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The Federation Against Software Theft
York House
18 York Road
[t] +44 1628 622121
[f] +44 1628 760338

Originally set up in the early 1980’s by the British Computer Society, the remit of FAST was t o lobby parliament for changes to the outdated copyright legislation to make it more applicable to software publishers. Having succeeded in that aim, the purpose of the federation is now to assist users in copyright compliance, provide expertise in licensing and enforce software copyright legislation. The Federation is happy to assist companies who are unsure of their compliance levels or to advise them on becoming compliant. The Federation has also issued a standard (FSSC1-2004) on software compliance Read more Federation Against Software Theft news below:

FAST responds to UK cyber crime government inquiry
27 November, 2015
The risks associated with buying non-genuine software have been submitted for consideration in the latest inquiry being held on cyber crime
Illegal File Sharers Waiting Prosecution Must Face Legal Action
15 February, 2011
FAST is calling on the British justice system not to fold under campaign to withdraw cases from the legal process
FAST Publishes Report On Online Piracy Legislation
24 January, 2011
Directive on intellectual property rights published delivering a framework for the protection of copyrighted material from online piracy
Digital Economy Act Inadequate For Software Piracy Protection
17 January, 2011
FAST has issued a warning to the government that software copyright infringement isn't adequately catered for within the new Digital Economy Act and requires its own legislation
Education Needed In Fight Against Counterfeit Trade
10 January, 2011
Whilst many people knowingly buy counterfeit products, survey reveals the overwhelming majority would think twice if they knew how the proceeds of such trade were used, according to FAST
Software Asset Management Seminar To Be Held In January
07 January, 2011
The Federation Against Software Theft is revealing the latest industry standard enhancements for Software Asset Management in a seminar to be held in mid-January in London
Digital Economy Act Debate To Be Held In January
15 December, 2010
FAST is meeting in the House Of Commons in January for its Legal Advisory Group to debate the future of the Digital Economy Act
Tiered SAM Certification Scheme Now At Preview Stage
09 December, 2010
The Federation Against Software Theft has made further progress on the introduction of the tiered certification for Software Asset Management
Software Compliance Scheme Extended To North West of England
01 December, 2010
FAST and the Trading Standards office are raising awareness levels in the North West of England regarding the illegal use of software products
Doubts Raised Over ACTA Wording
23 November, 2010
The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement comes under scrutiny from the Federation Against Software Theft
FAST lambastes ISPs as they are granted Judicial Review
12 November, 2010
Who actually makes the law Ãâ" the Government or the Judiciary? The Federation Against Software Theft has lambasted the decision by the High Court to grant a judicial Review of the Digital Economy Act on behalf of TalkTalk and BT.
Intellectual Property Regime Review Welcomed By FAST
08 November, 2010
UK Government announces a new legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights in a move seen as a positive step by the Federation Against Software Theft
Counterfeit Goods Increase Not Helped by Consumer Complacency
29 September, 2010
The Federation Against Software Theft is issuing advice to consumers on protecting themselves from fake websites and counterfeit goods
ISP companiestest To Share Copyright Infringement Cost Burden
21 September, 2010
The Federation Against Software Theft comments on the government's plans to distribute copyright costs between owners and internet service providers
Lengthy Appeal Process Keeps Convicted File Sharing Site At Large
19 August, 2010
The Pirate Bay illegal file sharing site remains operational despite convictions in Sweden of Intellectual Property theft for its members due to lengthy appeal considerations according to the Federation Against Software Theft
FAST Welcomes Results Of Intellectual Property Crime Report Findings
05 August, 2010
Annual Government report on intellectual property theft demonstrates the extent of the crime with millions of items having been seized by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs during the last year.
FAST Joins Local Trading Standards Campaigns on Software Compliance
02 August, 2010
Trading standards offices in the UK are embarking on an education and awareness campaign with the help of FAST for targeting local businesses in an attempt to reduce the instances of illegal software usage
FAST Launches On-Line Anti-Piracy Campaign
29 July, 2010
The Federation Against Software Theft has taken its anti software piracy campaign to the internet on behalf of Primal Pictures
Gumtree Software Pirate Raided In Swansea
16 July, 2010
Working on evidence provided by FAST, the Trading Standards organisation in the Welsh city of Swansea have conducted a raid on a local man selling pirate software using online classified websites
FAST and the Trading Standards Authority Perform Raid on Swansea companiestest
15 July, 2010
Corporate software copyright offences targeted in raid in Welsh city after trading standards authorities receive tip-off about the illegal use of software
UK Ruling Dismisses Passive Involvement Defence For Pirate Film Distribution
08 June, 2010
Enabling communications to download film materials illegally judged in UK court to be an infringement of copyright laws in landmark legal case brought by 20th Century Fox
Best Practice Seminar Held on Malware And Social Networking Policies
26 May, 2010
FAST has conducted a seminar in the UK for business leaders to acquaint them with the latest tools and best practices in combating malware and dealing with the issue of social networking in the workplace
Digital Economy Act Reinforced By New Minister
25 May, 2010
The Federation Against Software Theft welcomes the continuation of Government support for the UK's Digital Economy Act and the positive effect this will have on fighting software piracy
Best Practice IT Security Seminar
21 May, 2010
The Cabinet War Rooms in London is the venue for a morning seminar being run by the Federation Against Software Theft for participants to gain guidance on preventing both internal and external attacks
Three Main Barriers Identified To Cloud Adoption
21 May, 2010
Industry code of practice may allay fears of Cloud Computing adoption within industry
Webroot E-mail Security Service Adopted at FAST
07 May, 2010
The Federation Against Software Theft has taken the E-mail Security Service from Webroot to protect the communication environment for its staff and reduce the incidence of e-mail borne threats
FAST Brings Under-Licensing Claim To Settlement
06 May, 2010
Esker has won a claim against a UK healthcare trust with the help of the Federation Against Software Theft for under-licensing terminal emulation software
Effective Licence Management Discussed At SIRB Conference
30 April, 2010
FAST IiS hails success of recent conference held to discuss software asset management, compliance and the effective management of software licences
FAST Urges MPs To Pass Digital Economy Bill
19 March, 2010
With the latest UK information legislation passed on the third reading by the House of Lords, the Federation Against Software Theft is now urging the commons to turn the bill into law at the first opportunity
UK Businesses Exposed to Software Compliance Problems
12 March, 2010
With the vast majority of UK businesses failing to use software asset management tools to manage their licensing, the Federation Against Software Theft is warning of compliance problems resulting from poor asset awareness
Software Industry Research Board Organises Software Management and Licensing Conference
19 February, 2010
Bringing together professionals and users of licence management procedures and practices, the Software Management and Licensing Conference to be held in Reading during April seeks to make further progress in licence management
Cloud Providers Urged to Develop Trust in Potential User Community
27 January, 2010
With concerns over Cloud Security remaining the largest detractor to it's implementation, the Cloud Industry Forum is calling on service providers to demonstrate their adoption of good practices in order to re-assure the user community
No commercial link between the Federation and FAST Ltd
25 January, 2010
The Federation Against Software Theft has made a statement to clear the confusion surrounding the organisation and the similarly named FAST Ltd which offers licence management consultancy
FAST backs the ÃÂÃâ€ÂÃ…"Future-ProofingÃÂÃâ€Âàclause in the Digital Economy Bill
19 January, 2010
Copyright law is being discussed in the law-making bodies of the UK Government with contention having arisen over the controversial clause 17 designed to enable the bill to be amended at the same pace as the technology it is protecting, a principal supported by the Federation Against Software Theft
FAST comments on litigation risk for companiestest ignoring employee download activity
18 January, 2010
With ScanSafe research indicating large growth in the use of employee workstations for the illegal downloading of software and other materials, The Federation Against Software Theft is advising companies that they face prosecution for allowing this to take place on work premises
Legal group created at FAST for assistance on digital rights
08 January, 2010
FLAG Digital Group at the Federation Against Software Theft has been created to focus on the legal issues surrounding digital rights and software licensing
Code of Conduct work begins for Cloud Computing
18 December, 2009
FAST's Cloud Industry Forum has commenced its activities on a code of conduct for the industry to assist users in understanding what to expect from cloud computing providers
Cloud explosion prediction backed up by CIF
17 December, 2009
The Cloud Industry Forum supports the prediction made by IDC that the expansion of cloud computing during 2010 will increase at a rapid rate
UK IT users demonstrate lack of data protection awareness
14 December, 2009
The Federation Against Software Theft comments on the recent BCS finding that a mere 20% of citizens in the UK have any idea about how to protect their online data despite the proliferation of on-line shopping and the popularity of social networking in the country
The SIRB join FAST IiS to organise software licensing event
10 December, 2009
The UK Software Management and Licensing Conference will take place in Reading in April for providing guidance on licence management
EU and UK laws in conflict on copyright
01 December, 2009
With the UK's anti-piracy law about to come into effect, European Union legislation vote looks set to founder it whilst still in dock
Digital Economy Bill brings action against illegal file sharing
19 November, 2009
The Federation Against Software Theft applauds the move by the British Government to bring tougher actions against illegal file sharing activities
Copyright enforcement funding under threat
06 November, 2009
The Federation Against Software Theft expresses concern over the re-allocation of funding originally destined for Trading Standards in support of copyright protection
FAST spins off Cloud computing self regulatory body
05 November, 2009
The Cloud Industry Forum has been created as part of the Federation Against Software Theft for standardizing codes of conduct in the software as a service industry
Confusing Government messages over IP infringement policies
02 November, 2009
The Federation Against Software Theft highlights the contradictory messages coming from the Government regarding intellectual property infringements
Free ROI tool helps demonstrate benefits of SAM
23 October, 2009
The Software Industry Research Board has made a free tool available for download which calculates return on investment for Software Asset Management
Three new members join FAST Board
21 October, 2009
The Federation Against Software Theft gains three new board members to strengthen the legal expertise on its team
Open Source Licensing conference to be held in London
16 September, 2009
The Federation Against Software Theft is supporting a conference being held in London this week to raise awareness of open source licensing
FAST backs new law proposals on illegal file sharing
27 August, 2009
UK Government plans for cutting bandwidth for persistent illegal file sharing offenders seen as a positive step by the Federation Against Software Theft
Illegal file downloaders unaffected by threats of prosecution
15 June, 2009
FAST IiS research indicates that those who download illegal files from sharing sites are undeterred by official warnings not to do so
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