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Resolve Optics
Asheridge Road
[t] +44 1494 777 100
[f] +44 1494 775 201
Custom Lens Design For Forensic Analysis
24 July, 2012
Consolite Forensics has taken a custom lens from Resolve Optics for assisting in analysing fingerprints on discharged cartridges
Forensic Investigation Ultraviolet Lens
25 April, 2012
An ultraviolet imaging lens from Resolve Optics enables high performance forensic examinations in visible and UV light
HD Resolution Zoom Lens Technical Spec Released
01 March, 2011
Lightweight and compact high definition zoom lens from Resolve Optics is fully specified in a technical specification sheet released by the company
Custom Optics Video Introduces Specialist Lens Design
16 January, 2011
Resolve Optics has included an educational video on its website providing an introduction into custom designed optical systems
Increased Demand For SWIR Lenses
29 October, 2010
Custom lenses for infra red cameras and imaging systems are increasing in demand for Resolve Optics
Lens Design Video Hosted On Resolve Optics Web Site
01 October, 2010
Specialist lens manufacturer produces video on lens design and specification hosted on the company's web page
Updated Website Provides Technical Resource On Lenses and Optics
15 September, 2010
Resolve Optics launches new website which provides detailed information to specifiers of lenses and optics systems across a broad range of industrial applications
Radiation Resistant Non Browning Lenses Available
21 July, 2010
Resolve Optics is making its range of non-Browning Lenses with custom features for use in applications where high levels of radiation exist
Replacement Lenses Bring Fresh Light To Surveillance Cameras
23 June, 2010
Custom optics producer, Resolve Optics, can deliver lens systems for use as replacement optics in existing camera systems to extend the benefit of existing assets
Specialist IR Lenses For Demanding Applications
27 May, 2010
Resolve Optics produces bespoke and high volume lenses for the security, defence and imaging industries for use in infrared devices
Remote Head Camera To Be Used in Head-Up Display Systems
23 March, 2010
Sekai Electronics has ordered rugged remote head cameras with miniature varifocal lenses for use in aircraft head-up displays
Non-Browning Motorised Lens Offers Radiation Resistance
19 February, 2010
Resolve Optics has Produced a 6x motorised zoom lens with radiation resistance for use in radioactive zones
Sales Grow in 2009 for Specialist Lens Manufacturer
19 January, 2010
Resolve Optics has posted a 35% sales growth during 2009 with manufacturing of custom optics and specialist lenses being in high demand
Endoscopic lens range provides custom remote viewing capabilities
20 November, 2009
Specialist endoscopic viewing systems from Resolve Optics enable remote inspections in harsh conditions including high temperatures and corrosive environments
Compact CCTV Zoom Lens
30 October, 2009
With focussing down to 35mm, the Model 207 motorised compact zoom lens has high macro performance without losing focus while zooming out
Wide Angle Lens adapter order for teleconferencing
30 September, 2009
Video conferencing company places order on Resolve Optics for high performance wide angle zoom lens adaptor
Bespoke optics for machine vision applications
16 September, 2009
Design and manufacturing service of custom lenses ensures optical systems can be made available for even the most demanding machine vision uses
OEM lenses on show at forthcoming exhibitions
21 August, 2009
Resolve Optics is displaying its range of bespoke and specialist lenses at Photonex 2009 and Vision 2009 exhibitions
Minimum distortion lens adapters
21 July, 2009
Lens adapters from Resolve Optics provide high resolution with the least possible distortion
MTF testing introduced at Resolve Optics for lens performance qualification
26 June, 2009
By investing in Modulation Transfer Function testing, Resolve Optics is committing to the delivery of high performance lenses with full qualification information
Machine vision lenses from Resolve Optics
29 May, 2009
Optical design of Resolve Optics lenses specifically for the demanding application of machine vision and inspection systems
Custom large format lenses available
28 April, 2009
Resolve Optics is able to supply customised large format camera lenses for a range of applications including machine vision systems
Macro UV lens helps Chinese police solve crime
30 March, 2009
Forensic UV lens from Resolve Optics being used in forensic and crime scene investigation work by police in Beijing
Fixed focus radiation tolerant lenses
25 February, 2009
A range of lenses has been developed by Resolve Optics with fixed focus tolerance to radiation
Innovative lens designed for remote nuclear fuel observation
23 January, 2009
Specialist lens manufacturer designs UV zoom lens for viewing nuclear fuel assembly through ten metres of water
Resolve meets demand for higher performance optics
05 January, 2009
Demand for high quality cameras and sensors drives innovative development at Resolve Optics to keep abreast of the changing market
Design and build of custom lenses for OEMs
03 December, 2008
Lens manufacturer web site provides data sheets and design service for customers requiring custom optics designs
Datasheet available for motorised HD zoom lens
28 October, 2008
Model 304 lens from Resolve Optics features 10x motorised zoom with high definition quality
Rugged lens for head up display aviation camera
03 October, 2008
Resolve Optics has developed a rugged lens in miniature format to meet the requirements of aviation head-up display systems
High quality lens systems do the exhibition circuit
27 August, 2008
Resolve Optics will be attending Photonex and VISION 2008 with their range of custom lenses and high quality optical systems
High resolution infra red lenses
15 July, 2008
Resolve Optics introduces its range of zoom lenses beamsplitters and other optical components for the infra red range
Rugged lenses comply with harsh environmental requirements
12 June, 2008
Vision applications requiring resistance to harsh environmental conditions can now benefit from a range of lenses from Resolve Optics' rugged range
High performance lenses for surveillance applications
27 May, 2008
Resolve optics provides lenses and optical equipment for use across a number of demanding industries including surveillance applications for the security industry
Lens specialist can deliver hard to source components.
24 April, 2008
With high levels of expertise and equipment, Resolve Optics can replace out-dated or obsolete lenses that would otherwise be difficult to source.
Broadcast quality lens range from Resolve Optics.
10 April, 2008
Innovation in lens technology results in high definition 10x zoom lenses and optical tracking zoom lenses for high end applications.
High definition motorised zoom lenses for demanding applications.
26 March, 2008
Lenses from Resolve Optics deliver broadcast quality images for use in high definition applications.
Non-Browning zoom lenses for nuclear industry CCTV.
19 February, 2008
Resolve Optics releases the model 290 CCTV lens, a compact zoom lens for monitoring operations in nuclear installations.
Optical equipment and lenses for the nuclear industry.
28 January, 2008
Resolve Optics provide a range of lenses for CCTV equipment for use in the nuclear power industry.
Radiation resistant optical products for the nuclear industry.
24 January, 2008
Resolve Optics supplies lenses and other optical equipment specifically designed to meet the requirements of the nuclear power industry.
Lens supply ensured for motion capture company.
29 November, 2007
Resolve Optics to supply key lenses used in motion capture application for megapixel cameras.
Custom zoom lenses available in volume.
29 October, 2007
Resolve Optics produces a range of custom zoom lenses including UV lenses and optics for high definition cameras for a number of applications for industrial and security uses.
Resolve optics stays ahead of rapidly developing demands
13 September, 2007
Despite the rapid development of the market for optical devices, Resolve optics continues to keep pace with the requirements for high quality, custom optical solutions.
Miniature surveillance lens with camera adapter.
31 May, 2007
High quality miniature lens available for mounting in covert installations using pinhole apertures without degradation of image quality.