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Special Report
Secure Shell Key Management and Retrieval Guide
Data Protection : 13 August, 2013
Jason Thompson, global director of marketing for SSH Communications Security explores secure shell key management and asks who it is who has the keys to your server
Biometric time and attendance for the construction industry
Fingerprint recognition : 05 August, 2013
Simeio's Ollie McGovern explains how combining biometrics, cloud technology and time and attendance can benefit the construction industry
Ten tips on mitigating information risk
Data Protection : 02 July, 2013
Marc Duale, President International at Iron Mountain shares some of the lessons learnt by companies and passed on to others on protecting company information
Standard of due care for Public Key Infrastructure
Data Protection : 19 June, 2013
Richard Moulds, VP Strategy of Thales e-Security examines the use of keys in PKI and identifies ten standards of due care
How Secure Shell Key Mismanagement Puts Your Data at Risk
Software Asset Management and Compliance : 03 June, 2013
Tatu Ylönen, CEO and founder, SSH Communications Security examines the risks associated with the mismanagement of secure shell keys
Factoring security into cloud architectures
Cloud Computing Security : 29 May, 2013
James Carnie, the head of solutions architecture at Adapt provides insight into achieving the right balance between flexibility and security in the cloud
Protection of high value intellectual property
Data Protection : 25 April, 2013
On world intellectual property day, Christian Toon of Iron Mountain examines the value of trade secrets and why their protection must be prioritised
Does a breach seemingly every other day keep the cloud away?
Cloud Computing Security : 15 March, 2013
Mark Knight, Director of Product Management at Thales e-security examines the link between effective BYOD policies and the security of data in the cloud
Retrospective network analysis provides key to APT detection
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 04 February, 2013
Sourcefire tackles advanced persistent threats with retrospective inspection of code on networks
Explosive growth in Android malware
Mobile computing security : 14 January, 2013
Ninety-nine percent of smartphone malware discovered during 2012 targeted the popular Android platform
ISO Authentication standard brings benefits to hologram industry
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 05 November, 2012
Ian Lancaster of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) explains the relevance of the ISO 12931 authentication standard to the hologram industry
Managing The Social Impact of Least Privilege Security
Data Protection : 15 October, 2012
Paul Kenyon, COO of Avecto explains how desktop lockdown doesn’t mean taking the personal out of PC
ISACA Speculates On the Next Trend Beyond BYOD
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 10 September, 2012
Christos Dimitriadis of ISACA looks into the background of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and uses it to foretell the future of network security and predict what will BYOD V2 be
The Role of Governance in Identity and Access Management
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 30 August, 2012
Mike Small of ISACA explains the approach of good governance in its role as a binding factor in controlling access and managing identity
Securing Against The Evolution of Malware
Anti-virus and anti-malware software : 29 August, 2012
Jamie Bodley-Scott of Cryptzone examines the growth of malware since the birth of the PC and what organisations need to do to meet the changing face of security protection
Cloud Computing And The Dangers Of A Slothful Approach
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 29 August, 2012
Being sluggish in comprehending the cloud computing environment that a business is adopting can lead to problems as explained by Mike Small of ISACA
Ten Reasons For Reducing Privileged Access
Data Protection : 15 August, 2012
Paul Kenyon of Avecto provides ten good reasons why every organisation should implement a policy of user privileges that minimises risk
IPV6 Effects on Firewall Management
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 11 July, 2012
Reuven Harrison of Tufin Technologies provides insight into the transition to IPv6 and what this will mean for firewall management
Holographic Protection of Intellectual Property
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 26 January, 2012
Glenn Wood of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association provides details about the protection of intellectual property rights and the role that holography plays in this increasingly prominent role
Handheld Markets Features Highly In Security Predictions for 2012
Data Protection : 23 November, 2011
Andy Kemshall of SecurEnvoy predicts the IT security landscape for 2012 with the handheld market at the top of his list
Privileged Access In Corporate Windows Environments
Data Protection : 07 November, 2011
Avecto's COO, Paul Kenyon shares his view through corporate windows and explains how admin accounts on the popular platform can lead to problems
Best Practice IT Security Policy Management
Data Protection : 14 October, 2011
Dominic Saunders of Cryptzone provides the six steps needed to achieve IT security policy excellence for balancing the mitigation of risk with commercial requirements
Identity Verification Fundamental To Securing IT Resources
Data Protection : 21 September, 2011
Andy Kemshall of SecurEnvoy discusses the use of common sense as a significant factor in the overall IT security operations of an organisation
Intelligent Surveillance In The Prevention Of Retail Crime
IP and Megapixel cameras : 16 September, 2011
Quadrox provides information on how modern High Definition CCTV surveillance systems provide more than a watching eye in the retail industry and can make a significant contribution towards reducing retail shrinkage
Defeating Denial Of Service Attacks
Anti-virus and anti-malware software : 05 September, 2011
Imperva Product Manager examines DDos Attacks and looks at how they can be defeated
Trusteer Dispels The Myths Around Mobile Malware
Mobile computing security : 16 August, 2011
Amit Klein of Trusteer explains why malware delivered to mobile devices should be taken seriously because the market is now ripe for cyber-criminals to exploit
Consumerisation in The Workplace Exacerbates The Insider Threat
Data Protection : 08 August, 2011
Imperva's Amichai Sulman discusses the extent of the insider threat within the UK workforce and the role played by the increasing consumerisation of IT in the workplace
Providing Corporate IT Users With More Security Responsibility
Data Protection : 20 July, 2011
Terry Greer-King of Check Point examines the security problem resulting from the consumerisation of IT in the workplace and suggests placing more responsibility on the user of such devices
Critical National Infrastructure Protection From Cyber-Attacks
Critical Infrastructure Protection : 12 July, 2011
Rob Rachwald and Noa Bar Yosef from Imperva provide some insight into means of preventing damage to critical national infrastructure from cyber attacks
Smartphone Security Timebomb Continues Ticking
Mobile computing security : 12 July, 2011
Trusteer explains why hackers are two steps ahead of the mobile security industry and are ready to exploit vulnerabilities on Android and iOS devices when they become more widely used for on-line mobile banking applications
Living Dangerously With New Technology
Data Protection : 30 June, 2011
Jane Grafton, Director of Business Development at Lieberman Software takes a look at the pitfalls facing IT security professionals and provides five simple rules for keeping your job
Learning From The Year's Most Significant Security Breaches
Data Protection : 24 June, 2011
Check Point analyses the year so far with a trend for more sophisticated and targeted attacks and what companies and organisations can learn from them
Raising the Bar On Detecting And Preventing Malicious Code Attacks
Data Protection : 22 June, 2011
Ray Bryant of Idappcom details the need and the methods of preventing malicious code attacks by hybridisation during a time when cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated
Exponential Growth Expected In Attacks On Mobile Devices
Mobile computing security : 17 June, 2011
Imperva examines the growth in the use of mobile devices for corporate computing and the security implications as hackers gear up faster than the security industry
Replacement Token Considerations After The RSA Hack
Data Protection : 16 June, 2011
SecurEnvoy provides insight into the considerations that should be taken by SecurID token users in the aftermath of the March hack on RSA
Ensuring Security On Corporate Mobile Devices
Mobile computing security : 16 June, 2011
WIth the security edges continuing to become more blurred in portable computing, Origin Storage examines the growing requirements for security solutions for the protection of smartphones and other mobile computing devices
IT Outsourcing Golden Rules
Cloud Computing Security : 15 June, 2011
Philip Lieberman answers the question of how to successfully implement an outsourcing program without exposing your company to the inherent dangers
NFC Brings In New Era For Identity and Access Management
ID cards and smart cards : 31 May, 2011
HID Global discusses the changes taking place in identity credentials and explains the move away from ID cards towards the use of NFC enabled mobile communications technology
The Impact Of Social Engineering Techniques On Malware Distribution
Data Protection : 14 April, 2011
Trusteer discusses how social engineering methods used by hackers can leave companies vulnerable to attacks regardless of time spent educating employees on being aware of the techniques used
Cutting IT Security Spending Wisely
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 12 April, 2011
In the light of Government spending cuts in the UK, Will Hogan of Idappcom examines the ways available to reduce spending without reducing the levels of protection required in the corporate environment
How State Sponsored Advanced Persistent Threats Are On The Rise
Data Protection : 05 April, 2011
Amichai Shulman of Imperva takes an in-depth look at the migration of cyber-threats towards Advanced Persistent Threats and what this means to global risks
NASA IT Vulnerability Demonstrates Requirements For Greater Education In IT Security
Trade Organisations, User Groups and Pressure Groups : 04 April, 2011
Organisers of the Infosecurity Europe event to be held in London comment on the recent revelation of the vulnerabilities and risks inherent in the IT security systems of NASA
The Use Of Self-Encrypting Drives For Data Protection
Exhibitions and Trade Shows : 18 March, 2011
Michael Willett of Trusted Computing Group explains the difference between Self Encrypting Drives and Software-based Full Drive Encryption when it comes to ability to protect data
The Demise of Token Based Two-Factor Authentication
Data Protection : 16 March, 2011
Andrew Kemshall of SecurEnvoy explains why tokens are a thing of the past and that the way forward is for tokenless two-factor authentication using SMS
Lone Worker Protection Risk Assessment
Lone Worker Protection and Personal Alarms : 10 March, 2011
Craig Swallow of Connexion2 provides detailed insight into the subject of Lone Worker Protection and explains what constitutes a lone worker and what duties organisations have towards their protection
Securing Personal Laptops For Business Use
Data Protection : 07 March, 2011
With the increasing trend of companies providing a stipend to employees to buy their own laptops for both business and personal use, Nick Lowe of Check Point examines the security implications of this cost-saving measure
Guide To Achieving PCI DSS Compliance
Software Asset Management and Compliance : 03 March, 2011
David Gibson of Varonis Systems provides a detailed guide to Data Security Standard compliance with the Payment Card Industry
Insider Threat Risk Reduction
Data Protection : 17 February, 2011
Sean Glynn of Credant Technologies offers some insight into the theft of commercial information from people inside the organisation and investigates methods that can be used to reduce the threat of insider data theft
Managing The Lifecycle Of Firewall Rules
Network Security, Routers and Data Centres : 31 January, 2011
Reuven Harrison of network security specialist company Tufin Technologies examines the tortuous process map for managing change on firewalls and provides advice on simplifying the process and gaining effective management of the rule lifecycle
Practical Advice On Building in IP Surveillance Reliability
Camera networks : 26 January, 2011
Nice Systems' product manager Guy Lorman provides some key points on design considerations for ensuring resilience and reliability in modern IP surveillance networks
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