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Social Media Risk Reduction For Businesses
02 August, 2011
Enterprise Vault 10 from Symantec incorporates new features including risk reduction capability for business users of social media tools
Integrated Data Loss Prevention In Web Gateway
13 July, 2011
Web security solution gains additional functions to combat web-borne mallware as well as protection against data loss
High Performance With Protection For Virtual Environments
07 July, 2011
Symantec has released version 12 of Symantec Endpoint Protection designed to protect against the high volumes of malware attacks in both physical and virtual environments
Gaps Remain In iOS and Android Security
29 June, 2011
Analysis from Symantec on the security of iOS and Android mobile device platforms reveals improvements but with major gaps remaining
16 Bulletins Represent Essential Patch Update From Microsoft
16 June, 2011
Symantec comments on the latest patch release from Microsoft which addresses 34 vulnerabilities including problems associated with Internet Explorer
Botnet Closure Drives Spam Down in April
24 May, 2011
Symantec reports on the latest state of spam and phishing with the Rustock botnet closure affecting spam but phishing continues to rise with increased targetting of gamers
Renewed Product Set Steps Up To Combat Advanced Persistent Threats
05 May, 2011
Endpoint and Protection Center from Symantec revised as the IT protection company responds to increased sophistication of both traditional and virtual cyber-attacks with advanced persistent threats
Phishing Toolkits Increase Levels Of Attacks In February
17 March, 2011
Report on spam and phishing from Symantec reveals a surge in attack levels during february resulting from the widespread use of phishing toolkits
Royal Wedding Spam Begins To Have Impact
24 February, 2011
Spam campaign associated with the forthcoming royal wedding in the UK relates to replica ring advertising, warns Symantec
Centralised Archiving Advised for Coping With Data Explosion
16 February, 2011
Symantec comments on the doubling of data demands year on year and the increasing need for centralised archiving requirements
High Performance Enpoint Protection For Virtual Environments
16 February, 2011
Symantec has re-released two versions of the company's Endpoint Protection product with faster performance and advanced protection for endpoints
Symantec Details Best Practice For Securing Enterprise Mobile Devices
11 February, 2011
As mobile devices including smartphones are becoming more data-rich and valuable to commercial organisations, Symantec advises on the best way of ensuring that access and data are adequately protected
Valentine Day Spam Set To Be High This Month
07 February, 2011
Symantec is warning e-mail users about the annual influx of Valentine's Day spam with redirects to malicious websites
Employees Risking Company Data Loss With Best Intentions
28 January, 2011
Symantec survey discovers that many office workers in the UK take unacceptable risks with corporate data believing that the benefits of their actions outweigh the potential for loss or leakage of the data
VeriSign Authentication Available From Symantec
21 January, 2011
The Symantec Protection Center now incorporates VeriSign Managed PKI and other services for secure identity management and authentication
Accessibility Of Attack Kits Brings Cyber Crime Capabilities To The Masses
19 January, 2011
Attack kit availability and quality is attracting a wider group of people to cybercrime as witnessed by the proliferation of Zeus, according to a new report from Symantec
Appliance Strategy From Symantec Designed To Provide Deployment Flexibility
18 January, 2011
Mix and match modular applications and appliances from Symantec covering storage management, data protection and IT security enable a flexile approach to be taken regarding deployment whether through hardware appliances, software or cloud computing
Video Content Generates Largest Number Of Web-Based Infections
17 January, 2011
A study from Symantec shows that video content searches are the most frequent cause of web-based attacks with adult content and streaming video being the most dangerous
Critical Patch Issued By Microsoft
13 January, 2011
Symantec comments on the light patch release from Microsoft and advises IT Administrators to address the critical bulletin
Small Businesses Remain Unprepared For Disasters
12 January, 2011
Symantec publishes results of levels of disaster preparation amongst small and medium sized businesses and provides recommendations for effective preparation
Christmas Season Spam Predictions From Symantec
20 December, 2010
Online Christmas shopping drives spam and phishing attempts skywards with a 30 per cent increase reported in Spam and Phishing Report available from Symantec
Critical Vulnerabilities Closed Prior To Holiday Season
16 December, 2010
Symantec analyses the patch bulletin issued by Microsoft which includes the closure of eight vulnerabilities which are ranked as critical
Symantec Examines Challenges Which Lie Ahead In 2011
13 December, 2010
Cloud computing will be high on the list of challenges for IT security professionals in 2011 along with social media and mobile security, according to report from Symantec
Passmark Ranks Endpoint Protection Software Highly
09 December, 2010
Symantec's Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition has been recognised in performance tests by PassMark
Short URL Exploitation Continues To Plague Twitter
06 December, 2010
Symantec warns businesses to educate users of the Twitter social networking framework on the potential danger of clicking on short URLs which can contain links to malware-loaded sites
New Security Measures At Facebook Help Preserve Online Identity
14 October, 2010
Symantec comments on Facebook's recent security update enabling users to be informed of login activity and the use of short term passwords for use in insecure environments
Critical Vulnerabilities Require Fast Patching
14 October, 2010
Symantec comments on the latest Microsoft patch update that addresses the most vulnerabilities ever recorded in a single month
Twitter Shortened URLs May Stem URL Shortening Scams
06 September, 2010
Symantec comments on the plans of Twitter on releasing its own URL shortening service
Celebrity Air Crash Spam Flooding E-mail Accounts
25 August, 2010
Symantec is following a campaign by spammers luring e-mail recipients to open virus-loaded attachments which promise to contain details of celebrities supposedly killed in air catastrophe
Virtualised Business Protection Available From Symantec
18 August, 2010
ApplicationHA and VirtualStore from Symantec enable confident virtualisation whilst keeping control of storage costs and accessibility to business critical information
Symantec Warns Against Premier League Ticket Raffles
16 August, 2010
Bogus prize draws and raffles relating to free tickets for premier league football matches are a phishing hoax, warns Symantec
Facebook Security Fraud Uncovered
13 August, 2010
Symantec is warning Facebook users of a new fraud vector targeting user logon credentials
Improved User Interface For Backup Exec 2010
12 August, 2010
Backup Exec 2010 from Symantec released at new version with extended platform support and improved user experience
Patch Update Addresses 12 Critical Vulnerabilities
12 August, 2010
Large bulletin release from Microsoft represents a record number of vulnerabilities being addressed in a single month with 34 of which 12 are critical
Twitter Spam Lures Users With Free iPad Offer Warns Symantec
10 August, 2010
Latest twitter related spam indicates increasing trend by spammers to exploit trust relationships established through social networking sites
E-Mail Gateway Protection For Northern Rock Financial Organisation
22 July, 2010
Northern Rock has chosen PGP Universal Gateway E-mail from Symantec for securing client and corporate information during e-mail communications
DNS Security Overhaul Spells Doom For Cyber Attackers
15 July, 2010
Symantec comments on the latest overhaul to the Domain Name System which makes it more difficult for cyber attackers to redirect browsers to fake websites
Information Risk Exposure Assessment Tool For Small Businesses
30 June, 2010
Symantec has released Small Business Check-Up to allow smaller businesses to make an assessment of their vulnerability and take effective measures to prevent themselves from becoming cyber-crime victims
Symantec Notes Increased Attack Risk For Brazilian Businesses
24 June, 2010
The performance of the Brazil football team in the FIFA World Cup is precipitating an increase in cyber attacks on companies from the country
Spam Set To Increase Significantly Ahead of Fathers Day
18 June, 2010
Symantec has issued a warning against opening e-mail with subject headings relating to Fathers day as the company expects a massive increase in spam levels relating to the celebration within the next few days.
Symantec Advises Patching Against Latest Vulnerability
18 June, 2010
With hacking activity high on Windows XP and Server 2003, Symantec is advising users of unpatched Microsoft systems to install the latest protective patches
Blank Subject Line Latest Spam Tactic
14 June, 2010
Symantec has highlighted the latest spam techniques being used to lure readers into opening unwanted e-mails including leaving the subject line of the message blank
Further Facebook Privacy Tips From Symantec
11 June, 2010
Advice on avoiding exploits using the Facebook Group Function released from Symantec to further protect users of the popular social networking site
Symantec Comments On Microsoft Patch Release For June
10 June, 2010
With a serious Windows kernel vulnerability among the bulletins released by Microsoft this week, Symantec is recommending that system administrators don't delay in applying the patches
Mobile Phone Security Advice For World Cup Fans
09 June, 2010
Symantec is raising awareness levels of threats posed to world cup fans using mobile phones to stay abreast of events, offering advice on physical security and also in preventing becoming a victim to malware, phishing or other targeted exploits aimed at mobile users absorbed in the matches
Advice On World Cup Spam and Malicious E-Mails
31 May, 2010
Symantec has set up a Twitter account for World Cup Fans to follow providing the latest news on spam and e-mail based threats relating to the increased internet threats associated with the international sporting event
2009 Internet Security Threat Report Available from Symantec
21 April, 2010
Symantec reports on a year which saw significant growth in the volume and sophistication of threat levels and cybercrime
One Year On For the Downadup/Conficker Threat
30 March, 2010
With the 1st April Looming, Symantec takes a look at the Conficker threat and speculates whether the risk still exists one year later
Frivolous Passwords Remain Popular
30 March, 2010
Symantec survey shows that poor password choice and security remains a problem for a significant number of internet users
Web Security Monitoring Service Available from Symantec
24 March, 2010
Managed service offered by Symantec for the protection of companies from pervasive web threats through constant security monitoring
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