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Could wearable technology pose a threat in the workplace?
16 February, 2015
Alessandro Porro of Ipswitch discusses the predicted increase in wearable technology and what this could mean to the cyber threat landscape in the workplace
Whatsup Gold Goes To Version 15
15 June, 2011
IT Management system from Ipswitch released in new version with single console monitoring and discovery
IMF Failed To Follow Internal Warning
15 June, 2011
Ipswitch comments on the cyberattack on the International Monetary Fund with reference to the use of e-mail attachments as an insecure means of transporting data
High Availability Configuration For File Transfer Solution
04 March, 2011
WS_FTP Server from Ipswitch is now available in failover configuration for high availability applications
MFT Maturity Model Helps In Understanding Managed File Transfer Options
15 February, 2011
Ipswitch has released a free assessment resource, the Managed File Transfer Maturity Model to assist in assessing options available for managing file transfers in a secure fashion
Single Product Combines Asset Management With Network Discovery
21 January, 2011
IT network security strengthens with WhatsUp Gold providing automatic detection capabilities for improved asset management and compliance
Ipswitch Predicts Migration From Tool Based To Management Based IT Security for 2011
21 December, 2010
Managed file transfer specialists makes IT security predictions for the new year and foresees a switch away from tools based approach to security management
ICO Fines Still Waiting To Bite
19 October, 2010
Ipswitch comments on the delays in administering penalties from the Information Commissioner's Office for data breach offences
Server Room Anecdote Brings Prize to System Administrator
02 September, 2010
The Ipswitch SysAdmin All-Star Award for the services beyond the call of sanity has been given to a System Administrator who rescued his server from a flooded cabinet
Free EngineerÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Toolkit For WhatsUp Gold
04 August, 2010
Network Engineers now have access to a free resource for a limited time from Ipswitch for network diagnostics and troubleshooting with WhatsUp Gold producers planting a tree for every copy downloaded
Ipswitch Warns Of Common Practice Of Using Personal E-mails For Data Transfer
04 August, 2010
Survey results show large proportion of employees hide audit trails through the use of personal web-based e-mail accounts for performing file transfers without visibility
Webinar To Be Held On Compliance Best Practices
26 July, 2010
Ipswitch hands-on webinar to focus on best practices associated with security log management and compliance
Secure File Transfer Alternative To FTP To be Used By Enterasys
20 July, 2010
Enterasys will be using MOVEit from Ipswitch for the secure managed transfer of files containing sensitive information for the company's clients
WhatsVirtual 2.0 Available From Ipswitch
15 July, 2010
Support included for VMware range through WhatsVirtual 2.0 for single console management of virtual environments
Ipswitch Reports On Network Traffic Effects of World Cup
13 July, 2010
Bandwidth usage in the UK surges during world cup transmission according to findings of Ipswitch report on network traffic
Free Network EngineersÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Â Toolkit Available
30 June, 2010
Ipswitch is making its new WhatsUp Gold Engineer's Toolkit available free for a limited time to network engineers for design and planning, diagnostics, DNS verification and remote control
Affordable File Transfer System For Prevention of Data Losses
23 June, 2010
Sending large or sensitive files has become easier and safer with the use of Sendable from Ipswitch which enables the secure transfer of files without the use of cumbersome e-mail attachments of physical media
Ipswitch Adds Flexibility To Its Global Partnership Program
10 June, 2010
Elite Partner Level added to Ipswitch deal registration program to bring additional benefits to high performing sales partners
Free Network Traffic Calculator To Help Businesses Monitor World Cup Streaming Usage
27 May, 2010
With the FIFA 2010 World Cup set to be streamed live on the internet, Ipswitch has decided to provide a free tool to businesses to enable them to manage employees' use of the internet for non-work related viewing
Health Service Data Loss Demonstrates Poor Control Of Portable Storage
17 May, 2010
Ipswitch is advising those transferring sensitive data to use secure transfer channels rather than using memory sticks as demonstrated by recent data loss from NHS Forth Valley
Policy Enforcement Features On MOVEit DMZ Enterprise
19 April, 2010
Managed file transfer server from Ipswitch provides flexibility and control on the encrypted transfer of files
Organisation Data Movement Visibility Low According to Ipswitch Survey
31 March, 2010
Ipswitch is ringing alarm bells with organisations after discovering 83% of IT executives have low levels of visibility of the data that is moving in and out of their companies
US Hacker Sentence Sends Out Clear Message
29 March, 2010
Security expert at Ipswitch comments on the recent sentencing of Albert Gonzalez in the largest computer-crime trial in US history
MOVEit DMZ Protects Data in Transit At International Law Company
23 March, 2010
Legal firm selects MOVEit DMZ from Ipswitch for the protection and management of sensitive data during transfers and to provide audit trails of data sharing
Whatsup Gold Gains Network Management Award
12 March, 2010
The Network Management Product of the Year for 2010 has been won by the WhatsUp Gold suite from Ipswitch
RSA Conference Presentation Focuses on Securing Data Transfers
25 February, 2010
Ipswitch Senior Executive to provide RSA Conference Attendees with insight into the protection of sensitive data in transit
WhatsUp Gold Brings 2009 Success to IpswitchÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Network Management Division
18 February, 2010
With the Acquisition of Dorian Software Creations and the success of WhatsUp Gold in the Network Management Solutions market, Ipswitch's 2009 success establishes base for further growth during 2010
Appliance and Network Monitoring at Hollybank Trust Using WhatsUp Gold
12 February, 2010
Network Management Tool from Ipswitch is monitoring and protecting critical network resources at Hollybank Trust charity
Ipswitch acquires Security Event Logging company
28 January, 2010
Log Management and Security Event Management for Windows environments come under the WhatsUp Gold banner as Ipswitch acquires Dorian Software Creations
Charity Donation included in purchase of Network Management Software
15 January, 2010
WhatsUp Gold is making donations to the CARE charity on every sale it makes of the company's network management software package
Flow Publisher provides easy network management
04 December, 2009
Network traffic flow analysis using Ipswitch's Flow Publisher helps in the discovery of malicious or unauthorised bandwidth usage within the company network
Asset management company protects information assets with Moveit dmz
26 November, 2009
Secure file transfer system for the protection of sensitive information on the move has been supplied to Hermes Fund Managers
Secure file transfer on Windows 7
20 November, 2009
WS_FTP file transfer software available for professional and home environments on Microsoft Windows 7
Network monitoring for large Nordic Bank
05 November, 2009
WhatsUp Gold v14 is being supplied to Nordea Bank for network management across multiple sites in the Nordic and Baltic Regions of Europe
Report available on secure managed file transfer
14 August, 2009
Free benchmark report on secure and reliable file transfer has been made available from Ipswitch file transfer division
Ipswitch strengthens file transfer division with Standard Networks acquisition.
21 April, 2008
Secure file transfer now available under one roof whatever the market sector after Ipswitch supplements its WS_FTP product with MOVEit from Standard Networks' portfolio after acquisition.
WhatsUp Gold network management for Bolton Wanderers.
15 April, 2008
Network diagnostics and management software from Ipswitch installed on 400 port network run by Bolton Wanderers football club.
Network management programme for Europe.
04 April, 2008
Partner programme for the distribution and support of network management products from Ipswitch to provide incremental European sales growth for the company.
Charity contact centre chooses WhatsUp Gold
20 March, 2008
Network availability and security assured at charity outsourced contact centre with the help of WhatsUp Gold from Ipswitch.
2007 represented a Milestone year for Ipswitch
11 March, 2008
With continued success of WS_FTP Server and high growth for WhatsUp Gold, Ipswitch managed significant revenue growth in fiscal 2007.