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Morse Watchmans
2 Nottingham Road
[t] +44 115 967 1567
[f] +44 115 967 1306
Parking company manages fleet access with key control
29 March, 2016
KeyWatcher key management system from Morse Watchmans has been deployed by Purple Parking to manage its extensive vehicle fleet at Heathrow airport
Kiev media company takes key management system
27 October, 2015
Security for doors in new office building for a media company in the Ukrainian city of Kiev is provided for with the use of Keywatcher key control system
Key management features at emergency services show
23 September, 2015
Morse Watchmans is attending the Emergency Services show in the UK with its range of key management products
Key management integration with access control
10 June, 2015
KeyWatcher key control system is now integrated with Tyco access control and security management system
Single location key management and programming
27 May, 2015
The SmartKey Reader from Morse Watchmans provides increased productivity to key management
Key management and guard tour monitoring on show at Essen
25 September, 2014
Morse Watchmans is attending the Security Essen show with its latest range of security products for key management and guard tour monitoring
Key control system integration with security management software
18 September, 2014
Morse Watchmans has integrated its key management system with security and event management software from Tyco's Software House
Key management system secures large Dallas hotel
10 September, 2014
Local management at the Hyatt Regency Dallas have incorporated Morse Watchmans key management system into their security procedures
Key control benefits explained at IFSEC
16 June, 2014
Morse Watchmans is attending the UK IFSEC event this week with its range of key control products and insight into the benefits of modern key management technology
Flight museum security improved with key tracking
14 March, 2014
Key control system from Morse Watchmans is improving security and access control at the Paine Airfield, a historic location in aviation
Whitepaper - Best Practice Guide to Key Control and Asset Management Systems
04 February, 2014
The whitepaper provides an introduction to the technology and presents useful information for deploying key control and asset management from designing and customising a system, through software add-ons to system integration.
Guard tour system helps protect national archives of Egypt
23 January, 2014
Key control and guard tour system increases effectiveness of security operations at the Egyption National Library and Archives
Arizona casinos deploy key management system
09 October, 2013
Cash and chip storage facility security at two casinos in Arizona is being enhanced witht he addition of automatic key control and management system
Detention centre policy compliance with key control
28 August, 2013
Morse Watchman's Keywatcher key control system is enabling a detention centre in New Mexico to conform to local rules and policies
State of the art key control protects Arizona casinos
14 August, 2013
USA gambling establishments benefit from improved key control and security protection with the use of KeyWatcher system for the control and management of keys
Key control cabinets deployed at Phoenix Airport
06 August, 2013
The Sky Harbour Airport in Phoenix has taken key management systems from Morse Watchmans to improve tracking and access control
Shopping centre key control employs biometric access
26 April, 2013
Morse Watchmans key control systems installed at shopping centres across Australia have been fitted with fingerprint biometric access control
Electronic key management for large US residential complex
08 March, 2013
A block of 191 residential flats has been fitted with the KeyWatcher key control and tracking system to track the secure issue and retrieval of keys
Key management improves customer experience at luxury hotel
01 February, 2013
Providing staff at a Birmingham hotel with efficient and secure access to keys helped to improve customer experience by reducing waiting times for service
Cincinnati vehicle pool secured with key management system
13 November, 2012
Morse Watchmans has supplied a KeyWatcher system to a Cincinnati public service provider for managing keys to the vehicle pool
Electronic Key Cabinet On Show At ASIS
11 September, 2012
The illuminated KeyWatcher from Morse Watchmans is equipped with electronic key slots which only authorised personnel can activate in order to remove a key
Key Management System For Large Distributed Environments
22 August, 2012
Easy key access, programming and multi-cabinet return facility brings easy and secure key management for large numbers of keys
KeyWatcher Protects Valuable Equipment at UA Facility
19 July, 2012
A rebuild and test facility belonging to United Airlines is using KeyWatcher to keep track of important and valuable equipment
Automated Key Control For New York Multiple Occupancy Residence
04 July, 2012
Brookview Apartment complex solves access control dilemma in rental properties with Morse Watchmans key control system
California University Takes Key Control System
20 June, 2012
The KeyWatcher key control and management system at the University of California has been upgraded to include more key cabinets and greater control
Multiple Site Key Management System
08 June, 2012
Enterprise key control has now been extended to multi-site locations with the highly scalable KeyWatcher Touch key control system
Key Control System Provides Easier Management At Lubbock Jail
24 May, 2012
A US custodial centre has taken a key control and key management system from Morse Watchmans for improved procedural accountability
Key Control Supplier Enters iPod Promotion
04 May, 2012
Morse Watchmans is attending IFSEC this year with its Get the Touch promotion with iPod Nano prizes on offer
KeyWatcher Controls Issue Of Hospital Master Keys
15 March, 2012
A South Carolina medical facility has taken KeyWatcher key control from Morse Watchmans to provide clear management of access to keys at the busy healthcare provider
Advanced Key Control To Be Unveiled At ASIS
26 August, 2011
The KeyWatcher Touch and TruTouch Management System is the latest key control system to be released by Morse Watchmans and to be on show at ASIS 2011
Modular, Scalable and Customisable Key Control
13 April, 2011
Morse Watchman attended this year's ISC West event with the company's range of key management systems bringing modular and customisable key control systems to a wider range of applications
Remote Box Adds Additional Layer To Critical Key Management
12 April, 2011
Control of sensitive keys in remote locations can now be achieved with centralised management of keys with More Watchmans' Remote Box
Biometric Hand Geometry Technology Added To KeyWatcher Range
11 April, 2011
Improved security for key cabinets has been demonstrated at ISC West with the new biometric hand geometry recognition application used on KeyWatcher and KeyBank systems from Morse Watchmans
Automated Key Tracking System Installed In Art Museum
11 March, 2011
The Toledo Museum of Art has improved key distribution, management and control on its premises with the introduction of the Morse Watchman key control system
KeyWatcher Management System With Central Control At Ohio University
02 December, 2010
The security department at Ohio University now has improved control over key issue and storage with an additional six KeyWatcher cabinets attached to the university's IT network to enable centralised control
Smart locker systems on display at ASIS
24 September, 2009
Customisable SmartKey Locker Systems from Morse Watchmans provide secure storage for Radios, cash trays, notebooks and other valuable items
Combined key control and asset locker system
23 September, 2009
The three cabinet SmartKey Locker system from Morse Watchmans enables asset control of laptops and radios with added key tracking facility
Key and asset control systems on show at ASIS
23 September, 2009
Morse Watchmans' range of key and asset control solutions as well as guard tour monitoring products are being demonstrated at ASIS 2009
KeyWatcher control for Wesleyan University
13 August, 2009
Better control of master keys for US University will be achieved by the use of KeyWatcher from Morse Watchmans
Key management experts launch new site
04 June, 2009
Ease of navigation and visual redesign feature on re-launched Morse Watchmans web site
Key control system for New York hotel
22 May, 2009
The Plaza Hotel in New York improves its key control regime by using KeyPro software from Morse Watchmans providing critical audit trail information
Scalable key tracking for Pennsylvania
06 May, 2009
Pennsylvanian transport authority using KeyWatcher for tracking status of issued keys throughout the authority