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Tufin Technologies
The Orchard
2 Yew Tree Lane
[t] +44 7989 609 077
Data centre migration challenges
22 January, 2015
Security and compliance feature in the key three considerations for successful migration of data centres
Security policy orchestration for multiple platforms
24 November, 2014
Tufin adds Amazon web services support to its security policy orchestration suite providing centralised security policy management across platforms
Network policy change automation software
28 October, 2014
Version R14-3 has been released for Tufin's Orchestration Suite for network change automation
Application management crucial to business protection
31 July, 2014
Tufin Technologies comments on the major network disruption which could be experienced by businesses that are increasingly dependend on applications
Network security planning roadshow hits London in June
09 June, 2014
Tufin Technologies is bringing its Impact 2014 roadshow to London this month with information on network security planning for businesses
Unified security policy orchestration for complex environments
26 February, 2014
The latest version of Tufin's Orchestration Suite extends further into the network for improved policy management in increasingly complex network environments
Orchestrated network infrastructure management prediction
31 January, 2014
Tufin Technologies predicts the future of enterprise network security with a shift towards more orchestrated management of infrastructure
Security policy challenges met through orchestration suite
14 November, 2013
Tufin has taken security policy management a step further through policy orchestration to meet the needs of latest generation networks
Survey shows greater need for network management automation
12 November, 2013
Increasing network complexity with IPv6, cloud computing and virtualization is driving greater needs amongst IT professionals for more automation of network management
T-Series appliances protect increasingly complex networks
21 August, 2013
Tufin is addressing the increased complexity of corporate networks incorporating virtualisation and IPv6 with a new set of network security appliances
Survey shows application connectivity disjointed from network security
13 June, 2013
Firewall management and application connectivity changes are revealed in a survey as a source of problems in network management in over half of cases
Firewall management survey reveals room for improvement
27 February, 2013
With 15% of companies never auditing their firewalls, Tufin Technologies believes secure connectivity is a top priority in IT Security
Review of IT Security in 2012
07 December, 2012
Tufin provides some reflections on the changing landscape of IT security during the past year with more cyber warfare and stronger firewalls
Half of firewall changes relate to application connectivity
24 October, 2012
A study from Tufin Technologies has shown a shift in emphasis on network security and firewall configuration towards application connectivity
IPV6 Effects on Firewall Management
11 July, 2012
Reuven Harrison of Tufin Technologies provides insight into the transition to IPv6 and what this will mean for firewall management
Firewall Management System IPV6 Ready
07 June, 2012
Tufin Security Suite has been enhanced at release R12-3 in preparation for the launch of Internet Protocol version 6
Industry Budgets Swell In Response To EU Laws
06 March, 2012
The Data protection laws proposed in the European Union are affecting predicted spending levels on IT Security
Improving Security With Automated Compliance
12 January, 2012
Tufin Technologies sheds light on the use of automated compliance audit software for improving organisational security
Firewall Policy Management In Cloud Environments
21 December, 2011
Michael Hamelin of Tufin Technologies explains the silver perimeter surrounding cloud computing environments
Unveiling The Hidden Cost Of Manual Firewall Audits
08 November, 2011
Michael Hamelin of Tufin Technologies reveals the findings from their annual survey which shows the costs associated with manual audits of firewalls
Failure Points In Data Breach Cases
24 October, 2011
Callum MacLeod of Venafi examines the twelve points of failure leading to high profile data breaches
The Sense Of Firewall Management
06 October, 2011
Reuven Harrison of Tufin Technologies explains the notion of Firewall Management and why IT Managers should take the time to incorporate it into their routine
Tufin Security Suite Provides Firewall Compliance And Change Management
11 February, 2011
The Tufin Security Suite for firewall management, operation and change control will be on display next week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco
SecureTrack Firewall Management For Palo Alto Appliances
09 February, 2011
Next generation firewalls from Palo Alto are now supported by the comprehensive firewall maangement and auditing system produced by Tufin Technologies
Intel Game-Changing Security Technology To Be a Gradual Implementation
03 February, 2011
Tufin warns of tempering enthusiasm for new security hardware from Intel as realistic implementation times could take years
Managing The Lifecycle Of Firewall Rules
31 January, 2011
Reuven Harrison of network security specialist company Tufin Technologies examines the tortuous process map for managing change on firewalls and provides advice on simplifying the process and gaining effective management of the rule lifecycle
Remain Compliant During The Implementation Of IT Changes
03 December, 2010
Maya Malevich and Michael Hamelin of Tufin Technologies examine the importance of change management in IT implementations and provide a guide on how to perform change successfully without losing control
Disturbing Hacking Statistics Revealed By Tufin and the ACPO
22 September, 2010
A study of student hacking activities reveals that 20% have hacked system with over 80% recognising the harm in doing so
A Step By Step Guide to Firewall Auditing
14 September, 2010
Michael Hamelin of Tufin Technologies provides guidance on getting through the audit process for ensuring compliance of firewalls
Network Misconfiguration Prime Cause Of Breaches Through Hacking
01 September, 2010
Survey conducted by Tufin Technologies at hacking convention in Las Vegas reveals the main route into company networks by hackers is through poor network configuration
Good Rule Housekeeping Improves Firewall Performance
04 August, 2010
Reuven Harrison of Tufin Technologies provides some guidelines to firewall users on how to clean up the rulebase on their devices and prevent firewall performance from degrading over time
Relying on IT Personnel During The World Cup Computing Crisis
22 June, 2010
IT Professionals are squaring up for battle during the World Cup season with serious preparations being made for the predicted business disruption expected to take place during the sporting fiesta
Survey Shows Extremely Low Levels Of Firewall Auditing
09 June, 2010
IT Professionals surveyed by Tufin Technologies admit to cheating during IT audits and taking firewall audits as little as once in five years
A Guide to Network Interruption Recovery
24 May, 2010
Reuven Harrion of Tufin Technologies explains the secrets of surviving and recovering from Network Interruptions
A Quarter of London and Cumbrian Children Try Hacking Facebook Accounts
19 March, 2010
With high levels of school computers being used to attempt unauthorised access to Facebook accounts, Tufin Technologies offers advice on how to prevent your account from being hacked
Best Practices for Optimising Firewalls
04 March, 2010
Rueven Harrison of Tufin Technologies explains in 12 steps how to gain maximum performance through firewall optimisation
Firewall Firefighting and the Plight of Network Engineers
22 February, 2010
Mark Desmond of Tufin Technologies stands up for the network engineer and explains the top ten problems likely to be dealt with on an average weekend
Firewall security and compliance status visibility
20 January, 2010
The Tufin Security Suite combines SecureTrack and Secure Change Workflow for change management, security assessment and compliance position
Holiday season an ideal time for hackers to create havoc
03 December, 2009
With skeleton IT support staff available during the holiday season, companies should follow Tufin Technologies' advice on how to bolt down the defences and prevent hackers and intruders breaching the organisation's firewalls
An iPhone lost and a firewall lesson learnt
30 November, 2009
Calum Macleod of Tufin Technologies recalls a lost iPhone incident and draws analogies with messing up your firewall settings
Generating ROI from your firewalls
18 November, 2009
With increasing demands on firewall technology and companies seeking further investment, Tufin Technologies provides some advice for generating an ROI framework for justifying the investment
Wider network device support available on Tufin Open Platform
11 November, 2009
The open architecture security lifecycle management platform from Tufin Technologies now supports a wider range of network devices
Firewall reconfiguring and sending your son down the aisle!
15 September, 2009
Calum Macleod of Tufin Technologies draws the interesting analogy of firewall reconfiguration and organising your son's wedding
Technical certification for Tufin channel partners
09 September, 2009
Enhancements to partner program including Tufin Certified Security Expert training and certification program reflects increased commitment to the channel from Tufin Technologies
Surveyed hackers predict winter peak in criminal activity
26 August, 2009
Hackers surveyed at Defcon 17 reveal their activity cycle with fewer hacks performed during the summer holidays than over the winter period
Securetrack firewall management for Swisscom IT
19 August, 2009
Swiss IT service provider selects SecureTrack from Tufin Technologies for improving its firewall operations
Good security requires more than compliance
06 August, 2009
Tufin Technologies points out the need for more than PCI Compliance as a means to achieving good IT security systems
The danger of over-generalising in the language of firewalls
08 July, 2009
Calum Macleod of Tufin Technologies makes an analogy between over-generalising in the English language despite its ever increasing range of vocabulary and configuring firewalls
End to end security management with TSS v5.0
30 June, 2009
Creation, monitoring, managing and auditing network security policies has become easier with the release of version 5.0 of Tufin Technologies' robust security management platform
Easy firewall policy optimization with SecureTrack
30 June, 2009
SecureTrack is an Automatic Policy Generator Add-on for simplifying policy creation and optimization on firewalls
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