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Covering a number of industrial categories, Research and Markets offers in depth market research analysis reports and trends for many sectors including the security industry. Analysis of niche markets allows companies with specific and focussed marketing strategies to realise added value through in-depth analysis and clear reporting. Research and Markets also offers a market research assistance service on request.
Research report into transportation security
29 September, 2014
Transportation safety and security equipment is the subject of a market research report examining demand for the next 4 years
Four year outlook on DDoS prevention market
22 September, 2014
Key vendors involved in Distributed Denial of Service prevention examined in new market research report predicting market volume over next four years
Research investigates future of port security
02 September, 2014
Market research suggests 10% CAGR for the market for port security management worldwide during the next four years
Research report examines growth in airport security segment
22 July, 2014
Growth expectations in technological security systems in global airports feature in a new report from Research and Markets
Mobile and wearable biometrics market analysis
21 July, 2014
New report examines the future market for the next five years for mobile and wearable biometric equipment
PSIM market development report for APAC
28 May, 2014
New report examines the development of the Physical Security Information Management market in the Asia Pacific region for the next 4 years
Research report on intrusion prevention systems
23 May, 2014
Intrusion detection and prevention systems are examined in a new report forecasting sales during the next five years
Video Surveillance as a service market report
19 May, 2014
Report examines the forecast to the end of the decade for video surveillance-as-a-service
Market forecast for cloud security products
16 May, 2014
Research report examines the market for cloud security services including virtualization out to 2019
Market report on global video management software
15 May, 2014
Video management software demand is examined across the next four years worldwide in a new market research report
Report on digital authentication using mobile devices
14 May, 2014
Market trends and forecasts are examined in a new report covering the use of mobile devices for digital authentication
Airport security systems market assessment
12 May, 2014
Report addresses the growth in the market for access control, surveillance and other security systems in airports worldwide
Market forecast for physical security
30 April, 2014
The Physical Security industry is examined in a new report with forecasts provided for the next five years
Mobile security market forecast report
28 April, 2014
The mSecurity market for secure mobile devices is examined out to the end of the decade in a new research report
IP surveillance growth in Indian market
24 April, 2014
New report examines the growth of the electronic security market in India with emphasis on IP video surveillance
Market forecast for port security
23 April, 2014
The market for security systems for airports and marine ports is examined with forecasts for the next four years
Fraud detection market research
27 March, 2014
Report forecasts the market for fraud detection and prevention products worldwide until 2018
Report reveals market trends in homomorphic encryption
25 March, 2014
A new market research report is available for examining the future trends in the use of homomorphic encryption technology
Market trends examined in multi-factor authentication
24 March, 2014
New report forecasts the next three years in the global market for multi-factor authentication products for improved access management
The future of Advanced Persistent Threat proection in Asia
20 March, 2014
Report examines the development of the market in Asia for IT security products which provide protection against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
Unified Threat Management market examined
19 March, 2014
Research report scrutinizes the global market for Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewalls
Card fraud detection software research report
17 March, 2014
Report from Research and Markets examines the card fraud detection software industry
Shrinkage reduction technology in the retail sector
17 March, 2014
Research report focuses on the retail sector and the electronic security systems deployed there to combat shrinkages
Report examines IT security market in Japan
14 March, 2014
The Japanese market for IT Security products until 2018 is examined in a new research report
UK physical access control market examined
13 March, 2014
Analysis available on the position of the market for physical access control products in the United Kingdom
Report profiles top global CCTV manufacturers
11 March, 2014
A comprehensive report is available covering an assessment of the top 120 manufacturers of CCTV surveillance equipment
Endpoint security market research report
11 March, 2014
Domination of the endpoint security market by five top companies is covered in a new market research report
Market evolution for facial recognition systems
10 March, 2014
The entire facial recognition industry is examined in a new report providing forecasts out to 2018
SIEM market forecast for 5 years
10 March, 2014
The market for Security Information and Event Management software (SIEM) out to 2019 is examined in a new report
Market forecast for cyber security products in South Korea
10 March, 2014
South Korean market for cyber security products expected to grow by over 21% per year for the next four years
Increased defence spending improves Saudi Arabian security market
10 March, 2014
The market for security systems in Saudi Arabia is expected to increase as a result of increased defence spending in the region, according to a new report
Massive growth expected in Indian biometric market
28 February, 2014
Market research report examines the expected growth in Biometrics in India during the next four years
Market report on biometric technology in mobile phones
26 February, 2014
Smartphones equipped with biometric access control technology come under the spotlight in a new market research report
Market forecast of physical security systems
20 February, 2014
Report examines the market to 2019 for physical security systems globally, expected to reach over 125 billion USD
Market forecast for transportation safety and security
17 February, 2014
Report on the safety and security of transportation systems covers airways, sea routes, roads and railways during the period to 2018
Card fraud trends examined in research report
10 February, 2014
Javelin research report delves into consumer password habits and the relationship to payment card data fraud instances
Geographic market forecast for IP video surveillance
03 February, 2014
Global markets have been examined and forecast to 2018 for video surveillance networks using IP technology
Research study into Global Mass Transport Security Market Assessment
03 February, 2014
Study indicates that insurance and safety strongly influence the adoption of security systems in mass transport environments
Comprehensive report on market for mobile device and network security
31 January, 2014
Mobile device and network security report provides details of expected market growth and segmentation covering the period to 2020
EAS tag market for retailers forecast in new report
29 January, 2014
The global market for electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags for the retail industry is revealed in a new report
Smart card market research report
28 January, 2014
Demand for tamperproof payment systems driving the market to 2016 for contactless smart cards
Report examines the growth in ANPR for traffic management and other applications
28 January, 2014
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for a number of applications including enforcement, traffic management and access control, to be examined in new market report
Market forecast for cloud security software
23 January, 2014
Report examines the outlook for market development to 2016 for cloud computing security software
Perimeter Security market research report
23 January, 2014
Market expectations revealed to 2018 for perimeter security systems including intruder detection and alarm notification
Spending forecast profile for IT security market
21 January, 2014
New report examines spending patterns and trends for the next two years as well as the opportunities presented by the IT security market
Forecast and analysis of fraud detection and prevention systems
21 January, 2014
The market for the next four years in fraud detection and prevention systems is examined in a new research report available from Research and Markets
South East Asian and Australian biometric market forecast report
17 January, 2014
A new report examines the growth in the market for biometric technologies including face, fingerprint and iris recognition in the regions of South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand to 2018
BYOD security market expectations to 2018
17 January, 2014
Report examines the security market for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) technology from 2014 to 2018
Evolution phases of network security management
17 January, 2014
The three phases of the evolution of network security manageability tools are detailed in a new report from Research and Markets
Security of industrial control systems
15 January, 2014
A forecast has been provided until 2018 of the international market of industrial control system security
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