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Special Report
Privileged Identity Management Reduces Insider Threat In Casino and Gaming Industry
Data Protection : 20 January, 2011
Philip Lieberman of Lieberman Software takes a look at the specific IT security requirements of the gaming industry and explains how automated priviliged access and identity management can reduce the risk factors in casinos relating to insider threats
Check Point Examines Security Approaches To The Year Ahead
Anti-virus and anti-malware software : 18 January, 2011
Nick Lowe of Check Point peers deeply into the prediction for endpoint and data security trends of 2011 with particular emphasis on emerging threats
Automating Encryption Key Management
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 09 December, 2010
Gregory Webb of Venafi explains the dilemma of meeting PCI Data Security Standards whilst managing ever increasing numbers of encryption keys and certificates, a process that can be automated to provide a consistently secure environment
Privileged Identity Management In The Cloud
Cloud Computing Security : 08 December, 2010
Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software examines the way organisations need to approach privileged identity management in cloud computing environments as infrastructures inexorably migrate away from internal systems
The Bunker Lifts The Veil On Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Security : 07 December, 2010
Simon Neal of The Bunker explains why robust security and service level agreements are a necessity when specifying cloud computing environments
Remain Compliant During The Implementation Of IT Changes
Software Asset Management and Compliance : 03 December, 2010
Maya Malevich and Michael Hamelin of Tufin Technologies examine the importance of change management in IT implementations and provide a guide on how to perform change successfully without losing control
Penetration Testing vs Ethical Hacking
Data Protection : 30 November, 2010
Anthony Haywood of Idappcom explains the flaws in the use of bounty seeking ethical hackers to test your applications rather than application testing at the design stage
Considering Human Factors In Vulnerability Assessment
Data Protection : 26 November, 2010
Giri Sivanesen of Pentura discusses the exploitation of people in launching cyber attacks on businesses with advice on how to factor this consideration into overall vulnerability assessment
Social Media Risk Mitigation In The Workplace
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 15 November, 2010
Chris Jenkins, the Security Director at Dimension Data, explains the risks associated with the use of social media in the workplace and how this risks can be mitigated
Shadow 2 Forensics Tool In The Fight Against Child Exploitation
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 11 November, 2010
Voom Technologies explains how the computer forensics tool, Shadow 2, is helping to combat escalating child abuse cases that are taking place in America
Human Factors Prevail In Data Loss Incidents
Data Protection : 02 November, 2010
Alexei Lesnykh of DeviceLock puts recent data loss incidents and industry reports into perspective and suggests the human factor is predominant in the prevention of losses in an industry where IT has become consumerised and cyber-criminals are become more focused in their targets
Cyber Espionage Prevention Requires Control of the Weakest Link
Data Protection : 02 November, 2010
Giri Sivanesen, a senior security consultant at Pentura, explains how the human factor is the greatest threat to information security and how hackers and cyber criminals are increasingly employing an espionage-style approach to reaching their target information through human weaknesses
Computer Users Set To Be Fighting Off Zombies This Halloween
Anti-virus and anti-malware software : 29 October, 2010
Noa Bar Yosef of Imperva warns computer users of a specific Halloween Zombie danger which is far more real than traditional zombie horrors
Advice On Building Password Policies To Overcome Improvements In Cracking Techniques
Data Protection : 27 October, 2010
Chris Stoneff of Lieberman Software provides information on remaining a step ahead of password crackers by employing stronger password policy rules and procedures
Digital X-Ray Systems Use in Counter Surveillance Operations
X-Ray Detection : 12 October, 2010
Michael Simpson of Gamma TSE provides insight into the use of 3D imaging systems from 3DX-Ray for use in achieving 100% clearance in counter-surveillance sweeps for Government projects
Anti-Card Skimming Technology For ATM Systems
Finance and Banking Security : 11 October, 2010
Banking System security specialist surveys existing ATM security technology and provides alternative method of preventing card-skimming
Security Budget Spending In Constrained Times
Data Protection : 29 September, 2010
Bob Heard of Credant Technologies analyses how IT security can maintained whilst working within constrained budgets and without compromising data integrity
Data Storage Management Challenges
Data Protection : 28 September, 2010
Imperva examines data storage requirements to enable correct levels of access without unnecessary duplication and without compromising security requirements
Preventing Data Leakage Through Reducing Employee Mistakes
Data Protection : 16 September, 2010
Nick Lowe of Check Point discusses the loss of data through employee error and suggests ways of applying preventive measures to reduce these instances of non-malicious data loss incidents
Avoiding the hidden costs of the mobile workforce
Data Protection : 14 September, 2010
Colin Woodland of IronKey examines data safety and the costs associated with data breaches as the risks become higher with increasing levels of workforce mobility
A Step By Step Guide to Firewall Auditing
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 14 September, 2010
Michael Hamelin of Tufin Technologies provides guidance on getting through the audit process for ensuring compliance of firewalls
Dinosaurs and Tape Based Backup Storage Systems
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 07 September, 2010
Jon Mills of Sepaton explains how intelligent disk storage systems are higher up the evolutionary ladder than tape storage systems, drawing analogies with the Tyrannosaurus Rex
Lone Worker Device Selection Based On BS 8484
Lone Worker Protection and Personal Alarms : 02 September, 2010
Anne de Vere of Connexion2 provides an overview of the BS 8484 Code of Practice and explains its significance in providing duty of care to vulnerable employees when selecting a lone worker protection device
Multi-Biometric Kiosks Enable High Passenger Flows At Spanish Airports
Face Recognition : 31 August, 2010
Neurotechnology and Spanish integrator Indra have installed a multi-biometric access control system based on finger print and face biometrics in two of Spain's top airports for verifying the identity of European Union passengers holding biometric passports
Inside The Mind Of A Hacker
Data Protection : 27 August, 2010
Pete Wood of the ISACA Security Advisory Group provides some background detail on how hackers operate and what is necessary to gain protection from their criminal activities
Thermal imaging cameras for protecting railways and pipelines
Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras : 26 August, 2010
FLIR Systems provides an explanation of how thermal imaging systems provide an advantage over the use of visual spectrum camera systems for the protection of remote facilities in hostile environments such as borders, railway lines and oil or gas pipelines
Overcoming Surveillance System Privacy Issues
IP and Megapixel cameras : 25 August, 2010
Iain Cameron of Mirasys discusses public privacy issues surrounding the use of CCTV surveillance in the UK and explains how simple measures such as privacy masking, storage management and independent justification analysis can help in establishing confidence that privacy is being considered during installations
Constant Vigilance Needed To Remain Safe Online
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 19 August, 2010
Amit Klein of Trusteer provides useful insight into the world of online threats that are increasingly deploying social engineering tactics to make users drop their guard when they least expect it, exposing sensitive information or diverting to sites containing malware
De-Duplication Options For Data Centres
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 19 August, 2010
Steve Mackey of Quantum explains the technology of De-Duplication of data during back-up operations and answers seven topical questions relating to the use of de-duplication in data centre environments
POS Security Standards Go Beyond PIN Protection
Payment cards and e-commerce security : 13 August, 2010
As point-of-sale card transactions continue to grow as the preferred retail payment choice, Steve Brunswick and Jose Diaz of Thales detail the standards that need to be adhered to and what they mean
Key Advice On Protecting Virtualised Data
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 13 August, 2010
Peter Eicher of Syncsort provides five key imperatives to be considered when operating in a virtual environment for the protection of critical data assets
The Use Of Distributed IP Surveillance For Securing Major Sports Events
Video Management Systems : 12 August, 2010
Oliver Vellacott of IndigoVision explains the advantages of using a distributed architecture when specifying IP surveillance systems for large scale events such as the Olympic Games
Good Rule Housekeeping Improves Firewall Performance
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 04 August, 2010
Reuven Harrison of Tufin Technologies provides some guidelines to firewall users on how to clean up the rulebase on their devices and prevent firewall performance from degrading over time
Effective, In-House Distributed Data Tokenisation
Data Protection : 22 July, 2010
Ulf Mattsson of Protegrity provides insight into the challenges of data tokenisation and how his company has developed a scalable and distributed approach to tokenisation which overcomes the challenges associated with the more usual centralised methods
Holographic Technology Remains At The Fore In Banknote Forgery Protection
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 07 July, 2010
The new 1000 Tenge note for Kazakhstan is the latest banknote to use an array of security technology features including the latest holographic technology as explained by Dr Glenn Wood of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association
Data Leakage Threats From External Contractors
Data Protection : 07 July, 2010
With recent heavy focus on the insider threat, Nick Burrows of Telindus UK examines the external threat to company data from contracted employees and outsourced staff accessing corporate data
Avoiding Corporate Data Loss
Data Protection : 07 July, 2010
Tim Pollard of Credant Technologies examines the ease with which employees can take possession of corporate data and identifies the 20 most common ways that data walks out of the door
Key Factors In Choosing the Correct Security Solution
Data Protection : 07 July, 2010
Andy Cordial of Origin Storage examines the factors that need to be considered for choosing the right IT security solution amongst the many that are on offer
Fortify Answers the Question: What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing Security : 06 July, 2010
With 25% CAGR forecast for Cloud Computing growth, Mike Armistead of Fortify Software provides fundamental details about the technology, the methods of its adoption and the benefits that can be derived from it
Secure Real Time Data Sharing Advantages
Data Protection : 29 June, 2010
Alan Arnold of Vision Solutions describes how real time data sharing across disparate databases in a secure environment can have significant advantages for businesses
Nevada Fire Brigade Use CyberLock For On Board Medicine Control
Electronic Locking Systems : 28 June, 2010
Andy Hilverda of Videx explains how a busy fire brigade in the US state of Nevada has grasped flexible control over keys and access to controlled medicines stored on rescue vehicles used in responding to emergencies
IDTechEx Examines The State Of The RFID Market
Tracking and EAS : 25 June, 2010
Dr Peter Harrop of IDTechEx provides some guidance on the Global RFID Market and examines some of the factors which are influence the boom in demand that the technology is now going through
How to Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Browser Attack
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 21 June, 2010
Guy Guzner of Check Point explains browser attacks, how they operate, why cyber-criminals are increasingly using them and what you can do to prevent them
ATM Surveillance Methods Explained
Bullet, miniature and covert cameras : 21 June, 2010
Surveillance equipment manufacturer uses question and answer method of explaining the way that ATM surveillance systems are typically set up to reduce crime and prevent fraud
Advanced Persistent Threats and Industrialised Hacking Explained
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 14 June, 2010
Amichai Shulman of Imperva explains the difference between two common hacking methods, Advanced Persistent Threats and Industrial Hacking and the way IT professionals should differentiate their response to each kind of threat
Combating the Threat of International Terrorism
X-Ray Detection : 11 June, 2010
Peter Kant, Vice President, Global Government Affairs at Rapiscan Systems describes how both processes and technology are evolving to meet the future demands of screening large numbers of people and vehicles to stem to tide of terrorism internationally
Mitigation of Data Loss On Stolen Laptops
Data Protection : 09 June, 2010
With laptop theft reaching as much as 10%, the risk of losing more than just the equipment is extremely high unless certain measures are taken to reduce the impact of losing hardware, as explained by Belinda Sproston of Check Point
IronKey Highlights The Business Benefits Resulting From Increased ICO Powers
Data Protection : 04 June, 2010
Dave Tripier of IronKey explains how the Information Commissioner's Office may have given British industry the best business case in years to nail down its IT processes, data access, storage and information protection
Privacy Overhaul Required On Facebook
Internet Security and Content Filtering : 02 June, 2010
Amichai Shulman and Rob Rachwald of Imperva provide a vision of privacy management that they believe is the correct model for Facebook to follow to enable users to have full control over privacy management on the social networking site
ISF Comments On Converged IP Security Networks Threat Profile Increase
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 02 June, 2010
The ISF has commented on the risks associated with building security systems on IP networks, exposing converged access control and surveillance networks to malicious attacks and the risk of mis-configuration due to complexity
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