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OR 97204
[t] +1 503 224 6010
Website security without passwords
04 March, 2016
Authentication service from iovation provides website administrators with a secure and user friendly alternative to password authentication
Device based two factor authentication
12 February, 2015
Authentication service from iovation uses known laptops and smartphones as a means of verifying user authentication
Security company examines online dating fraud
06 February, 2015
iovation provides details of the latest trends in online dating fraud and what consumers and businesses need to look out for to identify potential scams
Prevention of mobile and browser based fraud
29 October, 2014
Software Development Kit available from iovation for mobile devices for the development of location based and other fraud prevention tools
Partnership to fight fraud in Central America
01 August, 2014
Equifax and iovation will be targeting the Central American region to distribute fraud prevention systems to combat escalating fraud-related crime
Personal data protection warning as USA prepares tax returns
27 March, 2014
iovation is warning US tax payers of the dangers of internet fraud and identity theft during the season for filing tax returns
Large increase in mobile device use for holiday shopping
06 December, 2013
The main online purchasing period during the US holiday season showed a 150% increase in mobile device usage in 2013 with 0.5% of all transactions being fraudulent
Companies collaborate on fraud prevention
02 October, 2013
Iovation and Equifax has got together on the development of a portfolio of products aimed at providing multi-layered fraud protection
Fraud protection on anonymous internet transactions
18 September, 2013
Iovation releases add-on for reputationManager to reduce fraud on anonymous proxy servers which have shown to be 30 times risker than transactions that are not performed anonymously
Compound business rules increase fraud identification reliability
02 August, 2013
ReputationManager 360 from iovation now has additional features for improving the fight against fraud using compound business rules
Africa at the top of the online fraud table
22 February, 2013
Iovation lists the top continents involved in online fraud with Africa and Asia topping the league table
Device Transaction Behaviour Analysis By Platform
12 September, 2012
With over a billion devices tracked, iovation reveals Linux based equipment is the source of the largest number of fraudulent transactions
Assessment Results of Online Reputation of US Universities
06 June, 2012
Anti-fraud vendor iovation lists the top Universities in America for online transaction security
Device Association Brings Down Retail Fraud Ring
26 March, 2012
Fraudulent charges come to a halt at 20 retailers targetted by fraud ring foiled by iovation
Device Reputation Service Brings Success For iovation in 2010
27 January, 2011
Real time queries conducting using the real time device reputation service of iovation have been instrumental in stopping up to 35 million fraud attempts globally during the past year
Canadian Supplier To Handle iovation Fraud Prevention Solutions
13 January, 2011
Iovation has entered a partnership agreement with TWS of Canada for the supply of fraud prevention services to the travel and leisure industry in the country
Fraud Prevention Expansion Into Japanese Market
30 November, 2010
Iovation has joined up with Innovation Japan to extend the company's suite of anti-fraud services into the Japanese region
Device Reputation Management To be Part Of GB Group Fraud Management
22 July, 2010
UK Based business management company takes ReputationManager 360 from iovation to assist in identity verification and fraud management
Online Fraud and Brand Protection with ReputationManager 360
15 July, 2010
Device based fraud prevention added to the suite of products available from iovation for the detection of fraud and the protection of brands from online abuse
Ticket Fraud Prevention Presentation By iovation
12 July, 2010
Vice President at iovation to attend the Ticket Summit in Las Vegas to head a panel on combating ticket fraud
Merchant Fraud Protection Extended With Partnership Between Iovation and Failsafe Payments
21 June, 2010
ReputationManager from iovation is being used as part of the Certo Payment Gateway for enable merchants to explore transactions more deeply in an attempt to prevent transactional fraud
Fraud Prevention Tool Recognition From Gaming Industry
26 May, 2010
eGaming Review places iovation device reputation service in the finals for the 2010 fraud and compliance solution of the year
Device Reputation Service For Motoring Media Company
30 April, 2010
AutoTrader UK's holding company has taken reputation management service from iovation for online fraud prevention
Ticket Fraud Reduction Achievement using ReputationManager
19 February, 2010
New Era Tickets has managed to reduce ticketing fraud by 98 percent with the use of ReputationManager from iovation for the detection of online fraud attempts
Fraud Protection Service Brings Increased Revenue to iovation
28 January, 2010
Beating Cyber Crime has proven profitable for global fraud prevention experts at iovation with revenue growth for the company in 2009
Device reputation fraud control for online gaming industry
27 January, 2010
Sky Betting and Gaming is taking ReputationManager from iovation to help combat fraud on their online gaming sites through the minimisation of chargebacks
Secure payment management partnership
11 December, 2009
Iovation has teamed with Litle for optimizing payment management and fraud protection
Device reputation added to Yvanto B2B e-commerce solution
09 December, 2009
Canadian Yvanto partners with iovation in delivering reputation management as a fraud prevention measure to its commercial e-commerce customers
Anti-money laundering in the gaming industry
23 January, 2009
Iovation VP to speak at Betting and Gaming Conference on fraud protection in the online gaming industry
Partnership for reduction in online shopping fraud
24 November, 2008
Alliance between iovation and Merchant911 created for the prevention of such eCommerce crimes as shipping fraud, credit card frauds and illegal chargebacks
Device reputation checking prevents internet fraud.
14 February, 2008
Fraud detection technology from Iovation trapping more than 10000 instances of fraud daily across its customer base.