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Varonis Systems
499 7th Avenue
23rd Floor, South Tower
New York
NY 10018
[t] +1 877 292 8767

Varonis provides solutions for auditing data access activity, fixing access controls, identifying sensitive data, finding data owners and involving them in automated authorization processes. Varonis enables only the right people to have access to the right data at all times.

Read more Varonis news below:

Film studio takes data access security product
19 August, 2016
Varonis has supplied Miramax with the means to set and enforce data access policies to protect the film studio's most valuable data
Bank protects data from insider threats
29 March, 2016
Union Bank is using DatAdvantage from Varonis as part of its protective measures to secure sensitive data from insider threats
Preventing data breaches with predictive threat models
09 November, 2015
Metadata Framework platform enhanced with new set of predictive threat models to provide greater ability to prevent data breaches
File sharing security for logistics company
01 September, 2015
Varonis has provided a German logistics company with DatAdvantage to manage file permissions and security groups
Controlled secure file sharing for university data
11 February, 2015
Varonis has supplied Liverpool University with DataAnywhere to enable controlled and secure remote data storage for file sharing without using insecure public cloud services
Data privacy protection for investment management company
12 January, 2015
Campbell Global is using DatAdvantage and IDU Classification Framework from Varonis for ensuring the security and privacy of its data
2015 predictions for enterprise IT security
08 December, 2014
Varonis provides its view of what 2015 will hold for enterprise IT security professionals as the fight against cyber crime gets tougher
Secure enterprise search capability in office documents
14 May, 2014
Spreadsheets, presentations and documents can be searched securely across an organisation giving access to valuable collective information assets using DatAnswers
Research shows preference for on-premises file sharing and collaboration
07 April, 2014
Varonis research demonstrates preferences amongst IT professionals for on-premises systems rather than cloud based
Bank uses transaction monitoring to protect customer data
12 March, 2014
ING Direct bank has taken DatAdvantage from Varonis for monitoring access to data and transactions performed
Health insurer protects data from unauthorised access
19 February, 2014
Highly sensitive patient data held by Tasmanian health insurance company gains protection with the use of DatAdvantage from Varonis Systems
Big data analytics for improved understanding of sensitive assets
03 February, 2014
Research report shows the benefits of using metadata for the analysis of sensitive information in unstructured data
Consumer analyst gains greater visibility with DatAdvantage
16 January, 2014
Varonis has supplied analysis and access management software to NPD Group for working effectively and transparently with consumer trend data
Enterprise IT predictions for 2014
18 December, 2013
Varonis looks ahead to 2014 and provides its insight into the way IT in the enterprise will develop its protective capabilities
Enterprise secure collaboration system
12 December, 2013
Secure file-sharing and collaboration capability enhanced with improved user authentication options and DFS support
Personal cloud appliances threaten corporate security
26 September, 2013
Varonis has been studying the use of personal cloud services by employees for storing items relating to work, thereby creating security risks
Real time detection of unauthorised computer activity
12 September, 2013
The Data Governance suite from Varonis provides companies with the ability to detect potential breaches and unauthorized changes in real time
Cloud security and data governance
19 August, 2013
Varonis comments on Forrester report on PRISM revelations in the context of applying good data governance in cloud computing environments
Clear visibility of data permissions for AXA Wealth
22 July, 2013
Large financial services company takes DatAdvantage from Varonis for monitoring data access on its network and managing permissions
Data access monitoring at Scottish University
20 June, 2013
DatAdvantage is being used by the University of West Scotland for tracking data access from users across its networks
Bank of England pushes the fight against cyber crime up the agenda
14 June, 2013
Varonis comments on the growing value placed on data indicated on changing attitudes to cyber crime by Britain's top bankers
Secure file sharing with DatAnywhere
24 May, 2013
Corporate file sharing infrastructure enabled with cloud-like behaviour offering secure services with DatAnywhere from Varonis
DatAdvantage integrated into Hitachi storage
16 May, 2013
Varonis has integrated its DatAdvantage product with the Hitachi NAS and Unified Storage platforms
Pentagon loss highlights importance of e-mail security
16 April, 2013
Varonis comments on the importance of security in e-mail data after the loss of legal military data from the Pentagon server
Rich list data shows tangible value of information
08 April, 2013
David Gibson of Varonis Systems comments on the leak of company wealth and tax data and how valuable such information is to cyber criminals
Responsible computing could have prevented Spamhaus DDoS attack
02 April, 2013
David Gibson, VP of Strategy at Varonis explains how internet providers and users can prevent harmful DDoS attacks through adopting a security culture
A defensive approach to staying in control of data security
28 March, 2013
Rob Sobers of Varonis comments on the plain text password goof of GCHQ and the wider issue of staying in control of who has access to what data
Healthcare breaches demonstrate the use of data as currency
22 March, 2013
Varonis comments on high levels of healthcare organisation data breaches and the use of illegal data for marketing purposes
Basic control processes needed to combat hacking
15 March, 2013
A resport from Varonis reveals a lack of basic control as the primary cause for recent increases in hacking
Google Doc ban at Oxford insufficient protection
25 February, 2013
Varonis comments on Oxford Uni phishing attack, saying that more protection required against attacks that use trusted services
Apple mods signals move to Federal BYOD
14 February, 2013
Varonis comments on the modification of Apple iPad equipment for use by Federal Agencies signalling a softening towards Bring-Your-Own-Device regimes
USA and EU Data privacy differences
12 February, 2013
Andy Green of Varonis explains the cultural divide between the USA and Europe in legislative attitudes towards data privacy expectations
Privacy issues surround DNA and biometric data
05 February, 2013
Andy Green of Varonis examines the Personally Identifiable Information issues surrounding DNA profiles and biometric data
IT professionals wary of virtual server access security
30 January, 2013
Varonis reveals result of research showing almost half of IT organisations suspecting unauthorized file access on virtual servers
App released that deletes personally identifying information from internet
29 January, 2013
Varonis comments on the DeleteMe app that has been released to help people find and erase information on the internet that can lead to personal identification
Privacy caution needed on Graph Search
21 January, 2013
Varonis comments on the need to be accurate with privacy setting concerning the new Graph Search facility on Facebook
Salami attacks predicted to increase as an IT threat
28 November, 2012
Dubbed Salami attacks, composite threats of small attacks combining to create something larger are predicted to grow by Varonis
Mentor network takes data access management from Varonis
21 November, 2012
Access to critical data has been simplified in a fluid multiple user environment at the Mentor Network with the use of the Varonis IDU Classification Framework
Digital communications mount pressure on employees
14 November, 2012
Varonis discovers the extent of mistakes made by employees through being overwhelmed by e-mail traffic in the workplace
Data breach mandatory notification for Australia
12 November, 2012
Varonis comments on the possibility of Australia falling in line with the USA and the EU with the introduction of compulsory declaration of data breaches
EU security governance demonstrated with cyber security strategy plan
01 November, 2012
Varonis has commented on the recently released cyber security strategy from the European Commission, signalling an important step in cross border governance
Cloud storage systems at risk from rogue programmers
22 October, 2012
Varonis comments on Forrester Research revelation of reliance on competence of individual programmers regarding cloud storage systems
German personal data sale law overturned
12 October, 2012
Data protection in Germany has returned to the way it was after a law passed in the summer to allow the sale of personal data by local authorities has been quashed
Governance Tool For Unstructured Data Systems
04 October, 2012
The DatAdvantage data governance tool from Varonis has been released at version 5.8 providing more flexibility for managing unstructured data
DatAdvantage Provides Pharma Company With User Access Control
28 September, 2012
A major pharmaceuticals company is using DatAdvantage from Varonis for the management and monitoring of file access activity in the organisation
Migration and Archiving Tool For Unstructured Data
05 September, 2012
The Data Transport Engine from Varonis overcomes the problem of moving and archiving data securely whilst maintaining permissions
Unstructured Data Management and Access Control in Buffalo
31 August, 2012
NY state's Buffalo is meeting its municipal government requirements for secure data access and control with DatAdvantage from Varonis
Voting open on Varonis Customer Awards
24 August, 2012
Varonis is recognising customers for data management and protection projects through online voting
Varonis Comments on Cloud Encryption Report
09 August, 2012
Data controls matter for organisations transferring confidential and sensitive information to cloud platforms
Social Media Protection Law Has Implications on BYOD Security
08 August, 2012
Varonis comments on the implications to organisations operating a BYOD policy of latest law protecting social media rights of employees
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