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The increasing problem of Shadow IT
29 December, 2015
SecurEnvoy explains Shadow IT and how the use of two-factor authentication within apps could provide organisations with the security they need
NFC based authentication could see an end to passwords
14 April, 2015
SecurEnvoy is using the RSA Conference to demonstrate its prototype of single swipe authentication for Windows 10 using Near Field Communication
Mobile networks provide opportunity for secure authentication
20 November, 2014
SecurEnvoy white paper describes the secure authentication options available for mobile device users
Two-Factor Authentication promotion in Asia
18 November, 2014
SecurEnvoy is partnering with Infinite Data to bring advanced tokenless two-factor authentication technology into the vulnerable Asian region
Secure authentication for public sector network
16 October, 2014
The Shetland Islands Council has improved security and remained PSN compliant with the implementation of 2FA network access control from SecurEnvoy
Eliminate hardware investments with tokenless authentication
08 October, 2014
Remote network access can be achieved securely and with reduced cost with the adoption of tokenless two-factor authentication
Large retail chain deploys two factor authentication for network access
02 October, 2014
Middle East based LuLu Group is controlling access to its networks for over 30,000 employees using tokenless two-factor authentication from SecurEnvoy
German gas supplier protects network with 2FA
24 September, 2014
Two-factor authentication technology from SecurEnvoy is protecting the corporate network of German gas supplier, Primagas
Alternatives to password protection for secure authentication
18 September, 2014
Securenvoy explains the two-factor authentication alternative available to the inadequate and outdated technology of password
Tokenless 2 factor payment processing
19 August, 2014
Using tokenless two-factor authentication for payment processing can overcome the problems associated with PCI compliance
High 2FA sales growth in Australasia
15 July, 2014
SecurEnvoy has seen significant sales growth in Australia and New Zealand on the back of increasing BYOD trends in the region
One time passwords provide remote access for consultant engineers
08 July, 2014
Two-factor authentication based on SMS delivered one-time passwords is providing network access security for a Dutch engineering consultancy
Tokenless two-factor authentication for VPN access
24 June, 2014
The virtual private network of The Lowry cultural centre at Salford Quays is being secured using tokenless two-factor authentication technology from SecurEnvoy
Tokenless authentication protects insurance broker
16 June, 2014
An insurance broker has taken SecurAccess tokenless authentication for improving protection for user identification
Two factor authentication reduces heartbleed vulnerability
23 April, 2014
SecurEnvoy's two-factor authentication solutions provide protection against the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability
The use of 2FA in preventing data spying
15 April, 2014
SecurEnvoy is attending InfoSecurity Europe to address the way 2FA can be used to close back doors and prevent data spying
Swedish IT supplier embraces two-factor authentication
03 April, 2014
SecurEnvoy is operating with a Scandinavian IT security distributor on supplying two-factor authentication software for local markets
One-Swipe QR Code authentication on show at IT security event
20 March, 2014
SecurEnvoy is attending InfoSecurity Europe in London next month to demonstrate the latest technology and advantages of using two-factor authentication including one-time QR codes
Secure authentication for remote public service workers
17 March, 2014
Municipal and city council workers are increasingly working remotely and gaining secure access to IT resources with two-factor authentication
Altrecht Institute secures access for staff with two-factor authentication
12 March, 2014
Tokenless two-factor authentication provides secure staff identification at the Institute of Mental Health in Altrecht
Tokenless two-factor authentication with single use Q-Codes
10 March, 2014
Innovative One-time password system developed using a Q-code passed to users telephone as a form of two-factor authentication
Two-Factor Authentication secures cloud service provider
04 March, 2014
A cloud computing service provider in Switzerland is ensuring secure access for its clients with the use of SecurAccess two-factor authentication from SecurEnvoy
UK distribution partnership for two-factor authentication
17 February, 2014
SecurEnvoy has partnered with Infinigate for the distribution of two-factor authentication systems within the UK territory
One-time QR code authentication
07 February, 2014
One Swipe technology from SecurEnvoy provides users with the ability to authenticate themselves using a one-time QR code
Two factor authentication for online identity management
02 December, 2013
SecurEnvoy explains how to reduce the risk of unauthorized data access using a variety of two-factor authentication that doesn't rely on seed records being held by the authentication company
Protecting identity when working remotely
08 November, 2013
SecurEnvoy's Steve Watts explains the variants of two-factor authentication and how companies can prevent their data from being accessed
Is biometric authentication reliable enough for payment security?
20 September, 2013
Andy Kemshall of SecurEnvoy examines the trend towards the use of biometrics for consumer authentication and explains how it isn't yet mature enough to cope with the high reliability needs of the payment industry
Council workers to use two-factor authentication for remote access
10 September, 2013
2FA to replace hardware tokens at Chorley Council improving secure access rights to council systems for employees working remotely
Security app upgrades required prior to iOS 7 release
03 September, 2013
Apple is soon to release the latest version of its mobile operating system with major changes to the way in which security is handled with some security apps being predicted to be inoperable on the new version
Steel producer adopts two-factor authentication
19 July, 2013
2FA access control enables remote employees at steel producer to gain secure access to networks via smartphone
Mobile phone based 2FA claimed to be most reliable
24 May, 2013
SecurEnvoy is warning against the use of non-mobile based two-factor authentication (2FA) for critical applications, claiming that SMS authentication has the best demonstrated reliability
Secure user identification demonstrations at UK trade fair
17 April, 2013
SecurEnvoy is attending the InfoSecurity Europe event in London with demonstrations and presentations on secure user identification
Mobile telecom group uses phones for 2FA
11 February, 2013
Tokenless two factor authentication in place at T-Mobile with the telecom company providing its employees with secure data access with 2FA using phones
Banking fraud a user education issue
13 December, 2012
Securenvoy explains how educating users is key to the success of using mobile phones as an authentication token for banking transactions
US Government cyber attack demands tighter access control
09 November, 2012
SecurEnvoy comments on increasing occurrences of cyber attacks on state government creating greater need for two-factor authentication of access credentials
Persona Single-Sign On For FireFox Could Cause Business Risks
03 October, 2012
Two-Factor Authentication specialists at SecurEnvoy comment on the launch of Mozilla's Persona single sign-on service for mobile Firefox users
Disk Encryption With Two Factor Tokenless Authentication
02 October, 2012
Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise protected equipment can now benefit from tokenless 2FA disk encryption resulting from partnership between SecurEnvoy and Sophos
Hints File Vulnerability in Windows Puts Safety Of Passwords Into Question
29 August, 2012
SecuEnvoy states the case for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in light of vulnerability of password hints file on the Windows 7 and 8 Operating Systems
Password Cracking Deemed Childs Play
20 July, 2012
SecurEnvoy says over two-fifths of IT professionals believe that passwords are so insecure that children could break them using standard tools
Home Working Vulnerabilities During Olympic Period
17 July, 2012
SecurEnvoy comments on the increased IT security vulnerabilities faced in the UK during the olympic games and the special considerations needed for home workers
Physical Authentication Token Losses Cost Industry Millions
05 July, 2012
SecurEnvoy reveals the extent of physical token losses taken from survey of IT Security Professionals
Greater Case for 2FA As Password Complexity Requirements Increase
21 May, 2012
SecurEnvoy comments on the failure of password protection as security policies start to break down and inundate users with increased complexity which is absent with two factor authentication
Security Issues Highlighted on Gateway Services
11 May, 2012
SecurEnvoy links closure of API-based access to Google platform on security issues which are solvable with 2FA
Two Factor Authentication Supplier Chooses SecurEnvoy 2FA
27 March, 2012
Motiv takes tokenless authentication from SecurEnvoy for protecting access to its secure IT resources
Single Sign-on Flaws Drives Need For 2FA
20 March, 2012
Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA falls under the spotlight as US researchers discover pitfalls in single sign-on services
Tokenless 2FA Fuels Yields Record Profits For SecurEnvoy
28 February, 2012
Specialist in Tokenless two-factor authentication sees record growth in profits for 2011
SCADA Access Control Blamed For Israeli Breach
17 January, 2012
Two factor authentication proposed by SecurEnvoy to prevent losses of critical data as observed in high profile Israeli SCADA System attack
Human Factors Weakest Element In IT Security
09 January, 2012
SecurEnvoy explains why human factors in IT security are the cause for the breakdown of the password system and the heral of two-factor authentication
SMS Authentication Provides Green Alternative To Physical Tokens
16 December, 2011
SecurEnvoy provides an opinion on the widespread deployment by banks of physical tokens at high environmental cost when compared to the use of SMS based authentication technology
Handheld Markets Features Highly In Security Predictions for 2012
23 November, 2011
Andy Kemshall of SecurEnvoy predicts the IT security landscape for 2012 with the handheld market at the top of his list
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