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Malware study programme at California University
31 January, 2014
Students at the University of California have undertaken a programme of study led by Trusteer on computer malware
Report on targeted attack detection
10 December, 2013
Trusteer comments on the methods of detecting targeted attacks and the state of readiness of IT professionals to deal with advanced threats
Advice on preventing theft of corporate login credentials
04 December, 2013
Trusteer provides details on how corporate credentials are stolen and what methods should be used to prevent such theft
Adobe breach could compromise software code
07 October, 2013
Attackers have gained access to source code of Adobe products putting millions of users at risk of zero-day attacks
Mobile risk engine protects online and m-banking
31 May, 2013
The banking industry is being offered additional protection for online and mobile banking customers with the Trusteer Mobile Risk Engine
Behaviour monitoring for IT protection
19 April, 2013
Etay Maor of Trusteer discusses the role of behaviour profiling in the prevention of fraud using IT systems
Mobile transaction protection requires layered security
09 April, 2013
Financial security specialists at Trusteer examine the mobile payments market and conclude that device ID doesn't offer enough protection
Comparing effectiveness of whitelisting and blacklisting
21 March, 2013
Trusteer comments on a recent debate over the effectiveness of whitelisting and blacklisting as protective security technologies
Shylock evolves bringing continued financial risk
03 December, 2012
The financial malware dubbed Shylock has evolved in attempt to bypass financial organisation cyber defences
Anti-fraud measures ineffective on Project Blitzkrieg
12 October, 2012
Trusteer comments on the Prinimalka-Gozi attack on online banking users and how it can be countered
Man In The Browser Attacks Change Focus
04 October, 2012
Trusteer explains the new concept of Universal Man In The Browser attacks which focus on user input across a number of websites rather than focusing on specific sites
Banking Malware Hits Airport VPN
15 August, 2012
The Citadel Trojan has been designed to target credentials of airport workers through the Virtual Private Network
Android Banking Users Targeted
11 July, 2012
Trusteer explains the targeting of Android users in "Man in the Mobile" online banking attacks
Mobile Anti Fraud Solution For Smartphones and Tablets
01 May, 2012
Trusteer extends its banking security products to mobile markets with Mobile service being offered for smartphone and tablet users
Fake Page Injection Targets Facebook Users
04 April, 2012
Ice IX Malware exploits the popularity of Facebook to redirect users to a fake page for performing credit card fraud
Online Bank Fraud Exploits Mobile Users
14 March, 2012
Trusteer details the latest bank fraud techniques employing the one-time-password technology using mobile phones
Admin Credentials For Sale At Cybercrime Factories
09 February, 2012
Trusteer discovers bulk sales of credentials for accessing Social networking sites through cybercrime factory outlets
Telephone Account Transaction Detail Capture Malware
02 February, 2012
Ice IX Variant of ZeuS malware targets telephone banking customers to intercept bank account data and credentials
Financial Malware Targets French Free Service Provider
26 January, 2012
Trusteer details the latest financial malware Carberp which targets on-line banking users on the Free French ISP using Man in the Browser attacks
Banking Fraud Masked By Christmas Spending Confusion
05 January, 2012
Trusteer explains the seasonal trend of banking fraudulent transactions being lost in the traditional tendency to overspend and lose track of transactions
Malware Encryption and Infection Services Commoditised
01 December, 2011
Trusteer explains the new trend of providing commodity services for encryption of malware as well as malware infection services and what this means for the security industry
Fraudulent Phone Calls Increase In Bid To Steal ID
09 November, 2011
Trusteer examines ways that data thieves steal ID information and supply advice on how to avoid falling victim to ID theft
Internet Banking Protection for First Data Customers
01 September, 2011
Trusteer's Rapport and Pinpoint products will be made available to customers of First Data to provide them with internet banking protection
Financial Malware Version of Ramnit Discovered
24 August, 2011
Trusteer uncovers further financial malware in the form of Ramnit configuration able to inject HTML code into the browser
Trusteer Dispels The Myths Around Mobile Malware
16 August, 2011
Amit Klein of Trusteer explains why malware delivered to mobile devices should be taken seriously because the market is now ripe for cyber-criminals to exploit
More UK Banks Choose Free Online Customer Protection
13 July, 2011
Rapport is now being used by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks to provide their online customers with free protection for banking transactions
Smartphone Security Timebomb Continues Ticking
12 July, 2011
Trusteer explains why hackers are two steps ahead of the mobile security industry and are ready to exploit vulnerabilities on Android and iOS devices when they become more widely used for on-line mobile banking applications
Intelligence-based Fraud Prevention For Banks
04 July, 2011
Trusteer details how the company is helping the banking industry conform to FFIEC guidelines and prevent fraud using the One Platform Service
Trojan Downloader Targets UK Online Banking Users
01 July, 2011
A large increase in Hiloti trojan downloader infections has been seen in the UK in late June affecting users of online banking services
SpyEye Trojan Affects Virgin Broadband Customers
21 June, 2011
Trusteer advises internet lockdown strategy by ISP to contain SpyEye infections found on a number of client computers
Online Protection Improves At Financial Services Group
16 June, 2011
The Co-Operative is using Rapport from Trusteer to provide its online banking customers with additional protection from fraud and cyber-crime
Increasing Drift Towards Attacks Against Mac Based Systems
02 June, 2011
Trusteer comments on the trend towards targeting Macs with a call to Apple for increasing its stance on security
The Impact Of Social Engineering Techniques On Malware Distribution
14 April, 2011
Trusteer discusses how social engineering methods used by hackers can leave companies vulnerable to attacks regardless of time spent educating employees on being aware of the techniques used
Online Transaction Security For Metro Bank Customers
09 March, 2011
New British Bank selects Rapport secure browsing service from Trusteer to protect its online banking customers from fraud and phishing attacks when using browsers
Trusteer Warns of Bogus Support Calls
04 March, 2011
Mickey Boodaei of Trusteer, makers of secure web access solutions for banking applications, uses a case study to illustrate the danger of accepting bogus support calls regarding computer infections
OddJob Malware Keeps Online Banking Sessions Open In Background
24 February, 2011
Fooling users into thinking they've successfully logged out of online banking applications, the new Oddjob malware discovered by Trusteer enables fraudulent financial transactions to continue being made
Smartphone and Tablet Protection In Secure Web Access
11 February, 2011
Trusteer's Secure Web Access product provides web protection to organisations based on attacks using insecure mobile computing devices
Big Spending Drives Developemt Of SpyEye
08 February, 2011
How targeted attacks on Trusteer are helping the company provide unique protection to banking and corporate clients agains the Zeus and SpyEye malware
Zeus Malware Moves On To Target Payment Providers
21 January, 2011
A new trend discovered by Trusteer is for the Zeus malware to move on from mainstream banks and aim for easier targets particularly in the field of online payment providers
Rapport From Trusteer Offered To Bank of Cyprus UK Customers
09 December, 2010
Online banking customers at the Bank of Cyprus in the UK can rely on safe transactions using a secure communication tunnel thanks to Trusteer's Rapport software
First Hour Critical For Phishing Attacks
03 December, 2010
Study from Trusteer reveals that the first 5 hours of existence of a phishing campaign are when most of the damage is done with as much as 50% of phished credentials having been harvested within the first hour
Security Vulnerability Report For Mobile Networks
24 November, 2010
Trusteer reports on the vulnerability of mobile networks to some key vulnerabilities that require addressing
Zeus Targeting Enterprise Access Gateways
17 November, 2010
Amit Klein, Trusteer's CTO explains how Zeus is stealing logon credentials to enterprise access gateways.
Real Time Man In The Middle Foils 2FA Protection
11 November, 2010
Trusteer discovers that two-factor authentication is no guarantee against phishing attacks in wireless environments with real-time man-in-the-middle techniques overcoming the security precaution
MS Removal Tool Effective In Around Half Of Zeus Incidents
05 November, 2010
Trusteer comments on the financial malware Zeus and the effectiveness of the Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft in eliminating it
Critical Java Vulnerability Remains Largely Unpatched
26 October, 2010
Trusteer is warning of a significant vulnerability to internet users who remain unpatched against java exploit flaw
New Zeus Malware Version Isolated
22 October, 2010
Financial crime battle escalates with new variant of Zeus malware discovered for committing financial fraud
Zeus Arrests Are Not The End Of The Problem
04 October, 2010
Trusteer CEO comments on the US Zeus bank frauds and explains how similar hacks are still feasible
Zeus Malware Spreads To Smartphones and Social Networking Sites
29 September, 2010
Trusteer CEO provides some insight into the latest iteration of Zeus bringing problems to LinkedIn users as well as Smart phones
Constant Vigilance Needed To Remain Safe Online
19 August, 2010
Amit Klein of Trusteer provides useful insight into the world of online threats that are increasingly deploying social engineering tactics to make users drop their guard when they least expect it, exposing sensitive information or diverting to sites containing malware
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