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Fortify Comments On German ID Card Hack
30 September, 2010
German national ID card exposure consistent with failure to design and integrate security into the system from the beginning, according to Fortify Software
Wireless Hacking Study Shows Vulnerability Of Vehicle Software Systems
07 September, 2010
Fortify urges car makers to build security into the ever-increasing amounts of code used in on-board vehicle computers preventing potential drive-by attacks of vehicle locking and ignition systems providing easy access for car thieves
Cloud Hacking Potential Revealed at DEF CON 2010
25 August, 2010
Las Vegas hacker conference unveils extent of cloud computing hacking activity with hackers seeing the development of cloud computing as being a golden opportunity for them, according to survey results
Cell Network Hack Demonstrates Need For Designed-In Security
04 August, 2010
Fortify illustrates the need for in-depth security evaluations during design cycles with a mobile cellular network hack demonstration
Further iTune Hack Results In Call For Greater Password Security
14 July, 2010
Application based hack of the iTunes store comes as a further embarrassment for Apple and is a reminder to iTunes users of the need for strong password protection on their accounts
Fortify Warns Of Risks Of Jailbreaking Smartphones
08 July, 2010
Jailbreaking smartphones to open the networks also provides a route in for hackers and malicious applications warns Fortify
Fortify Answers the Question: What is Cloud Computing?
06 July, 2010
With 25% CAGR forecast for Cloud Computing growth, Mike Armistead of Fortify Software provides fundamental details about the technology, the methods of its adoption and the benefits that can be derived from it
Simple Approach To Achieving PCI DSS Compliance Explained By Fortify
01 July, 2010
Smaller retailers are facing increasing compliance demands from the Payment Card Industry in the forthcoming months requiring a change of approach to meeting regulatory compliance, a task that need not be so costly or difficult, explains Fortify
Penetration and Code Testing Activity Increasing
03 June, 2010
IT security professionals are making more use of verification tools as confidence in the security of off-the-shelf software ebbs
White Paper Available On Security Software For The Cloud
19 May, 2010
In its report, ÃâÅ"Capturing the new Frontier", Fortify provides guidance on how software security can help to unlock the power of a cloud computing environment
Fortify Becomes Member of Cloud Security Alliance
13 May, 2010
IT Security assurance supplier pledges support to the development of secure cloud architectures by joining the Cloud Security Alliance
Application Developers Using Secure Coding For In-House Code
08 April, 2010
Fortify Software comments on the increased level of uptake by US software developers of secure coding and testing techniques when developing bespoke applications
A Security ExpertÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Guide To Buying COTS Software
08 April, 2010
There are pros and cons to buying Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Software particularly when it comes to security as explained by Barmak Meftah of Fortify Software
SaaS Vendor Negotiating Checklist
24 March, 2010
Barmak Meftah of Fortify Software provides some advice on selection processes for choosing SaaS vendors with a checklist of facts and questions to ask prospective suppliers
Secure Code Development Necessity for Smartphone Apps
12 March, 2010
Warning from Fortify focuses on the proliferation of smartphone applications and the need for secure code development practices to be applied to them to prevent serious data security vulnerabilities from arising
Hybrid 2.0 Provides Security Analysis on Web Applications
24 February, 2010
Fortify has been through a joint development activity with HP resulting in hybrid security analysis technology for web applications
Industrial Consortium Calls for Secure Software Development Practices
18 February, 2010
Fortify is backing calls from the SANS Institute and Mitre Group for software developers to implement code development measures which are more secure thereby driving more responsibility for secure code to the suppliers
Code audits required to close out GPS MiFi weakness
25 January, 2010
Internet revelations of GPS wireless positions indicate a flaw in code that has been exploited and needs avoiding with more careful code auditing, according to Fortify
Risk of malicious modification on e-reader type devices
06 January, 2010
Fortify Software is warning of the potential risks from application specific devices where software and operating system modifications are relatively easy leading to vulnerabilities
Code testing advice for users of open source code
24 December, 2009
With the major release of open source cloud computing security applications from Sun Microsystems, Fortify is warning users of any open source code to do extensive code testing to uncover vulnerabilities before use
Electronic parking payment system protected by Fortify
11 December, 2009
Fortify assists parking provider Parkeon with securing their electronic payment systems against vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with payment card standards
Vulnerability assessment and remediation available on demand
10 December, 2009
Fortify on Demand is a software-as-a-service security product offering application testing, vulnerability assessment and remediation
Windows 7 registration crack comes as no surprise to Fortify
18 November, 2009
The product activation system of Microsoft's Windows 7 OS has been cracked, a problem which Fortify says is no surprise due to the complexity of code auditing operating system software
Windows 7 vulnerabilities highlight need for code auditing
06 November, 2009
Fortify is unsurprised by recent report that Windows 7 is highly vulnerable to viruses and is an example of a clear code auditing regime for software developers
Four popular myths about cyber security
27 October, 2009
Richard Kirk of Fortify Software dispels four of the key myths that surround corporate data security
WiFi Direct Standard contains security flaw
21 October, 2009
Fortify is calling for changes to the proposed new standard concerning WD-enabled WiFi Devices to prevent a potentially serious vulnerability
Fortify prepares parking company for PCI compliance
25 September, 2009
Parkeon has chosen Fortify to examine the security of its IT systems to enable it to gain compliance with Payment Card Industry regulations next month
Porosity of RBS Worldpay site down to poor code auditing
16 September, 2009
Hacker's revelation that RBS Worldpay web portals are open to vulnerabilities doesn't surprise Fortify who recommend code auditing as a preventive measure
Code auditing can help prevent PBX phreaking
03 September, 2009
The recent high profile hack of a toll-free PBX in North Carolina illustrates the need for code auditing to close system back doors
Code auditing could have avoided hotel booking losses
19 August, 2009
Poor application code testing on web application causes online booking losses at Intercontinental hotels according to Fortify
Cross site scripting flaws continue to hit businesses
14 August, 2009
Hackers identify XSS flaw on Ministry of Defence site, highlighting continued vulnerabilities due to cross site scripting
Chrome OS canÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Ât promise a virus free environment
24 July, 2009
Fortify points out the flaw in the argument of Google's Engineering Director since application vulnerabilities mean OS improvements alone can't eradicate viruses
Security as a service boosts FortifyÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs quarterly results
23 July, 2009
Fortify Software registers a record quarter for earnings with existing enterprise vulnerability management products enhanced by new SaaS offering
Fortify believes mobiles will grow as a Trojan target
22 July, 2009
As processing capabilities of SmartPhones increases, so does their viability as a target for malware writers with Fortify predicting more serious problems to come
Parcel Force web site errors avoidable with code testing
23 June, 2009
In-house developed code on web-sites tend to be more vulnerable to attack which could have been the case with Parcelforce according to Fortify
HP collaboration on software security testing
16 June, 2009
Fortify has entered a joint program with HP on business risk reduction through application lifecycle security
ATM code sniffing results from poor security audits
09 June, 2009
Fortify reports that extensive code auditing could have prevented the recent spate of data-sniffing that has taken place in Eastern Europe for extracting cardholder data
Survey demonstrates degree of hacker vulnerability
05 June, 2009
Nearly three quarters of IT professionals believe their companies are still vulnerable to hacker intrusions
Security patch service withdrawal warning for Office 2000 users
02 June, 2009
Microsoft will be withdrawing it's security patch support of the popular Office 2000 product from mid July this year
Code audit advice for new XP-based software
25 May, 2009
New applications to run under Windows XP will require stringent code auditing as Microsoft reduces support levels for the most popular version of its operating system
Poor software development results in credit card breach
18 May, 2009
Fortify comments on the possible causes for Atlanta data breach where customer was able to view on-line credit card statements of 120 users
Ironic hack comes as no surprise
11 May, 2009
Fortify comments on the recent ÃâÅ"ironic" hack of movie licensing site with link to illegal file sharing site
Hacked facebook page a warning to users of Web 2.0
27 April, 2009
High profile Facebook hack serves as a reminder of the need for code auditing to prevent user content from being manipulated
Twitter attacks avoidable with code audits
15 April, 2009
With improved code auditing and security processing during software development, applications such as those found on Twitter would be less vulnerable according to Fortify
Security levels inconsistent with e-mail SaaS predictions
09 April, 2009
Gartner forecast for levels of e-mail software as a service models not consistent with the security protection levels available according to Fortify
Hosted Vendor Security Management from Fortify
06 April, 2009
Fortify releases enhancements to Fortify 360 as well as branching into the hosted security services market with Vendor Security Management
Code auditing essential for utilities protection
31 March, 2009
Analysis and audit of custom code an essential element of protecting utility networks from being hacked according to Fortify
New Fortify report offers a guide to cryptographic algorithms
19 March, 2009
A new report from Fortify's Security Research Group provides a guide to cryptographic algorithms - detailing which ones to use, which ones not to use and when it is appropriate to use them.
Security software benchmarking model
10 March, 2009
Cigital and Fortify join forces to develop enterprise software security benchmarking program
Card fraud set to increase in 2009
26 February, 2009
Fortify is predicting a 33% increase in payment fraud crime during 2009 with as many as 1 in 3 people likely to be affected
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