expressing discomfort about the encouragement of poor security practices by global climate change awareness group
Student Loan Spam Campaign Begins
05 September, 2011
Sophos is issuing a warning to students beginning the new academic year after the discovery of a new spam campaign targeting students in the loands market
Speeding Ticket Scam Cloaks Trojan
18 August, 2011
Sophos is warning of a new threat of trojans being sent in unsolicited mail appearing to be parking fines from New York
Privacy Changes At LinkedIn Links Social Content To Advertising
12 August, 2011
Sophos is warning users of business social networking site LinkedIn's new policy which reduces privacy levels for users
Free Mobile Phone Security Kit Available
10 August, 2011
With over two thirds of mobile device users having no password protection on their phones, Sophos campaigns for improved security and launches free security toolkit for mobile users
UK Newspaper Hack Exposes Details Of Thousands of Readers
03 August, 2011
Competition entrants targetted in hack on The Sun with thousands of readers' personal information exposed to identity thieves
Sharp Escalation In Social Networking Attacks
02 August, 2011
60% increase in the use of social networking as an attack vector features in mid-year security threat report from Sophos
Anti-Virus Support For latest Mac Operating System
21 July, 2011
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac products support the Mac OS X Lion operating system recently released by Apple
Apple Device Jailbreak Site Exploits Code Vulnerability
08 July, 2011
Unpatched vulnerability on Apple iPhone browser enables easy drive-by jailbreaking but opens device to easy infection with malware
Bogus Google+ Invitations Begin
06 July, 2011
Sophos is warning of bogus invitations being sent out to join the latest social networking site from Google with the unwary being sent to pharmacy sites
Risk Of Personal Laptops In The Workplace
05 July, 2011
Sophos survey discovers civil service worker perception of increased risk to security when personal laptops are used for business purposes
Fun Motivates CIA Website Attack
17 June, 2011
Sophos comments on the attitude of LulzSec and internet users on the Denial of Service attack on the CIA website, believing this attack may be the last straw for the hacking group
Civil Service Survey On IT Overhead Cost Savings
16 June, 2011
Sophos presents the results of a survey made on UK civil servants regarding IT security and spending in the light of expected reductions in IT overhead costs
Face Recognition Technology Now Enabled In Facebook
08 June, 2011
Assisted tagging facility provided in Facebook doesn't require subscriber pre-approval says Sophos
Five Steps To Reduce The Chances Of Having Your Gmail Account Hacked
03 June, 2011
In the wake of recent high profile hacks on Gmail accounts, Sophos provides advice on how to prevent becoming a victim
Scareware Affecting Users of Firefox
01 June, 2011
Sophos has supplied a warning to users of the Firefox internet browser that scareware is being used to send fake security warnings
Bogus Event Invitations On Facebook Trap Millions Of Users
05 April, 2011
Sophos has issued a warning against acting on event invitations posted on Facebook with the social networking site being used extensively to propogate on-line survey scams Customer Details Go Missing After Successful Hack
23 March, 2011
Hackers have got away with names and e-mail addresses from the database of customers of online retailer
Rogue Timer Application Plagues Twitter Users
15 March, 2011
Sophos is warning users of the Twitter social network site of a malicious application that times membership of social networking sites
iOS 4.3 Upgrade Required To Protect iPhone Users
11 March, 2011
Advice from Sophos regarding vulnerabilities on the Apple iPhone and the requirement to patch the operating system as a preventive measure
Malicious Twitter Link Spreads Virally
03 March, 2011
Caution is once again being advised by Sophos to Twitter users after the discovery of another malicious link being spread within the social networking site
Fake Video Spreads On Facebook
03 March, 2011
A clickjacking video is spreading on Facebook which provides automatic "likes" on clicking
Pro-Active Malware Protection Added To Service Gateways
15 February, 2011
Sophos is supplying Juniper Networks with live protection Anti-Malware for use on the SRX Series of service gateways for proactive protection against a range of malware
Facebook Hackers Compromise Van Gogh Museum Page
11 February, 2011
Sophos calls on corporate Facebook users to be vigilent about their security practices in the wake of a Facebook page hack affecting the Van Gogh Museum
All In One E-Mail Security Appliance Available From Sophos
10 February, 2011
VMware virtual environment operators can now make use of a virtual security appliance from Sophos for security and data protection for e-mails
Small ICO Fines On Councils Inappropriate
09 February, 2011
Sophos comments on the recent fines on two British Councils for data breaches which are small compared to the levels of fines that the Information Commissioner's Office has at its disposal
Smartphone Protection For Enterprise Users
08 February, 2011
With the increasing adoption of the use of smartphones in business environments and the crossover with personal usage, Sophos now provides the Mobile Control security platform for enterprise data protection on tablets and smartphones
Facebook CEO Falls Victim To Social Networking Hack
27 January, 2011
Sophos comments on the ease of falling victim to Facebook hacking after the company's CEO himself falls victim
Sophos Analyses Threat Landscape of 2010
21 January, 2011
2010 saw a dramatic increase in the use of social networks for the distribution of malware and the targeting of victims for phishing attacks and spam, according to the latest social security survey from Sophos
Sophos Warns On Rogue Facebook Application
18 January, 2011
Application on Facebook is able to recover home addresses and telephone numbers from user profiles warns Sophos
Spam Gains A More Malicious Edge With Change In Tactics
12 January, 2011
Cyber criminals are taking a new approach towards the use of spam and social networking for phishing and other internet crimes with the main culprits originating from the USA according to Sophos
Ides of March Facebook Closure Hoax Spreads Through Social Network
11 January, 2011
Facebook users are being impacted by bogus messages regarding the bogus closure of the social networking site during March this year, warns Sophos
New Viral Scare Hits Facebook
07 January, 2011
Sophos reports on a rogue application scam that is targeted at Facebook users and spread virally through social networking
Survey Scams Continue To Proliferate On Facebook
21 December, 2010
Sophos warns of the ease with which scams proliferate on social networking site Facebook by providing profile access to third party applications
Privacy Concerns Over Auto-Tagging On Facebook
20 December, 2010
Sophos comments on the US trial of automatic photo-tagging for facebook users and the privacy implications associated with opt-out arrangement as opposed to opting in
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