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OSI Systems
12525 Chadron Avenue
CA 90250
[t] +1 310 978 0516
[f] +1 310 644 7213
The security side of OSI Systems operations is the creator of the Rapiscan security screening system which is used in airports throughout the world.

Rapiscan systems are used for screening passenger baggage at airports, freight, vehicles and people for the presence of weapons, illegal substances and explosives.

The Rapiscan brand is recognised throughout the passenger and freight security industry and is used on the whole scope of detection systems including walk-through passenger scanners to large freight screening systems.
US orders inspection system maintenance
15 July, 2013
OSI Systems receives US government order for maintenance of baggage inspection systems supplied by Rapiscan
Rapid Deployment X-Ray Detection System To Be Deployed In Middle East
13 July, 2011
A Middle-Eastern Agency has placed a multi-million dollar order for rugged mobile cargo and vehicle inspection systems for detecting weapons, explosives and drugs
Checked Baggage Inspection System For Manchester Airport
08 June, 2011
Large UK airport takes high volume Real TIme Tomography checked baggage inspection system from Rapiscan
Cargo And Vehicle Inspection System Order For Eastern Europe
06 June, 2011
Rapiscan's Eagle cargo and vehicle inspection system to be delivered to Eastern European country as part of multimillion dollar order
Rapiscan Screening Systems To Be Used At London Olympics
15 March, 2011
The 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London will use Rapiscan security screening technology for threat detection
Rapiscan Eagle Inspection System Order Protest Overturned
03 March, 2011
The decision to purchase Rapiscan high energy cargo and vehicle inspection systems to the US Customs and Border Protection Agency has been upheld
Eagle Cargo Inspection Systems To Be Delivered In Multiple Orders
26 January, 2011
Mobile x-ray inspection systems for checkpoint screening have been ordered from Rapiscan systems for automatic vehicle scanning applications
Railway Cargo Inspection System To Be Installed In Europe
24 January, 2011
A Rapiscan Eagle R60 has been ordered for Europe enabling cargo on trains to be inspected on the move at speeds of up to 50kmh
TSA Orders X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems
20 September, 2010
Rapiscan will supply the Transportation Security Administration with X-Ray baggage inspection systems to be used at checkpoints
OSI To Undertake Nuclear Material Detection Research
02 September, 2010
The Department of Homeland Security has placed an order on Rapiscan Systems for the research and development of solutions for detecting the presence of nuclear materials
East European Customs Takes Eagle Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System
19 August, 2010
OSI Systems will supply the Rapiscan Eagle system for the inspection of cargo and vehicles to an Eastern European customs agency
TSA Approvals For Palletised Air Cargo Transport Screening
16 August, 2010
The Rapiscan Eagle A1000 screening system for use in high throughput air cargo screening environments has gained approval for use in the USA by the Transportation Security Administration
TSA Installs Single Pose body Scanners At Los Angeles International Airport
29 July, 2010
Advanced people scanning for concealed objects is now underway at the busy Los Angeles International Airport after Rapiscan Secure 1000 systems are installed on the instruction of the Transportation Security Administration
Portable Version of Single Pose Scanner Ordered by US Government
08 July, 2010
Rapiscan Systems will supply the Rapiscan Secure 1000MP detection system for concealed threat detection at public gatherings and venues due to its portability and modularity
Air Cargo Screening Systems For International Airlines
27 May, 2010
Two International airline companies have ordered Rapiscan X-Ray inspection systems for screening air cargo from piece parts through to netted consignments
Multiple Contracts Received For Rapiscan Secure 1000 People Scanning System
17 May, 2010
Improved threat detection, reduced false alarm rate and higher throughput has led to increased demand for the Secure 1000 people scanning system from Rapiscan
TSA Orders Secure 1000 Single Pose Imaging Systems for US Airports
03 May, 2010
OSI Systems will supply Rapiscan Secure 1000 advanced imaging technology systems to the Transportation Security Administration under new contract
Single Pose Advanced Imaging Scanners for Nigeria
25 February, 2010
Advanced backscatter technology equipped single pose body scanners will provide Nigerian checkpoints with the ability to detect non-metallic threats
Major UK Airports Gain Rapiscan Single Pose body scanners
11 February, 2010
Advanced Imaging Technology for the screening of passengers incorporating detection technology for hidden explosives to be used at Heathrow and Manchester airports in the United Kingdom
Inspection System for Checked Baggage at Mexican Airports
21 January, 2010
Tijuana and Guadalajara Airports in Mexico as well as Regional Airports in the Country will be Equipped with In-Lind Hold Baggage Inspection Systems from Rapiscan in $35 million deal
Vancouver 2010 games to be protected by Rapiscan
09 December, 2009
Multiple screening systems including parcel and baggage inspection to be deployed at the Vancouver winter Olympics to protect the venue from multiple threats
NATO chooses Rapiscan for multiple screening systems
03 December, 2009
Vehicle, cargo, baggage and personnel screening at NATO will take place using advanced Rapiscan screening systems from OSI Systems in $5 million contract
Mobile X-Ray Inspection vehicle order
29 October, 2009
The US Customs and Border Protection agency has ordered RapiScan mobile X-Ray inspection vans from OSI Systems
TSA order for Rapiscan advanced imaging technology
05 October, 2009
Checkpoint inspection systems ordered by the US Transportation Security Administration for use in Airports across the USA
Dirty bomb detection order for OSI Systems
23 January, 2009
Homeland Security order for weapons detection system from Rapiscan Systems focussing on radiological dispersal devices
Air cargo screening order for Rapiscan systems
17 October, 2008
Hold baggage and parcel screening systems from Rapiscan to be supplied to American air cargo and freight forwarding company
TSA order for X-ray detection equipment
11 September, 2008
Rapiscan 620DV X-Ray scanning systems order by the TSA for deployment at US airports
High throughput baggage scanners for Australian airports
02 July, 2008
Rapiscan in-line scanners for the automatic X-Ray inspection of checked-in baggage to be installed at six airports in Australia
Follow-on Rapiscan orders for US airports
07 May, 2008
Further American airports to gain X-ray screening systems for passenger baggage security checking.
Rapiscan nuclear detection equipment for US DHS.
25 April, 2008
Department of Homeland Security expands options for domestic radiation detection equipment with purchase order for Rapiscan detectors.
Multi-view passenger screening system order.
18 December, 2007
Rapiscan receives contract for automatic passenger screening system for use in aviation check points.
Rapiscan body scanner launched at AVSEC World conference.
30 October, 2007
Vancouver aviation security conference sees launch of millimetre wave body scanner which can operate in isolation or as part of an integrated security screening system.
Rapiscan division of OSI in screening and detection partnership.
25 October, 2007
OSI Systems partners with Brijot Imaging to develop screening and detection systems using millimetre wave and X-Ray technology.
Defence order for jamming systems.
25 September, 2007
Vehicle mounted electronic counter measure system for US defence department to use sub-assemblies from OSI Systems.
Increased manufacturing capacity for X-Ray security screening systems.
15 August, 2007
The Rapiscan division of OSI Systems opens new Californian facility to boost its capabilities for meeting increased demand for X-ray security detection systems for homeland security.
Body scanner order from Transport Security Administration.
08 August, 2007
OSI Systems to supply Rapiscan passenger screening systems for US airports after receiving TSA delivery order.