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Safeboot disputes the logic for not centralising child database.
22 February, 2008
Data protection in transit poses the largest concern for databases due to lack of encryption rather than the security of the database at rest according to Safeboot.
Government laptop theft record worsens.
21 February, 2008
Safeboot comments on the need for data encryption in light of the recent revelation of 200 more laptop losses experienced by the government.
Lack of action on offender list leaves Britain at risk.
20 February, 2008
Safeboot comments on the lack of action taken on a disk supplied by Holland concerning the criminal activities of recent immigrants.
Safer Internet Day a reminder of corporate IT security responsibilities.
13 February, 2008
Safeboot comments on how to make the best use of the latest UK IT security initiatives, the Safer Internet Day and the Information Security Awareness Forum.
MoD laptop theft due to lack of employee training.
22 January, 2008
Readily available encryption technology not used on laptop containing sensitive public data which was subsequently lost.
Prediction of further data loss exposures comes true.
21 January, 2008
After justice committee review in light of HMRC data loss, armed forces laptop theft remains a shock despite prediction of further loss revelations.
Research reveals post Christmas dread by IT Managers.
19 December, 2007
The new year is expected to see an avalanche of portable devices being connected into company networks bringing IT havoc if policies aren't adequately enforced according to SafeBoot.
DriverÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs details lost in DVLA transfer.
11 December, 2007
Unencrypted data disks once again disappear from public service agency highlighting the need for improved data safety with public records.
Public sector workers weak in IT security.
07 December, 2007
Despite high levels of IT security in the public sector and proactive awareness campaigns, employees continue to show low levels of compliance to security policies.
Industry at risk from poor IT security communication.
07 December, 2007
SafeBoot survey concludes that lack of IT security investment and communication with employees remains a high risk factor for private sector businesses with employees having low awareness levels of security policy.
IT Security remains complacent despite obvious consequences of risk exposure.
04 December, 2007
Safeboot survey reveals continued complacency in medium and large sized industries regarding data security with low budgetary allocations and widespread lack of security policy.
Job losses in serious crime agency puts security at risk.
04 December, 2007
Safeboot warns that the shedding of hundreds of jobs in the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency will stall developments in improving data security at a time when it is most needed.
Safeboot calls for swift action regarding HM Revenue and Customs data loss
20 November, 2007
Second sensitive data loss from UK Government tax department in as many months suggests systematic failure and demands immediate remedial action to prevent further losses.
HMRC data loss a failure of policy according to Safeboot.
20 November, 2007
The loss of the financial information of 7 million families by HM Revenue and Customs highlights the need for strong data protection and a strict adherence to security policies.
Mandatory encryption preferential to ciminalising Doctors.
15 November, 2007
Safeboot believes that the criminalisation of Doctors who allow their laptops to fall into the wrong hands is disproportionate and mandatory encryption provides the preventive measures that far outweigh the advantage of any curative approach.
SafeBoot buys into mobile device security.
12 November, 2007
SafeBoot has bought AltaVente to acquire expertise and product range for the security of devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system.
Data protection second on the list after virus fighting for IT Managers
26 October, 2007
Majority of IT personnel spend more effort on external threat mitigation than preventing confidential data from leaking out of the enterprise according to SafeBoot report.
Europe lacks professional approach to mobile data security.
18 October, 2007
SafeBoot research reveals that European attitudes to data security on mobile devices is shockingly lax.
Improvements needed in mobile data protection for public services.
16 October, 2007
Safeboot reports alarming lack of sensitive data protection on mobile devices used in public sector organisations.
Protecting critical information
09 October, 2007
Tom de Jongh of SafeBoot takes a fresh look at encryption and protecting critical corporate data.
Data safe on stolen HM Customs laptop
08 October, 2007
Encrypted laptop remains secure due to data security measures
Security a high priority for potential customers
25 September, 2007
Survey reveals that data breaches and lack of confidence in security measures drives potential customers to the competition
Gartner recognition for Safeboot encryption technology
21 September, 2007
Safeboot's data encryption technology for the protection of mobile data gains recognition from Gartner
Secure mobile data with Safeboot's USB line
11 September, 2007
Strong user access control now available for mobile data users from Safeboot's expanded USB product portfolio
Partnership extends mobile data security user base
06 September, 2007
Safeboot partners with Wipro to bring mobile data security into Wipro's product set
Digipass token for SafeBoot device encryption
05 September, 2007
Strong user authentication for enterprise data with seamless integration of Digipass 860 with Safeboot Device Encryption
SafeBoot calls for greater protection of consumer data
29 August, 2007
SafeBoot comments on the recent laptop theft that left the sensitive information of thousands of pensioners vulnerable
Laptop losses at Pfizer demonstrates need for data encryption
17 August, 2007
Mobile devices need more than password protection in order to mitigate losses warns Safeboot
Verisign laptop theft serves as warning.
06 August, 2007
SafeBoot offers advice on securing critical data on mobile devices in light of the most recent laptop theft during the recent spate.
UK lags US in data security
02 August, 2007
Higher industry data security standards demanded in US than the UK according to Safeboot.
The risks of PDA and hard drive disposals.
24 July, 2007
Safeboot warns of the dangers of careless disposal of IT equipment without ensuring that the data they contain has been adequately eradicated.
Information asset security with data encryption
11 July, 2007
Comments from UK Information Commissioner highlight the need for protection of data assets using full disk encryption.
Improved wireless network security with encryption.
18 June, 2007
SafeBoot recommends the use of data or device encryption technology for the protection of wireless network communications.