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Video streaming to mobile devices proves to be a winner.

14 December, 2007
From a business plan to develop entertainment application on mobile devices, Intellistream now sees security applications as bringing in the lions share of revenues in the future.
With the amount of technology being packed into the latest 3G mobile phones, it was inevitable that someone would come up with the means of sending live surveillance images to mobile devices. One such company is Intellistream and I recently met with the CEO, Jim Beagle to find out more and to see what their product could offer.

Although there are a number of such products now on the market, the Unistream 3G video product doesn't rely on handset manufacturer, being a server based service offering which can also be run on in-house servers for larger organisations.

The product has principally two modes of operation. One is an event triggered alert which enables mobile users to view CCTV images of the alarm event allowing the user to take further appropriate action such as alerting security personnel or the police. The second mode of operation is as a monitoring system to allow users to select a camera and view live surveillance footage on the handset.

The system can be used for multiple cameras across different locations or for single cameras being fully scalable based on subscription levels and set-up requirements. Intellistream provides a full service for setting up the system including phone menus which can be simple text based menus or even schematic layouts showing selectable camera positions.

This scalability also allows for practically any budgetary considerations providing access to the technology for even the smallest home or small business users with subscriptions starting from as little as a few pounds per month.

I was interested in just how flexible and interactive this system was so I asked Jim to explain further about the ability to view alarm events. The system can be set up to either store a period of time around an alarm trigger on Intellistream's servers or it can be set up to access an event stored on a network video recorder if the client system has such technology available. However, for images that are required for evidence, an NVR is required to store the image as there is no capability to retain evidential quality images on the server or phone side of the system.

Primarily designed for digital cameras, the system is ideal for mobile camera systems which opens up some interesting and valuable applications. With vehicle mounted cameras monitoring live events, the ability to stream these events to many mobile phones enables higher levels of incident control, monitoring and management capabilities.

With Intellistream constantly enhancing the technology and finding greater scope for its applications, there is little doubt that video streaming over mobile networks will soon enjoy wide popularity in the security industry.
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