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L-1 Identity Solutions
177 Broad Street
12th Floor
CT 06901
[t] +1 203 504 1100
[f] +1 203 504 1150
Low Cost Biometric Access Control Products On Show At Intersec
18 January, 2011
Face and fingervein biometric technology is amongst the innovative access control products being demonstrated this week by L-1 Identity Solutions at the Intersec exhibition taking place in Dubai
Biometric Licence Capacity Improvement Order From DoD
30 September, 2010
L-1 Identity Solutions will provide the department of defence with additional Automated Biometric Identification System licence capacity
French Biometric Giant to Acquire L-1 Identity Solutions
22 September, 2010
Safran has agreed to purchase L-1 Identity Solutions as part of an acquisition deal involving the purchase of L-1 Intelligence Services by BAE Systems in the USA
Multi-Biometric Enrolment Platform For Indian Citizen ID Program
29 July, 2010
L-1 Identity Solutions will be supplying India with the ABIS 7 platform for multi-biometric enrolment including Iris capture and five-finger slap fingerprint capture technology
Multimodal Biometric Template Integration
19 July, 2010
HIIDE 5 and associated middleware from L-1 Identity Solutions enables faster integration and communication using templates from non-US and US biometric systems
Mobile Four Finger Slap Imaging Device Development Contract for L-1 Identity Solutions
08 July, 2010
The Department of Homeland Security has commissioned biometric recognition company to develop mobile image capturing device which takes four simultaneous fingerprint images
Additional Capacity Ordered For Biometric Licence Production
05 July, 2010
US Government Department places further order on L-1 Identity Solutions to fulfil requirements for the Automated Biometric Identification System or ABIS
Retica Sells High Volume Iris Recognition Capability To L-1 Identity Solutions
06 April, 2010
L-1 enhances its biometric iris recognition capabilities with the acquisition of high volume and low cost biometric capture systems from Retica giving the company a route into large scale markets
Biometric Access Control System With Vascular Recognition
26 March, 2010
The 4G FingerVein Station from L-1 Identity Solutions uses biometric vascular recognition technology to grant access based on vein patterns in the finger, adding to their existing range of fingerprint and face recognition devices
New Jersey Secures Driving Licence Issuing Process With L-1 Identity Solutions
23 February, 2010
Contract with New Jersey Licensing Authority brings L-1 security and anti-fraud technology to the process of issuing and renewing driving licences in the state
Biometric Driving Licence Issuing Process for Kentucky
11 February, 2010
L-1 Identity Solutions gains contract from Kentucky for secure driving licences including biometric face recognition technology
L-1 Identity Picks Up Registered Traveller Program
05 February, 2010
In co-operation with Alclear, L-1 Identity Solutions takes the reins on the Verified Identity Pass program for registered travellers
NIST testing reveals high performance of L-1 Iris biometrics algorithm
22 January, 2010
The Daugman-based Iris recognition algorithm from biometric specialist, L-1 Identity Solutions, has undergone testing with the National Institute of Standards and Technology which features in the Iris Exchange report on biometric iris recognition algorithm performance
Fast licence renewal with biometric verification kiosks
14 December, 2009
Replacement and renewal of driving licences in self-service kiosks supplied by L-1 Identity Solutions provide a streamlined process based on identity confirmation using biometric face recognition
California driving license contract for L-1 Identity Solutions
21 August, 2009
Five year contract to include workflow processes for issuing driving licenses and preventing fraud
High throughput fingerprint scanning technology
16 July, 2009
Agile TP from L-1 Identity Solutions scans a full set of fingerprints in less than 10 seconds providing high throughput identification for civil applications
Iris and tri-modal biometric success for L-1 Identity Solutions
15 July, 2009
Over 8 million dollars of orders have been received in 2Q by L-1 Identity solutions proving the escalating demand levels for biometric enrolment and recognition systems
Driving license fraud reduction with face recognition
22 May, 2009
Biometric face recognition technology from L-1 Identity Solutions is bringing down driving license fraud levels in the US and Canada
Follow-on order for driving license issuing process
08 May, 2009
Colorado government department places order for further services from L-1 Identity solutions on issuing state driving licenses
Live hand scan order for Texas police
08 May, 2009
Full hand biometric scanning technology to be provided to Texas law enforcement bodies in expansion of existing biometric identification techniques
Tamper proof driving licenses for Michigan
01 May, 2009
Digital driving license and ID cards to be used in Michigan utilising secure credentialing systems from L-1 Identity Solutions
L-1 Iris recognition proves popular with US jails
29 April, 2009
Jail managements systems from L-1 Identity Solutions have been implemented in California and Missouri jails for inmate ID using biometric iris recognition technology
L-1 to supply secure driving license system for South Dakota
06 April, 2009
Identity verification included in workflow for new driving license issuing process to be deployed in the state of South Dakota by L-1 Identity Solutions
Biometric fingerprint enrolment centres for Indiana
03 April, 2009
The state of Indiana has awarded L-1 Identity Solutions a contract to provide biometric enrolment services at centres for state employees
TWIC-Station includes biometric fingerprint reader
01 April, 2009
Access control station for transport workers released by L-1 Identity Solutions designed for multiple authentication methods including fingerprint biometrics
Paraguay National ID Card system to be supplied by L-1
16 January, 2009
L-1 Biometric division receives order from Paraguay Government for enrolment centres to support national ID card program
Fingerprint scanning for Connecticut citizens
02 May, 2008
Background checking facility in the US state of Connecticut use fingerprint biometric equipment and vetting system supplied by L-1 Identity Solutions
New Federal Operations Head at L-1 Identity Solutions.
11 April, 2008
Washing DC hear of Federal Operations to lead the drive to bring biometrics to federal applications for L-1 Identity Solutions.
Lightweight scanner for ten print or palm scanning.
11 April, 2008
The TouchPrint 4800 provides high definition scanning for a variety of print presentation methods including palm prints and ten finger print collection in a small, lightweight package.
Civilian fingerprinting contract from Washington health service.
08 April, 2008
L-1 Identity subsidiary gains contract from Washington state health service for digital fingerprinting.
L-1 acquires Digimarc business for secure credentialing.
25 March, 2008
Digital watermarking from Digimarc combined with L-1 Identity Solutions' biometrics expertise to fulfil demand for government identity management programmes.
L-1 Identity Solutions picks up US passport card project
12 March, 2008
Passport card to be provided to border residents for ease of flow across land and sea borders and will contain an RFID chip for identity authentication.
Defence department travel management system order.
25 February, 2008
The American Department of Defence has issued a supply and management contract to L-1 subsidiary for the management of secure travel for department members.
Multi-biometric national ID system for Panama.
14 February, 2008
Fingerprint capture and face search facilities form basis of ID management system to be installed by L-1 Identity Solutions for the Government of Panama.
Substantial passport printer order from US passport centres.
23 January, 2008
L-1 Identity Solutions to supply passport printers to the new US passport issuing centres.
ID Networks renew agreement to resell L-1 biometrics identity products.
10 December, 2007
Face recognition, fingerprint scanning and multo-biometric systems now fall under the umbrella of ID Networks as part of a new partnership agreement with L-1 Identity Solutions.
Biometric solution for illegal immigration in Turkey.
10 December, 2007
Turkish police select fingerprint capture technology from L-1 Identity Solutions as part of their enrolment processes to combat illegal immigration to the country.
Digital fingerprint technology for South Carolina police.
10 December, 2007
Biometric identity card and driving license scheme in South Carolina to operate based on biometric fingerprint scanning and enrolment technology supplied by L-1 Identity Solutions.
ID Suite launched for border enforcement
01 October, 2007
Biometric management package released for document applications and border control.
Mobile iris recognition to be used in US military BAT system
11 September, 2007
Biometric Automated Toolset to make use of PIER handheld units for identification tasks using iris recognition
L-1 launches rugged live scan device for extreme field usage
11 September, 2007
TouchPrint 4100 live scan device available for deployment in rugged environments for both military and commercial applications
Partnership to develop ultrasonic fingerprint capture technology
11 September, 2007
Ultrasonic imaging to be used in joint project to develop live scan fingerprint imaging system with high levels of reliability and ruggedness
Biometric charge room system for Texas department of public safety
21 August, 2007
Charge room system to incorporate biometric TouchPrint fingerprint recognition system with capabilities for integrated mug shots
Montana secures driving license application process
21 August, 2007
Biometrics to be used to prevent fraudulent driving licenses being issued in Montana
Hand held biometrics for US Department of Defence
01 August, 2007
L-1 Identity Solutions to supply HIDE multi-biometric handheld devices for use in US military bases and detention centres.