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SUI Goodrich
3490 Route 1, Building 12
NJ 08540-5914
[t] +1 609 520 0610
[f] +1 609 520 1663
SUI Goodrich is an established supplier of InGaAs photodiodes and infra red cameras. Applications include laser guidance and tracking, night vision and surveillance systems. SUI was the originator of indium gallium arsenide imaging systems for military and security applications and are constantly developing the technology being the holder of a number of related patents. Read More SUI Goodrich news below:
CE Marked Large Format SWIR Camera
18 January, 2011
SUI Goodrich has launched a large-format shortwave infrared InGaAs camera conforming to European Standards
Short Wave IR Camera For Unmanned Vehicles
26 August, 2010
Small lightweight infra red camera system from SUI Goodrich suitable for use on unmanned ground and aerial vehicles for military and homeland security surveillance missions
Miniature SWIR Video Camera
24 August, 2010
High sensitivity shortwave infrared camera module from SUI Goodrich designed for use in covert surveillance applications in harsh environments
InGaAs Digital Line Scan Camera For Precision Imaging
30 April, 2010
SUI Goodrich has announced a short wave infrared camera for high speed imaging of over 90,000 lines per second
High Sensitivity SWIR Camera With Image Enhancement
03 March, 2010
Two new Shortwave Infrared Cameras from SUI Goodrich feature automatic compensation for wide ranges of light levels and can be mounted in a variety of configurations making it suitable for a range of surveillance duties including covert operations
US Defence contract for imaging system development
25 November, 2009
DARPA has contracted Sensors Unlimited to develop Short Wave Infrared Technology for enhancing human identification capabilities in the dark
Moon water found with SWIR sensors
17 November, 2009
Short Wave Infra Red cameras from SUI Goodrich were on board the Lunar lander that presented evidence of water on the moon
SUI Goodrich SWIR cameras to crash land on the moon on Friday
08 October, 2009
The NASA lunar crash mission to determine the presence of water on the moon is due to arrive at the moon on Friday with SWIR cameras fitted
SWIR cameras from SUI Goodrich used on lunar mission
17 September, 2009
Two SWIR-InGaAs cameras produced by Sensors Unlimited have been used by NASA aboard its lunar mission to search for water ice on the moon
Imaging system partnership for manned safety systems
28 July, 2009
SUI Goodrich and Cloud Cap Technology have teamed up to produce specialist IR imaging systems for UAV and manned safety systems
Improved manufacturing yield using SWIR cameras
10 June, 2009
Infrared area and linescan cameras from SUI Goodrich are being used for quality monitoring on solar cell manufacturing line
50mm SWIR low distortion lens
31 March, 2009
Lens for infrared cameras boasts high resolution with very low distortion levels
Uncooled IR camera for machine vision
17 November, 2008
High speed InGaAs Camera from SUI with shortwave Infrared provides high speed imaging suitable form machine vision applications
Korean distributor enlisted for SUIÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs SWIR cameras
03 September, 2008
SUI Goodrich breaks into the South Korean market for short wave infrared camera systems with the recruitment of machine vision specialist JUN-Vision as its distribution partner
Successful short wave IR camera trials
28 August, 2008
SWIR camera from Sensors Unlimited successfully flight tested on unmanned aircraft trials
Infrared Imaging capability for unmanned vehicles
11 June, 2008
High sensitivity IR cameras in the Near Infrared and Short wave ranges (NIR and SWIR) are now available in compact form for unmanned vehicles
High sensitivity short wave imaging.
30 April, 2008
Spectroscopy applications benefit from latest LC series arrays from SUI Goodrich with extended short wave sensitivity.
Day and night vision camera with laser detection
14 March, 2008
Improved sensitivity camera from SUI Goodrich enables clarity of vision for both day and night use with added advantage of detection system for battlefield infrared lasers.
Advanced imaging with broad wavelength range
11 March, 2008
LC Series Linear Photodiode detector array enables wide scope for instrument design flexibility.
Higher line rate for digital line scan camera.
17 January, 2008
SUI Goodrich develops high resolution near infra red camera with line rates of over 46000 per second.
Night vision sensor development.
04 January, 2008
Goodrich will develop imaging sensors for night vision applications on vehicle mounted and body worn surveillance systems for DARPA.
Night vision imaging development contract.
20 August, 2007
SUI Goodrich chosen for development of infra red lenses for night vision imaging in the defence arena.
New SWIR camera for machine vision.
26 July, 2007
Latest infra red camera from SUI Goodrich ideal for high data rate process control and other machine vision applications.
Fast target tracking with new windowing cameras.
24 May, 2007
SUI Goodrich releases two new infra red windowing cameras with snapshot and high frame rate capabilities.
Infra red snapshot capability from surveillance stream.
09 May, 2007
Latest Infra red camera from SUI Goodrich capable of capturing images from movement or pulsed events making it ideal for machine vision or military applications.
High sensitivity Infra red imaging system.
10 April, 2007
Image enhancement and gain control enables IR camera to be used in broad spectrum of light levels including direct sunlight.