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Integrated Pattern Based Authentication For Web Applications
19 October, 2011
The GrIDsure Authentication Platform provides developers with a means of integrating strong pattern based authentication technology into their web-based applications
Unified Access Gateway With GrIDsure Secure Authentication
08 February, 2011
Users of SSL VPN remote access using Unified Access Gateway from Microsoft now have the option of gaining additional secure authentication capability using GrIDsure pattern based authentication technology
Password Vulnerability Highlighted In Social Networking Hack
14 December, 2010
GrIDsure comments on the Gawker Media and Twitter hack explaining how passcode generation can protect against such vulnerabilities
One Time Password System From Facebook A step in The Right Direction
15 October, 2010
GrIDsure comments on the recent changes to Facebook security and suggests password alternative system to further increase security levels
Payment Authentication Systems To Use GrIDsure
14 October, 2010
Partnership with Modirum gives GrIDsure access to the payment authentication market for the company's unique pattern recognition based access control technology
Removing Expertise From Online Access Improves Security
01 October, 2010
GrIDsure founder comments on the need for simplified highly secure access control to prevent breaches due to lack of expertise in the user community
High Profile PayPal Hack Illustrates Password Security Flaw
25 August, 2010
As another password based hack strikes online service users, GrIDsure discusses using one-time pass codes based on simple pattern recognition technology as an alternative to easily stolen PIN codes and passwords
Longer And More Complex Passwords Are Not The Answer To Access Security
16 August, 2010
Stephen Howes of GrIDsure comments on the recent call for longer and more complex passwords by the Georgia Tech Research Institute, saying that such solutions introduce more complexity for the user who will easily forget such passwords
Hell Pizza Breach Demonstrates Problems With Password Based Security
26 July, 2010
GrIDsure comments on the use of passwords as a potential security point of failure using the Hell Pizza incident as an example
GrIDsure Comments On MoD Data Loss History
23 July, 2010
Software-based authentication vendor questions the effectiveness of hardware only based protection methods for critical information security in light of recent MoD data losses
GrIDsure Partners With Osirium On Provision of Strong Authentication Solutions
24 June, 2010
System administrators making use of Osirium products will now have the option of using strong authentication methods with GrIDsure pattern recognition based sign-on
Static Password Brings Vulnerability to Orange ID Selector
28 May, 2010
Productivity tool from Orange enabling cross access from one password protected site to another exacerbates the problems associated with static password protection
French Bank Chooses GrIDsure Authentication Process
21 May, 2010
National Crédit Agricole Federation takes GrIDsure authentication based on pattern-based passwords to improve ID authentication amongst its senior employees in France
MS Unified Access Gateway Gains Pattern Recognition Access Control
06 May, 2010
Remote application platform from Microsoft gains GrIDsure authentication bringing higher levels of access security to the product than can be offered by passwords
Remote Application Platform From Microsoft Protected by GrIDsure
28 April, 2010
Pattern based authentication technology now integrated into Microsoft's Unified Access Gateway platform
Alternative to Passwords Could Prevent Data Being Compromised
04 March, 2010
Stephen Howes of GrIDsure provides his view on recent password-protected services being compromised and how this can be prevented with the use of alternative technology
2FA Experts Comment on the Vulnerability of Chip and PIN
15 February, 2010
Banking transaction security has again been called into question with new flaws discovered in Chip and PIN systems leading to GrIDsure comments on alternative approaches to secure two-factor authentication
Allpoint to sell GrIDsure into the public sector
07 January, 2010
GrIDsure has entered a strategic partnership with Allpoint Security to market secure login technology based on pattern recognition into the public sector
Password alternative gains CESG Claims Tested Mark
15 December, 2009
Obtaining CESG approvals enables GrIDsure to market the enterprise version of its pattern based two-factor authentication system to Government departments and Healthcare providers in the UK
OpenID could be more secure with alternative to single password
30 November, 2009
GrIDsure CEO comments on the security of the use of OpenID solutions and proposes an alternative to the use of static passwords
Nomios to market GrIDsure in French market
14 October, 2009
GrIDsure and Nomios enter partnership to bring PIN and password alternative to the French data protection market
Banks could still improve system for combating online fraud
08 October, 2009
Simplification of signing in using alternatives to fixed passwords could provide online banking customers with greater security without additional inconvenience
Web mail server attacks demonstrate flaw in password system
07 October, 2009
GrIDsure comments on the vulnerability of traditional userid and password combinations as demonstrated by the recent Hotmail information loss
High internet banking usage calls for improved sign-on
24 July, 2009
GrIDsure comments on the need for banks to adopt alternative user verification technology in light of the high take-up of online banking services in the US and UK
European hires to strengthen GrIDsureÃ’Ò‚¬Ò„’s presence in the region
20 July, 2009
Key appointment at GrIDsure for the UK market and for French speaking territories as the company looks to further extend it's reach into Europe
Quest One Identity to incorporate GrIDsure solution
18 June, 2009
Password alternative from GrIDsure to be part of identity solution products after reaching partnership agreement with Quest Software
Alternative Microsoft IAG authentication
29 April, 2009
GrIDsure demonstrates Intelligent Application Gateway authentication appliance at InfoSecurity Europe
Increased card fraud demands alternative to PIN protection
30 January, 2009
Crisis fuelled credit card fraud increase in the UK drives requirement to seek more secure approach to fraud prevention than simple PIN codes, according to GrIDsure
Authentication experts warn of on-line shopping vigilance
16 December, 2008
GrIDsure is warning of increased on-line fraud potential with this holiday season seeing large increases in on-line consumer spending
One time pass code protection for user access
28 October, 2008
New approach to IT resource access control based on one time generation of codes for access which can't be compromised by key logging or shoulder surfing
GrIDsure calls for changes to Chip and PIN payment system
14 October, 2008
With continuing instances of retail point of sale fraud, GrIDsure believes that it is time to change from using fixed PIN codes for financial transactions
Increasing card fraud proves chip and pin isnÃ’Ò‚¬Ò„’t enough
02 October, 2008
GridSure argues that new approaches to card not present payment security is needed due to a continuing rise in card payment fraud
Fixed password on 3D Secure may introduce vulnerability for users
24 September, 2008
Gridsure warns of the use of fixed password systems for layered banking security as disclosure through key-logging may render the user liable to losses
One time PINs may hold key to preventing chip and PIN frauds
15 August, 2008
With discovery of fraud card factory and increasing threats using Chip and PIN terminals, the banking industry needs to rethink the use of static PINs
e-banking not as secure as it could be
25 July, 2008
GrIDsure examines APACS report on online banking and identifies remaining areas of insecurity in terms of user authentication
ATM hack puts banking customers at risk
04 July, 2008
With US hackers having found a way to crack PIN codes for cash machines, GrIDsure proposes hardware independent one time authentication to protect bank accounts
GrIDsure warns of fraud concerns over high speed banking transactions
13 June, 2008
A new approach to authentication could solve problems associated with trends in performing higher value and faster banking transactions over the internet
One time access coding for PKI smart card
27 May, 2008
Aventra cards to provide user authentication improvements with the use of image passwording for gaining access to card resources.
Cool vendor accolade for GrIDsure
25 April, 2008
April Gartner report lists GrIDsure in line up of application security and authentication vendors.
User authentication for e-commerce applications.
23 April, 2008
Combination of digital signature services and user authentication provides powerful security system for e-businesses.
Sleeve readers inconvenient for Abbey customers.
27 March, 2008
As Abbey customers reject sleeve readers for additional online banking security, GrIDsure proposes alternative approach to highly secure e-banking.
Chip and PIN vulnerability minor compared to on-line fraud potential.
03 March, 2008
With researchers having uncovered vulnerability with POS terminals used with chip and PIN cards, GrIDsure points out the need for alternative to static PIN authentication methods.
One time coded access provides solution for data loss
21 November, 2007
In light of recent data breaches in the UK, the importance of data protection warrants the consideration of alternative approaches to user authentication, according to GrIDsure