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Special Report
A Guide to Network Interruption Recovery
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 24 May, 2010
Reuven Harrion of Tufin Technologies explains the secrets of surviving and recovering from Network Interruptions
The Choice Between Managing Internet Access And Blocking It
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 20 May, 2010
Rob Swainson, Managing Director of Blue Cube discusses the use of social networking in the workplace and provides some insight into making the decision whether to embrace change and manage access or block access to new media tools
UK Electoral Commission Information Access Security
Data Protection : 19 May, 2010
Guy Churchward of LogLogic questions whether the UK Electoral Commission has sufficient control over privileged user rights for accessing voter registers
The Importance of Enterprise Information Availability
Backup, Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery : 12 May, 2010
Alan Arnold of Vision Solutions explains the power of information availability and the recovery of business value from unprofitable downtime
Businesses Adapt To New Challenges By Adopting New Approaches in IT
Cloud Computing Security : 10 May, 2010
Paul Evans of Redstor explains the business imperative of making use of changing approaches in IT technology in order to maintain regulatory compliance and adapt to changing requirements
Public Sector Adoption Of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Security : 07 May, 2010
Steve Smith, Managing Director of Pentura, examines the problems and benefits of cloud computing adoption by the public sector from the point of view of risk management
Deploying Intelligent Outdoor Surveillance Systems To Reduce Nuisance Alarms
Analogue and HD Cameras : 29 April, 2010
John Romanowich of SightLogix explains the problem of false alarms with outdoor sensors and how intelligent surveillance systems can hep to overcome the problem
The True Financial Impact Of IT System Downtime
Backup, Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery : 22 April, 2010
When considering the need for protection of data and IT systems within commercial organisations, a good understanding of the true financial impact of downtime is essential, as explained by Alan Arnold of Vision Solutions in his special report
Recruitment Consultancy Advice For Information Security Work Candidates
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 01 April, 2010
Scott West of Acumin Consulting provides advice for job-seekers in the Information Security industry stating that a good CV, good communication skills and enthusiasm are essential ingredients
What are HTTPS Proxies?
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 30 March, 2010
Felix Blank of GateProtect explains how the use of HTTPS proxies closes the final loophole on virus infection and could be the last bastion in the war against malware
SaaS Vendor Negotiating Checklist
Data Protection : 24 March, 2010
Barmak Meftah of Fortify Software provides some advice on selection processes for choosing SaaS vendors with a checklist of facts and questions to ask prospective suppliers
Lone Worker Protection and Meeting Duty of Care Responsibilities
Lone Worker Protection and Personal Alarms : 23 March, 2010
Tom Morton of Argyll explains the role of lone worker protection systems in mitigating risks of health and safety at work legislation contravention and the associated consequences
Evolving Security To Stay Ahead of The Hackers As The Rules Of The Game Keep Changing
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 23 March, 2010
Bill Roth of LogLogic provides his thoughts on the Kneber Bot which has proven that large scale hacking continues to be a significant threat which proves that signature based threat detection falls a long way short of being adequate security
Specification Considerations For Outdoor Surveillance Systems
IP and Megapixel cameras : 22 March, 2010
Phil Doyle, Axis Communications' UK and Ireland Managing Director provides some insight into how to specify outdoor surveillance systems to ensure resilient security in harsh conditions with a wide spectrum of variables
Credant TechnologiesÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Â GOAT - or Glossary of Acronyms And Terminology
Data Protection : 16 March, 2010
Sean Glynn of Credant Technologies sets out to cut through the IT Security Industry's jargon and explain what some of those acronyms really mean in the geek dictionary
Managing Mobile Data To Prevent Escalating Data Losses
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 10 March, 2010
Andy Baldin of LANDesk Software explains the rise in data loss due to increased data portability and suggests ways of containing the problem
Reducing Human Factors in IT Security
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 09 March, 2010
Martyn Smith of Logically Secure contemplates the difference between errors and mistakes and believes that better end user education can reduce the number of errors that expose security vulnerabilities
Applying Good Back-Up Strategies to Mobile Data Devices
Backup, Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery : 09 March, 2010
Andy Cordial, Managing Director of Origin Storage explains the backup risks associated with removable memory devices and how organisations can ensure that good back-up regimes are operated regardless of the memory technology used
Social Networking Business Risks and How to Handle Them
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 05 March, 2010
Simon Morris of Pentura looks at the risks which social networking brings to businesses and provides some advice on how to manage them
A Guide to Risk Identification, Assessment and Remediation
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 05 March, 2010
Alan Bentley of Lumension Security reviews IT risk management and demonstrates the need for repeatable processes to identify, assess and remediate risks in order to protect business data
What is Information Assurance?
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 04 March, 2010
Martyn Smith of Logically Secure explains information assurance and how to ensure that it is correctly implemented
A Review Of Data Breaches and What Can Be Done
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 03 March, 2010
Martyn Smith of Logically Secure examines data breaches in both the public and private sector with further information on how such lapses which lead to private information being compromised can be prevented
How Do You Recover From Being Hacked?
Data Protection : 01 March, 2010
Hacking recovery depends on a number of factors as explained by Giri Sivanesan of Pentura who offers advice on what to do after discovering you've become a victim to a hacking incident
Adopting a BurglarÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Way of Thinking
Security in the Home : 26 February, 2010
With crime figures up in the UK for 2009, EyeSpy 247 provides some insight into the burglar's point of view and provides some advice on how to avoid falling victim
How do you Justify IT Security Expenditure
Data Protection : 25 February, 2010
Providing justification for purchasing IT security solutions is a challenge which Ben Ross of Becrypt resolves with Key Performance Indicators and Productivity Gains
IT Service Delivery Changes Resulting from the Cloud
Data Protection : 23 February, 2010
Mark Shavlik of Shavlik Technologies looks at the impetus for adopting cloud based IT services and examines the roles played by the IT department in implementing cloud solutions in the enterprise
Commercial Justification for IP Network Security Assurance
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 22 February, 2010
Rajesh Talpade, PhD, Chief Scientist and the IP Assure Product Manager at Telcordia examines the ÃâÅ"low high contradiction" of balancing cost and control when specifying IP Assurance requirements
Firewall Firefighting and the Plight of Network Engineers
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 22 February, 2010
Mark Desmond of Tufin Technologies stands up for the network engineer and explains the top ten problems likely to be dealt with on an average weekend
Security Implications of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 19 February, 2010
Gert Hansen of Astaro provides insight into the world of virtualised cloud computing and software-as-a-service and what the implications of this architecture are on maintaining a secure IT and data environment
Moving to a Proactive Approach to IT Security
Anti-virus and anti-malware software : 19 February, 2010
Gidi Cohen of Skybox Security explains the proactive approach to staying on top of IT Security and preventing emerging threats from causing damage
Mobile Workforce and Data On the Move Puts New Light on Data Encryption
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 19 February, 2010
Stephen Midgley of Absolute Software reports on the European state of encryption with reduced budgets and increasing data mobility causing concern for data security
Tokenisation as a new protection measure for enterprise data
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 18 February, 2010
Gary Palgon of nuBridges introduces the concept of tokenisation and explains how it is used in conjunction with encryption technology in order to improve protection of sensitive and confidential data in the enterprise
Identity Authentication and Maintaining Data Integrity
Data Protection : 09 February, 2010
Simon Morris, Research and Development Director of Pentura looks at the handling of sensitive data within the context of identity authentication and strong data security
How to create a security strategy for effective enterprise data protection
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 26 January, 2010
Derek Tumulak of SafeNet provides detailed information on the creation of a data protection strategy for the enterprise examining the identification and classification of data, shaping a policy for its protection and implementing the technology infrastructure required to support the policy
Social networking ÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâÅ" a source of truth, lies and misinformation
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 26 January, 2010
David Harley of ESET provides his opinion of the way social networking is being used and abused by both e-criminals and seemingly unlikely sources such as banks
Exploiting IP CCTV through security system integration
Video Management Systems : 22 January, 2010
Barry Keepence of Indigovision explains the advantages that can be yielded from IP Surveillance technology through the integration of other security system technologies such as perimeter protection, access control and ANPR
Recent severe weather highlights need for secure remote working contingencies
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 21 January, 2010
Ben Ross of BeCrypt explains the benefits of a simple and effective home working policy using bootable secure USB drives enabling home PC equipment to be used as ÃâÅ"dumb" terminals of the company network
Best practice hints for card based access control
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 05 January, 2010
Holly Sacks of smart card specialists HID Global provides some guidance to choosing and specifying the right access control system
How to choose the best cloud computing partner
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 05 January, 2010
Peter Bauer of Mimecast provides some thoughts on making choices between cloud-based service providers based on realistic expectations
Makiing the choice between Solid State and Hard Drive memory
Backup, Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery : 22 December, 2009
Origin Storage examines the considerations that need to be made when choosing between Solid State memory devices or hard disk drives as a choice of storage media
Security considerations in data banking
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 18 December, 2009
Peter Bauer of Mimecast examines Information Business 2.0 and what it means for enterprise data banking
Data protection from the core to the edge for Financial Institutions
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 14 December, 2009
Derek Tumulak, the Vice President of Product Management at SafeNet provides some exclusive insight into reducing data loss as well as improving business processes through enterprise data protection
Will the sun fry your thermal imaging camera?
Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras : 09 December, 2009
FLIR Systems explains what happens when a thermal sensor is pointed directly at the sun and answers the question are thermal cameras damaged by solar radiation?
Annual Security Report highlights the most effective malware
Anti-virus and anti-malware software : 09 December, 2009
The Cybercrime showcase in the Cisco Annual Security Report names to best and worst of malware produced in 2009 and focuses on social media as the channel of choice for spam and malware
A decade of cybercrime predictions from Imperva
Data Protection : 09 December, 2009
Five trends in IT security identified by Imperva for the dawn of the new decade including the commercialization of hacking and a move to proactive security technology
Vulnerability reduction with converged security systems
Installers, Integrators and Consultants : 08 December, 2009
Simon Morris, the Research and Development Director at Pentura examines convergence between IT and Physical Security technologies and builds a case for integration
IP Surveillance for the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice System
Video Management Systems : 04 December, 2009
Oliver Vellacott of IndigoVision describes how IP video is used for meeting the demanding needs and differing environments of police stations, law courts and external areas
Managing social networking security in the workplace
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 04 December, 2009
Simon Morris, Research and Development Director at Pentura, discusses how best to manage the security issues social networking brings to business and if a company decides to stop staff using social networking how can it monitor this and avoid security breaches.
Smart cards are providing broad protection in the Healthcare sector
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 25 November, 2009
Holly Sacks of HID Global provides insight into the use of contactless smart card technology in the Healthcare industry for introducing safer conditions for patients as staff as well as tackling the sensitive issue of confidential data protection
Bank robbers of 2010 will use laptops instead of guns
Anti Fraud software : 24 November, 2009
Ori Eisen of 41st Parameter reviews 2009 online fraud activity and provides some pointers to watch out for as bank criminals make the most of consumer technology to steal money
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