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Gemalto provide digital security products that enable safe and transparent transaction activities to take place. With its core product set centring around smart card technology, Gemalto also provides digital security through SIM cards, tokens and e-passports, enabling a far greater scope of transaction security in a rapidly developing market in which end users require confidence in the security of the application they’re using. Applications for Gemalto digital security solutions include telecommunications, financial transaction security, digital rights management, identity management and e-government. Gemalto’s goal is to provide enhancement and protection of digital transactions providing end users with ease of use and confidence.

Security for virtual car locking system
23 September, 2016
A virtual car key system for remote control using smartphones has been secured through partnership deal between Valeo and Gemalto
Identity verification for Norwegian postal company
02 September, 2016
Posten Norge of Norway is tackling fraud and money laundering with the introduction of ID verification software from Gemalto
Wearable transport ticketing for Rio
08 August, 2016
Gemalto has provided public transport operators in Rio de Janeiro with the means to deploy contactless wearable ticketing for its travellers
EBanking mobile security app for Russian bank
29 June, 2016
One time passwords will be used by Valyut Trans Bank's VTB24 service to provide security for eBanking customers
Integrated document OS has high read speed
21 June, 2016
Testing confirms speed of Gemalto operating system embedded in Sealys electronic passports
Scandinavian bank takes bio-sourced payment cards
20 June, 2016
Gemalto has been involved in a project to supply The Baltic Sea Project with bank cards sourced from sustainable materials
Data breaches lower protection confidence levels
13 June, 2016
Research by Gemalto has shown that organisations which suffer data breaches lack confidence in their ability to protect data
Cloud based authentication protects Colombian financial transactions
24 May, 2016
Gemalto has supplied Colombia with the SafeNet cloud based authentication service to secure the financial transactions of its citizens through the national savings bank
Secure mobile online services in Thailand
18 May, 2016
Government agencies in Thailand will secure mobile based online services with the use of Linqus Mobile ID from Gemalto
ID fraud protection for private sector organisations
04 April, 2016
Products for the verification of ID from Gemalto are being offered to the private sector to enable robust and quick verification of customer credentials
Jordan takes contactless cards for eID programme
10 March, 2016
Gemalto is supplying Sealys polycarbonate contactless eID cards to be used in the Jordanian citizen ID programme
Mobile authentication services in Nigeria
12 February, 2016
Gemalto is providing an SaaS authentication service for mobile users for MTN Nigeria for digital identification
Secure electronic passports for Finland
21 January, 2016
Gemalto is supplying the secure passport and electronic Identification documents for use by the Finnish police
Secure driving licence issuing in Quebec
15 January, 2016
Canadian driving licence issuing authority rolls out secure issuance system supplied by Gemalto
Strong authentication across Bluetooth
14 December, 2015
Bluetooth Smart technology used for bringing public key cryptographic based authentication to mobile devices
Results released from software licensing research
13 November, 2015
Gemalto has released results examining attitudes to different software licensing models rigid licence options losing favour
Security company to provide advice to EU utility companies
06 November, 2015
The European Network for Cyber Security gains Gemalto as a partner to provide expertise to utilities in the region
Lack of access management limits user mobility
27 October, 2015
Survey from Gemalto reveals widespread restrictions on mobile devices due to a lack of authentication and identity access management capabilities
Cloud backup for mobile phone contacts
14 October, 2015
Over three billion mobile network subscribers in Africa and the Middle East now have access to cloud based backup storage for contacts
Electronic covers for ePassports in Turkey
21 September, 2015
Turkish passport issuing authority is taking the latest Sealys eCover for use in the ePassports used by the citizens of the country
Breach level index report for 1H2015
09 September, 2015
Gemalto releases its latest Breach Level Index report covering data breaches globally in the first half of 2015
Multi-factor authentication for Orange cloud based applications
16 June, 2015
Orange Business Services will use the SafeNet multi-factor authentication service from Gemalto for customer corporate applications
Software licence specialist joins fight against theft
10 June, 2015
Gemalto joins the Federation Against Software Theft to bring education to smaller companies on the subject of licensing and entitlement
Wristbands enable secure contactless payment
06 May, 2015
Rugby Union fans and guests of the Saracens can use contactless payments at their London stadium thanks to the use of secure wristbands
Tackling Today’s Authentication Complexities
07 April, 2015
Jason Hart, vice president, Cloud Solutions for Identity & Data Protection at Gemalto highlights the importance for organisations to adopt an appropriate authentication environment
Identity document national registry for Oman
18 March, 2015
Gemalto is implementing a unified registration infrastructure for Oman based on the eID and ePassport system used in the country
Student loan agency employs multi factor authentication
12 March, 2015
A US student loan service provider is using IDPrime .NET from Gemalto for multi-factor authentication to replace passwords
Rugged 4G connectivity for at-risk workers
04 March, 2015
Gemalto releases the Airo I-Safe 28 designed to provide emergency 4G communications for workers operating in hazardous environments
Mobile NFC protects UAE telecoms company
19 February, 2015
The Etisalat telecommunications company has taken mobile phone based NFC authentication from Gemalto for providing single-tap access control to its corporate facilities
A billion data records compromised during 2014
16 February, 2015
The 2014 Breach Level Index from Gemalto shows an almost fifty percent increase in data breaches to over 1 billion compromised records
Large contactless payment card deployment in South American universities
12 February, 2015
A Brazilian bank is at the forefront of a deployment of contactless EMV cards to students in universities in Brazil
Secure billing system for digital magazine distributor
23 January, 2015
French distributor selects Netsize from Gemalto for secure online billing operations for digital downloads using mobile payments
Electronic ID programme for Uruguay
13 January, 2015
Secure ID document provider, Gemalto is supplying the Government of Uruguay with cards and issuing systems to support the country's electronic identification programme
Secure licences for Quebec drivers
11 December, 2014
Gemalto is providing Quebec authorities with plastic card driving licences with the latest Sealys Secure coating for identity protection
Improved security for identity documents
10 December, 2014
Gemalto releases a new identity card surface with improved security for passport data pages, driving licences and other official documents
Trusted Services Hub powers NFC payments in Taiwan
09 December, 2014
Taiwan banks join trusted services hub powered by Gemalto for the security of mobile payments using Near Field Communications (NFC)
NFC SIM cards for mobile payments in Taiwan
03 December, 2014
A Taiwan operator has chosen Gemalto to provide SIM cards and software to enable secure payments using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology
Contactless sticker enables mobile payments
14 November, 2014
New Zealand financial institution takes Optelio contactless stickers to enable secure payments using mobile phones
Machine ID Module powers connected watch
30 October, 2014
A connected watch has been developed using Machine Identification Technology for use in the lone worker protection industry
The Netherlands takes secure driving licences
28 October, 2014
Gemalto is supplying the Netherlands with electronic driving licences featuring improved security features to prevent identity fraud
Mobile identity platform for online access
20 June, 2014
Operators of mobile services can offer subscribers a mobile identity system which can provide authentication for online services using a mobile phone
Strong authentication for cloud service providers
09 June, 2014
The Protiva Cloud confirm authentication system from Gemalto is compatible with HP CloudSystem for CSPs
ePassport manufacturing contract for Algeria
23 May, 2014
Gemalto will be providing the means for Algeria to meet its ambitious ePassport production requirements
Digital security tokens to protect Red Hat remote access
29 April, 2014
Employees of Red Hat will be able to gain secure remote access to the company IT resources using digital security tokens from Gemalto
Automatic document verification for border control
26 March, 2014
Gemalto introdces integrated system for border management for visa verification to reduce waiting time for travelers and improve security
Online banking security for Dutch retail bank
04 March, 2014
Dutch on-line bank, Knab has taken banking security systems including multi-device payment from Gemalto
Secure internet access for mobile users
26 February, 2014
Mobile ID service platform from Gemalto provides network operators to provide secure internet access for subscribers
Mobile services platform for NFC rollout
14 February, 2014
Gemalto is supporting the rollout of Near Field Communications for secure payments in the Far East
Data leakage ranked highest threat for police forces
05 December, 2013
Research from Gemalto indicates UK police employees are more concerned about the threat of data loss than that or resource cuts
Mobile NFC payments introduced to Hong Kong transport
16 October, 2013
The public transport system in Hong Kong is one of the first organisations in the region to make use of Mobile NFC smart card payment systems
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