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Special Report
Putting barriers up against the rising threat in e-Crime
Data Protection : 23 November, 2009
Jason Hart of CryptoCard Europe provides some insight into the continuous threat of e-Crime, who can be affected and what Welsh businesses are doing to tackle it
Generating ROI from your firewalls
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 18 November, 2009
With increasing demands on firewall technology and companies seeking further investment, Tufin Technologies provides some advice for generating an ROI framework for justifying the investment
Retail theft barometer correlates increased shrinkage to reduced security spending
Tracking and EAS : 12 November, 2009
The annual ÃâÅ"Global Retail Theft Barometer" report sponsored by Checkpoint Systems has been issued detailing increases in retail shrinkage over the past year, reductions in security spending in the industry and other factors leading to increased losses
Biometric face recognition technology applications in airport security
Face Recognition : 06 November, 2009
Juergen Pampus of Cognitec Systems explains how face recognition technology has advanced to a position of wide-spread deployment across applications such as border control, physical access control and mobile identity checking to bring mainstream biometrics to the world's airports
The Strategic Role of Intelligence Led Policing
Intelligence Software and Knowledge Management : 29 October, 2009
Stephen Serrao of Memex provides his insight into the role of intelligence-led policing and how this goes beyond the concept of the Fusion Centre
Maintaining productivity with high levels of data security
Data Protection : 22 October, 2009
Mark Fullbrook of Cyber-Ark looks at the balancing act between ensuring that data is securely protected whilst still enabling employees to get on with their jobs unencumbered
Mixed message from IP Vendors to the Russian Market
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 21 October, 2009
Alexander Vlasov of Groteck gives some background to the Russian IP Video market and explains why it is receiving mixed signals from the vendor base
Symantec report on the growing problem of Scareware
Anti-virus and anti-malware software : 20 October, 2009
Cyber criminals are turning to scareware as an easy way to make large amounts of money by tricking people into buying bogus anti virus software
The risks of changing to cloud computing services
Data Protection : 13 October, 2009
Adam Bosnian of Cyber-Ark brings some clarity to the cloud by explaining some of the risks and how to minimise them by asking the right questions
Virtualisation challenges established concepts of availability and DR
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 09 October, 2009
John Abbott of the 451 Group provides some background on the virtualisation trend which is changing approaches to uptime, business continuity and disaster recovery in the industry
Terrorism threat of explosives smuggled in body cavities
Government Departments : 06 October, 2009
Borderpol details the lack of installed detection equipment that has the capability of detecting explosive devices that can bypass screening systems by being hidden in body cavities
Practical advice on avoiding the insider threat
Data Protection : 30 September, 2009
Adam Bosnian of Cyber-Ark Software looks deeper into the insider threat, whether malicious or unintentional, and offers 5 best practice guidelines on how to avoid this common cause of data loss
Encryption ÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâÅ" belting up your data for its journey
Data Protection : 29 September, 2009
Andy Cordial of Origin Storage explains the importance of encrypting data on the move to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands
Understanding the legal risks of data loss
Data Protection : 25 September, 2009
Bernard Parsons of BeCrypt provides some insight into data loss and the legal consequences for companies and individuals who don't take substantial protective measures against it
Banking industry faces up to biometrics
Face Recognition : 23 September, 2009
Stewart Hefferman of OmniPerception explains how the banking industry can benefit from trials that are taking place of face recognition systems within the UK banking sector
IP Video surveillance in casinos
IP and Megapixel cameras : 22 September, 2009
Oliver Vellacott of IndigoVision explains why the demanding environment of casino surveillance is rapidly moving away from analogue CCTV towards IP surveillance solutions
The risks associated with mobile phone payment technology
Anti Fraud software : 16 September, 2009
With Near Field Communications opening up new opportunities for mobile payment technology, Ori Eisen of 41st Parameter takes a look at the fraud risks associated with this method of payment
Holographic anti-counterfeiting on PC laminates
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 15 September, 2009
Philip Hudson of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association discusses the use of holograms as an effective anti-counterfeiting method on the increasingly popular polycarbonate laminate identity cards
Unified data management and business continuity
Backup, Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery : 11 September, 2009
Nathan Collins of CommVault explains the value of unification in the approach to data management and protection
Integrated security systems over IP networks
Video Management Systems : 07 September, 2009
Dr Barry Keepence of IndigoVision explains how access control, surveillance and other security technologies can be integrated on an IP network and the benefits that can be achieved from such integration
Distributed architecture in IP Video surveillance deployments
Video Management Systems : 04 September, 2009
Barry Keepence of IndigoVision explains how the use of a distributed architecture in IP-Video installations can bring advantages of cost, reliability and scalability
Automated tools for network continuity
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 04 September, 2009
Rory Nolan of TADAsoft explains how automated network tools keep firewalls and routers up and running whilst enabling IT staff to focus on other key areas of network management
Portable devices and the data protection act
Data Protection : 02 September, 2009
Sean Glynn of Credant Technologies provides some insight into how the Data Protection Act affects portable computing devices and those who are held accountable for the data held on them
Scalable Video CODEC enables effective storage management
Recording Media, DVR, Video Servers and Data Servers : 25 August, 2009
Stretch explains the concept of scaling storage demands to balance risk over time using a Scalable Video CODEC
RFID benefits for the fashion industry
Tracking and EAS : 10 August, 2009
Dr Peter Harrop of IDTechEx provides some examples of how the retail fashion industry is benefiting from RFID item tagging
Holograms for tax and authentication
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 04 August, 2009
Philip Hudson of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association explains the growth in the use of holograms for government tax stamps on alcohol and tobacco
Protecting data from internal snooping
Data Protection : 04 August, 2009
Mark Fullbrook of Cyber-Ark Software identifies five steps required for the protection of company data from prying eyes within the enterprise
Analysis from the ISF details top 10 future IT threats
Data Protection : 30 July, 2009
The SaaS model is to enter the realms of cybercrime with Crimeware as a service hitting the top of the ISF's future threat league for information security
Maintaining control during LAN sprawl
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 28 July, 2009
ConSentry Networks offers its thoughts on maintaining control and reducing the risks associated with the phenomenon of ÃâÅ"LAN sprawl"
A plan to fail culture in data security
Data Protection : 24 July, 2009
Ian Kilpatrick of Wick Hill Group provides his personal view on the UK Government performance on securing the nation's data
The advantages of IPSec tunnelling for VPN over SSL
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 21 July, 2009
Simon Ford, the Internationals Sales Director at NCP Engineering gives an overview of VPN tunnelling technology and the advantages of IPSec over SSL
US Court ruling could place additional burden on computer forensics analysts
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 09 July, 2009
Voom Technologies examines a recent court ruling requiring live testimony from computer forensics analysts, potentially placing additional burden on over-stretched resources
The use of thermal imaging systems for perimeter protection
Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras : 09 July, 2009
FLIR CVS takes a look at the use of thermal imaging based surveillance systems in comparison to other perimeter protection technologies
The danger of over-generalising in the language of firewalls
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 08 July, 2009
Calum Macleod of Tufin Technologies makes an analogy between over-generalising in the English language despite its ever increasing range of vocabulary and configuring firewalls
Putting users at the helm with Web 3.0
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 06 July, 2009
Kal Ahmed of Networked Planet provides insight into the next internet generation of user empowered applications in Web 3.0
Redundancy in Industrial Ethernet Applications
Camera networks : 29 June, 2009
Ethernet Direct explains the background behind ring redundancy to demystify the technology behind achieving reliable and secure networking for critical applications
RetailerÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs role in PCIDSS compliance
Finance and Banking Security : 15 June, 2009
Jon Prideaux of SecureTrading looks at the balance of responsibilities for cardholder security between traders and card payment providers
Striking the balance between privacy and security
Data Protection : 10 June, 2009
Adam Bosnian of Cyber-Ark Software explains the requirement to get the balance right between monitoring employee activity and respecting privacy rights
Privileged account password flaw
Data Protection : 29 May, 2009
Stephane Fymet of Passlogix explains the dangers of privileged and shared accounts and why alternatives should be considered
Understanding the facts about H.264 compression
Camera networks : 26 May, 2009
Dr Michael Korkin of Arecont Vision demystifies the H.264 compression standard to clarify the benefits of the codec which is sweeping the IP surveillance industry
Sports merchandise protection using holograms
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 22 May, 2009
The IHMA details the benefits of using hologram technology for counterfeit protection in the sports events and merchandising industry
Mobile data security in health care organisations
Data Protection : 15 May, 2009
Jason Holloway of SanDisk's Enterprise Division explains how confidential data in the NHS can be securely kept on mobile storage devices
More education required in data security
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 17 April, 2009
Steve Hall of Kingston Technology examines recent data security survey results and reinforces the need for effective IT security policies
How to keep up with changing trends in data protection
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 17 April, 2009
Alastair Molyneux of Kroll Ontrack explains the continuing developments in data storage, backup and recovery systems
Agentless security explained
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 17 April, 2009
Elizabeth Ireland of nCircle explains how centralised administration enables agentless technologies
Maintaining security levels with robustness testing
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 17 April, 2009
Ari Takane of Codenomicon explains why compliance doesn't equal security and that robustness testing is a key aspect of maintaining a secure IT environment
Advice on compliance with new pornography laws
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 17 April, 2009
Andy Cowell of CensorNet provides advice to companies on avoiding prosecution under new legislation against pornography that has been effective since January
Mobile phone identity theft
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 17 April, 2009
Stuart Clarke of 7Safe explains the risks of identity theft associated with mobile phones which store considerable amounts of potentially unprotected data
Secure electronic procedures bring cost benefits
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 17 April, 2009
Alexandre Stern of Cryptolog brings some insight into how secure paperless procedures and electronic signature processing can bring significant cost savings
Event logging management
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 02 April, 2009
Ross Brewer of LogRhythm explains the ins and outs of log management for IT security professionals
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