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Retail POS and Timekeeping Fraud Reduction Using Biometrics
Fingerprint recognition : 07 January, 2011
The U.are.U fingerprint biometric solution from DigitalPersona is being incorporated by Tomax in retail solutions for the prevention of Point-of-Sale and Time and Attendance fraud in retail companies
Multi Modal Biometric Device Gains Press Recognition
Face Recognition : 23 December, 2010
SEEK II from Cross Match with biometric Iris, Face and Fingerprint recognition capabilities gains Top IT 2010 award from IT/Users magazine
Shareholders Approve UPEK Merger
Fingerprint recognition : 22 December, 2010
Merger between biometric companies AuthenTec and UPEK has been approved by the majority of shareholders of AuthenTec
Extended Biometric Image Search Tool
Face Recognition : 21 December, 2010
FaceVACS-DBScan includes examiner tool within face recognition database search software for use by law enforcement professionals
Fingerprint Access Control For Radiology Information
Fingerprint recognition : 15 December, 2010
Washington Radiology Associates is ensuring the security of sensitive personal data with the use of biometric fingerprint recognition technology from DigitalPersona for access control
Photo ID Preparation Technology For Use With Face Recognition
Face Recognition : 09 December, 2010
Cognitec's new FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition enables portrait photographs to be taken for identification documents that are suitable for use with biometric face recognition applications
Advisors Opt For Merger Between AuthenTec and UPEK
Fingerprint recognition : 08 December, 2010
Merger proposal between biometric companies Authentec and UPEK has been supported by financial advisors to the AuthenTec board
Beltpoint Acquisition Brings Voice Commerce To German Market
Voice Recognition : 07 December, 2010
Voice Commerce is expanding the use of Trust Centre for voice authorized financial transactions into the German market with the acquisition of Beltpoint
3D Photo ID Technology On Show At CARTES
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 07 December, 2010
The Cartes and Identification show in Paris sees Morpho's 3D Photo ID Technology for higher security on ID cards and driving licences
Biometric Voice Identification Over Mobile Phones
Voice Recognition : 07 December, 2010
KYC Secure from Voice Commerce enables identification and authentication of mobile users from voice patterns for identity and e-money transactions
WISekey Recruits Financial Clout
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 07 December, 2010
Expert in capital markets and asset management recruited at WISekey to drive the company's next phase of expansion
Biometric Fingerprint Authentication For Fire Brigade Personnel
Fingerprint recognition : 06 December, 2010
An American county fire brigade is using biometric fingerprint verification to authenticate IT users as an alternative to password login
AOptix Explains Benefits Of Iris Recognition in Airport Security
Iris Recognition : 30 November, 2010
Apart from improving security through more effective passenger screening, the use of biometric iris recognition in airports can also help reduce passenger stress and queuing times
Indian Biometric Project Certification For MorphoTop
Fingerprint recognition : 24 November, 2010
The MorphoTop 10 fingerprint biometric scanner and image capturing system from Morpho has been accepted for use by the Indian UIDAI for the country's Aadhaar project
NIST Evaluation Reveals Outstanding Performance For id3 Fingerprint Algorithms
Fingerprint recognition : 23 November, 2010
Biometric fingerprint recognition technology from id3 Semiconductors has been under scrutiny at the US Security Agency NIST where outstanding performance was reported in a multivendor evaluation
Port TWIC Installation Gains Award For MorphoTrak
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 22 November, 2010
The MorphoAccess biometric based access control system installed at a Kentucky port by MorphoTrak has gained a homeland security award from Government Security News
Smart Card Credentialing Gains GSA Approval
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 18 November, 2010
Credential Create from Daon gains approval for use in large scale credentialing involving the use of electronic identity encoding on smart cards
Cognitec Products On Show At ID World
Face Recognition : 15 November, 2010
VideoScan biometric face identification system to be demonstrated at this week's ID World show taking place in Milan
Innovation Award For Biometric Fingerprint Sensors
Fingerprint recognition : 11 November, 2010
Robust multispectral sensors for capturing accurate biometric fingerprint data in a wide variety of conditions receives Frost's Innovation of the Year award
Talos by Rexroth ÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâÅ" Endlich Klarheit in der Unternehmenssicherheit
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 10 November, 2010
Unternehmen mit einer gewachsenen Infrastruktur stehen im Bereich der Unternehmenssicherheit oft vor einer zersplitterten Systemlandschaft unterschiedlicher Lieferanten. Die Themen Besucherverwaltung, Fremdfirmen, Ausweismanagement und Zutrittskontrolle werden eventuell von verschiedenen Anbietern abgedeckt.
Morpho Contributes To First Issue Of UIDAI Number In India
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 05 November, 2010
Indian biometric identification project launched in the country with the first issue of the unique identification number and identifying the country's residents through iris and fingerprint biometrics
Rapid Biometric Iris and Fingerprint Biometric Identification
Iris Recognition : 03 November, 2010
MegaMatcher Accelerator 3.0 from Neurotechnology provides all the components necessary for mult-biometric iris and fingerprint recognition for a variety of applications requiring rapid matching speeds such as document issuing centres and for border control
Mobile Rapid ID System In Use By Florida Police
Fingerprint recognition : 25 October, 2010
Field-use fingerprint capture system enables police to identify subjects using rapid and reliable biometric identification technology
Biometric Smart Card Gains European Certification
Fingerprint recognition : 22 October, 2010
EAL5+ certification brings biometric fingerprint authentication to electronic document certification using the Morpho Ideal Citiz card
Appeal Denied on 3M Tender
Face Recognition : 22 October, 2010
Delaware Court Decision on Purchase Offer Welcomed By Cogent Systems
Large Scale Matching Solution From Accenture For National Security Threat Detection
ID Management Software : 21 October, 2010
Border control and other government agencies involved in anti-terrorism and the avoidance of other threats to national security now have recourse to the Large Scale Biometric Matching solution available from Accenture
Finger Vein and Fingerprint Biometrics Device Gains Innovation Award
Vascular Recognition : 21 October, 2010
Morpho has received a Security Innovation Award for the multimodal biometric system that examines fingerprints as well as the vein patterns in the finger
Voice Biometrics and ID Fraud Prevention
Voice Recognition : 19 October, 2010
Voice Commerce provides comment on the growth in identity theft and the way in which biometric voice authentication can be used to prevent it
Cognitec Attends Biometrics Event In London
Face Recognition : 18 October, 2010
Face tracking technology as well as victim and criminal identification from crime scene photos and mugshots to be demonstrated by Cognitec at London's annual biometrics industry event
Passive Biometric Technology Brings Passenger Flow Improvements To Airports
Face Recognition : 18 October, 2010
MFlow Journey from Human Recognition Systems brings the power of biometric facial recognition technology to airport logistics improvements by analysing journey times through airport lounges and gates
MSite Biometric Access Control System Now Features Pre-Enrolment Option for Workers
Face Recognition : 18 October, 2010
Construction and other workers are now able to pre-enrol their details on the MSite biometric face recognition access control system from Human Recognition Systems to reduce time when arriving on site
Biometric Palm Vein Recognition Provides Data Centre Access Control
Vascular Recognition : 14 October, 2010
The PalmSecure system from Fujitsu which provides vascular authentication capability based on biometric palm vein recognition is being used for multi-factor authentication for access control to a highly secure data centre in Santa Clara
Biometric Airport Security Trials To Take Place At London Gatwick
Face Recognition : 05 October, 2010
Gatwick Airport near London has signed Human Recognition Systems to support technology trials for improvements in airport security
Multi-Modal Enrolment Device Gains ASIS Award
Face Recognition : 04 October, 2010
Cross Match Technologies is celebrating ASIS Accolade success for receiving product innovation award for the multimodal biometric secure electronic enrolment kit, SEEK II
Hardware Encrypted USB Device With Dual Fingerprint Authentication
Fingerprint recognition : 01 October, 2010
RiTech has produced the Signature, a hardened USB data storage device with hardware encryption and access control using dual biometric fingerprint recognition technology
Biometric Licence Capacity Improvement Order From DoD
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 30 September, 2010
L-1 Identity Solutions will provide the department of defence with additional Automated Biometric Identification System licence capacity
Biometric Fingerprint Based Management System For Homeless Centre
Fingerprint recognition : 24 September, 2010
Bergen County in New Jersey is deploying a biometric management system from Fulcrum Biometrics based on a fingerprint identity system for the identification of homeless people using their facilities
French Biometric Giant to Acquire L-1 Identity Solutions
Biometric passports, ID and licenses : 22 September, 2010
Safran has agreed to purchase L-1 Identity Solutions as part of an acquisition deal involving the purchase of L-1 Intelligence Services by BAE Systems in the USA
Two Factor Iris and Face Capture System On Show In Tampa
Iris Recognition : 20 September, 2010
Aware and AOptix Technologies have combined their efforts to produce a biometric capture system which provides simultaneous capture capabilities for face and iris recognition
Iris On The Move Demonstration At Biometric Consortium
Iris Recognition : 20 September, 2010
Sarnoff is attending biometric conference in Tampa with a demonstration of the company's biometric iris identification technology for use in airport security applications
Cognitec Goes To Tampa With Innovative Face Recognition Technology
Face Recognition : 20 September, 2010
VideoScan, Image Capture and Face Recognition technology for use in a variety of security applications including biometric recognition of faces in crowds will be demonstrated by Cognitec at the Biometric Consortium Conference being held in Tampa
Palm Vein Authentication Technology on Show at Biometric Event
Vascular Recognition : 17 September, 2010
Fujitsu is attending the Biometric Consortium Conference later this month with the PalmSecure vascular biometric system for authentication applications including ATM deployments in the banking industry
Indian UID Program Certifies Cross Match Biometric Devices
Iris Recognition : 02 September, 2010
Guardian fingerprint and I SCAN dual iris scanning systems from biometric specialist Cross Match Technologies have been certified for use on the Unique Identification Number program of the Indian Government
3M Buys Biometric Technology Supplier
Face Recognition : 01 September, 2010
Multiple biometric technology supplier, Cogent Systems to be acquired by 3M for $10.50 per share in buy-out that brings iris, face, fingerprint and palm recognition capabilities to 3M
Multi-Biometric Kiosks Enable High Passenger Flows At Spanish Airports
Face Recognition : 31 August, 2010
Neurotechnology and Spanish integrator Indra have installed a multi-biometric access control system based on finger print and face biometrics in two of Spain's top airports for verifying the identity of European Union passengers holding biometric passports
HRS Joins Thales In Airport Security Initiative
Fingerprint recognition : 26 August, 2010
The Instinct-TD2 programme will benefit from Human Recognition Systems identity management expertise in major counter-terrorism project involving UK airports
Iris Recognition For Commercial Applications
Iris Recognition : 18 August, 2010
The InSight VM biometric iris recognition system from AOptix Technologies brings high technology access control security to mainstream commercial markets such as office complexes as well as high security environments such as airports
USB Connected Finger Vein Biometric System For US Law Enforcement
Vascular Recognition : 12 August, 2010
Vascular biometric system from Hitachi which examines finger vein patterns has been integrated to the Avion system for providing prisoner tracking and control in the USA
Web Based Time Clocking Using USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Fingerprint recognition : 12 August, 2010
Fulcrum Biometrics is making time management for global mobile workforces easier with the USB-pluggable biometric fingerprint reader combined with time and attendance software
Fingerprint Sensor Application DeveloperÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs SDK
Fingerprint recognition : 12 August, 2010
AuthenTec has released a software development kit enabling the development of applications utilising the company's biometric fingerprint sensors
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