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InfoSecurity Europe
Reed Exhibitions
Gateway House
28 The Quadrant, Richmond
[t] +44 208 910 7824
Organised by Reed Exhibitions, InfoSecurity Europe is the largest information security exhibition and conference in Europe and gathers information security professionals annually in the UK to present, exhibit and discuss the latest developments in the constantly changing information security market.

With new regulations and compliance requirements emerging each year and the constantly changing threat environment, InfoSecurity Europe offers information security professionals the opportunity to remain in touch with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Read more InfoSecurity Europe news below:
Can automation offset IT security skills shortage?
07 March, 2013
InfoSecurity Europe organisers comment on the (ISC)2 reported skills shortage in IT Security and asks whether automation may form part of the answer
Potential costs of flexible working using BYOD
04 December, 2012
Tim Schraider of CS Risk Management discusses the benefits and risks associated with enabling BYOD policies in the workplace
Cyber Security Challenge Now Covers Software Programming
23 July, 2012
Inclusion of software writing in cyber security challenge set to attract more talent into becoming IT security professionals
One In Three IT Professionals Lose Portable Storage Devices
28 June, 2012
InfoSecurity Europe poll reveals extent of hazards associated with carrying portable storage devices around without adequate encryption
Lack of Internet Would Cause Major Distress To People in Britain
23 April, 2012
InfoSecurity Europe surveyed Londoners on attitudes towards loss of internet at home with nearly a third of all men saying it would be a major source of distress
Fraud Indicator Report Puts IT Security In the Spotlight
05 April, 2012
Infosecurity Europe event organisers discuss the recent UK government report on annual fraud in the country which places the bill at 73 billion pounds
Key IT Security Challenges to Be Addressed At InfoSecurity Europe this year
30 March, 2012
The InfoSecurity Europe show organisers have arranged key speakers and education sessions this year in line with expectations of end user community
New Commercial DDoS Attack Trend Causing Concern
06 March, 2012
IT Managers responsible for network security are showing increased concerns over the growing trend of using DDoS attacks as a competitive weapon
InfoSecurity Europe Comment On Arbor Networks Report
14 February, 2012
Organisers of the Infosecurity Europe show say report from Arbor Networks demonstrates requirements for higher levels of education concerning latest IT security threats
IT Security Event Calls For Improved End-of-Life Computer Security
30 November, 2011
InfoSecurity Europe discovers that many companies in the UK are failing to take adequate action to destroy data securely on discarded and de-commissioned IT equipment
Understanding the latest defence strategies against automated attacks
01 November, 2011
IT security managers are being encouraged to attend the InfoSecurity Europe event in London to gain insight into defence mechanisms that can be used against the latest wave of automated social networking attacks
Free Education Programme Benefits End Users In fight Against Cybercrime
24 October, 2011
Recent e-mail ransom case highlights importance of increasing awareness amongst employees of vulnerabilities to cyber-crime
Infosecurity Europe to Host Virtual Autumn Conference
26 September, 2011
Free virtual conference to host series of speakers on Information Security and career advice for security professionals
InfoSecurity Europe Survey Uncovers Office Worker Knowledge Of Latest Tech-Speak
15 April, 2011
Commuting office worker survey uncovers lack of knowledge of cloud computing, smart phone security and other IT security terminology and trends
Cutting IT Security Spending Wisely
12 April, 2011
In the light of Government spending cuts in the UK, Will Hogan of Idappcom examines the ways available to reduce spending without reducing the levels of protection required in the corporate environment
NASA IT Vulnerability Demonstrates Requirements For Greater Education In IT Security
04 April, 2011
Organisers of the Infosecurity Europe event to be held in London comment on the recent revelation of the vulnerabilities and risks inherent in the IT security systems of NASA
The Use Of Self-Encrypting Drives For Data Protection
18 March, 2011
Michael Willett of Trusted Computing Group explains the difference between Self Encrypting Drives and Software-based Full Drive Encryption when it comes to ability to protect data
PCI DSS Implications Of Using Production Data For Testing
14 March, 2011
Richard Fine of Grid-Tools looks at why retailers shouldn't be using copies of their live databases for development and testing work by third party vendors
IT Contingency Planning Required To Prevent Large Shutdowns
22 February, 2011
The US Presidential Internet Kill Switch debate demonstrates need for improved contingency planning according to the organisers of InfoSecurity Europe
Internet Registry Plans Swift Removal Of Infected Web Sites
14 February, 2011
Infosecurity Europe organisers comment on the UK Internet Registry plans for removing web sites that have been infected or that have criminal intentions
Hall of Fame Nominations Open For Inforsecurity Europe
07 February, 2011
The UK's largest information security show scheduled for April has opened the door to nominations for this year's Hall of Fame
Trade Show Organisers Applaud Arrest Of DDoS Culprits
01 February, 2011
InfoSecurity Europe Event Director comments on the recent arrest of two teenagers in connection with Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks on Wikileaks and other websites
Increase in Chinese Hacker Arrests Highlight Need For Increased Security
06 December, 2010
InfoSecurity Europe Reports on the arrest of 460 hackers by Chinese authorities representing an increase of 80% over previous year
Visitor Number Rise At InfoSecurity Europe Despite the Ash Cloud
17 May, 2010
Flight chaos and threats of further cancellations did not deter visitors who flocked to Earls Court in London again this year for a successful Infosecurity Europe show with 324 IT Security exhibitors showing their products to over 12,000 visitors
Data Integrity Attacks Increase Amid Confusion About Protection Methods
21 April, 2010
Infosecurity Europe survey shows a quarter of companies have suffered data integrity attacks with 14% unable to accurately detect such attacks
Recruitment Consultancy Advice For Information Security Work Candidates
01 April, 2010
Scott West of Acumin Consulting provides advice for job-seekers in the Information Security industry stating that a good CV, good communication skills and enthusiasm are essential ingredients
The Role of MOVEit DMZ in Law FirmÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Data Security
01 April, 2010
Stephenson Harwood law firm has taken MOVEit DMZ from HANDD Business Solutions for the protection of sensitive client data
Advantages of Using SaaS Based Information Rights Management
01 April, 2010
Mush Hakhinian of IntraLinks discusses methods of protecting enterprises from accidental data leakage with emphasis on the use of Information Rights Management based on a Software-as-a-Service model
What are HTTPS Proxies?
30 March, 2010
Felix Blank of GateProtect explains how the use of HTTPS proxies closes the final loophole on virus infection and could be the last bastion in the war against malware
How SEO Poisoning Works and The Methods Used By Hackers To Take Advantage of Popular Search Strings
30 March, 2010
Patrik Runald of Websense provides some insight into how hackers are manipulating search engine results on popular search items to achieve high traffic to malicious web sites
New Tools Bring War Dialling Assessments Back Into Fashion
30 March, 2010
Robert Jansson of Commissum Associates explains that although war dialing may now be considered passÃÂ, the development of new hacking tools involving dial-in modems brings the network security assessment technique right back into fashion
Password Scam Risks on Social Networking Sites
30 March, 2010
Lee Barney of Securm explains how a combination of Twitter, Internet Explorer and URL Shortening sites spells danger for many users who need to change their passwords to prevent them from being compromised
Conficker Worm Threat Mitigation
24 March, 2010
Luis Corrons of PandaLabs explains why the Conficker worm is still creating havoc a year after its release and what is required in order to mitigate the threat it still presents
Secure Alternative To Passwords for Cloud Access
24 March, 2010
Stephen Howes of GrIDsure explains alternative methods to the use of static passwords for access to web based services, the cloud and social media
Ensuring Security in Virtualised Networks
19 March, 2010
Peter Doggart of Crossbeam Systems explains why separating network security infrastructure from virtualised environments is an important step in maintaining robust security levels when moving into a cloud computing model
Preparing for Moving to a Cloud Computing Environment
17 March, 2010
Philippe Courtot of Qualys provides his views on shifting to a cloud computing model and what companies need to do to prepare for making the move
The Development of Security Technology to Keep Pace with Web 2.0
17 March, 2010
Michael Shema of Qualys explains the challenging environment of Web 2.0 and how security applications need to keep pace as threats adapt to new ways that consumers are using the web
Understanding Virtualization Vulnerabilities
16 March, 2010
With virtual computing platforms such as VMware becoming increasingly popular, Dave Shackleford, the Director of Security Assessments at the SANS Institute examines the security implications of virtualization technologies
The Role of The Human Resources Department in Preventing Data Loss
15 March, 2010
Ken Paul of Sophos provides a guide to securing software and IT Systems in the workplace and examines the role of the HR Department
Multi-Factor Access Control for Human Resource Services Security
10 March, 2010
Jan Valcke of Vasco explains how Digipass can operate as the third authentication factor for use in securing sensitive HR data during payroll processing
Managing Mobile Data To Prevent Escalating Data Losses
10 March, 2010
Andy Baldin of LANDesk Software explains the rise in data loss due to increased data portability and suggests ways of containing the problem
Reducing Human Factors in IT Security
09 March, 2010
Martyn Smith of Logically Secure contemplates the difference between errors and mistakes and believes that better end user education can reduce the number of errors that expose security vulnerabilities
Operating IT Security Practices as a Managed Process
09 March, 2010
Martyn Smith of Logically Secure explains the advantages of viewing security as rather more than software out of a box in order to operate effective information assurance in the organisation
Making Cloud Computing Less Nebulous
08 March, 2010
Guy Churchward of LogLogic takes the opacity out of public clouds and delves deeper into such issues as transparency and multi-tenancy
Chain Letter Hoaxes Transform With Social Networking
08 March, 2010
David Harley of ESET describes the way that chain letters have evolved since the last decade as social networking provides a new way of drawing readers
Social Networking Business Risks and How to Handle Them
05 March, 2010
Simon Morris of Pentura looks at the risks which social networking brings to businesses and provides some advice on how to manage them
Risk Monitoring Provides Second Line of Enterprise Defence
05 March, 2010
Reed Henry of ArcSight explains the importance of enterprise threat and risk monitoring for the protection of critical business data and processes
A Guide to Risk Identification, Assessment and Remediation
05 March, 2010
Alan Bentley of Lumension Security reviews IT risk management and demonstrates the need for repeatable processes to identify, assess and remediate risks in order to protect business data
Data Loss Becomes More Critical With Tougher Legislations
05 March, 2010
Bernard Parsons of Becrypt examines the data loss legal minefield and explains the dangers organisations face by being lax with data protection standards
What is Information Assurance?
04 March, 2010
Martyn Smith of Logically Secure explains information assurance and how to ensure that it is correctly implemented
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