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Analyst portal provides improved decision making
04 February, 2015
Investigation and resolution of cyber threats gains a new dimension with the Analyst Portal from Tier-3 Huntsman for improved decision making
Real time threat detection with GRC dashboard
01 December, 2014
The latest version of Huntsman from Tier-3 provides security managers with a live Governance Risk and Compliance dashboard as well as comprehensiv incident management capabilities
McAfee alliance brings huntsman to a wider user base
12 October, 2009
Tier-3 has joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance bringing the Huntsman suite integration with the McAfee ePO platform
Effective data protection monitoring
31 July, 2008
Geoff Sweeney of Tier 3 examines the monitoring of an organisation's data protection measures in the context of new UK legislation
Behavioural analysis as a way of overcoming banking fraud
24 July, 2008
Increased sophistication in e-banking fraud methods drives additional requirement for innovative methods of preventing losses including the use of behavioural analysis methods
Tier 3 recruit to lead Huntsman charge into Europe
01 July, 2008
EMEA managing director for Europe to lead the deployment of Tier 3's Huntsman technology into the European market
Java beans and coffee beans donÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Ât mix well on corporate networks
19 June, 2008
Australian report of network security flaws coming to light after hooking coffee percolator to the net demonstrates risk of unsecured passive network devices being connected to the internet
Hackers target recruitment sites for infecting visitors
13 June, 2008
High level positions targetted by hackers to by gaining access to their computers through infecting recruitment agency web sites
Hackers strike at South African government
11 June, 2008
In a syndicated malware attack in South Africa, hackers have been reported to have hauled millions from the country's government systems
Behavioural analysis backs up high US computer virus incident rates
03 June, 2008
High levels of virus infections reported for the US by an OECD study bears out claims by behavioural analysis specialists
Signature based protection not enough for new wave of malware
14 May, 2008
Malicious code that changes signature frequently requires behavioural analysis to prevent it spreading according to Tier-3
Tier-3 identifies latest security vulnerability.
21 April, 2008
Null pointer security flaws provide vulnerability for hackers to exploit as other routes become blocked.
Serious hacking crimes of New Zealand teenager demand tougher protection measures.
04 March, 2008
The trial of an 18 year old from New Zealand is unravelling the extent of the hacking crimes committed resulting in millions of pounds in losses and computer networks brought to their knees.
Behavioural analysis can help stop the office snoops.
26 February, 2008
Misusing company IT assets to find information or cause problems for fellow employees is a perennial problem which Tier-3 believes can be solved with behavioural analysis algorithms.
Banner advert attacks can be thwarted with behavioural analysis.
05 February, 2008
Banner Trojan discovered by Symantec directs victims to malware download sites but can be overcome with the installation of behavioural analysis software.
Trojan attacks two-factor internet banking authentication systems.
30 January, 2008
Silentbanker Trojan creates man-in-the-middle intermediary to intercept and decode internet banking two-factor authorisation codes.
Hackers attempt to control computerised city power grids for ransom.
24 January, 2008
The need for multi-level threat protection with behavioural analysis is demonstrated by trend identified by CIA of hijacking municipal utilities by hackers for ransom money.
IKEA breach leads to mass spam e-mailing.
17 January, 2008
Highly targeted spam loaded with Trojans could result from IKEA security breach warns Tier-3.
Behavioural analysis remains the best option for tackling adaptive malware.
10 January, 2008
With viruses and malware migrating from amateurs to money making professionals, the scope of the problem can only be dealt with using behavioural analysis to prevent zero day infections according to Tier-3.
Tier-3 warns of ease of tapping VoIP telephony.
26 November, 2007
SIPtap eavesdropping software makes tapping VoIP systems easy and widely available with ability for remote loading warns Tier-3
German anti terrorism Trojans get second chance
20 November, 2007
Tier-3 warns of the legality of renewed efforts by the German government to develop malware specifically aimed at compromising terrorist computers but which could affect other computers.
Cunning web hacks can be overcome with behavioural analysis software.
19 November, 2007
US hacked sport sites bearing malware exploit surfers trust according to Tier-3 who recommend behavioural analysis software to counter this kind of threat.
Corporate phish exposures avoidable with behavioural analysis.
09 November, 2007
Recent successful phishing attack which exposed customers to bogus invoicing serves as warning to avoid falling victim by installing behavioural analysis software.
Code obfuscation fools signature reading anti-virus software.
31 October, 2007
Tier-3 warns of re-emergence of disguised malware which uses a simple technique to fool signature-based anti-virus software thus enabling the recycling of old viruses.
Web site defacement hacks increasing between Sweden and Turkey.
26 October, 2007
Current tension between Swedish and Turkish hackers illustrates increasing need for additional measures to protect web sites according to Tier-3
Austrian secret service to use Trojans against criminals
23 October, 2007
The move of the Austrian Government towards using spy-code Trojans to eavesdrop on criminal computer usage raises concerns over the code falling into the wrong hands.
Tier-3 applauds release fo behavioural analysis software, Threatfire.
15 October, 2007
Behavioural analysis software from PC Tools launched onto consumer market to combat the elusive zero day threats that many anti-virus packages miss.
Pirate software peddled on auction sites.
08 October, 2007
Tier-3 warns against purchasing digital delivery software from auction sites as it may be illegal and expose the purchaser to virus risks.
Tier-3 discovers AOL IM flaw
27 September, 2007
IM flaw exposes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities and increases risk of using instant messaging
Improved factory security with Huntsman
25 September, 2007
Toshiba factory improves IT security with Huntsman threat management technology from Tier-3
TJX data breach was preventable
25 September, 2007
Tier-3 argues that TJX could have done more to prevent database hack which compromised customer data
Tier-3 warns of eBay availability of hacking tools
20 September, 2007
Items listed as ethical hacker training courses on eBay enable novices to load Trojans and hack web sites.
Identity theft over P2P network warning
11 September, 2007
Tier-3 warns of the risk of identity theft using peer to peer networks in the wake of Seattle arrest.
Wi-Fi hack demonstrated at Black Hat briefing.
03 August, 2007
Hackers demonstrate successful wi-fi intrusion using unencrypted cookies to hi-jack user sessions.
VoiP Softphone hack demonstration.
02 August, 2007
Notebook hack achieved using softphone over Wi-Fi to take control of computer.
BifFix withdraws free patch support.
31 July, 2007
The days of free patching are over according to Tier-3 as companies replace previously free updates with paid-for services.
Fake job adverts infect curious user systems
18 July, 2007
Tier-3 recommends behavioural analysis anti-malware software to prevent infections from unknown web-based software or e-mails.
Politically motivated DOS attacks hit Russian web sites
09 July, 2007
Tier-3 warns of the need to protect against denial of service attacks after increase in cyber crime to hit Russian based web sites.
Student personal data exposed in US University hack.
02 July, 2007
Tier-3 highlights requirement for multi-level security protection in environments where personal records are held.
Research highlights increasing VoIP security threats.
27 June, 2007
Latest trend in fraudulent software is to use voice over IP technology as a delivery mechanism highlighting the need for smarter detection methods including behavioural analysis according to Tier-3
Hackers gain access to web TV.
21 June, 2007
Czech TV station web-site hacked with programme transmissions replaced by nuclear explosion pictures.
Laptop lost by Eden Project contained sensitive data.
18 June, 2007
Eden project data loss demonstrates requirement for policies and procedures for protecting sensitive data and achieving compliance.
IIS Server users twice as vulnerable to hosting malicious software.
08 June, 2007
Google anti-malware group discovers predominance of IIS servers hosting and distributing malware.
Google acquisition adds weight to GreenBorder research efforts.
05 June, 2007
Development of security product which takes a different approach to malware protection will receive a boost from Google ownership.