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Kaspersky Lab UK
97 Milton Park
OX14 4RY
[t] +44 871 789 1633
Angler exploit kit analysis
02 September, 2016
Kaspersky Lab takes part in the downfall of cyber criminal group responsible for the distribution of the Angler exploit kit
High growth in smart city security initiative
25 July, 2016
Kaspersky Lab details the progress made in the first year since the formation of the Securing Smart Cities initiative
Industrial network security vulnerability
29 June, 2016
Kaspersky Lab uncovers remote relay protection equipment access vulnerability affecting critical infrastructure
Cyber security company sponsors archeological dig
21 June, 2016
The Archeological Society of Athens is gaining benefit from sponsorship from Kaspersky Lab for excavation and conservation work
Illegal market in hacked servers
20 June, 2016
Kaspersky Lab has uncovered an underground market where the commodity being traded is access to servers which have been hacked
Tailored protection for ATM equipment
08 June, 2016
Embedded system security brings protection from Kaspersky Lab to the banking industry for ATM equipment and point of sale terminals
Industry experts play role in cybercrime arrest
03 June, 2016
A large arrest of 50 cyber criminals in Russia who have stolen from banks in the country for 5 years has taken place with the help of experts from Kaspersky Lab
Fighting ransomware foils criminals of 50 million USD
26 May, 2016
Kaspersky Lab explains how its products have cost the cyber crime community large amounts of money in failed attempts at deploying ransomware
Protect against fake tickets for Olympic Games
18 May, 2016
Kaspersky Lab is warning sports fans of the dangers associated with fake tickets for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games which are currently widely available
Almost half of consumers targetted online
09 May, 2016
Research from Kaspersky Lab shows the extent to which consumers are under threat from cyber attacks seeking online information
Many businesses unaware of agentless security products
08 April, 2016
Almost three quarters of companies are using standard endpoint security creating excessive system load instead of opting for agentless or light-agent products
Ad blocking application for iOS
04 April, 2016
AdCleaner is available free from Kaspersky Lab providing iOS device users to be able to block advertising and popup windows
Security protection for wearables
10 March, 2016
Kaspersky Lab extends its range of protection products to enable users of Android devices to secure themselves from malware on wearables
A guide to tackling cybercrime in 2016
18 February, 2016
David Emm of Kaspersky Lab describes the requirements for the correct mix of skills, strategy and security in order to be able to combat cyber crime
Survey shows disturbing online habits of teenagers
09 February, 2016
On Safer Internet Day, Kaspersky Lab urges parents to be more active in monitoring teenager activities to prevent them lurking in the darker corners of the web
Improved user access for corporate encrypted data
29 January, 2016
Kaspersky improves the usability of corporate encrypted data without compromising on its security
Android malware steals information
21 January, 2016
Kaspersky Lab discovers new Android malware that targets smartphone users for financial fraud
Collaboration for improved wearable security
18 January, 2016
WISeKey and Kaspersky Lab cooperate on defining the security requirements of the Internet of Things with particular emphasis on wearable technology such as payment wristbands
Half of companies believe DDoS attacks are staged against them
14 December, 2015
Survey from Kaspersky Lab reveals extent to which companies believe they are the victims of staged attacks launched by identifiable culprits
Ready access to information causes digital amnesia
27 November, 2015
Kaspersky Lab researches global attitudes towards information retention and the easy availability to digital memory sources
Cybercrime predominance in financial theft
23 November, 2015
Kaspersky Lab research into cybercrime in the Russian language reveals nearly all of it relates to the theft of money
Decryption key repository means an end to cyber ransom payments
06 November, 2015
Kaspersky Lab creates respository of decryption keys to enable victims of Bitcryptor and CoinVault ransomware to avoid paying to access their data
Dispelling the myths surrounding industrial control security
27 October, 2015
Kirill Slavin, Managing Director at Kaspersky Lab explains five common myths about industrial control system security and why they should be disregarded
Cyberbullying victim support app wins prize
21 October, 2015
Kaspersky Lab awards student team with Enable Hackathon prize for best app for their software which provides support for victims of cyber bullying
Ransomware spreads as complacency grows
14 October, 2015
David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab explains the growing danger of ransomware and how businesses are taking large risks by not addressing the trend
Why small businesses should avoid free anti virus products
12 October, 2015
Konstantin Voronokov, Head of Endpoint Product Management at Kaspersky Lab explains why using free anti virus software might not be a good idea for small businesses
CoinVault arrests made in Holland
21 September, 2015
Kaspersky Lab plays crucial role in apprehension of two criminals associated with the CoinVault ransomware attacks
Online identity risks overwhelm UK consumers
03 September, 2015
Study from Kaspersky Lab reveals privacy paralysis in the UK with consumers feeling overwhelmed with IT security risks
Security breach impact on virtual infrastructure
01 September, 2015
Report shows companies running virtual infrastructures suffer higher costs resulting from security breaches
Endpoint security software for businesses running Macs
18 August, 2015
The Endpoint Security for Mac product from Kaspersky lab provides single console management for Mac oriented businesses
Critical infrastructure protection education initiative
09 June, 2015
Kaspersky Lab joins automation body to help raise awareness of cyber threats in industrial automation environments
BYOD risks overlooked by smaller businesses
19 May, 2015
Research from Kaspersky Lab shows almost a third of small UK businesses fail to see any threat in employees using their own mobile devices
Small office IT security without the need for IT skills
04 May, 2015
Kaspersky Lab is meeting the needs of smaller businesses with a special edition of Small Office Security that can be commissioned without specialist IT skills
International consortium disrupts major botnet
15 April, 2015
A group of IT companies led by the Interpol police service have successfully brought down the Simda botnet linking computers globally
IT security company evolution
02 April, 2015
Kirill Slavin, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab UK and Ireland, explains Why diversify or die doesn’t always ring true in an ever-evolving IT security market place
Insecure personal data on wearable technology
01 April, 2015
Kaspersky Lab discovers security flaws exposing personal data to risk when using wearable technology for fitness assessment
New malware bypasses CAPTCHA
11 March, 2015
Android malware targets Russian social network users with method to overcome CAPTCHA codes in attempts to extort money
Arabic cyber espionage aims at high profile targets in Middle East
18 February, 2015
The Desert Falcons group has been discovered by Kaspersky Lab to be on a cyber espionage campaign that specifically targets high profile people and companies from the Middle East region
Threat of increased untrusted certificate use
02 February, 2015
Kaspersky Lab explains the dangers of untrusted certificates and their increased use in the launching of malicious software
The real consequences of a DDoS attack
30 January, 2015
Kaspersky Lab explains how a DDoS attack can have serious financial and operational consequences on the target organisation
Device sharing risk for mobile users
19 January, 2015
Survey results show mobile device owners are taking considerable risks in openly sharing their internet enables smartphones and tablets
To stay safe from cybercrime small firms need to stop thinking like consumers
12 January, 2015
Kaspersky Lab examines the cyber security dilemma of smaller companies and shows how they need to start emulating larger firms in their approach to data security
From fiction to reality: tackling the cyber threats of tomorrow
15 December, 2014
Kirill Slavin, general manager at Kaspersky Lab UK&I examines the future of IT security and the rise in significance of the internet of things
2014 major cyber threats in review
11 December, 2014
Kaspersky Lab looks back at the threat landscape of 2014 and the seriousness of fraud operations and corporate cyber espionage
Cyber threat summary of 2014
09 December, 2014
Kaspersky Lab summarises the threats that businesses and individuals faced during the year as blocked attacks exceeded 2013 levels by more than a billion
Non-financial cyber attacks hold hidden costs
08 December, 2014
Whilst around 50% of cyber attacks have attempted to steal money this year, other non-financial related attacks have also been linked to unforeseen expenses
Password rules pose challenges to online shoppers
05 December, 2014
Kaspersky Lab discusses the difficulty faced by those doing their Christmas shopping on line when faced with numberous websites all requiring individual unique passwords
Financial institutions to be targeted in 2015
02 December, 2014
Kaspersky Lab is predicting that cyber criminals will up the ante during the next year and target financial service providers themselves rather than their customers
Total security for safeguarding all aspects of digital lives
01 December, 2014
Kaspersky Lab explains the holistic approach it is now taking with the release of Total Security - Multi-Device to provide protection for all aspects of its customer's digital lives
Anatomy of the malicious Regin platform
25 November, 2014
Kaspersky Lab provides some insight into Regin, established malware which attacks GSM networks with espionage campaigns
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