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Adopting a Burglar's Way of Thinking

EyeSpy 247 : 26 February, 2010  (Special Report)
With crime figures up in the UK for 2009, EyeSpy 247 provides some insight into the burglar's point of view and provides some advice on how to avoid falling victim
In 2009 National Crime Figures showed that home burglaries had increased by 4% compared with 2008. This is a considerable increase and has been seen all over the country, more so in London, and includes Leeds, Bristol and Manchester with Nottingham being the national hot-spot of burglary according to the Office of National Statistics.

With the global recession forcing 1.03 million employees and self-employed people to work part-time, the highest figure since records began in 1992, crime is rising as people need to maintain their standard of living. Now more than ever consumers and businesses should look to invest in protecting their property from opportunist crime.

For security systems to be most effective, they should avert potential criminals and burglars as well as protecting your property when they are empty. They should also keep you updated on events and if any criminal activity does occur they should provide concrete evidence for investigation. Many people are still unsure which solutions are best for them, what they need to protect themselves and how to identify their specific needs. The easiest way to decide which business and Home Security solution is best for your needs is to adopt a burglar's way of thinking.

The first thing a burglar will do when approaching your property is to look for tell tale signs of weakness and any security systems in place. One tactic to deter a criminal before they even consider gaining entry to your property is to use psychological barriers. Ensuring the outside of your property is tidy, well kept and any damage is repaired quickly will show you take pride in your home or business and you're aware of all aspects to ensure it is secure.

CrimeStoppers has said that on entering a property the first thing a burglar will look for is a calendar or diary. This tells them where you are now and when you will be away next so they can plan a second visit. Experience has shown us that the best way to prevent any criminal accessing your property in the first place is to follow these tips:

1 The first step is to avoid attracting opportunist criminals, chaining up wheelie bins so they can't be used to access a building, shred all documents before putting them out for the bin men. These tactics send out the signal that you are conscious of all aspects of your property that could potentially enable an intruder and criminal to gain access and information.

2 Have more than one lock on the entrance to your property and on your windows. If the locks can been seen from outside it's another clear signal that your property will be difficult to gain access to.

3 Fix any damaged fittings to the outside of your property such as entrance gates. And for homes and businesses make sure to put a wire basket on the inside of the letter box. This ensures that private and sensitive business information cannot be stolen through the letter box and prevents burglars from fishing for keys in your home. Thieves know that they are often left on a table next to the front door.

4 Ensure you have adequate blinds up at the windows of your property. A thief can learn a lot about you and your business before they even enter the property just by looking through the windows.

5 Any vehicles parked outside your property should be parked with the wheels turned to the curb rather than parallel. It sounds so simple, but this makes your car awkward for the opportunist thief because everyone parks with their wheels straight. Those turned wheels mean it will take a thief a few more seconds to steal your car. Every second counts and they don't want to take that extra risk of getting caught.

6 If you have an alarm system, use it.

7 For your personal property don't advertise the fact you are a pet owner as most alarm systems will be triggered by pets and so many people don't use them when they are just popping out for a couple of hours. 'Beware of the dog' will mean 'I rarely (if ever) have my alarm set' to a burglar.

Once a criminal has entered your property there is very little you can do when you're not there. A thief may even try to dismantle your alarm system if it's obvious and one of the first things they will do on gaining access to your property is to look for cameras in the corner of the ceiling. One way of tackling this issue is to implement a system that is less obviously a security system and position motion detectors and cameras in less conspicuous places, such as book cases, shelving and computer desks.

IP Security Cameras can be an excellent solution for small businesses and homes; they can discretely monitor movement in your property and are very often not noticed by criminals meaning that clear and accurate footage captured can be used as evidence. Conventional CCTV is recorded to a local Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and is easy for burglars and intruders to damage the recordings and/or walk away with the recorders themselves. With products like IP cameras and unique to EyeSpy247 recordings of criminal events are instantly uploaded to a remote monitoring system that they can't access or damage, which is an excellent benefit for people looking to follow up with legal action.

IP Security Cameras are an excellent solution for monitoring small businesses and homes. They can discretely monitor for movement in a property or office and often go un-noticed by criminals. As-a-result clear and accurate footage can be captured and used to prove a break-in. Conventional CCTV is recorded to a local Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It is easy for intruders to physically damage an onsite DVR and the recordings, and/or walk away with the recorders themselves. Products such as the EyeSpy247 IP camera record any movement and upload the footage to a remote monitoring system. This ensures that the footage cannot be stolen or damaged and means the evidence collected is accessible, safe and can be legally be used to prove an intruder has entered a home or business.

The most important step in securing a property is to be prepared and plan ahead, if there is a possibility that someone can gain access to your property then they will and you need to be ready when they do.
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