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Radiation Detection
Smiths Enters Radiation Detection Partnership
Radiation Detection : 15 August, 2012
Agreement with Mirion opens US military, aviation and homeland security markets for radiation detection instruments to Smiths Detection
Patents Executed On Photo-Nuclear Detection System
Radiation Detection : 12 December, 2011
The THOR-LVX detection technology from Valley Forge has undergone patent applications
Detection Company Further Develops Photo-Nuclear Detection Capabilities
Radiation Detection : 01 July, 2011
The THOR-LVX photo-nuclear detector is to gain additional signatures for improved detection capabilities for cargo screening
Boat-mounted Radiation Detection Equipment For Maritime Patrols
Radiation Detection : 07 April, 2011
Police and defence agencies now have access to radiation detection equipment from Thermo Fisher for use on small patrol craft and vessels for homeland security applications
Isotope Identification Tool Available For Emergency Services
Radiation Detection : 24 January, 2011
SAM 940 is now available from Berkeley Nucleonics enabling emergency services personnel to make fast and accurate identification of isotopes in nuclear incidents
Acquisition Brings Wider Range Of Detection Products To Bruker
Radiation Detection : 10 January, 2011
Bruker Detection broadens its portfolio of homeland security detection products with the acquisition of Protect-US
OSI To Undertake Nuclear Material Detection Research
Radiation Detection : 02 September, 2010
The Department of Homeland Security has placed an order on Rapiscan Systems for the research and development of solutions for detecting the presence of nuclear materials
USAF Radiation Detection Equipment Contract Fulfilled
Radiation Detection : 23 July, 2010
Universal Detection Technology has supplied the United States Air Force with detection equipment for both radiation and biological agents
US Air Force Takes Radiation Detection Equipment From UDT
Radiation Detection : 24 June, 2010
Equipment for the detection of radiation to be supplied by Universal Detection Technology to the United States Air Force
Patent Granted on Small Handheld Radiation Instrument for Counter Terrorism Applications
Radiation Detection : 30 March, 2010
RadEye PRD radiation source detector is a handheld instrument which is able to be set against different threshold levels for detecting very small quantities of radiation
Radiation Detection Testing Underway for Use With Aviation Baggage Screening
Radiation Detection : 04 March, 2010
Stride detection units from ICx Technologies have been undergoing testing in Seattle for the detection of radioactive materials in high volume throughput environment handling passenger baggage
Radiation Monitoring System to be Installed at French Nuclear Facility
Radiation Detection : 03 February, 2010
ElectricitÃÂ De France will use remote radiation monitoring systems from Thermo Fisher Scientific for providing monitoring and protection at the Gravelines nuclear power station
Helium 3 shortage has no impact on container screening from GateKeeper USA
Radiation Detection : 14 January, 2010
GateKeeper USA radiation detection systems are independent of the Helium 3 isotope as used by many other sensors and so are unaffected by the current shortage of the gas in the USA
Homeland security award for Radiation detection system
Radiation Detection : 30 October, 2009
The Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor from Textron has received a homeland security award from Government Security News as best nuclear / radiation detection system
Washington Police successfully test dirty bomb detector
Radiation Detection : 02 September, 2009
Mobile Advanced Radioisotope Identification System from Thermo Fisher Scientific passes field testing in crowded city environment from police in Washington DC
Radiation monitoring workshop in Chernobyl exclusion zone
Radiation Detection : 02 July, 2009
Thermo Fisher Scientific has held a radiation monitoring techniques training course in Ukraine near the former nuclear power facility at Chernobyl
Radiation detecting weighbridge protects recycling sites
Radiation Detection : 05 June, 2009
Hartlepool steel reprocessing site installs vehicle weighbridge with radiation detection system for preventing radioactive sources from entering the processing plant
Remote radiation monitoring and identification
Radiation Detection : 11 March, 2009
Berkeley Nucleonics' areaSAM enables remote area monitoring for a number of applications including waste management and landfill facilities
Annual training course for personal protection dosimetry
Radiation Detection : 29 January, 2009
Thermo Fisher Scientific holds training course on the use of its equipment for personnel radiation protection in the workplace
Radiation detection research project award
Radiation Detection : 26 January, 2009
Dynasil to undertake research contracts for the Department of Homeland Security for the detection of nuclear and radiological threats
Dirty bomb detection order for OSI Systems
Radiation Detection : 23 January, 2009
Homeland Security order for weapons detection system from Rapiscan Systems focussing on radiological dispersal devices
Nuclear detection technology evaluation project
Radiation Detection : 14 January, 2009
Defence Threat Reduction Agency places order on Alion to evaluate available technology for detection of nuclear threats
New premises for Implant Sciences
Radiation Detection : 19 December, 2008
Detection specialists relocate to new premises for improved efficiency and operating costs
Order for surveillance linked radiation detection
Radiation Detection : 18 December, 2008
GE receives Homeland Security department order for radiation detection system linked into surveillance camera network
Radiation detection for New York building protection system
Radiation Detection : 24 November, 2008
Isotope identification and radiation detection points from Berkeley Nucleonics to be used in distributed building protection system for detection presence of radiological devices
Epsilon to re-sell Defetect sensor equipment
Radiation Detection : 20 November, 2008
Reseller partnership combines skills in specifying and installing radiation detection equipment and sensor management and monitoring software
High sensitivity instrument for identifying nuclear material
Radiation Detection : 14 November, 2008
Berkeley Nucleonics SAM 940 instrument incorporates background elimination algorithm for enhanced sensitivity in locating and identifying radioactive materials
Mobile radiation detection development order
Radiation Detection : 12 November, 2008
Department of Homeland Security orders development project from GE for mobile radiation detection systems for use by emergency services
Army systems engineering contract for Icx Technologies
Radiation Detection : 03 October, 2008
700 million dollar order from US army for nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance systems
Using terahertz radiation for airport screening
Radiation Detection : 30 September, 2008
PTB have created a method of accurately measuring terrahertz radiation, enabling the technology to be used safely and accurately for inspection and identification during airport screening procedures
Portable radioisotope detector released
Radiation Detection : 15 September, 2008
Rugged and portable unit for the identification of dirty bomb ingredients fills a gap in detection technology
Canadian distribution agreement for radiation detectors
Radiation Detection : 11 September, 2008
Dirty bomb sensors and threat monitoring to be supplied to the Canadian market by S2 Asset Protection in agreement signed with Splinternet
Radiation detection legal battle initiated by Paradigm
Radiation Detection : 08 September, 2008
Paradigm takes legal action against ACG for patent delivery failure in the field of radiation detection
Spectral labs subsidiary created at JMAR
Radiation Detection : 25 August, 2008
Spectral Labs subsidiary to focus on radiological and nuclear threat detection products
Radiation detection for airport luggage screening
Radiation Detection : 24 July, 2008
Luggage and passenger screening at airports to be enhanced with Stride detection system for detecting and identifying radiation sources
Radiation detector easily fits into 4X4 vehicle
Radiation Detection : 18 July, 2008
Mobile radiation detection and identification system easily fits into boats and vehicles to perform radiation surveys and patrols
Chinese order for radiation detection equipment
Radiation Detection : 16 July, 2008
Beijing Olympics to be protected from radiation dispersal devices by identiFINDER hand held radiation detectors from ICx Technologies
Portable radiation detection for Illinois
Radiation Detection : 20 June, 2008
Polimatrix to supply radiation detection equipment for use in emergency services vehicles in the state of Illinois
Convergint joins Splinternet for radiation detector distribution
Radiation Detection : 18 June, 2008
North American distributor joins resellers of Defentect radiation detection network for protection against radiation dispersal devices
BNC offers choice of radiation detection technologies
Radiation Detection : 11 June, 2008
With three different detector technologies available, Berkeley Nucleonics provide radiation detectors for a wide range of applications
Explosive and radiation detection experts join forces
Radiation Detection : 05 June, 2008
Co-operation agreement signed between Splinternet and Guardian Technologies to make the best use of their explosion and radiation detection technologies in the fight against terrorism
ViewPoint radiation detection network a success at conference
Radiation Detection : 04 June, 2008
Political party conference in UK resort protected using ViewPoint Enterprise radiation detection system with networked monitoring devices.
Radiation detection equipment order for Beijing Olympics
Radiation Detection : 29 May, 2008
Chinese customs authorities to take delivery of portable radiation detectors and search and identification equipment prior to the Beijing Olympics being held.
Radiation detection for hospital perimeters
Radiation Detection : 22 May, 2008
DefenTect to be used to prevent theft of radioactive material from medical facilities in the mid Western area of America
Low level radiation detector
Radiation Detection : 15 May, 2008
Very small levels of radiation can now be detected and identified using the SAM 940 from Berkeley Nucleonics
Dirty bomb detection for public areas
Radiation Detection : 14 May, 2008
RMS and Splinternet to develop wide area radiation detection technology for deployment in public facilities
Alliance to integrate video analytics with radiation detection.
Radiation Detection : 07 May, 2008
Responding to the need to defend against radiological dispersal devices, Splinternet has joined forces with video analytics supplier, OnSSI.
Vidiation acquisition complements Splinernet radiation detection product
Radiation Detection : 01 May, 2008
Acquisition consolidates ability to develop and market solutions for the detection of radiation based terrorist devices such as the dirty bomb.
Rapiscan nuclear detection equipment for US DHS.
Radiation Detection : 25 April, 2008
Department of Homeland Security expands options for domestic radiation detection equipment with purchase order for Rapiscan detectors.
Linguist and intelligence analyst joins Valley Forge board.
Radiation Detection : 17 April, 2008
Ability to translate and understand complex technical articles brings critical skill to Valley Forge Board of Directors.
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