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Deployment ease for cloud security
25 July, 2016
Imperva SecureSphere deployment kit provides easy access to security products for the Microsoft Azure Security centre
Data governance for file-sync services
09 November, 2015
Skyfence Cloud Gateway provides data loss prevention and governance on file-sync services such as Dropbox and Google Drive
Protection against web application user account attacks
14 September, 2015
SecureSphere 11.5 brings cloud and on-premises data centre protection through blocking attacks aimed at compromising user accounts
Report reveals ease of execution of some APTs
13 May, 2014
Imperva intelligence report on the non-advanced persistent threat provides insight into some of the techniques used for APT execution
Insider threat protection in complex IT environments
30 April, 2014
SecureSphere 10.5 from Imperva provides proactive control to address the widening gap in security resulting from increasingly complex IT infrastructures
Cloud security and compliance acquisitions
10 February, 2014
Imperva is acquiring Incapsula and Skyfence to extend the company's data centre security strategy across the cloud
Mainframe security acquisition
07 February, 2014
Imperva acquires z/OS mainframe security expertise from Tomium Software for integrated real-time monitoring
Database as a service plaform for malware
12 December, 2013
Hacker intelligence initiative report reveals the use of database as a service technology as a new cyber-criminal malware platform
Your CMS is the path of least resistance for industrial hackers
09 October, 2013
Imperva's Director of Cyber Security, Barry Shteiman explains how content management systems and their plug-ins are an easy route to mischief for modern industrial hackers
PHP application exploits affect internet general well-being
10 September, 2013
Report from Imperva investigates the use of PHP SuperGlobal parameters by hackers and how they are affecting the integrity of the internet
NYT hack initiated through third party services
29 August, 2013
Imperva comments on the hacking of the New York Times with reference to the role played by 3rd party service providers such as the ISP
SQL Injection attacks target retail industry
24 July, 2013
Web application attack report reveals retail industry suffers twice as many SQL injection attacks as any other commercial group
Data breach report examines motives
04 June, 2013
Imperva has categorized Verizon's data breach report by attack motive providing details on sources of threats as well as their nature
Israeli site defacements hosted on one server
14 May, 2013
Imperva comments on the Moroccan Ghosts site hack and the role which should be played by hosters in preventing such attacks
Analysis of Red October malware
01 February, 2013
Imperva provides some background to the long-standing Red October malware and its approach to spear phishing attacks
Third party application vulnerability in the cloud
30 January, 2013
Intelligence report from Imperva uses Yahoo! breach to research third party code vulnerabilities in cloud computing
Survey shows Paris residents pose greater insider threat
23 January, 2013
Imperva has conducted a survey comparing London residents with those from Paris regarding risk to corporate data through the insider threat
Hacker forum monitor reveals social media black market
31 October, 2012
Imperva has been continuing to monitor hacker forums to bring security intelligence about hacker activities including black markets in social network details
Security concerns pull latest Firefox release
15 October, 2012
Mozilla withdraws version 16 release of the popular Firefox browser after web history leak vulnerability discovered
Attack On Oil Company The Next Phase in Hacktivism
27 August, 2012
Imperva comments on the evolutionary process that hacktivism is going through using the example of the Saudi Aramco attack
Anonymous Hack Becomes More Regional
10 August, 2012
Imperva reports on the development and spread of Anonymous into global and regional groups
SQL Injections Remain Most Popular Application Attack Vector
08 August, 2012
Imperva reveals the retained popularity of SQL injections as the method most used for attacking web applications
Imperva Comments on Yahoo Voices Breach
16 July, 2012
SQL injection attack breaches security on Yahoo voices, exposing user passwords reminiscent of recent LinkedIn breach
Report Explains How CAPTCHA Systems Need to Evolve
18 June, 2012
The latest edition of Imperva's Hacker Intelligence Report examines how CAPTCHA systems are beginning to fail and how the technology needs to move onwards to remain effective
Secure Sharepoint Usage
28 May, 2012
SecureSphere for SharePoint from Imperva brings a secure environment to the popular Microsoft SharePoint package
Report Available on LFI and RFI Attacks
03 April, 2012
Imperva investigates the threats associated with local and remote file inclusion attacks
RFI/LFI Attacks Slip Past Security Personnel Unnoticed
26 March, 2012
Imperva explains the danger of remote and local file inclusion attacks targetted at sites running PHP applications
Report On Anonymous Attack in 2011
28 February, 2012
Imperva releases comprehensive report on high-profile Anonymous attack which took place in 2011
Increase in Business Logic Attacks
27 January, 2012
Automated hacking attacks on commercial organisations follow business logic to lead the user into revealing access information reports Imperva
Operation Robin Hood Funded By Consumers
05 December, 2011
Modern day Robin Hood mislead into believing Anonymous strategy hits banks as costs of stolen credit cards inevitably fall back to consumers
New Trend For Certificate Signed Malware
16 November, 2011
Imperva comments on the use of digital certificates for signing malware in a new trend emerging in IT security threats
ThreatRadar Fraud Prevention Available From Imperva
02 November, 2011
Latest Web Security Architecture from Imperva includes a new release of the SecureSphere product and a fraud prevention service
Security Protection For Users Of SharePoint
05 October, 2011
SecureSphere For SharePoint from Imperva provides protection of sensitive data whilst making use of the high visibility advantages of the Microsoft SharePoint product
Over 70 SQL Injection Attacks Take Place Per Hour
22 September, 2011
Research undertaken by Imperva reveals the volume of SQL attaks taking place and the ease with which hackers continue to execute them
Defeating Denial Of Service Attacks
05 September, 2011
Imperva Product Manager examines DDos Attacks and looks at how they can be defeated
Imperva Reports On Botnet Based Search Engine Mining
17 August, 2011
Rapid search iterations on Google enable hackers to perform cyber reconnaissance and bypass the search engine's security measures
Consumerisation in The Workplace Exacerbates The Insider Threat
08 August, 2011
Imperva's Amichai Sulman discusses the extent of the insider threat within the UK workforce and the role played by the increasing consumerisation of IT in the workplace
High Levels Of Automated Web Application Attacks Revealed In New Report
25 July, 2011
Imperva provides insight into the dynamics of Web Application Attacks and provides reccommendations on mitigating them in the latest web application attack report
Punitive Data Breach Regulations Heavy Handed
18 July, 2011
Imperva comments on new EU regulations coming from Brussels on Data Breaches
Critical National Infrastructure Protection From Cyber-Attacks
12 July, 2011
Rob Rachwald and Noa Bar Yosef from Imperva provide some insight into means of preventing damage to critical national infrastructure from cyber attacks
Lulzsec Chat Log Analysis From Imperva
30 June, 2011
Analysing chat logs from Lulzsec provided Imperva with insight into the three routes used by the team to carry out their attacks
File Activity Monitoring Combines With DLP
21 June, 2011
Through integration exercises with partner companies, Imperva brings Data Loss Prevention technology into the company's SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring product
Exponential Growth Expected In Attacks On Mobile Devices
17 June, 2011
Imperva examines the growth in the use of mobile devices for corporate computing and the security implications as hackers gear up faster than the security industry
Anti-Malware Evading Keylogging Software Hits Chilean Banks
07 June, 2011
Imperva highlights increases in Boy-In-The-Browser attacks affecting banking customers with ability to evade anti-malware software
Flight Passenger Data Retention Dangers
31 May, 2011
Imperva reviews the proposal to retain passenger data by the US DHS with the context of Advanced Persistent Threats and how hackers could target this data
Sensitive Document Tracking Fails To Score Highly With UK Organisations
26 May, 2011
An InfoSecurity Europe survey conducted by Imperva shows poor levels of sensitive file management within organisations in the UK
Ripple Effect From Epsilon Breach Hits The UK
11 April, 2011
With e-mail marketing company having significant numbers of clients in the UK, the effect of the Epsilon data breach is starting to be felt in the country with spear-phishing attacks
How State Sponsored Advanced Persistent Threats Are On The Rise
05 April, 2011
Amichai Shulman of Imperva takes an in-depth look at the migration of cyber-threats towards Advanced Persistent Threats and what this means to global risks
Insider Trading Case Emerges From Privileged Access Abuse
04 April, 2011
Imperva comments on the data access rights implications of the insider trading case involving US Chemist
Enhanced Insider Threat Protection With SecureSphere 8.5
09 March, 2011
Imperva releases SecureSphere 8.5 with agent-based monitoring and auditing to bring additional protection to organisations from the insider threat
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