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Iron Mountain
3rd Floor, Cottons Centre
Tooley Street
[t] +44 207 939 1500
Advice on addressing EU Data Protection Regulation challenges
29 January, 2016
Iron Mountain provides details of the new EU Data Protection Regulation and what businesses need to do in order to address the associated challenges
Effective archiving to avoid data swamps
07 August, 2015
Eileen Sweeney, SVP and General Manager of Data Management at Iron Mountain examines how organisations can avoid drowning in a swamp of data with the use of effective archiving strategies
Skill shortage for information management
20 May, 2015
Survey from Iron Mountain reveals the extent to which business leaders are facing a skills shortage in the UK for critical information management
Poor management of social messaging and file sharing in business
05 March, 2015
A study undertaken by Iron Mountain shows an alarmingly low level of management of third party file-sharing systems and social messaging in the enterprise
Google data privacy policy re-write an example for all
03 February, 2015
Sue Trombley of Iron Mountain explains the implications of the ICO's pressure on Google to re-write its data privacy policy
Efficient back up systems result in casual approach to saving documents
14 October, 2014
A study by Iron Mountain has shown the worst offenders for not using a well-organised approach to saving data, a problem made worse by efficient back-up methods
Back-up strategies and ensuring that they work
23 September, 2014
Christian Toon of Iron Mountain discusses the options available to IT administrators for providing effective data back up and recovery
Four reasons why tape based data storage isn't dead
10 September, 2014
Christian Toon, the head of information risk at Iron Mountain explains how tape is still being used as a data storage medium
Survey reveals extent of European cloud data storage acceptance
28 August, 2014
Nearly half of EU companies still retain certain types of data on servers with continuing caution being shown for moving their data to the cloud
Big data retrieval leading to increased burden on IT resources
30 May, 2014
A study by Iron Mountain has shown that IT professionals are under increasing pressure to devote more time to the retrieval of data
The information time bomb at the heart of M&As
19 May, 2014
Charlotte Marshall, Managing Director of Iron Mountain in the UK, Ireland and Norway examines the need for integrated information security during mergers and acquisitions
UK consumer confusion over EU data privacy proposal
13 May, 2014
EU "right to be forgotten" rules result in confusion and complacency amidst UK consumers who don't believe a new law would be effective
Preventing avoidable data breaches
04 April, 2014
Iron Mountain comments on the Cumbria County Council data breach and how such avoidable incidents can be prevented
Confidential data leak risk with former employees
24 March, 2014
Incident involving former Microsoft employee demonstrates the risks to companies of data security when employees leave the company
The dangers of the commute for sensitive data
14 January, 2014
Iron Mountain's head of Information Risk, Christian Toon, discusses the vulnerability of sensitive company data during the daily commute of company employees
Study shows office workers are losing the skill of managing paperwork
24 October, 2013
With few companies having achieved paperless offices, information security is nonetheless lacking when it comes to managing confidential paperwork, according to Iron Mountain
Advice on protecting company information for travelling workers
11 October, 2013
Iron Mountain has provided some advice for people who work while using public transport on how to protect sensitive information from commuter snoopers
Study examines threat of disgruntled employees
17 July, 2013
UK's workforce has been surveyed on reactions to unfair treatment with a fifth motivated to take revenge against their employers
Information hoarding leads to data protection exposures
15 July, 2013
Iron Mountain believes up to a third of smaller businesses are exposing themselves to legal risks for hanging on to information unecessarily
European data loss regarded as an inevitability
03 July, 2013
Two-fifths of European companies surveyed by Iron Mountain are being overwhelmed by unsustainable levels of information risk
Ten tips on mitigating information risk
02 July, 2013
Marc Duale, President International at Iron Mountain shares some of the lessons learnt by companies and passed on to others on protecting company information
Data breaches drive partners away
21 June, 2013
Iron Mountain study shows that over half of European companies would shun other companies that have suffered data breaches
Protection of high value intellectual property
25 April, 2013
On world intellectual property day, Christian Toon of Iron Mountain examines the value of trade secrets and why their protection must be prioritised
UK businesses delegate cloud security
28 February, 2013
Iron Mountain examines the UK's attitude to cloud based security and the willingness of the majority to delegate this important task to cloud providers
Over half of EU organisations expect data losses
27 February, 2013
Christian Toon of Iron Mountain examines the concerning complacency being exhibited by companies in Europe surrounding what many of them to be the inevitabilty of data loss
Information management overhaul needed for digitizing NHS records
25 February, 2013
Phil Greenwood of Iron Mountain comments on the data protection and information management implications of the NHS' plans to digitize their paper based records by 2018
EU business culture of inevitable data loss
28 January, 2013
On European Privacy and Data Protection day, Iron Mountain comments on the attitudes of EU companies towards data loss, resigning themselves to its inevitability
Offsetting the dangers of paper archiving
08 November, 2012
Phil Greenwood of Iron Mountain discusses paper archives, why they are still so popular, the dangers associated with them and the alternative approach of digitizing them
Stoke Council fined by ICO over mishandling of sensitive data
26 October, 2012
Christian Toon, Head of Information Risk for Iron Mountain comments on the recent fine levied on Stoke Council for sending sensitive information to the wrong person
Corporate Espionage and the Internal Threat
16 August, 2012
Patrick Keddy of Iron Mountain explains how IT users within the corporation are often guilty of mis-handling sensitive data through lack of policy or knowledge
Financial Companies Demonstrate Data Breach Complacency
02 July, 2012
Iron Mountain discovers that as much as 20% of European financial service providers are unsure about whether they've suffered a data breach
Iron Mountain Receives Document Management Order
29 May, 2012
Sole supplier status has been conferred on Iron Mountain by the UK Government as part of its document management framework
Increased Organisational Data Protection Responsibilities in Europe
23 February, 2012
Iron Mountain outlines new data protection guideline plans from the EU and explains how they could prove to be costly for businesses in the region
Big Changes Expected In European Privacy and Data Protection
24 January, 2012
Iron Mountain is advising businesses to prepare for new privacy and data protection regulations coming out of the European Union to avoid problems later
Greatest Corporate Security Concern Relates to Employees
13 January, 2012
Research undertaken by Iron Mountain indicates increasing trend in mistrust of employees eclipsing natural disasters and cybercrime threats
High Data Privacy Complaint Levels In UK Banks
08 July, 2011
Iron Mountain comments on the banking industry requirement to improve data privacy following report from the Information Commissioner's Office
Improved Records Management Needed At NHS Following Laptop Breach
16 June, 2011
Christian Toon, head of information risk at Iron Mountain, comments on the latest NHS laptop data breach
Misplaced Files Costly For UK Businesses
01 June, 2011
Iron Mountain comments on poor disaster recovery potential in UK companies due to high level of employees unable to find important datafiles stored on their computers
Cost Effective Enterprise Compliance And Discovery Solution
01 November, 2010
The Enterprise Discovery Suite from Iron Mountain provides data classification and discovery across the network to ensure business compliance
New Management Personnel Hired At Iron Mountain
11 August, 2010
Iron Mountain has taken on new executive personnel into sales and human resources roles to assist the company in achieving its next phase of growth
Information Management Consultancy Team Formed At Iron Mountain
06 August, 2010
Using its expertise in the field of records management and eDiscovery, Iron Mountain is now offering consultancy services in the area of information management
Iron Mountain Prepares For Growth In Number of Generic Top Level Domains
23 June, 2010
Registered data brokerage service available from Iron Mountain in advance of the intended expansion of generic Top Level Domains available from ICANN
Increased Scalability and De-duplication Offered in Cloud-Based Backup Utility
18 June, 2010
LiveVault 7.0 from Iron Mountain has been released to provide operators of large servers a cloud based data protection, archiving and recovery solution that comes with high levels of scalability and built-in deduplication technology
New Specialist To Support UK Healthcare and Public Sector
28 May, 2010
Iron Mountain has hired a Commercial Director in the UK for providing growth and development of the company's solutions in the public sector and healthcare
Simplified Hosted eDiscovery
21 May, 2010
Stratify Legal Discovery OnPoint from Iron Mountain simplifies the process of eDiscovery and reduces overall costs
Rule Expansion Advice On e-Health Records Management
07 May, 2010
Iron Mountain is calling on the US healthcare authority to expand its rules for the management of electronic health records in the industry
Data Protection Manager Support With CloudRecovery Solution
21 April, 2010
Secure Cloud from Iron Mountain provides automatic protection for business data for users of Microsoft's System Center Data Protection Manager
Secure Cloud Storage System For Medical Images
03 March, 2010
Medical Information can now take advantage of secure cloud computing technology for the storage of medical images in a highly scalable and secure manner
Discovery options and MS Windows 7 support included on Connected backup software
22 January, 2010
PC backup software from Iron Mountain is now compatible with Windows 7 and includes support for litigation discovery
Litigation discovery support for Connected Backup
13 January, 2010
Iron Mountain's Windows 7 compatible back up and recovery system now has optional litigation discovery for staying abreast of compliance requirements
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