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Report examines economic impact of cyber crime
27 February, 2018
Theft of intellectual property accounts for at least a quarter of cost of cybercrime and threatens national security when it involves military technology, according to new report
Pre installed antivirus for smartphones
23 February, 2016
Future Samsung Galaxy owners will benefit from having McAfee VirusScan from Intel Security installed as standard on new tablets and smart phones
Cyber essentials certification for Intel Security
29 September, 2015
Intel Security gains UK Government certification against its Cyber Essentials Scheme
August 2015 threat report available
01 September, 2015
McAfee Labs has made the latest threat report available reviewing the way hardware and software threats have evolved over the last five years.
McAfee predicts exploit developments in 2015
10 December, 2014
After trust was shaken in 2014, McAfee now sees further internet trust related exploits as well as threats to privacy and the internet of things
IT security challenges for the next generation of governments
20 October, 2014
Report from McAfee examines digital trends to provide a vision of the security challenges that will be faced by governments of the future
Plain language PSN connectivity white paper
29 September, 2014
McAfee is making it easy for companies needing to connect to the Public Services Network (PSN) in the UK through a plain language white paper
Password security key to preventing online data being compromised
02 September, 2014
Security industry expertise points to insecure passwords being partly responsible for the private photos of people being compromised
Mobile security and kill switch pre-installed on LG smartphone
20 June, 2014
The latest LG G3 smart phone will benefit from pre-installation of Mobile Security from McAfee which includes an anti-theft kill switch feature
Detailed study into advanced evasion techniques
01 April, 2014
Report from McAfee unravels the confusion associated with Advanced Evasion Techniques and their role in Advanced Persistent Threats
Partnership targets critical infrastructure protection market
19 March, 2014
McAfee has partnered with Schneider Electric to merge expertise in cyber threats and energy management to bring improved protection to critical infrastructure facilities
High profile data breaches detailed in quarterly threat report
11 March, 2014
The latest McAfee threat report has been released with details of the dark web malware industry and its relation to recent high profile attacks
Advanced threat remediation technology
28 February, 2014
Comprehensive Threat Protection platform from McAfee provides extended capabilities for protection against advanced and evasive targeted threats
Android apps a significant risk for small businesses
27 February, 2014
McAfee study shows that small businesses using Android devices are at risk if they don't have effective mobile device management strategies
Focus returns to remote working during recent tube strike
12 February, 2014
Recent industrial action on London's underground system prompts Raj Samani of McAfee to provide advice to companies of staying secure whilst employees work remotely
Unsecured intimate content at risk on Valentine's day
10 February, 2014
McAfee is warning against being too intimate in electronic communications in the run-up to valentine's day with almost a third of people not having any basic security in place on their smartphones
Study shows cyberbullying risk for young teenagers
31 January, 2014
14-15 year old's online behaviour is putting them at increased risk of cyber-bullying, according to a study carried out for Safer Internet Day
Global hotel takes next generation firewall protection
19 December, 2013
McAfee is providing the Stonesoft next generation firewall products for the protection of global IT systems at Accor hotels
4 out of 5 Employees using unapproved apps
05 December, 2013
Research from McAfee has highlighted the dangers of unapproved apps in the workplace with 80% of employees surveyed using SaaS applications without approval
Twelve scams to watch out for this Christmas
29 November, 2013
McAfee details the 12 main scams doing the rounds this Christmas and offers advice on how to avoid becoming the victim of fraud
Report examines extent of concern about cyber-bullying
18 November, 2013
Online bullying is the subject of a McAfee report released today which reveals that only a tenth of parents believe their children are safe from bullying when using the internet
Balancing staff acquisition with IT security requirements
24 September, 2013
Raj Samani of McAfee explains the steps needed to secure information assets in small businesses from insider threats when recruiting new staff
Cybercrime-as-a-service: SMEs can’t compete with lucrative trade
20 September, 2013
Raj Samani, VP Chief Technology Officer at McAfee EMEA reveals how cybercriminals take advantage of small business websites
Best practice guidelines for public sector cyber security
19 September, 2013
A report is being released on operating securely in the digital world, offering best practice guidelines for mitigating IT risks in the UK public sector
Santander attack illustrates ease of cyber invasion
16 September, 2013
McAfee comments on the low level of technical competence needed by cyber criminals to make significant breaches on the UK banking system
Low confidence levels shown in Digital Reform Agenda
03 September, 2013
UK Government security-by-default approach gains little enthusiasm with more consideration needed to be given to cyber-security as part of the digital reforms
Insiders the biggest threat to SME security
20 June, 2013
McAfee discovers employees in smaller companies not taking information security as seriously as it warrants
Security systems not up to dealing with big data
18 June, 2013
McAfee reveals results of a study into the security of big data and finds many companies are unable to deal with the speed needed to detect and mitigate threats
Mobile ringfence thwarts smartphone theft
12 June, 2013
Smart Perimeter by McAfee creates a ring fence between mobile phones to alert users when breached in order to prevent loss or theft
Threat report shows dramatic spam increases
04 June, 2013
McAfee threat report details increase in spam levels as well as greater numbers of targeted threats
Cloud identity and access management
26 April, 2013
Security Connected products from McAfee bring robust security and access control to cloud applications
Report on POS risks in retail environments
09 April, 2013
A report from McAfee examines the growing risk of security and privacy with modern point of sale systems in the retail industry
Mobile security report provides details of risky mobile apps
20 February, 2013
A consumer report released by McAfee examines the trends in mobile security with details of how risky apps are being used in sophisticated crime
Security framework strategy defined
23 January, 2013
Responding to increased focus on integrated IT security strategies in corporations, McAfee further develops its Security Connected framework
Survey shows how teenagers hide online activity from parents
20 November, 2012
A comprehensive survey by McAfee on teenage online behaviour in Europe reveals the level of disconnect between teenage habits and parental awareness
Cyber security campaign targets schools
08 November, 2012
The Online Safety for Kids campaign is being run in the UK by McAfee which intends to raise awareness among pupils of cyber risks
Anti-Theft Protection for Ultrabook Devices
14 September, 2012
New security software introduced by McAfee provides protection to consumers against the theft of the latest Ultrabook devices
Largest Rise In Malware In Four Years Detailed in Report
05 September, 2012
The threat report from McAfee shows the continued rise in levels of malware utilising all aspects of communications technology including flash drives and mobile phones
Facebook Photo Share Prevention App
29 August, 2012
McAfee is now providing a free app to Facebook users that helps them to maintain their privacy through the prevention of photo sharing
Privacy Enhancements for Mobile Users With McAfee
24 August, 2012
Mobile security software from McAfee exceeds a million Google Play downloads
Low Public Awareness Of Games Related Cyber Threats
01 August, 2012
McAfee details public attitudes towards cyber threats with only 13% of British people being worried about the effects of malware during the games
Energy Security Report Available From McAfee
19 July, 2012
The security of the electrical power grid falls into the spotlight into a new report on Smart Grid Cyberthreats
BYOD Considered To Be Biggest Forthcoming Security Challenge
16 July, 2012
McAfee comments on the security challenges associated with the protectioin of personal mobile devices being used in the workplace
Free Tool Identifies DNS Malware Risk
06 July, 2012
McAfee tool helps users identify whether they've been affected by DNSChanger malware and provides alternatives past FBI Shut Down plan
McAfee Protection Pre-Loaded on ASUS Equipment
29 June, 2012
Laptops and Ultrabooks manufactured by ASUS for distribution in EMEA and Taiwan will be bundled with McAfee Internet Security
IT Security Collaboration For Infrastructure Protection
16 May, 2012
McAfee has joined forces with Intel to develop joint solutions to the growing problem of protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attacks
Information Security and Autonomous Vehicles
10 May, 2012
With the driverless car having been licensed in Nevada, McAfee looks at the implications for information security
State of Security Report From McAfee
07 March, 2012
Differences between perceptions of security and the reality are at the heart of the latest state of security report issued by McAfee
McAfee Mobile Security and Privacy Protection
28 February, 2012
Enterprise Mobility Management from McAfee provides mobile users with improved identity and security control
Anytime Anywhere Cloud Based Data Protection
08 November, 2011
McAfee's Cloud Security Platform provides continuous protection to enterprise endpoints whilst in the office or on the move
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