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Bomb and explosives detection
Weapon and explosive detection for public events
Bomb and explosives detection : 14 October, 2016
Digital Barriers signs contract with G4S for the supply of ThruVis weapon and explosive detection systems for event security
Remote management for explosive trace detector
Bomb and explosives detection : 29 June, 2016
Software from Morpho enables Itemiser 4DX explosive trace detectors to be connected remotely throughout airport facilities
Scanning system designed for small vehicles
Bomb and explosives detection : 18 February, 2016
The CarView threat detection system has been developed as a high throughput vehicle scanning system for small vehicles with safe exposure levels for occupants
Explosive detection system for Cornish airport
Bomb and explosives detection : 12 February, 2016
The airport at Newquay in Cornwall has got ahead of the 2018 EDS mandate with the installation of a CTX 5800 explosive detection system from Morpho
UK regional airport takes explosive trace detectors
Bomb and explosives detection : 14 September, 2015
Birmingham airport will take Itemiser explosive trace detector for passenger and item screening under new contract with Morpho Detection
Copenhagen airport takes EU compliant trace detectors
Bomb and explosives detection : 03 September, 2015
Thirty desktop itemiser 4DX explosives trace detectors compliant with EU regulations from Morpho will be supplied to Copenhagen Airport
Handheld explosive trace detection device launched
Bomb and explosives detection : 01 October, 2014
Rapiscan Systems has launched a lightweight explosive trace detector for use by police, border agencies and security personnel
Research report into transportation security
Bomb and explosives detection : 29 September, 2014
Transportation safety and security equipment is the subject of a market research report examining demand for the next 4 years
Handheld imaging system for detecting organic threats
Bomb and explosives detection : 24 June, 2014
The MINI Z handheld Z backscatter imaging scatter has been introduced as a portable means of detecting hidden organic threats in a wide variety of applications
Liquid threat identification module
Bomb and explosives detection : 31 July, 2013
A threat identification module has been released by Smiths Detection specifically for identifying liquid threats for use with standard baggage inspection equipment
US orders inspection system maintenance
Bomb and explosives detection : 15 July, 2013
OSI Systems receives US government order for maintenance of baggage inspection systems supplied by Rapiscan
Portable bomb detection for US marathon
Bomb and explosives detection : 20 June, 2013
Handheld explosive detection systems from Smiths Detection have been used at the Pittsburgh marathon to protect participants in the wake of the Boston bombing
French certification for liquid explosive detection
Bomb and explosives detection : 20 May, 2013
Rapiscan baggage screening system gains liquid explosive detection certification from French civil aviation authority
EU approval for millimetre wave screening system
Bomb and explosives detection : 15 May, 2013
The eqo millimetre wave people screening system from Smiths Detection has met the requirements of the EU standard 2
Explosive detectors for Canadian transport security
Bomb and explosives detection : 15 April, 2013
Canada has invested in over 100 trace detection systems to combat explosives in its air security network
Cargo inspection systems for Middle East
Bomb and explosives detection : 25 March, 2013
Rapiscan will supply Eagle cargo screening systems for use in threat detection applications in the Middle East
Royal Warrant bestowed on Rapiscan Systems
Bomb and explosives detection : 15 February, 2013
Security screening and detection specialist Rapiscan has been given a royal warrant of appointment enabling the use of its products in the protection of royal households
EU Certification Achieved on Advanced Baggage Scanner
Bomb and explosives detection : 02 August, 2012
Dual view baggage scanner for the detection of liquid explosives has been certified for use in Europe's airports
Morpho Detection Equipment on Show at Airport Conference
Bomb and explosives detection : 04 April, 2012
Biometric and detection specialist Morpho is attending the Vienna airport terminal conference with its range of explosive detector equipment
Accelerator-Detector Licence Partnership For Hidden Explosive Detection
Bomb and explosives detection : 23 September, 2011
Valley Forge has entered a partnership with Livermore National Laboratory on licensing patents for the detection of concealed explosives
Concealed Object Detection In Use In Presidential Protection Service
Bomb and explosives detection : 01 September, 2011
Indonesian security services are using people screening technology from ThruVision Systems for protecting the president and visiting dignitaries through the revelation of concealed objects
Large Order For Momentum Wheel Products
Bomb and explosives detection : 19 August, 2011
Multi-Million dollar order received by Valley Forge Composite Technologies for momentum wheels
European Certification For Checked Baggage Explosive Detection System
Bomb and explosives detection : 23 June, 2011
The CTX 5800 small footprint scanning system for detecting explosives in checked baggage has received approvals for use in airports within the European Union
Checked Baggage Inspection System For Manchester Airport
Bomb and explosives detection : 08 June, 2011
Large UK airport takes high volume Real TIme Tomography checked baggage inspection system from Rapiscan
Personnel Screening System to be Delivered To European Country
Bomb and explosives detection : 05 April, 2011
The SmartCheck Inspection Module from American Science and Engineering will be used in a war-zone for personnel screening at a key military checkpoint
Bomb Detection Buoys Discussed On San Diego TV
Bomb and explosives detection : 15 March, 2011
The IDN bomb detection system from Intellicheck Mobilisa for use in harbours for the detection of dirty bombs has gained TV media coverage
High Speed Explosion Detections Gain European Airport Installation Approval
Bomb and explosives detection : 10 March, 2011
The CTX range of explosive detection systems from Morpho Detection have received approval for use as checked baggage inspection screening systems at airports in Europe
TSA Approves Higher Speed Throughput Settings For Explosive Detection System
Bomb and explosives detection : 18 February, 2011
Checked baggage can now reach the aircraft faster at US airports equipped with the CTX 9800 DSi screening system for the detection of explosives as the US Transportation Security Administration approves the use of the equipment for higher throughput rates
The TSA Orders Further Itemiser DX Scanning Systems
Bomb and explosives detection : 22 December, 2010
The innovative Itemiser explosive trace detection system from Morpho Detection will be further deployed across US airports due to extra order from the Transportation Security Administration of the country
Detection Technology For Airports On Show At Crawley
Bomb and explosives detection : 03 December, 2010
Thales is demonstrating the walk through explosive detectors and full body scanners it has developed for the Instinct Technology Demonstrator project
Airports Worldwide Using Rapiscan Baggage Scanning Technology
Bomb and explosives detection : 24 November, 2010
The 620DV Multiview screening system from Rapiscan has reached a milestone of 1000 units sold to airports throughout the world for baggage scanning
US Critical Infrastructure Protection Project
Bomb and explosives detection : 19 November, 2010
The Z Portal vehicle screening system has been ordered from American Science and Engineering for use in explosion detection for the protection of a critical infrastructure facility
Non Image-Based Explosive Detection Trial
Bomb and explosives detection : 10 November, 2010
Glasgow International Airport is trialling a walk-through explosive detection system from Morpho that operates from air samples rather than imaging
Hong Kong Airport Takes High Resolution Explosive Detection Equipment
Bomb and explosives detection : 09 November, 2010
Morpho Detection is supplying the CTX 9400 DSi computer tomography imaging systems for explosives detection to Hong Kong International Airport
Air Cargo Explosives Detection Equipment From Morpho Detection
Bomb and explosives detection : 05 November, 2010
A range of systems from Morpho Detection deploys a variety of detection technologies capable of screening air cargo for the existence of explosive materials
Yemen Bomb Plot Avoidable With CAMS
Bomb and explosives detection : 05 November, 2010
The Container Automated Monitoring System from GateKeeper USA has the capability of detecting the presence of PETN as used in the recent terrorism scare concerning cargo from Yemen
Trace Detection System In Use For Boarding Passengers
Bomb and explosives detection : 17 September, 2010
Airlines in the US are using trace detection equipment for passengers boarding inbound flights at the gates of foreign airports
New Orleans TSA Trials Take Place For Trace Explosive and Narcotic Detection
Bomb and explosives detection : 16 September, 2010
MobileTrace from Morpho Detection is being used at port and transit sites in New Orleans by the Transportation Security Administration in explosive and drug detection trials
Vision Pacific Enters African Under-Vehicle Inspection Market With New Sale
Bomb and explosives detection : 05 August, 2010
An African Government has taken the UVSS under vehicle inspection system from Vision Pacific for the detection of hidden threats beneath the chassis
Under Vehicle Inspection System Deliveries In Asia
Bomb and explosives detection : 02 August, 2010
Vision Pacific has delivered its innovative automatic surveillance system for examining the underside of vehicles in conjunction with rising bollards and access control systems to several customers in Asia
Detection System Order Boosts Valley Forge Capital
Bomb and explosives detection : 02 August, 2010
Valley Forge will be able to bring it latest generation detection systems to the market after receiving large order for $1.7 million
TSA Installs Single Pose body Scanners At Los Angeles International Airport
Bomb and explosives detection : 29 July, 2010
Advanced people scanning for concealed objects is now underway at the busy Los Angeles International Airport after Rapiscan Secure 1000 systems are installed on the instruction of the Transportation Security Administration
Privacy Protection Features On Brijot Concealed Threat Detection System
Bomb and explosives detection : 27 July, 2010
The GEN 2 based passive millimetre wave technology detection system from Brijot with no emitted radiation and with enhanced privacy features will be demonstrated at Narita airport in Japan
Evaluation Trials For Shoe Scanner At Indianapolis Airport
Bomb and explosives detection : 26 July, 2010
International airport in America takes Morpho Detection's ShoScanner on trial basis to gather data for regulatory approvals for mainstream use for the detection of threats contained in footwear
Research as STFC Results In New Generation Body Scanner
Bomb and explosives detection : 19 July, 2010
The Farnborough International Air Show has seen the release of the TS4, a new body scanner for use at airports which detects concealed objects without revealing body details of the carrier
Collaborative Project On Explosive Detection In Aircraft Cargo Holds
Bomb and explosives detection : 13 July, 2010
Valley Forge joins research institutions from America and Russia in the development of a project for the detection of explosive materials in cargo and checked baggage for airlines
EU Commission Approval For CT-80DR System
Bomb and explosives detection : 08 July, 2010
Reveal's explosive detection system gains EU approvals after taking part in common evaluation process for security equipment
Mexican Airports Take Explosive Detection System For Baggage Screening
Bomb and explosives detection : 28 June, 2010
Reveal Imaging will install in-line baggage screening system for the detection of explosives at five airports throughout Mexico
Desktop Luggage Screening Equipment Order For US Airports
Bomb and explosives detection : 08 June, 2010
Smiths Detection will supply the Transportation Security Administration with further Ionscan 500DT trace detectors for use at airport checkpoints to check hand carried baggage for explosives using swabbing
CT-80 Explosive Detection Systems To Be Used For World Expo 2010 Security
Bomb and explosives detection : 28 May, 2010
Reveal Imaging is supplying explosive detection technology for use at Shanghai Airport as the Chinese Government is bolstering security at the ongoing World Expo event
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