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Rapid success for security licensing site
25 July, 2016
The SIA has received a large positive response to its recently launched licensing application website for the guarding industry
Security company directors guilty of operating unlicensed
20 May, 2015
Two directors of a Milton Keynes security company have been handed a suspended sentence and community service as well as large fines for operating without SIA licences
Unlicensed security company falls foul of immigration offences
09 February, 2015
A London security company director has been jailed for operating with illegal immigrants and forging documentation
Consultation open on SIA future plans
05 December, 2014
The UK's Security provider's industry is opening up its business plans for consultation for next year to seek opinions on its proposals
Security company director jailed
08 October, 2014
Secure Serve director faces 18 months in jail after being handed a custodial sentence for failing to pay back the proceeds from crime
SIA and HMRC to work together to protect against security licensing problems
27 August, 2014
High risk industries such as construction will be protected from tax, licensing and immigration fraud with the "Buying Right" initiative set up by the SIA and the HMRC
UK security licence application changes
24 March, 2014
Applicants for licences with the Security Industry Authority in the UK can no longer submit applications on paper
Unlicensed door supervisor prosecution
03 March, 2014
Coresecure director fined in Banbury for supplying unlicensed door supervisors in the area
Pair fined over false ACS membership claims
02 October, 2013
Lidl security contractors convicted of making false Approved Contractor Scheme membership in order to gain lucrative security contract
UK week of action on security licencing
30 September, 2013
The SIA and local police forces have been checking licences held by door supervisors during an ACPO week of action in the country
SIA disappointed with low compliance in Wales
01 August, 2013
Raids with Dyfed Powys police uncover high non-compliance of security door supervisors
SIA issues millionth licence
30 July, 2013
New security licence application service co-incides with the issue of one million licences in the UK
Leeds raid results in discover of illegal door supervision
18 July, 2013
The SIA has discovered illegal door supervision in the northern UK city of Leeds with the support of local police
Prison term for illegal wheel-clamping boss
11 July, 2013
Paragon Security chief receives 27 month in prison for gaining financial benefit from illegally clamping vehicles in Bedfordshire
Industry body audits security operators at G8 summit
26 June, 2013
Private security companies came under the scrutiny of the SIA during the G8 summit as audits were made of licence compliance with no violations found
Full licence conformancy for Scottish security operators
17 June, 2013
The SIA have performed an audit on security operators in Scotland with no licence irregularities recorded
Guard company fined for illegal activities
21 May, 2013
Scarlet Security fined in courts for using illegal immigrant on workforce and for carrying out security operations without a licence
Security Director flouts SIA regulatory guidance
09 April, 2013
A security director from Buckinghamshire has been convicted of using unlicensed operatives and banned from operating in the security industry
Company director fined for supplying unlicensed door staff
21 March, 2013
The SIA has successfully prosecuted a UK security company director for the illegal supply of door security staff in Wellingborough
Requirements increase on door supervisor qualification
05 February, 2013
The Security Industry Authority has stepped up the training requirements on UK door supervisors for them to obtain qualifications and licences
SIA swoop finds illegal CCTV operators
04 February, 2013
The UK's Security Industry Authority has recently conducted an operation to detect illegal CCTV businesses in the country
SIA runs audit on London nightlife security
14 December, 2012
Security operators in London were recently paid a visit by the Security Industry Authority searching for illegal operators
Consultations begin on changes to private security industry
21 November, 2012
The UK Government's Home Office is opening the debate on reforming regulations governing the private security industry with a public consultation
Changes made to Criminal Record Indicator on SIA website
30 October, 2012
Applicants for security licences gain improved interface for the SIA's criminal record indicator on the organisation's website
Vehicle Immobilisation Illegal From October 1st
01 October, 2012
Security Industry Authority licences for vehicle clampers are no longer valid as the practice has now been deemed illegal in England and Wales
SIA Conducts Licensing Raids in London
06 July, 2012
Door supervisors have been targeted in a recent raid on security operators involving 400 staff across London
Heavy Fine For Unlicensed Door Supervisor
28 May, 2012
The SIA has brought an unlicensed door supervisor to prosecution in Peterborough resulting in community service order and costs amounting to 7000 pounds
Wheel Clamping Ban To Take Effect From October
02 May, 2012
The Security Industry Authority provides details of vehicle immobilistion ban in England and Wales and the implications for licensed wheel clampers
SIA Licences Available For Telephone Renewal
27 March, 2012
The UK's Security Industry Authority is making a telephone service available for existing licence holders to renew their licences
SIA Targets Northwest CCTV Monitoring Sites
19 March, 2012
A Huddersfield security company director was found operating unlicensed CCTV monitoring company in SIA crack-down on illegal companies operating in the region
London SIA Operation Audited 190 Door Supervisors
07 March, 2012
The Security Industry Association joined London's police in an audit of door supervisors in the city's Boroughs
Nationwide SIA Compliance Audit Finds Few Breaches
02 March, 2012
The Security Industry Authority of the UK has conducted an audit throughout the country with high levels of compliance to licence requirements and conditions
Unlicensed Security Company Director Fined
16 February, 2012
The director of Romaguard security in the UK has been penalised in the courts for running security services without an SIA licence
Northern Ireland SIA Licensing Deemed Successful
27 January, 2012
SIA Chairman visits Belfast to report on success of licensing activities by the organisation in the region
Licence Fee Reduction At SIA
12 December, 2011
The UK's Security Industry Authority brings down annual licence fees for individuals and businesses
Unlicensed Operatives Brings Prosecution to Luton Company
31 October, 2011
Security guarding company in Luton fined for supplying guards without licences
Unlicensed UK Guarding Director Pays Heavy Penalty
03 October, 2011
Investigators at the Security Industry Authority secure conviction against London-based guarding operator for operating without licence
Derbyshire Security Company Convicted of Using Unlicensed Guards
06 September, 2011
Guarding company operator convicted after being found guilty of supplying unlicensed security operators in Derbyshire
Eviction Training Day For Door Supervisors
24 August, 2011
Safe escorting of people from premises is the subject of physical intervention training developed by the Security Industry Authority in the UK
Fraudulent Qualifications Stopped At London Training Centre
26 July, 2011
A security training company in East London has had approval withdrawn following investigation into malpractice and the issue of fraudulent qualifications
False Declarations Cost Security Directors £30,000
28 June, 2011
Courts convict two Swindon security directors for providing false statements to the SIA concerning the use of unlicensed security personnel
Guarding Authority Conducts Raids Across The UK
17 June, 2011
Checks on guarding operatives and CCTV operators across the UK demonstrated very high levels of compliance to SIA requirements with a small number of warnings issued
SIA Researches Regulatory Impact On Northern Ireland
27 May, 2011
The Security Industry Authority in the UK is requesting the submission of views on regulation impact on the security industry in Northern Ireland
SIA Performs Licence Raid In South-West UK
14 March, 2011
Security Industry Authority investigators have been inspecting security operations in the west of England from Reading to Bath with largely positive results
SIA Successfully Prosecutes Security Firm Director
14 March, 2011
A security company director from Hamilton has been fined for providing guarding services without a licence
ACS Passes Five Years Of Operation
08 March, 2011
The UK's Security Industry Association looks back on five years of the Approved Contractor Scheme and its current position within the industry
Further ACS Forums To Be Held In April in the UK
28 February, 2011
The Security Industry Authority is conducting further forums in the UK in April regarding the Approved Contractor Scheme
Training Malpractice Investigation Results In Training Company Closures
23 February, 2011
Following a large investigation four training providers in London have been closed down and hundreds of qualifications have been withdrawn by the Security Industry Authority
Grampian Security Company Fined For Using Unlicensed Guards
01 February, 2011
Company pleads guilty to employing five guards without SIA licences while operating in security functions
March Conference Scheduled For New UK Regulatory Regime
17 January, 2011
The Security Industry Authority is holding a conference in March to discuss the phased transition that will take place in the UK towards a new regulatory regime as announced last year by the Government of the country
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