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PPE, Clothing and Uniforms
Covert level IV armour in the security industry
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 19 August, 2016
Safeguard Armour discusses the use and advantages of covert level IV armour for security operatives
Protective tools respond to changing terrorism threats
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 03 June, 2016
Avon Protection is supplying a range of services and equipment from respiratory protective systems to thermal imaging cameras in response to changing threats
The Surprising Benefits of a Bulletproof Vest
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 16 May, 2016
SafeGuard Armour explains the benefits of protective equipment against attacks from sticks and stones to much worse
The protection of Kevlar vests for security personnel
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 08 April, 2016
SafeGuard Armour provides information on the types of body armour available and what each can achieve in providing vital protection to front line security personnel
US military places extensive order for protective masks
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 29 March, 2016
Respiratory protection masks from Avon Protection will be supplied to the US Department of Defense under a new order
Choosing the right body armour
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 15 February, 2016
SafeGuard Armour explains the different types of body armour available and what factors influence choices of armour made by security operatives
Low profile tabard style stab vests
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 10 August, 2015
PPSS releases a new stab resistant vest designed to reduce the threatening appearance of the person wearing it
Escape hoods available for industrial use
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 26 May, 2015
Respiratory protect system specialist is now providing small sized protective escape hoods for use in military, law enforcement and private sector security applications
Slash resistant gloves made from Cut-Tex PRO fabric
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 03 December, 2014
PPSS has launched a new range of gloves for police and security services which are designed to resist slashing and needle penetration
Slash resistant garments for prison officers
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 06 December, 2013
PPSS has developed slash resistant base layers for the protection of prison officers from attacks using sharp objects
New mitten provides hand protection in forced entries
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 25 June, 2013
The Zeus II forced entry mitten from PPSS provides cut and puncture protection as well as flame and heat resistance
Enhancements To Bomb Disposal Helmet
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 12 June, 2012
Allen-Vanguard is at the defence exhibition in Paris showing its latest range of PPE systems including the latest bomb disposal helmet
Concealable Stab Vests For Prison Officers
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 07 June, 2012
Prison authority concerns over confrontational aspect of stab vests challenged with vests of new materials which are concealable
Blunt Trauma Protection from Ultra Light Bullet Proof Vest
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 23 August, 2011
Canadian Forces Take IED Protection Equipment
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 01 August, 2011
Personal Protection Specialists to provide Canadian Forces with protective equipment for explosives as well as chemical and biological agents
Flame Retardant Fibre For Protective Clothing
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 01 July, 2011
Ultem PEI Fibre blends with other fabrics for producing a wide range of clothing options for workplace protection and flame retardance applications
High Visibility Body-Armour With Non-Confrontational Appearance
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 20 June, 2011
The latest high visibility stab vests from PPSS provide the protection levels required by frontline employees without appearing confrontational or aggressive
Awkward Stab Vest Misconception Prevents Widespread Take-Up By Frontline Staff
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 04 May, 2011
A survey of paramedics conducted by body armour experts PPSS reveals that misconceptions about the design and technology of stab vests are preventing uptake because of a belief that they are awkward, heavy and prevent freedom of movement
Presentation of latest technology stab and slash protective materials
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 04 April, 2011
PPSS is holding an event this thursday in London demonstrating the latest fabrics and clothing available to security and police staff
MOD Takes Personnel Equipment From J and S Franklin
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 21 February, 2011
Camp supplies make up the major part of a personnel equipment order placed by the UK's Ministry of Defence
High Comfort Lightweight EOD Blast Protection Armour
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 21 February, 2011
A European customer has placed an order for the Generation 6 EOD protection suits from Global Armour for light weight and high comfort protection for Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel
Cut Proof Fabric Offers Additional Protection To Exposed Body Areas
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 11 February, 2011
Under arm areas and sides of the body can now be protected from stab wounds when the arms are raised to protect the head with the use of T-Shirts made from the new breathable Cut-Tex PRO fabric from PPSS
Violent Incidents In Prisons Drive Need For Effective Body Armour
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 20 January, 2011
PPSS comments on the British prison service and the continuing high levels of violent incidents directed towards prison officers which could be mitigated with wider adoption of the use of concealable body armour
Slash-resistant Wind Breakers Now Available For Security Personnel
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 06 December, 2010
PPSS Group has used its proprietary Cut-Tex PRO textile to manufacture windbreaks especially for security personnel for protection against cutting and slashing attacks
Suit Seal Maintains Integrity of Combined Suit And Mask
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 30 November, 2010
Avon Protection has overcome the dilemma of joining masks to suits for CBRN protection with the Class 2 Suit Seal
Covert Body Protection Could Provide Answer To UK Prison Staff Injuries
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 04 August, 2010
Stab vest manufacturer comments on the increased risk of violence towards prison staff in the UK and how each officer can be protected with covert stab protection for the price of a Playstation
Versatile Respiratory Protection Device Gains CE Certification
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 29 July, 2010
Avon Protection's ST53 Respirator can be used by emergency services personnel for protection against a range of threats and can be used with compressed air with easy switching between positive and negative pressure
Cut Resistant Sleeves Available For Security, Police and Health Professionals
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 01 July, 2010
The Cut-Tex PRO lined sleeves offer protection to service workers as well as those exposed to industrial risk from cuts, knives or bites
Armoured System Distribution Agreement For Latin America
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 09 June, 2010
SystemsGroup Technologies to act as distributor for Twenty-First Century Armor Solutions for the delivery of armoured products into the Latin American market
Knife and Slash Resistant Clothing Available From PPSS Body Armour
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 20 May, 2010
UK Home Office certified stab vests and other attack resistant clothing continues to be developed at PPSS to meet the changing needs of front line personnel exposed to physical danger
Respiratory Equipment On Show At German Police Exhibition
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 22 April, 2010
Avon Protection is attending the GPEC event in Leipzig displaying the company's range of respiratory protection equipment
Self-Cooling CBRN Protection Armour Presentation at NATO Event
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 05 April, 2010
Radiation Shield Technologies President to make presentation at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on protective clothing textiles for use by the emergency services to counter CBRN threats
Demron Fabric Offers FDNY Multi-Hazard Protection
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 15 March, 2010
CBRNE protection afforded to active personnel in New York's Fire Brigade using multiple threat protection Demron fabric supplied by Radiation Shield Technologies
Home Office Exhibition Sees Launch of New Respiratory System
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 04 March, 2010
The FM53 respiratory system from Avon Protection provides emergency services and military personnel with multiple protection including CBRNE, particulates and toxic industrial materials
Offender ID marking spray to be taken up by Surrey door security staff
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 28 January, 2010
Security Staff at Abal Security will be equipped with redDNA, a spray marker with chain of evidence advantages which can match the spray found on an offender to a specific spray can and incident
Mask and Filter contract for police CBRN suits
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 11 December, 2009
Avon Protection will supply Remploy with respirators and filters for use in the Quick Don projects to supply CBRN based protection to the police and military personnel
Federal supply contract issued to ARPA
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 08 December, 2009
ARPA Support Services to distribute supplies from a number of manufacturing companies as part of General Services Administration contract
UK Emergency Services to gain Remploy CBRN Equipment
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 21 October, 2009
Remploy Frontline is to supply the UK Home Office with Swift Responder 3 CBRN suits for use by emergency services personnel in the country
A growing need for body armour
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 13 October, 2009
Robert Kaiser of ASEO explains why body armour is become more necessary as a safety precaution for emergency services and other personnel
Concealable knife resistant PPE
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 30 July, 2009
ASEO introduces a knife and slash resistant garment lined with high strength light weight Spectra material
Body armour distributor for the USA
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 27 July, 2009
Bullet proof clothing manufacturer appoints Miguel Caballero USA as its distributor of body armour systems in the region
NIJ standard compliant body armour for police
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 03 June, 2009
Police body armour from BAE Systems is compliant with the National Institute of Justice protection standards
Protection blanket for nuclear and IED incidents
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 29 May, 2009
Radiation Shield Technologies produce personnel protection covering radiation and explosive devices
Ecologically responsible fibres for US uniforms
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 27 May, 2009
Fabric for US law enforcement uniforms from Perfection Uniforms to use recycled fibres from Unifi
Safety poster available for companiestest whose workers work at height
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 01 May, 2009
Free poster available from Facelift for getting the message across about working safely at heights
XSAPI ceramic body armour order for Ceradyne
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 01 April, 2009
Government order for body armour for military personnel amounts to $77 million
Dirty bomb threat discussion to be held in US
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 23 February, 2009
Radiation Shield Technologies to speak at forthcoming summit in Washington concerning protection from the threat of radiation dispersal devices
Ballistic protection vest order from US army
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 09 February, 2009
Body armour from BAE Systems to protect US military personnel in active service
US Patent awarded for personnel protection technology
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 29 January, 2009
Nanotechnology patent awarded for fabric which prevents penetration of biological, nuclear and chemical agents
Free lanyard support for charity foundation
PPE, Clothing and Uniforms : 13 January, 2009
The Cred Foundation takes delivery of lanyards from Payne Security in support of the organisation's work in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa
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