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Smiths Detection
The Genesis Centre, Science Park South,
[t] +44 1925 838 494
[f] +44 1925 838 463
Smiths Detection X-Ray screening, chemical, biological substance and explosives detection equipment for the protection of transport infrastructure and public buildings. These systems are used for passenger, baggage and cargo screening and can be used to screen articles of virtually any size.

Smith's screening systems are part of an integrated solution that the company provides for overall threat detection and includes screening management software.

The company also provides mobile detection systems for law enforcement bodies and the defence sector. This arm of the company also supplies specialist vehicles for CBRN and also incident management.
Brazilian prison takes body scanners
25 September, 2015
Security will be increased at a prison in Brazil with the introduction of scanners to detect contraband both internally and externally to the body
Canada to secure borders with X-Ray cargo screening
16 January, 2014
High energy X-ray scanners from Smiths Detection will be supplied to Canada to assist in the securing of the country's land border
Dual view x-ray explosive detection system
30 September, 2013
Compact x-ray inspection system uses dual view technology for the automatic detection of explosives in baggage at security check points
Liquid threat identification module
31 July, 2013
A threat identification module has been released by Smiths Detection specifically for identifying liquid threats for use with standard baggage inspection equipment
Portable bomb detection for US marathon
20 June, 2013
Handheld explosive detection systems from Smiths Detection have been used at the Pittsburgh marathon to protect participants in the wake of the Boston bombing
EU approval for millimetre wave screening system
15 May, 2013
The eqo millimetre wave people screening system from Smiths Detection has met the requirements of the EU standard 2
Explosive detectors for Canadian transport security
15 April, 2013
Canada has invested in over 100 trace detection systems to combat explosives in its air security network
High speed screening systems for Spanish airports
18 February, 2013
Ten Spanish airports clamp down on illegal goods in baggage with the use of high speed X-Ray screening systems supplied by Smiths Detection
Smiths Enters Radiation Detection Partnership
15 August, 2012
Agreement with Mirion opens US military, aviation and homeland security markets for radiation detection instruments to Smiths Detection
Contractor Assigned For X-Ray Airport Scanner Upgrades
28 June, 2012
Optosecurity has been hired by Smiths Detection to carry out upgrades to EU standards for airport baggage screening equipment
Checkpoint Scanner Manufacturing Facility Opens in Maryland
30 September, 2010
State Governor to perform opening ceremony at a Smiths Detection facility in Maryland for manufacturing X-Ray scanners for the TSA and chemical agent detection equipment
Hi-Scan X-Ray Systems To Be Deployed at US Check Points
27 September, 2010
Airport checkpoints in America to be protected with Hi-Scan X-Ray detection systems as a result of Transportation Security Administration order on Smiths Detection
US School Protection With Smiths Detection Screening Products
23 September, 2010
X-Ray bag screening systems are protecting schools in America with the effective detection of weapons and drugs
Trace Detection System In Use For Boarding Passengers
17 September, 2010
Airlines in the US are using trace detection equipment for passengers boarding inbound flights at the gates of foreign airports
Chemical Warfare Agent Detection Integrated To Surveillance VMS
02 September, 2010
Washington metro transport to gain innovative integrated security system composed of Protect and FirstView from Smiths Detection which comprises chemical warfare agent sensors which are integrated into a surveillance video management system controlling hundreds of cameras within the metro network
US Marines Upgrade Chemical Identifiers
30 August, 2010
Smiths Detection to supply the US Marine Corps with HazMatID 360 upgrade kits to improve chemical agent detection and identification
Chemical Warning Detectors For Rhode Island Port Security
19 August, 2010
Chemical Threat Detection and Video Management System from Smiths Detection to be used for real time security management at the harbour of Providence in Rhode Island
Cargo Screening Systems Added To TSA Qualified List
04 August, 2010
The TSA's Air Cargo Screening Qualified List has now been updated to include a further ten systems of various sizes and applications from Smiths Detection
Checkpoint Scanner Equipment Manufacturing Capacity Increased at Edgewood
21 June, 2010
Smiths Detection has improved manufacturing capacity at its Edgewood site to provide additional capability of meeting demand for lightweight Joint Chemical Agent Detector and advanced X-Ray checkpoint scanners
Desktop Luggage Screening Equipment Order For US Airports
08 June, 2010
Smiths Detection will supply the Transportation Security Administration with further Ionscan 500DT trace detectors for use at airport checkpoints to check hand carried baggage for explosives using swabbing
New Jersey Office Opens At Smiths Detection
26 May, 2010
Explosive detection company opens new facility in Morristown as centre of excellence for the Americas
Airborne Threat Detection For Emergency Services
21 May, 2010
The HGV1 LINX software tool enables emergency services personnel to perform gas and vapour analysis for the detection of chemical and airborne threats
Field Analysis Kit For Chemical Identification
21 May, 2010
The HazMatID system from Smiths Detection provides emergency services personnel with the capability to perform rapid analysis and identification of chemicals in the field
X-Ray System Meets Air Cargo Screening Requirements of the TSA
15 March, 2010
HI-SCAN X-ray inspection system for the scanning of palletised loads has been added to the TSA's Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List, providing another screening option for cargo companies and freight forwarders
BIO-ACT Tactical Biological Warfare Agent Detection Kit for Emergency Services
03 March, 2010
Confirmation technology for biological agents introduced by Smiths Detection for emergency service personnel to use in the field for the detection of such powders as Anthrax, Ricin and other biological terrorism agents
Powder Screening Test Kits to be Distributed for Smiths Detection by 20/20 BioResponse
19 February, 2010
Global distribution deal for 20/20 BioResponse enables the company to supply emergency services and military clients with powder testing kits to screen for biological agents
Logistics Company Meets TSA Requirements Whilst Still Achieving Shipping Deadlines
18 February, 2010
HI-Scan X-Ray Screening and Ionscan trace detection equipment from Smiths Detection is helping SecureGlobal Logistics to meet its tight shipment schedule without compromising on the air cargo screening requirements of the Transportation Security Administration
Partnership Delivers TSA Approved Screening System for Cargo Handlers
04 February, 2010
Companies dealing in Cargo Shipments and Freight Forwarding can now benefit from a system for freight screening developed jointly between Smiths Detection, Covenant Aviation Security and Lufthansa
Air Cargo Screening technology for Los Angeles Shipping Company
14 January, 2010
ABLE Freight will use the Ionscan 500DT explosive detection system from Smiths Detection to comply with the air cargo screening directive of the TSA for 100% explosive scanning
Military and Emergency wing of Smiths gains new VP
17 December, 2009
Vice President and General Manager of Military and Emergency Responder business for the Americas appointed by Smiths Detection
Jetstream freight forwarding meets TSA mandate with X-ray scanner from Smiths
16 December, 2009
The HI-SCAN X-Ray screening system from Smiths Detection is providing the means for Jetstream Freight Forwarding to screen perishable goods for transportation and meet the air cargo screening requirements laid down by the Transportation Security Administration in the USA
Early warning detection system expansion for Washington public transport
11 December, 2009
The Metropolitan area transit system in America's capital, Washington will benefit from upgraded detection systems from Smiths Detection for early warnings against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats and protection from terrorism
Distribution deal for Prime Alert detection system
07 October, 2009
The Prime Alert bio-threat detection system for field us by emergency services personnel to be marketed by Smiths Detection
High energy mobile screening for US ports and borders
20 July, 2009
Smiths Detection to supply the US Government with further high energy X-Ray screening systems for checking cargo at borders
TSA approval for HI-SCAN X-Ray system
25 June, 2009
Air cargo X-Ray screening system from Smiths Detection gains approval by the Transportation Security Administration
Freight forwarding company chooses Ionscan detectors
01 May, 2009
Explosive trace detectors from Smiths Detection to be used by Concordia to conform to air cargo screening requirements of the US Transportation Security Administration
Personal device for chemical warfare agent detection
27 April, 2009
The LCD 3.3 has been released globally for armed forces and emergency services personnel for the detection of chemical agents
Easy to use field analyser for detecting biological agents
27 April, 2009
Bio-Seeq PLUS designed as a simple field laboratory which can be used by emergency services personnel in protective clothing when investigating suspicious powders
Portable chemical identification instrument
27 April, 2009
HazMat ID from Smiths Detection enables emergency service personnel to swiftly identify suspicious materials in the field
Transportation authority order for explosive trace detectors
16 March, 2009
The US Transportation Security Administration places order on Smiths Detection for lightweight hand-held detectors for trace explosives
X-Ray screening systems for US courts
29 January, 2009
US Marshals service places order for HI-SCAN 6046si systems from Smiths Detection for the detection of weapons and explosives at court entrances
Chemical agent detection order
22 December, 2008
US government places further order on Smiths Detection under the Joint Chemical Agent Detector program
Multi-view, single pass X-ray inspection system order
20 October, 2008
The US transportation security administration orders aTiX carry-on baggage X-Ray inspection systems for American airport network
System for monitoring air for chemical content
16 September, 2008
Chemical detection integrates with monitoring system to provide protection against chemical contamination through ventilation ducts
Portable detection system for explosives and narcotics
16 September, 2008
Multi-Mode Threat Detector available from Smiths Detection for identification of explosives, chemicals and narcotics in harsh environments
Portable radioisotope detector released
15 September, 2008
Rugged and portable unit for the identification of dirty bomb ingredients fills a gap in detection technology
Comprehensive cross system security management platform
15 September, 2008
FirstView ISC3 from Smiths Detection provides security management platform for surveillance and detection sensors
US postal service to use mobile screening equipment from Smiths
28 August, 2008
Multiple threat detection systems from Smiths Detection to be used by postal service to counter threats from explosives, chemical weapons and other agents
TSA testing success for explosive trace detector
15 August, 2008
IONSCAN 500DT explosive trace detector from Smiths Detection gains Transport Security Administration approval after extensive testing and certification
Biological threat specialist joins Smiths Detection
14 August, 2008
National Lab scientist becomes Chief Scientist at Smiths Detection to work on critical infrastructure security project
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