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Stonesoft Networks
200 Brook Drive
Green Park
[t] +44 118 925 3311
[f] +44 118 925 3321
Integrated security management collaboration
11 December, 2013
Stonesoft and Tufin Technologies have entered into a collaboration for integrating contextual awareness with policy orchestration for improved IT security management
Enhanced virtualization support for next generation firewall
11 November, 2013
The latest version of Stonesoft's next generation firewall includes support for virtualisation and API for security management center
NG Firewall Serves Multiple Customers
19 June, 2013
New security engine platform from Stonesoft gives service providers greater flexibility in providing firewall services
Next generation firewall for Interoute Cloudstore
22 May, 2013
Firewall from Stonesoft designed to work in virtual data centres based on the interoute infrastructure as a service model
2FA now available on consumer cloud application
25 March, 2013
Users of the Apple iCloud function gain security advantage with the introduction of two factor authentication (2FA) technology
Vulnerability research unit demonstrates Government commitment
22 March, 2013
Stonesoft comments on the creation of the vulnerability research unit by the UK Government and how this will affect UK trade and industry
Stonesoft predicts cyber threats for 2013
14 December, 2012
An increase in hacktivism and a greater prevalence of Advanced Evasion Techniques will form part of the backdrop of IT security in 2013, according to Stonesoft
Protecting financial services from DDoS attacks
15 October, 2012
Stonesoft provides advice on the protection of financial institutions from Distributed Denial of Service attacks
Theories on origin of conficker malware
12 October, 2012
Stonesoft provides its views on the origins of the Conficker malware and why the creators are still unknown
High Speed Network Appliance Protects Against Advanced Evasion Techniques
13 September, 2012
Advanced Evasion Techniques threat reporting and improved log visualisations bring comprehensive security protection capability to StoneSoft's high speed network security appliances
Hertfordshire Police Website Hacked
03 September, 2012
Stonesoft comments on the precendents set by the recent attack on a UK Police force website
Stonesoft Puts Gauss In Overall Cyber Warfare Context
14 August, 2012
Gauss malware seen to be the latest in a growing trend for using digital espionage in both business and politics
Free AET Threat Assessment Tool
24 July, 2012
Evader has been released by Stonesoft free of charge to enable companies to evaluate their networks' ability to detect Advanced Evasion Technique threats
Home Office Warns Of Increased IT Attacks Ahead of Olympics
05 July, 2012
Stonesoft believes the real cyber threat levels before London 2012 are higher even than the Government's Home Office is admitting to.
IT Firm Accreditation Simplification By UK Government
13 June, 2012
Secure network specialists at StoneSoft comment on the recent UK Government announcement that it plans to make the IT Security vendor accreditation process more simple
Advice On Secure Implementation of IPv6
07 June, 2012
Stonesoft offers 10 pieces of advice on securely implementing IPv6 in the workplace as the new protocol comes on stream
Stonesoft Comments On Anonymous Kremlin Attack
10 May, 2012
Kremlin website attack linked to similar attacks using advanced techniques to infiltrate systems
Stonesoft Comments On MOD Security Breach
07 May, 2012
Highly Security Systems in Military Organisations could be successful targets for Advanced Evasion Techniques says Stonesoft
Contextually Aware Transformable Security Engine
29 February, 2012
Stonesoft releases its security engine for enterprise IT security protection with adaptability and scalability
Barclays Mobile Banking App Security Considerations
27 February, 2012
Stonesoft comments on security considerations for the Pingit app launched by Barclays bank for mobile banking
Intrusion Protection Appliance Provides AET Protection
23 January, 2012
Stonesoft's latest appliance provides protection to high throughput data centres from Advanced Evasion Technology threats
Stonesoft Partners With Internet Service Provider
03 November, 2011
Partnership to provide additional protection to ISP customers from the increasing threat of Advanced Evasion Techniques
Port-80 Delivery of Advanced Evasion Techniques
05 October, 2011
Stonesoft describes how Advanced Evasion Techniques are being delivered across the HTTP protocol thereby increasing the threat level
High performance UTM appliance for small networks
31 August, 2011
The StoneGate FW-315 provides branch offices and small networks with full firewall and VPN protection with Unified Threat Management
Advanced Evasion Technique Protection Advice
19 August, 2011
Stonesoft is providing advice through 6 tips to companies towards protecting against the growing threat of Advanced Evasion Techniques
Travelodge Hack Compromises Sensitive Customer Information
27 June, 2011
Stonesoft comments on the hacking of UK hotel chain Travelodge and the loss of customer name and address information from their database
Successful Hacks On High Profile Companies Demands Rethink On IT Security
23 June, 2011
Stonesoft comments on hacks during the last 12 months on highly secure companies which nonetheless suffered breaches and thereby demanding a new approach to IT Security
Plug and Play Network Security
17 June, 2011
Mass Security appliance from Stonesoft provides easy set-up network security solution for distributed organisations with remote offices
Anti-Evasion Readiness Test Available From Stonesoft
02 June, 2011
Test service from Stonesoft highlights readiness and protection against advanced evasion techniques
Secure Remote Access Capability For Cloud Computing
04 April, 2011
StoneGate Authentication Solutioin provides multi-factor authentication capabilities for securing cloud access
Advice On Avoiding Advanced Evasion Techniques
25 March, 2011
With the evolution of advanced evasion techniques to bypass network intrusion prevention systems, the discoverer of the technology provides six pieces of advice on protecting critical data Hack Reassurance Insufficient
23 March, 2011
Stonesoft comments on the hack which compromised customer data saying that the low level of information is not an excuse for lax security practices
New Advanced Evasion Techniques Continue To Be Discovered
15 February, 2011
Stonesoft has discovered a further 124 Advanced Evasion Techniques that compromise vulnerability closures
Apple MAC OS To Become More Prominent Malware Target In 2011
19 January, 2011
Stonesoft sheds light on expected threats for 2011 including a rise in the profile of Apple's OS, Advanced Evasion Techniques increasing network vulnerabilities and the further development of stuxnet threatening infrastructure systems
100% Protection Against Advanced Evasion Techniques
14 January, 2011
The StoneGate IPS-1205 and 3205 IPS appliances have been tested by NSS Labs reporting complete protection from Advanced Evasion Techniques
IPS From Stonesoft Gains ICSA Certification
14 December, 2010
The StoneGate IPS system from Stonesoft gains network intrusion prevention system certification from ICSA Labs
Advanced Evasion Techniques Should Not Be Ignored
02 December, 2010
Stonesoft explains the threat of Advanced Evasion Techniques being increasingly used by hackers and why the industry should not ignore this emerging threat
Advanced Evasion Techniques Pose Significant Threat To Industrial Systems
19 October, 2010
Stonesoft details the discovery of the AET or Advanced Evasion Techniques being deployed by hackers for compromising industrial ERP or CRM systems by by-passing network security systems
Modular Network Security Appliance Components
01 September, 2010
Stonesoft has taken a modular approach to network protection with the StoneGate range of network security appliances being offered as modular hardware to meet requirements for ease of scalability as company networks expand
Mobile Solutions For Remote One-Time Password Authentication
01 September, 2010
Users of iPod, iPhone and iPad equipment as well as Google Android can now gain secure access to network resources remotely using StoneGate MobileID from Stonesoft
Network Threat Reduction Advice For Federal Agencies
22 July, 2010
The recently developed US Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act has resulted in Stonesoft offering tips for federal agencies on how to improve network security
Performance Enhancement For StoneGate Network Security Products
19 July, 2010
The StoneGate range of Firewall, Management Centre and Intrusion Prevention Systems gain performance enhancements and changes to administration workflow at version 5.2
Improved Productivity Tools Incorporated in Network Protection Appliance
08 July, 2010
Firewall and VPN, Intrusion Protection and Network Management Centre from Stonesoft enable network managers to have total control over their network security including the setting of policies, monitoring and logging
Malicious PDF Protection Built In To StoneGate IPS
21 June, 2010
Users of the StoneGate IPS Intrusion Prevention System are immune from the latest Adobe Flash Player vulnerability which exploits Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat
High Speed Gigabit Network Protection
19 May, 2010
The StoneGate IPS-1205 appliance provides intrusion protection for networks operating at gigabit network speeds
Stonesoft's Guide to Overcoming The Virtual Network Security Challenge
15 April, 2010
Network security specialist, Stonesoft answers the question of how to improve cloud computing security by providing five tactics for network virtualisation without compromising security in the cloud
SSL VPN Appliance Offers Mobile Access To The Cloud
12 March, 2010
Stonesoft is Offering authenticated remote access from mobile devices to business applications in the cloud using virtual SSL VPN appliance
Stonesoft Identifies evolved network threats for 2010
18 February, 2010
Three threats set to dominate network security during 2010 with virtualisation, mobile remote access and credit card security being the main challenges, according to Stonesoft
Web Filtering Functionality added to StoneGate Firewall
27 January, 2010
The Firewall and VPN management centre from Stonesoft gains additional functions with 3G wireless network connectivity and web filtering for improved control on workforce browsing activity to minimize network risks
Geolocation pinpoints sources of network attacks
10 December, 2009
The StoneGate Management Centre now features Geolocation software to assist administrators in locating the source of suspicious traffic or attacks on their networks
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