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Lumension Security
8660 East Hartford Drive, Suite 300
AZ 85255
[t] +1 480 970 1025
IT Administrators Work On 64-Patch Bulletin From Microsoft
14 April, 2011
The April patch from Microsoft included important Internet Explorer update to reduce chances of compromises when visit infected web-sites
Hackers Target European Union Summit
25 March, 2011
Lumension comments on the increasing trend for hackers to target major political events with the European Summit being the latest target
Apple Patching Steps Up As Mobile Malware Comes To The Fore
07 March, 2011
Lumension comments on patch activity with Microsoft having a light update while mobile malware and Apple vulnerabilities come under the spotlight
Lumension Comments On Game Changing Acquisition
03 March, 2011
On-device security improvements to become a race against time for security providers as Intel closes deal on acquisition of McAfee
Fake Software Ads Infiltrate Stock Exchange Website
01 March, 2011
Lumension Security comments on the hacking of the London Stock Exchange website with adverts driving visitors to fake security software
Early Adoption Program Available For Intelligent Whitelisting
16 February, 2011
Lumension is making its intelligent whitelisting software available in pre-availability version through the company's Early Adopter Program
Microsoft Patch Release Causes Disruption
10 February, 2011
A total of twelve bulletins with three critical amongst them causes significant disruption to IT users
Explorer Vulnerability Patch Expected Tuesday
07 February, 2011
Microsoft based computer systems throughout the world will be undergoing reboots this Tuesday as the overdue patch from Microsoft is released which fixes a vulnerability within Internet Explorer and requires computers to be restarted
Public Sector Market Unlikely To Benefit From Intel Security Dominance
28 January, 2011
Lumension comments on the approvals for Intel to acquire McAfee with clear benefits for the consumer market but doubtful advantages beyond that
Lumension Comments On Hardware Based Security Breakthrough From Intel
27 January, 2011
With Intel promising game-changing security features on its latest technology providing non-signature based defences, Lumension executive examines what this means for IT security
Infrastructure Fragility Demonstrated With Market Suspension Due To Hacking
22 January, 2011
Motivations of hackers irrelevant in suspension of EU carbon market trading with disruption being the most significant threat to business continuity
Chinese Bohu Malware Targets Cloud Security
21 January, 2011
Lumension comments on the discovery of the Bohu malware and the significance of targeting security protection technology specific to cloud computing
New Defences Required Against Potential Cyber War
17 January, 2011
OECD report on the potential widespread threat of cyber weaponry internationally requires a fresh Government sponsored approach to cyber security which can be applied to both the public and private sectors
Lumension Comments On Light Patch Tuesday To Start New Year
13 January, 2011
Despite few bulletins, patch release from Microsoft requires restart so may cause some new year disruption for IT Administrators
First Patch Update Of 2011 Misses The Point
10 January, 2011
Zero-day vulnerability fixes missing from patch update from Microsoft in small bulletin
Lumension Reviews The IT Security Scene Of 2010
17 December, 2010
Increased emphasis on protection against cyber threats characterises 2010 in terms of IT security according to Lumension
40 Vulnerabilities Patched In End of Year Bulletin Issue
16 December, 2010
Lumension comments on the bumper patch Tuesday issued by Microsoft to close out 40 vulnerabilities before the end of the year
Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities To Be Closed
13 December, 2010
Microsoft's patch update for Tuesday will close out three known vulnerabilities associated with DDoS attacks
Insider Threat Protection Takes On New Level In Light Of Wikileaks
09 December, 2010
The UK Government has ramped up protection levels in the fight against insider threats as Wikileaks ruffles feathers in the corridors of power
Wikileaks Indicates Level Of Insecure Sensitive Data
07 December, 2010
Lumension comments on the spate of Wikileaks revelations and highlights the growing concerns over sensitive data security
Lumension Achieves Success in Whitelisting and Application Control
06 December, 2010
IT Security experts discuss their role in reducing IT energy consumption whilst improving security through whitelisting and endpoint application control
Lumension Comments On Chinese Web Hack Report
19 November, 2010
Web hack illustrates the need for protection of data in transit through encryption as well as static according to Lumension
Lumension Comment On Patch Tuesday
09 November, 2010
Easier times for IT Administrators are unlikely to be on the cards this side of Christmas according to Lumension
Hacktivism Disrupts Myanmar Election Preparations
05 November, 2010
Lumension comments on the politically motivated hacking attack ahead of this weekend's elections in Myanmar
Businesses Should React To iPhone4 Hack
29 October, 2010
Lumension is recommending swift action by businesses to protect corporate iPhones using the iOS4 operating system from the latest hack
Iranian Cyber Army Hires Out Botnet Access
27 October, 2010
Lumension comments on the latest move by the Iranian Cyber Army which heralds a new wave in Cyber warfare
Investment Boosted As Cyber Warfare Takes Centre Stage In National Security Strategy
19 October, 2010
The revamped UK strategy on national security has promoted cyber warfare to second position with corresponding budgetary increases to bolster the country's protection against large scale cyber threats
Critical Update Requires Fast Action To Prevent Vulnerabilities From Being Exploited
14 October, 2010
Lumension is predicting that cyber criminals will be hard at work attacking unpatched computers after record number of vulnerabilities identified in patch updates from Microsoft and Oracle
Lumension Comments On Forthcoming Heavy Patch Tuesday
11 October, 2010
With 16 security bulletins expected from Microsoft this week, IT Administrators will have a heavy workload ahead of them according to Lumension
Tube Strike Tempts Workers Into Breaking Data Protection Rules
05 October, 2010
Lumension is warning of the likelihood of increased amounts of corporate data being offloaded onto USB flash memory to enable workers to operate from home during tube strike
Compliance Deadline Passes For Level 1 Merchants in the UK
01 October, 2010
Certain retail companies in the UK now have to conform to revised PCI compliance guidelines as explained by Lumension
One Click Features On Social Networking Sites Being Exploited By Cyber Criminals
22 September, 2010
Hackers are exploiting the one click status feature on Facebook with clickjacking tools to direct social networking site users to fake sites
Reduced Patching Pressure On Users Of Latest Operating System
16 September, 2010
Lumension comments on Microsoft's bulleting release this Tuesday with administrators using older versions of the operating system under greater pressure with more critical updates to address
McAfee Acquisition To Change The Security Industry
23 August, 2010
Lumension's Pat Clawson provides the company's views on the purchase of McAfee by Intel and what this means for the IT security industry as a whole
Intel Acquisition To Fundamentally Change IT Security Landscape
20 August, 2010
Lumension believes that Intel's acquisition of McAfee will lead to similar acquisitions as hardware manufacturers seek to emulate this drive into security software
Tax Phishing Fraud Uses Social Engineering As Its Basis
16 August, 2010
Cyber criminals increase levels of social engineering sophistication to gain sensitive information, often luring victims unknowingly into a scam
Lumension Examines Updates For Patch Tuesday
12 August, 2010
Microsoft's monthly bulletin update comes at a time when IT Administrators are undergoing considerable stress with other flaw remediation actions required for addressing other supplier's vulnerabilities
Extensive Patch Bulletin Requires System Restarts
09 August, 2010
Microsoft is continuing with its record of distributing large patch bulletins with the latest containing many critical upgrades affecting most platforms and requiring a restart warns Lumension
Delay in vBulleting Vulnerability Patch Puts Online Communities At Risk
26 July, 2010
Lumension comments on the delays in fixing vulnerabilities in online discussion group software which has had a serious security flaw identified
Galway Research Centre To Be Expanded
20 July, 2010
Lumension is expanding its facilities in Ireland for Research and Development with the expectation of creating an additional 30 jobs in the region before the end of the year
Administrators To Cope With Dual Patch Update From Oracle and Microsoft
15 July, 2010
Lumension comments on the bulletin updates released this Tuesday from Microsoft as well as a large update from Oracle
Lumension Comments on Hacker Arrests in Pakistan
14 July, 2010
Social networking site for hackers closed down and five people arrested in Pakistan in clampdown on cyber-related crime in the area
Latest Security Bulletins From Microsoft Require Server Reboot
12 July, 2010
Alan Bentley of Lumension comments on the patches due to be released from Microsoft which address critical vulnerabilities and will require servers to be restarted
Online Forum Leads To Arrest Of Teenagers Involved In Cyber-Crime
25 June, 2010
Lumension comments on the recent arrest of two teenagers by the Police Central e-crime Unit in the UK as a result of activities on an on-line cyber crime forum
EMC, Lumension and RSA Collaborate On Improvements In Security For Sensitive Data
23 June, 2010
The secure sharing and protection of confidential information is the objective of an alliance involving Lumension Security, RSA and EMC who will operate together on solving industry data loss prevention issues
Lumension Comments On The Impact Of MicrosoftÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs June Patch Tuesday
10 June, 2010
Three critical updates count among the patches released by Microsoft which cover a wide variety of the company's products and operating systems prompting Lumension's advice for IT Administrators to set a high priority on protecting their networks from the associated vulnerabilities
Ten Bulletins Expected For June Patch Tuesday
07 June, 2010
Lumension comments on the heavy payload of patches expected from Microsoft to address several important vulnerabilities on Tuesday
Lumension Examines iPad Security Considerations
28 May, 2010
Companies and consumers buying the Apple iPad should be aware of security implications and ensure their protection from physical theft as well as the opportunity the iPad presents to data thieves and hackers
Red Flag Rule Webcast from Lumension
20 May, 2010
Lumension Security is running a webcast to help organisations understand the management requirements for personal data
Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities To Be Closed On Patch Tuesday
10 May, 2010
Lumension comments on the forthcoming patch release from Microsoft which contains two critical bulletins relating to remote code execution flaws
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