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India Becomes Largest Single Generator of Computer Viruses
01 September, 2010
The USA has now been eclipsed by India as the world's prime source of virus code according to the latest internet threat analysis from Network Box
Facebook Tops Most Visited Workplace Website
13 August, 2010
Survey from Network Box reveals continued high workplace usage of social networking sites particularly Facebook and YouTube
Web-based Managed Service For E-mail Archiving
12 August, 2010
Network Box is offering a Webroot-based service for the archive, search and retrieval of e-mails in a virtual environment
Guide From Network Box Explains When The Cloud Is Appropriate
05 August, 2010
According to Network Box, Cloud Computing isn't the panacea to computing problems that it is being lauded as and a new free guide from the company explains when it should be used and when it shouldn't
UK Climbs The Ranks For Virus and Spam Production
29 July, 2010
Threat statistics covering June from Network Box indicate a rise in the prominence of the United Kingdom in the generation of spam and malicious software
Geographical Survey Of Malware Generation
01 July, 2010
After a dip in viruses originating from Russia after hosting service closed down, the country is now rising in significance again as a major source of malware
International Co-operation Required In Fight Against Cyber Crime
24 June, 2010
Network Box releases paper on the situation regarding political wrangling on the issue of cyber-crime which the company argues is not getting enough international top-level attention
UK Based Threats Increase As Russian Criminal Hosting Services Taken Down
01 June, 2010
Nearly 6% of internet viruses now originate from the UK as the country rises to the top of the pile on the back of reductions due to Russian server shutdown
Free Guide Available To Best Practice Data Security
21 May, 2010
Network Box has made a free guide available for the business community to enable them to implement best practices in IT security
Free Guide to IT Security For Car Dealerships
17 May, 2010
Network Box has created a free downloadable guide aimed at car dealerships aimed at providing information about good practices in IT Security
India Now Tops World Rankings For Virus Production
30 April, 2010
Korea has been overtaken by India as the world's largest producer of viruses, according to internet threat report from Network Box
Highest Business Internet Traffic and Usage Eclipsed by Social Networking
16 April, 2010
Facebook and YouTube top the ranking of most visited and most bandwidth consumers for business internet traffic according to analysis performed by Network Box
Network Box Offers New UTM Pricing Plan to USA Customers
19 March, 2010
Flat fee option on three year contracts for managed service includes hardware for US customers opting for Unified Threat Management appliances from Network Box
Network Box Produces Guide To Hotel IT Security
05 March, 2010
Guide publication follows high profile security breaches in the hotel industry and provides a step by step approach to achieving robust data protection for sensitive guest information
Brazil falls Behind USA and Korea in Virus Charts
02 March, 2010
Proportion of malware attacks registered as phishing from Brazil falls in malware charts produced by Network Box with spam levels also falling in February
Guide from Network Box Advises Against Free Hosting And E-mail Due To Data Privacy Concerns
18 February, 2010
Network Box has published a free guide to IT Professionals concerning the subjects of Browser Privacy and Online Security with detailed information on password management and the way cookies are used
Securing the Public Sector guide available from Network Box
25 January, 2010
IT Security vendor publishes guide aimed at the public sector encouraging the industry to re-evaluate it's approach to data security
New approach to handling e-mails could prevent high profile breaches
20 January, 2010
E-mail behavioural analysis approach brings greater security levels and reduced likelihood of major breaches to company networks according to Network Box
With botnets responsible for majority of malware, 2009 sees almost 7 percent increase on previous year
12 January, 2010
Analysis from Network Box shows a change in the threat landscape during the year with higher volumes of threats emerging due to the wider use of botnets and the deeper penetration of threats beyond Microsoft into applications such as browsers and PDF files
Pre-Christmas analysis shows predictable increase in Phishing attacks
31 December, 2009
Threat report from Network Box demonstrates the dramatic rise in phishing attacks prior to Christmas with over half of all malicious code being phishing related in the period
IT security firm views 2009 as the year of the Trojan
21 December, 2009
With increases in Malware sophistication seen during 2009, Network Box believes that 2010 requires greater international co-operation to enable improvements in IT Security
Free Guide available to ROI on managed security services
10 December, 2009
Smaller companies now have access to a free resource from Network Box enabling them to demonstrate return on investment for managed security
Far east starts to dominate in source of IT security threats
02 December, 2009
With Vietnam hitting the top of the spam source table and significant threats from Korea and Malaysia, the far East is beginning to eclipse other regions in IT malware origination
Social networking occupies top place in business bandwidth consumption
27 November, 2009
An investigation from Network Box has revealed that YouTube and Facebook are the top bandwidth consumers for business connections to the internet
Guide available on managing security updates
20 November, 2009
The latest in Network Box's free guides on ÃâÅ"Forgotten Security" focuses on security updates and the need for good management of patching
Advisory Guide available for securing Home WorkersÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Â access to company IT resources
13 November, 2009
Managing vulnerabilities associated with connecting remote workers to central computer resources is the subject of the latest advisory guide published by Network Box
Mac users with MS Office need to install latest bulletins
12 November, 2009
Patches from Microsoft issued this Tuesday also affect Mac users with MS Office installed, warns Network Box
Threat analysis for October from Network Box
29 October, 2009
With sources of malware dispersing around the globe, Network Box sees international cooperation as vital in the fight against the threat of malicious software
Change control for rectifying vulnerabilities
21 October, 2009
Network Box provides advice as part of its ÃâÅ"Forgotten Security" series on how to manage changes effectively when mitigating IT security vulnerabilities
Cloud web and e-mail security services from Network Box
08 October, 2009
Companies with a number of roaming users can now benefit from the SaaS security services offered by Network Box based on Webroot software including e-mail scanning and archiving
Brazil rises in spam risk stats while overall levels fall
01 October, 2009
Internet threat analysis from Network Box shows reductions in spam levels during September with notable increases originating from Brazil and China
The dangers of poor data routing
28 September, 2009
Network Box continues its ÃâÅ"Forgotten Security" series of white papers with the subject of poorly configured data routing in organisations
Network Box guide to forgotten security defences
11 September, 2009
SQL Injection attacks and the vulnerability of P2P add-in applications are the subject of advice from Network Box in its ÃâÅ"forgotten security defences" information series
White paper on secure authentication says passwords are not enough
03 September, 2009
The ÃâÅ"Authentication, who are you?" white paper from Network Box illustrates why password authentication on web based services is no longer enough to provide adequate protection
August analysis sees drop in worldwide virus levels
31 August, 2009
Spam and virus origins continue to be dominated by the USA and Brazil during August which also saw an overall reversion to June's levels
P2P poses serious security risk to businesses
14 August, 2009
Network Box has published a free guide to safeguarding enterprise networks from the threats posed by allowing employees peer-to-peer technology
High speed secure e-mail handling
11 August, 2009
Network Box' mail portal increases mail handling speed whilst offering comprehensive simple statistics for administrators
July report show large increase in virus traffic
30 July, 2009
The last three months has seen a 300 percent rise in viruses sent by e-mail according to statistics from Network Box report
Protection advice against SQL Injection threats
23 July, 2009
Network Box provides advice to companies on bolstering protection levels against potential SQL Injection Attacks
Free guide to common hoaxes and hacks
10 July, 2009
Network Box has published a free downloadable guide to the variety of hoaxes, hacks and other internet-borne nuisances
Unified intrusion detection and prevention from Network Box
01 July, 2009
Passive detection combines with active intrusion detection for improving network security in new product from Network Box
Brazil catches the USA in spam source league for June
01 July, 2009
June threat analysis from Network Box reveals the rise of Brazil in the spam league with Korea responsible for the greatest level of intrusion attacks
Network Box deploys push technology for customer updates
12 June, 2009
Rather than requesting security updates, Network Box will now ensure their customers' security programmes are up to date through the use of patented HQPUSH technology
Free guide available for securing employee use of instant messaging
08 June, 2009
Network Box believes that blocking IM use is unproductive and has released a free guide to using the technology in business safely
May witnesses continued increase in malicious code and spam
29 May, 2009
Threat analysis for May from Network Box reveals unrelenting increase in the levels of spam and malicious software
Anti-spam filter improvements with behavioural analysis
18 May, 2009
Network box has developed eMail Relationship Manager to increase spam detection rates through behavioural analysis modelling
Gateway e-mail encryption for improved malware protection
15 May, 2009
Network Box advises companies that send confidential e-mails to use gateway encryption to improve protection against e-mail related threats
Web based operation centre management through customer portal
13 May, 2009
Network Box provides its customers with a net portal for the management of distributed appliances through a single interface
Massive rise in viruses and phishing in April
01 May, 2009
Data from Network Box suggests that internet threat levels for April rose dramatically in all areas with viruses and phishing attacks topping the list
Spam detection improvement with heuristic program
30 April, 2009
Network Box has made significant improvements to the performance of spam detection in e-mail messages
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