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US Government Donates Through-Body X-Ray Scanner to Ghana
X-Ray Detection : 16 March, 2010
OD Security is supplying Ghana with a low-dosage full body X-Ray scanning system donated by the USA in order to assist in the prevention of drug smuggling to the country originating from the African nation
Malaysian Government Plans Introduction of Thor LVX Cargo Screening
Bomb and explosives detection : 15 March, 2010
High speed air cargo screening system to be used at major airports in Malaysia by the customs department for screening explosives, contraband and other illegal cargo
X-Ray System Meets Air Cargo Screening Requirements of the TSA
X-Ray Detection : 15 March, 2010
HI-SCAN X-ray inspection system for the scanning of palletised loads has been added to the TSA's Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List, providing another screening option for cargo companies and freight forwarders
National Greetings Card Retailer Takes Extinguishers from Chubb
Fire and Smoke Detection and Fire Control : 11 March, 2010
Chubb Fire extinguishers will be used throughout the UK at high street branches of Card Factory, a greetings card retail chain
Bio-Terrorism Protection for Los Angeles District With UNDTÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs 5-Agent Detection Kit
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 10 March, 2010
Universal Detection Technology is supplying the Fire Brigade in the city of Burbank with detection kits designed to quickly identify bio-terrorism agents at the scene of an incident
Colour-Coded Backpack Provides Comprehensive Search Equipment Packages for Law Enforcement Professionals
Bomb and explosives detection : 05 March, 2010
Portable Search Backpacks from Allen Vanguard to be on show at Counter Terror Expo in April demonstrating the flexible search equipment packages and range of tools
US Invests in Bio-Terrorism Detection After Criticism in Report
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 05 March, 2010
Commission Report on US Government response to the threat of bio-terrorism results in order from US Army for 5-agent bio-terrorism detection kits from Universal Detection Technology
Smartphone Evidence Photography at Scenes of Crime
Forensic science and laboratory equipment : 05 March, 2010
West Yorkshire Police are now using BlackBerry Smartphones equipped with hand-e-pix from Handheld PCs to assist in the gathering of evidence from scenes of crime
Radiation Detection Testing Underway for Use With Aviation Baggage Screening
Radiation Detection : 04 March, 2010
Stride detection units from ICx Technologies have been undergoing testing in Seattle for the detection of radioactive materials in high volume throughput environment handling passenger baggage
Unclonable RFID Chips Overcome Counterfeit Concerns
Anti Counterfeiting : 04 March, 2010
Anti-Counterfeiting takes a step forward with the introduction of RFID ICs from Verayo which cannot be cloned providing improved security and authentication capability
Mobile X-Ray Inspection System For BulgariaÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Border Control
X-Ray Detection : 03 March, 2010
The Z Backscatter Van mobile screening system is for use by the Bulgarian Customs Agency for revealing weapons, contraband, stowaways and other illegal items at the country's border crossing check points
Positive Anthrax Identification Requires Prophylactic Antibiotics Despite Survey Response
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 03 March, 2010
Universal Detection Technology has responded to survey on attitudes to antibiotic treatment of anthrax outbreak with recommendations for emergency services personnel exposed to the disease
BIO-ACT Tactical Biological Warfare Agent Detection Kit for Emergency Services
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 03 March, 2010
Confirmation technology for biological agents introduced by Smiths Detection for emergency service personnel to use in the field for the detection of such powders as Anthrax, Ricin and other biological terrorism agents
X-Ray Screening Technology on Display at ISNR
X-Ray Detection : 02 March, 2010
Abu Dhabi Exhibition Sees Innovative X-Ray parcel and cargo inspection technology from American Science and Engineering including top-down transmission option for the popular Z Portal screening system
EnCase Portable Suitable for Use by Non-Technical Personnel
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 01 March, 2010
Digital forensics and evidence collection tool from Guidance Software ideal for use not only by digital discovery specialists, but also by law enforcement personnel and legal firms
USB Based Data Collection Includes Keyword Search on Target Computers
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 26 February, 2010
Non-Technical Personnel can now collect and preserve digital evidence from computers using EnCase Portable USB data collection device from Guidance Software
Low Dosage Body Scanners Improve Security At Nigerian Airports
X-Ray Detection : 26 February, 2010
After the failed Christmas bombing attempt by Nigerian national, the country's airports are now using SOTER low dose through-body X-Ray scanners for the detection of hidden items on a person's body
Handheld Anthrax Detection for Australian Market
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 25 February, 2010
Increased risk of bioterrorism threat in Australian region to be counteracted by Universal Detection Technology with the 5-agent bioterrorism detection kit for use by the emergency services
ProVision Millimetre Wave Detection Technology for TSA Screening
Bomb and explosives detection : 25 February, 2010
Checkpoint Screening Systems from L-3 Communications will be used by the US Transportation Security Administration using millimetre wave technology for the detection of explosives and other threats
Single Pose Advanced Imaging Scanners for Nigeria
X-Ray Detection : 25 February, 2010
Advanced backscatter technology equipped single pose body scanners will provide Nigerian checkpoints with the ability to detect non-metallic threats
Channel Program Expanded to Meet Global Digital Forensics Demand
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 23 February, 2010
Global Channel VP Joins Guidance Software to Lead Drive in Worldwide Sales in EnCase Computer Forensics Products
Explosive detection system for checked-in baggage to be used at IsraelÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Airports
Bomb and explosives detection : 22 February, 2010
Israel has invested in the ÃâÅ"System of Systems" from Morpho Detection comprising X-Ray based and Computed Tomography based explosive detection for use in screening baggage at the country's airports
Brand Protection Service includes Auto-Shutdown of Fraudulent Websites
Anti Counterfeiting : 22 February, 2010
Websites providing counterfeit and pirated goods will be shutdown as part of the Site Staydown Service offered by MarkMonitor to subscribers whose brands are being counterfeited
2009 Growth Puts AccessData Ahead for Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 22 February, 2010
Investigative Technology investments and strong sales of Enterprise, eDiscovery and Sentinel put digital forensics company AccessData in a leading position at the end of 2009
Recovery Act Funding Creates Jobs at Reveal Imaging
Bomb and explosives detection : 19 February, 2010
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for acceleration of efforts by the Transportation Security Administration has created over 500 workplace requirements at Reveal Imaging enabling the company to retain existing staff and recruit more employees
Passive Zone Security Sensor Tests Demonstrates Accuracy as Human Target Detector
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 19 February, 2010
Security sensors developed in conjunction with Precision Sensors Instrumentation showed accuracy of non line of sight human sensing higher than other kinds of sensors currently available
Powder Screening Test Kits to be Distributed for Smiths Detection by 20/20 BioResponse
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 19 February, 2010
Global distribution deal for 20/20 BioResponse enables the company to supply emergency services and military clients with powder testing kits to screen for biological agents
Chemical Identification System Library Expanded to Over 7500 Items
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 19 February, 2010
TruDefender and FirstDefender from Ahura Scientific offer emergency services personnel the ability to identify a wide range of hazardous materials and chemicals including narcotics and pharmaceuticals as well as combinations of materials
Digital watermarking gains momentum on Spanish market
Anti Counterfeiting : 19 February, 2010
The use of imperceptible digital watermarks in product labelling and newspaper content enables mobile users to pick up the watermark and search for related content on the internet
Logistics Company Meets TSA Requirements Whilst Still Achieving Shipping Deadlines
X-Ray Detection : 18 February, 2010
HI-Scan X-Ray Screening and Ionscan trace detection equipment from Smiths Detection is helping SecureGlobal Logistics to meet its tight shipment schedule without compromising on the air cargo screening requirements of the Transportation Security Administration
Watermarking and Protection for Digital Images
Anti Counterfeiting : 18 February, 2010
Digimarc for Images incorporates Chroma Technology to provide the means for imaging professionals to protect their work including online search for images
Transportation Security Administration Signs Deal on Explosive Trace Detection Systems
Bomb and explosives detection : 15 February, 2010
Morpho Detection is to supply the DX explosive trace detector systems to the US TSA for use in desktop explosive detection applications throughout US Airport Security Screening areas
Forensic analysis tool for Smartphones
Forensic science and laboratory equipment : 15 February, 2010
Secure View 2 from Susteen enables greater forensic analysis capability for smart phones with improved data extraction on Blackberry chat features
Universal Detection Technology strikes Southeast Asian Distribution Deal
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 11 February, 2010
Biological Threat Detection Equipment of the emergency services to be distributed in South East Asia by WellCrown to combat rising regional threat of bioterrorism
Major UK Airports Gain Rapiscan Single Pose body scanners
X-Ray Detection : 11 February, 2010
Advanced Imaging Technology for the screening of passengers incorporating detection technology for hidden explosives to be used at Heathrow and Manchester airports in the United Kingdom
Scientific Research Professional Joins Board at American Science and Engineering
X-Ray Detection : 10 February, 2010
X-Ray Detection Specialist Company takes new board member with extensive experience in scientific instrumentation companies
Bioterrorism Detection Kits Being Marketed to Canada for Winter Olympics
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 10 February, 2010
Universal Detection Technology is aiming to supply the Canadian 2010 Winter Olympics with 5-agent detection kits for revealing bioterrorism threats
Quantum Sniffer gains Safety Act Designation
Bomb and explosives detection : 10 February, 2010
Anti-terrorism technology recognition for the Quantum Sniffer Explosive detection device under the US Safety Act
Partnership Delivers TSA Approved Screening System for Cargo Handlers
Bomb and explosives detection : 04 February, 2010
Companies dealing in Cargo Shipments and Freight Forwarding can now benefit from a system for freight screening developed jointly between Smiths Detection, Covenant Aviation Security and Lufthansa
Radiation Monitoring System to be Installed at French Nuclear Facility
Radiation Detection : 03 February, 2010
ElectricitÃÂ De France will use remote radiation monitoring systems from Thermo Fisher Scientific for providing monitoring and protection at the Gravelines nuclear power station
UK Breach Investigation report to be presented at InfoSecurity Europe
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 28 January, 2010
Data Forensic and Digital Evidence Experts 7Safe has published the anonymised data breach report resulting from forensic investigations on over 60 computers in the UK
Ultra Low Dose Full Body Imaging Scanner
X-Ray Detection : 28 January, 2010
The ODIN full body scanner from Valley Forge is now shipping providing high quality imaging using very low doses for the detection of worn contraband and dangerous substances
Emergency Services Response Improvements to Bio-Terrorism Attack through Adequate Training
Sensors, chemical and drug detection : 28 January, 2010
ÃâÅ"F" Rating for US Government on Bioterrorism prevention can be improved with effective training for emergency services in the use of biodetection technology which is readily available from Universal Detection Technology
NHS Illegal Employment Incident Identifies Flaws in Employment Checking Procedures
Anti Counterfeiting : 26 January, 2010
Government Departments are not always thorough in their pre-employment screening procedures demonstrating the need for anti-counterfeiting measures and the use of counterfeit ID detection systems to prevent illegal employment
Web Interface and Early Case Assessment Feature on EnCase eDiscovery
Computer Forensics and Data Forensics : 21 January, 2010
Released in Version 4, EnCase eDiscovery from Guidance Software now includes and integrated software package for both legal and IT personnel dealing in electronic discovery
Forensic Tool Available for Detection of Salvinorin A and B
Forensic science and laboratory equipment : 21 January, 2010
Chemical test available from NMS Labs for the discovery in body fluids of Salvinorin A and B as more states seek to regulate against the use of the hallucinogenic Salvia Divinorum
Inspection System for Checked Baggage at Mexican Airports
Bomb and explosives detection : 21 January, 2010
Tijuana and Guadalajara Airports in Mexico as well as Regional Airports in the Country will be Equipped with In-Lind Hold Baggage Inspection Systems from Rapiscan in $35 million deal
Forensic Lab Charges Held Down for 2010
Forensic science and laboratory equipment : 20 January, 2010
NMS Labs is suspending price increases in order to provide cost effective forensic services for agencies still suffering from budget deficits
Forensic Video Analysis for Brazilian Police
Forensic science and laboratory equipment : 14 January, 2010
The Brazilian Federal Police are to use dTective and ClearID based forensic video and image enhancement tools from Ocean Systems
Brijot releases two new human screening systems
Bomb and explosives detection : 14 January, 2010
Whole body scanning systems based on safe millimetre wave technology reach the market fulfilling the need for compact design and portability
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