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UT 84070
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Venafi provides a policy-based lifecycle management platform for encryption keys and certificates with the appropriate level of automation, including processes such as: discovery, monitoring, alerting, enrollment, validation, provisioning and more.

Read more Venafi news below:
Untrustworthy certificate authority survey results
10 September, 2015
Venafi releases its survey results into vulnerability remediation for untrustworthy CAs amongst security professionals at Black Hat USA
Research reveals continued risk from heartbleed
08 April, 2015
Incomplete remediation from heartbleed leaves UK companies at risk a year after the vulnerability was first recognised
Trust attacks signal change in cyber threats
14 February, 2013
Venafi comments on the changes taking place in the cyber security landscape as trust is becoming increasingly the target of attacks
Security technology management "inadequate"
11 February, 2013
IT security company believes digital security certificate breaches highlight inadequacy of security technology management practices
Venafi says encryption crack challenge flawed
06 February, 2013
A challenge to crack storage system is said to be easy to achieve by Venafi as encryption keys remain stored with user files
Adobe Incident Highlights Automatic Certificate Signing Dangers
03 October, 2012
Venafi discusses certificate hacking incidents and how to prevent costly remediation processes resulting from a hacking incident
Microsoft Patches Eliminate Legacy System Support
22 August, 2012
Software supplier reacts to Flame threat by increasing cryptographic key encryption beyond the capabilities of legacy systems
Smartphones and Portable Devices At Risk During Olympics
23 July, 2012
Venafi is warning that corporate and personal data is at risk with an estimated 67000 smartphones to be lost or stolen during the Olympic Games period
Japanese Smart Cards issues without Digital Signature
13 July, 2012
Venafi comments on the security hole left by the inadvertent issuing of foreign identity cards in Japan without electronic signature keys
Certificate Assessor Helps Close Doors on Flame
04 July, 2012
Venafi has made MD5 Certificate Assessor to help organisations identify week certification and remedy the problem before falling victim to Flame attacks
Vast Majority of Commercial Organisations At Risk From Flame
18 June, 2012
Venafi study reveals that company's remain vulnerable to the Flame malware until they identify and remove all vulnerable digital ID certificates on their networks
Security Specialist Comments On Weaponised Malware Trend
08 June, 2012
After Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame, Venafi is expecting an increasing trend towards the use of weaponised malware
Open Hotel Networks Causing Rash of US Malware Infections
18 May, 2012
Venafi comments on the human weakness in the security chain as open Wi-Fi networks in public places provide paths for malware infections
Cyber Banking Ransom Demand Will Not be the Last
07 May, 2012
Venafi comments on the ransom demands for customer data stolen from European banking companies
Verisign and Trustwave Problems a blow for DLP
10 February, 2012
Venafi comments on the revelation from Trustwave of the use of a digital certificate for SSL connection spying
The danger posed by internal hackers
13 December, 2011
Venafi examines the notion of the internal hacker, an inside threat ready to steal information in an opportunistic way to sell to the highest bidder
Duqu Trojan A Major Worry To IT Security Professionals
26 October, 2011
Stuxnet based malware exploits high development levels of its predecessor and attacks high value targets presenting a significant threat level
Digital Certificate company represents high value target for hackers
06 September, 2011
Holland Advices Against Use Of Online Services After Attack on Digital Certificate Authority During the Weekend
Undetected intruders cause widespread havoc
08 August, 2011
Venafi reports on the long-lasting cyber-spying campaign revealed by McAfee and explains how key management can help in the fight against cyber-espionage
IT Security Best Practice Guidelines
04 August, 2011
High failure rates for observing best practices in secure computing discovered in cloud data encryption study performed by Venafi
Risk Management and Critical Encryption Resources
04 July, 2011
Calum MacLeod of Venafi discusses the dilemma of justifying expenditure on improved risk management and states the case for critical encryption resource management to avoid future IT security disasters
Security Specialist Levels Heavy Criticism At NHS For Latest Data Loss
17 June, 2011
Venafi describes the loss of sensitive and personal patient data by the UK's National Health Service as being completely avoidable and the result of incompetence
Norwegian Military Cyber Attack Demonstrates High Level Of Targetting
26 May, 2011
Venafi comments on the trend for cyber criminals to become more targeted in their choice of victim with the Norwegian Military being the latest such target
Two-Fifths Of IT Staff Could Hold Their Employers Hostages
24 May, 2011
Disgruntled staff and former employees from IT departments still retain the capability of making life difficult for their employers by denying access and withholding encryption keys, says Venafi
Central Encryption Key And Certification Management
10 February, 2011
Encryption Director 6 has been launched by Venafi for providing certificate and encryption key management
Automating Encryption Key Management
09 December, 2010
Gregory Webb of Venafi explains the dilemma of meeting PCI Data Security Standards whilst managing ever increasing numbers of encryption keys and certificates, a process that can be automated to provide a consistently secure environment